Consumer Confidence Rises, Assange Has Real Worries, SA Cops Insist They Shot in Self-Defense: P.M. Links


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    1. yet again, another good use of video that (hopefully and i am confident it will) will help an officer get punished for a clearly excessive use of force.

      the more cameras, the better

      1. *An* officer? There are 5 that need punishment: one for assault and battery, 4 for dereliction of duty in failing to immediately arrest an assault suspect.

    2. White cops, white newsreaders, white reporters, white witnesses, and a white criminal. If you live in the US, anywhere near a metropolitan area the size of Vancouver, that’s just spectacular in and of itself.

  1. State Rep. Derrick Smith was ejected from the Illinois legislature and will have to face trial for accepting bribes.

    Maybe he can bribe his way out of it.

    1. Makes sense. They were probably just mad that he wasn’t sharing.

    2. I thought that was a feature of hte IL political system.

      1. It is – his mistake was getting caught. Then everyone has to act all indignant and stuff.

    3. This is completely counterproductive. If we start throwing politicians in jail for bribes, then they’ll have to start accepting bribes in secret, and then how are we supposed to know who can be bribed, and with how much? We need our transparency in bribing in IL.

    4. I either want less corruption or more opportunity to participate in it.

  2. Investigators said they found two rooms full of paintball equipment, masks, guns and other supplies at Plymale’s Palm Bay home.

    Plymale, 33, was arrested Friday night and was terminated from his position once he bonded out of jail, according to sheriff’s officials.

    So beatings, shootings, killing dogs, the worst you can expect is paid leave and an exhortation to continue following proper procedures. Get busted stealing paint guns, and you’re fired and arrested.

    1. They should check that neighborhood for any dog with paint splotches between its eyes. Just to make sure he was putting all that paintball equipment to good use, at least.

    2. Dude, you can’t kill dogs easily enough with paintball guns.

    3. I’ll bet that he will get ‘community service’ and the local police union will help him find a job.

      100 to 1 he gets to keep his pension, too.

    4. Palm Bay! Shout out to Brevard County, FL!

      Florida: the nation’s home for sensationalist news stories!

  3. You may not have known this, but neither Obama nor Romney has a plan for controlling the federal government’s out-of-control finances.

    In fairness Obama is in office Romney is not.

    Also Johnson does have a plan and it will work.

    1. Which makes it a damn shame that Congress writes the budgets (or at least passes the continuing spending resolutions in the days since they decided to stop writing budgets three years ago). All the president can really do is shut the government down.

      1. That’s a plan all Americans not taking government checks can get behind.

        But majority rules here.

      2. Deal.

    2. Johnson has a plan he says will work. No plan works without the political will of Congress, therefore making any plan a wishlist.

      1. I am pretty sure Johnson’s plan is to just vetos every bill that does not cut the budget.

        Eventually congress would compromise to get its supermajority to override the veto.

        Anyway the end result would be less spending and less government. Dems and Rep congress critters could never agree enough to do anything but the bare min.

        It worked for Coolidge I don’t see why it wouldn’t for Johnson.

        1. I’ll be in my bunk…

      2. Veto the budget and keep the federal government shut down for two years?

  4. Republican party might be hoisted by its own petard in Washington: Libertarian Party sues to get Romney off the ballot.

    1. Shall we start a pool on what excuse the judge will use to toss this out of court?

      1. put me down for “fuck you, that’s why”

        1. In 2008, Bob Barr demonstrated that neither McCain or Obama had met the Texas deadline, and sued to get them both off the ballot.

          The TX Supreme Court didn’t even provide a reason for dismissal.

          1. Well obviously the laws weren’t written for serious candidates.

          2. That pissed me off so fucking bad. Those rules were made to make things harder for libertartians, they were never intended to interfere with team BERULED.

            1. Gee,

              Maybe, just maybe, libertarians should try to take over one of the major parties instead of tilting at windmills.

              1. I did vote in the Repub primaries this year….

              2. Let us know how that goes.

          3. That pissed me off so fucking bad. Those rules were made to make things harder for libertartians, they were never intended to interfere with team BERULED.

