Jan Brewer Blocking Benefits From Young Illegal Immigrants Receiving Waivers

The Arizona governor says no taxpayer-paid benefits or state IDs for immigrants that receive temporary work authorization through the Obama executive order


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Wednesday ordered state agencies to deny driver's licenses and other public benefits to young illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under a new Obama administration policy.

In an executive order, Brewer said she was reaffirming the intent of current Arizona law denying taxpayer-funded public benefits and state identification to illegal immigrants.

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  1. Way to go Governor Jan Brewer! Using an Executive Order to combat Obama’s Executive Order, BRILLIANT!
    Any way she can enforce immigration laws and stem giving Arizona state benefits to illegal immigrants has my approval.
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio deserves a nod of approval too. These two are true American patriots in standing up to Obama, the DOJ and their band of thugs that are trying to affect their re-election by sacrificing and ignoring the Congress that had previously denied the DREAM Act.

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