            1. This may have been intentional, but I just noticed that BE RULED is an anagram of BLUE RED.

              1. Hello?

                Can you hear me now?

              2. You *Just* noticed that? It’s mentioned just about every time the anagram is used. And yes, it’s intentional.

        2. “put me down for “fuck you, that’s why””

          Get me a piece of that action too.

          1. You guys are going to kill the odds.

            1. This is paramutual betting?

      2. Washington is a deep blue Democrat state….they might just let the libertarians stop Romney from running here.

        Of course it really would not matter.

        Not as if Washington was ever going to elect Romney.

        1. Gee, I would have thought Seattle would be about as conservative as Michelle Bachman. Deep Blue, eh? Go figure.

          1. East of the Cascades, Team Red rules, West of the Cascades, it’s Team Blue.

            1. “West of the Cascades” also happens to be where the people live.

              1. True, but there is a very definite split in the state.

                Also, WA is nowhere near as Deep Blue as CA.

                1. Also true. Thankfully.

            2. Same thing with Oregon.

    2. I just read the rationale – that’s sweet. I hate our top-two primary.

  5. You may not have known this, but neither Obama nor Romney has a plan for controlling the federal government’s out-of-control finances.

    Alert the media.

  6. Apparently one union of South African mining workers threatened to kill off members of another union.

    1. But at least they don’t have apartheid, right?

  7. Reason’s editorial slant on the South African strike is really obnoxiously one-sided. Strikers threatened violence, trespassed and destroyed property, and then initiated violence against the cops who were sent to the mine — if you have ever been caught up in a strike or union activity in a Third World country, you would know that violence and escalation of same is very quick and often bloody. Lord knows that the SA police are not paragons by any means, but this:

    “South African police insist they used force only in self-defense, after peaceful means failed ? and then they killed 34 people. So peaceful means failed a lot”

    Is not at all a fair characterization of what happened or who is to blame in this incident.

    1. Even though I concur with you on the substance, it is not wrong to say that peaceful means failed, is it? That is, after all, strictly true.

      1. It is a factually true statement, but also a misleading one.

          1. “According to the CIA World Factbook, the United States has one of the highest reported infant mortality rates as a percentage of population of all the OECD member states.”

            This statement is factually true, but misleading because it is meant to convey the impression that the US’ infant mortality rate is significantly higher than the other OECD states, and that reported infant mortality rates are the same as actual infant mortality rates.

    2. In the video and all reports I think it’s pretty clear the strikers initiated, but the response (5-6 officers firing into a crowd with automatic firearms) can be fairly called disproportionate.

      1. I suppose they could have fired into the air, but what’s a half dozen cops going to do against a union mob bent on violence? Granted, 34 deaths seems overkill, no pun intended, but this does not sound like the a US fracas.

      2. I heard the strikers had machetes. It was hard to tell if they did in the vid I saw.

      3. I realize I’m a borderline atavistic barbarian, but I tend towards the belief that when force is legitimately called for, disproportionate is the way to go. Part of that is simply sound tactical thinking: put the opponent down as hard and as fast as you can. Part of it is pour encourager
        les autres
        . If you want to play stupid games, we will crush you like a goddamned bug.

        NAP and all that, but when it comes time, go big or go home.

        1. That’s why I nuke all strikers from orbit.

          1. I agree, it’s the only way to be sure.

            1. Need more Davy Crocketts.

        2. The other problem is bad gear and training. Crowd control is difficult even when everything breaks your way; with bad gear and training, disproportionate reactions are really the only kind available after violence breaks out.

        3. Arguably overwhelming force up front minimizes the total force required to achieve your objectives.

        4. My approach is more Napoleonic:

          1. It’s the 21st century, my Canuckistani friend. We have these now. Interestingly, the article neglects to mention the 152mm flechette rounds we had for the Sheridans when I was in the 82d. The silhouette targets after we fired a flechette round looked like a coarse mesh sieve. You could end a riot with a couple of flechette rounds.

            1. I’m more of a traditionalist.

              Cossacks with sabres would be ideal.

              1. Recreating “Battleship Potemkin”, eh?

        5. Worked for Ender Wiggin.

      4. Hard to say if it was disproportionate or not, based on what I’ve heard so far.

        A couple of dozen, waving signs? Yeah, disproportionate as hell.

        A mob of hundreds armed with machetes, picks, etc. charging them? Not disproprotionate at all. Especially if, as I think I heard, the mob had killed a cop the previous day.

        Will both sides lie about it? You bet. Will we ever know enough (with any confidence) to reach a conclusion? Probably not.

      5. The reaction was the result of piss-poor policing procedure in South Africa — the gear is usually military hand-me-down (which is cheaper but not suited to the task of policing), and training is piss-poor. I’m not trying to minimize this problem, but it’s a long-standing problem going back to before Apartheid, and not entirely the result of corruption and malice. Given these constraints (i.e., cops who have shit training and very little in the way of riot-appropriate countermeasures), how would you have handled the situation?

    3. It had to do with a vicious rivalry between two unions — the dominant and established National Union of Mineworkers and the splinter Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union which has been encroaching on the former’s role.…..index.html


      Also these strikers are led by hardcore Marxists, so they aren’t afraid to crack skulls in the name of class struggle. It’s just an ugly situation all around.

    4. if you have ever been caught up in a strike or union activity in a Third World country, you would know that violence and escalation of same is very quick and often bloody.

      Third World country indeed. There was a time in living memory when South Africa was a nuclear power with a space program. Hard to believe now, no?

      1. Acknowledging that fact is racist.

    5. +the internet

      Seriously, if more trespassers were shot there would be fewer people around who think they can waltz onto other people’s property and do whatever they want to do.

      How long has it been since a property owner has been described as the victim in any case like this?

  8. You may not have known this, but neither Obama nor Romney has a plan for controlling the federal government’s out-of-control finances.


  9. Edmonton police arrest man for videotaping another arrest, fail to return phone.

    Maygard was taken to downtown police headquarters where he spent the night in cells. The charge was withdrawn in court on Monday. “There is nothing that prevents an individual from videoing an event that’s taking place in public,” his lawyer Danny Lynn said. The court ordered police to return all of Maygard’s belongings, including his iPhone. However, the phone hasn’t yet been found.

    How long does it take to delete a video on an iPhone anyways?

  10. Sheriff Joe is has a team of undercover officers dedicated to preventing sex with dogs.

    The married father, who lives in Mesa, allegedly posted an ad on Craigslist at least two months ago titled, “Bottom need hung tops — M4M” and “Willing to try hung K9 4 Fun too,” according to ABC 15. An agent with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department negotiated with Naylor for weeks, using a picture of a dog from the animal shelter (above) to lure him into a nearby hotel.

    “This is a different breed of people who would do this to dogs. We are going to continue this type of investigation; we are the only ones doing this but we are not going to stop investigating bestiality of this type, having sex with dogs,” Arpaio said.

    1. Proof that his ways work. They’ve got nothing else to prosecute now.

    2. so when Arpaio refers to such deviants as “a different breed”, should humans or dogs be more insulted?

      1. Any species with an understanding of English should be insulted.

        1. I’ve always found it ironic that Sheriff Joe hates people who don’t understand English when he himself is apparently incapable of reading the Bill of Rights.

          1. To be fair, the paper it was written on is probably awfully brown by now. You know how Sheriff Joe feels about that color.

            1. It’s not that he doesn’t like brown people. It’s just . . . well, um . . . I got nothin’.

              1. Its just that he likes them a lot better when they are in a different country?

                1. In his defense, I like most people, brown or otherwise, better the further they are away from me.

    3. What’s even weirder is that this guy was a bottom. So will Joe also arrest you if your dog humps your leg?

  11. You may not have known this, but neither Obama nor Romney has a plan for controlling the federal government’s out-of-control finances.

    :::clutches pearls — falls onto couch:::

  12. Consumer sentiment improved in early August to its highest in three months as sales at retailers and low mortgage rates spurred Americans to boost their buying plans, a survey released on Friday showed.

    So consumers less exited then they were in May….

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that consumers are slightly less depressed then they were in June and July?

    1. hey, did anything happen in August that might spark more consuming? Something like, say, kids going back to school? Nah. No correlation at all.

    2. Wife excited that spiral notebooks were 17 cents each the other day, and folders 10 cents each. Last time we saw those prices was before Carter. So at least we’re wasting less money on school supplies than usual.

  13. The University of Colorado issues new policy that segregates concealed carry permit holders in separate dorms from non carrying students.

    1. Well, at least now they know which dorm rooms to steal from.

      1. In Boulder, those who want to lawfully carry their gun must live in the family-housing units downtown, Coffin said.

        No idea of the distance issues here, but “family housing” sounds like it might be more expensive than the other kind, no?

        1. Wait, so they are actually ordering all the gun owners into the housing where there might be kids around?

          Just when you think you understand the “For the Children” pearl-clutchers, they throw you a curveball.

        2. SO, if you get a gun they put you up in better accomodations?

          On the other hand, why would a college have “family-housing” anyway – If you’re married you should be able to scrape together enough money to get your own place.

          1. Well, they’re not exactly “putting you up.” I never really understood the family accommodation thing myself, since I went to a school where hardly anyone lived on campus, but my understanding was that it was, you know, part of “the American college experience” to do so. Seems mad lame. I remember when I was dating a guy who went to MIT and he had an upper-classman (or even grad student?) RA and I was like…you’re in your 20s, why are you living here…

          2. Penn State had family housing for grad students when I was an undergrad at Penn State. I worked maintenance (cleaning empty apartments and minor grounds maintenance) one year in the family apartments. Almost every single family living those apartments were foreign.

            One of the complexes were former Army barracks converted to apartments. That complex no longer exists. They only thing they had over the dorms were private bathrooms, private bedrooms, and kitchens. The other complex was newer and nicer than the dorms, but I wouldn’t call it nice on any scale except relative to the dorms.

      2. They also know which dorms not to attack.

    2. Wonder which one the next insane mass shooter will choose….?

      1. I wonder what a Swat raid on the dorm would be like?

    3. Do you actuslly have to have a gun or will a promise in the future to get a gun be enough to get into this dorm?

      Also will the laundry room.have its own shooting gallery?

      1. It says you can live in normal student housing if you have a permit but your gun is elsewhere.

    4. Can students without permits opt into those dorms?

  14. No Mothra sightings…yet.…

    1. I’ve got Gamera on speed-dial just in case…

  15. Consumer confidence is up at the same time as unemployment in 44 states.…..57117802/1

    Go figure.

    1. What a stupid table they have there. The U3 rates are down YOY, but the labor force is smaller in almost every state with lower UE. CA, for example, has a Labor Force over 200k smaller than the same time last year, so the fact that the U3 rate is down by 1.2 percentage points is mostly due to the contracted labor pool.

      1. Whoa, disregard that. I was looking at the UE numbers rather than LF.

        1. Actually, aggregating the data from that page shows that the number of unemployed decreased by 8.95% YOY (hooray!) while the labor force grew by only 0.22% (boooo!). The real question is how the LF change relates to population growth, as the LF participation rate is a more relevant indicator of whether the unemployment declines are due to real job gains or people falling off the U3 charts. Given that the LF number is basically unchanged, I’d bet on “no or little real improvement”.

  16. The eBay story is like, straight out of Reno 911! Or a combo of stories from Reno 911! Either way. That show is often very close to reality.

    And once again, for the PM links: I’m in a dorky contest. Vote for me! I am finalist #1–on Melville. If you fuck up my lead with your SF love by voting for William Gibson, you suck. Just remember, there’s like, a 99% chance that the dude who wrote about Gibson isn’t a libertarian, let alone a female one. (Also, voting can only be done via FB, sorry for that.) Besides, I like William Gibson too.

    1. My civil rights have been violated. It says I have to have a Facebook account to vote.

      1. Yes, I was ready to vote as well, but the FB thing stopped me. I have been waiting to see if FB is “for real” before trying it out.

        1. Oh it’s real…real something.

          I guess it’s an easy way to stop people double-voting, but I wouldn’t wish an account on anyone.

    2. Just remember, there’s like, a 99% chance that the dude who wrote about Gibson isn’t a libertarian, let alone a female one.

      Really? tsk, tsk, nicole. tsk, tsk.

      1. Actually, I just read his blog, and he says libertarians are sociopaths.

        Not that I’d want to unfairly influence your vote or anything.

        1. That’s cool, I approve of rage voting. It’s trying to pull the basement dwellers around by their puds I find distasteful.

          1. Aw, I thought that was just part of the drinking game by now. Pshaw.

            1. That is to say, anything that acknowledges there are like five of us.

              1. Naw, we actually decide to make a list once cause Ken was bitching about us saying “cunt” all the time, there’s like 20 female regulars. Most of them just don’t use overtly female names.

                1. I must have missed the list, but I know there are more than it seems like.

                  1. I must have missed the list, but I know there are more than it seems like.

                    My sense of humor seems to be malfunctioning today. Apologies.

                    1. My sense of humor seems to be malfunctioning today. Apologies.

                      It’s probably just because you’re talking to a lady. We ruin shit like that.

              2. That is to say, anything that acknowledges there are like five of us.

                Oh, that. Yeah, probably.

            2. Hehe. This is actually one of the few places I don’t see it very often. Now if you really want to hone your skills, I know a great place to start. It’s quite literally half the content there.

              1. It must be the demo or something. Half of y’all are married already anyway, and besides, you know all five of us and how faithful we are to HyR.

            3. Aw, I thought that was just part of the drinking game by now. Pshaw.

              I was actually looking for that the other day. I know there used to be a wiki for it. Anyone got the link?

              1. I don’t know, there’s a Grylliade thread, but it’s pretty old.

                The rules would never have gotten this out of date if Postrel were still running things…

                1. Yeah, I found that one too. But there was actually a wiki type page somewhere. Same area also had RC’s laws. Can’t seem to find it now.

                  1. The rules would never have gotten this out of date if Postrel were still running things…

                    That one and “for a magazine called Reason…” are the only two I can remember. Perhaps we should rebuild.

        2. Not all libertarians, just the ones that post here.

          1. Nah, all of them, because of their “inconsistent philosophy” and blah blah blah…think there was something about roads in there, and definitely some shit about the CRA.

            1. We’re all looters and counter-revolutionaries, got it.

    1. I said this yesterday, when we found out that they had marked the place where Obama had his first kiss, and I’ll say it again today: This is the kind of shit usually reserved for fucking dictators, not leaders of free men. FUCK.

      1. On the plus side, it gives us something to pull down when we liberate Chicago.

        1. A little less dramtic than toppling the Saddam statue, but it’ll have to do.

  17. got food poisoning last night – all thanks to a local bat/restaurant. Blurgh!

      1. If the guano don’t get you, the rabies sure will.

    1. I’m no foodie, but a restaurant devoted to what are basically winged rodents doesn’t sound overly hygienic. You have only yourself to blame.

    2. No offense, but if you’re sick today, it’s probably not from what you ate last night for dinner. It takes longer than that for foodborne illness to become symptomatic. It’s far more likely something you at between Tuesday and Thursday morning.

  18. Anti Defamation League wants police to investigate to see of the FRC shooting was a hate crime.

  19. Ant Defamation League: Investigate FRC shooting to see if it was a hate crime.

    What, do they think it was some kind of love crime? Hate-crime laws are so silly.

  20. Better hope that bat didn’t carry rabies…

  21. The Anti-Defamation League wants cops to investigate the FRC shooting. To see if it’s a hate crime.

    1. There, I avoided the spam filter, now for the link:

    2. The link is flagged as spam, let me try this:

  22. Hugo Chavez Building Opulent Mausoleum For Simon Bolivar; Self…..um_bolivar

    1. I look forward to this masoleum being used as soon as possible.

      1. I hope he gets thrown in there, along with Castro, prematurely.

        1. Its already too late for “prematurely”.

  23. “If you don’t count unfunded pensions and other stuff the state can’t afford.”

    Are they supposed to count those? I thought those didn’t count.

  24. Australian diplomatic cables reveal high-level belief that the U.S. is out to get the WikiLeaks founder.

    I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

  25. Off topic but some may be really interested: The full movie of David Cronenberg’s Shivers is on YouTube now.

    (It was extremely hard to find before its posting on YouTube).

    1. You really need to let people know that this movie includes sex zombies if you want to generate the maximum interest.

      You do that like this:

      “This is a horror movie where a parasite infects people in a Montreal high rise and turns them into nymphomaniac zombies.”

      1. Is it a real Montreal high rise? Why is that the biggest possible draw for me?

      2. When does the horror start? Does some maniac chainsaw them or something?

    1. Your Facebook friends, U.S. District Judge William Pauley III ruled, can legally give federal investigators access to your profile at any time, including the portions that aren’t set to “public.”

      Now, this is almost certainly against Facebook’s TOS, which means that doing this is, whatever you call it, that shit that that poor woman who made the little girl kill herself got tagged with–misuse of a computer, or whatever BS federal “hacking” crime. Violate a website’s TOS and go to federal prison, unless you’re violating it to help the feds!

      1. I doubt it. Here’s a hypothetical: I look at the info on a PC logging in as me with happy federal agent looking over my shoulder. I screen cap everything that Moron Colon posts and print those screen caps for the feds. Have I violated Facebook’s TOS? I bet I haven’t.

      2. except that case was thrown out iirc, and thanks in part to a helpful amicus brief by a blogger

        it was a bullshit prosecution

    2. Here’s a simple rule: if you place information on a computer owned by someone else, you have no control over that information anymore. This isn’t a legal point, it’s a practical one.What they do with at that point is up to them.

      So if you don’t want the world to know your deepest darkest secrets, don’t post them on the internet or upload them to the cloud. Why this is so fucking hard to grasp is completely beyond me.

      1. ^this

        we get good intel, and sometimes evidence and or confessions from facebook and (god forbid) myspace not infrequently

    3. Your “friends” could rat you out to law enforcement long before facebook came along.

      1. Jerry: Hey Kramer, if I killed someone would you turn me in?

        Kramer: Definitely.

        Jerry: You’re kidding!

        Kramer: No, no. I would turn you in. I wouldn’t even think about it.

        Jerry: I can’t believe I’m hearing this. You’re supposed to be a friend of mine!

        Kramer: Well what kind of person are you going around killing people?

  26. Though it’s usually rape, this dophin sex appears to be consenual.

    1. Well dolphins are known to be sexist and patriarchal.

      1. They actually rape for like everything. Most procreative dolphin sex is gang rape, and rape is also how they enforce their territory.

        And then there’s this.

        1. Never mind, they cleaned up the page. In brief, there was a guy who put gps trackers on human-like dummies and tossed them into dolphin areas. He found most of them later in underwater caves with more holes raped into them than swiss cheese.

          1. but was it rape rape?

          2. So what you’re saying is that STEVE SMITH is actually a dolphin-Sasquatch cross?

  27. Ok I ran into this looking for something else. You guys remember LoneWhacko: The Novel?

  28. A Georgia Health Sciences University lab tech was jailed this week after he was found intoxicated with his pants down in a campus locker room

    Campus police said Mitchell, a Lab Animal Services technician, was highly intoxicated and sitting in a chair with his pants half-down.
    The spokeswoman said two monkeys were found outside their cages in the lab but were confined to the room.

  29. The “Robin Hood” of Spain.

    Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo has, over the past week, led several raids on supermarkets around the town of Marinaleda, near Seville in southern Spain, arguing that “someone has to do something so that families can eat.”
    Mr Sanchez, 53, an avowed communist with a bushy grey beard who has been mayor for 33 years and a member for the regional parliament of Andalusia for the United Left party (IU), did not take part in the raids themselves but stood outside the supermarkets directing his “comrades” over a megaphone.

    Now correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Robin Hood take from the government who overtaxed it’s subjects? This guy is gonna run the grocers out of town.

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