Spying Suit Tossed, Paul Ryan's Medicare Cuts, Voter Id Upheld in Pennsylvania: P.M. Links


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  1. Android prostitutes, hope for the end of STDs or less likely than the personal jetpack?

    Still, there’s a lot to be said for robostitutes. Instead of heading down to the local red light district and engaging in dangerous coitus with a prostitute that might be infested with a veritable smorgasbord of STDs, you could book a session with a sterilized-between-tricks prostibot. If you had enough money, you could of course just buy your own sexbot, and just haul her out of the cupboard when needed.

    1. But can she also make a roast?

      1. I’m not sure I want my sexbot to have knife skills. Maybe I’ve just been a programmer too long.

        1. I didn’t say she got to carve the roast.

          1. Think of all the out of work gold-diggers who will need to find work. You could pay them a pittance to make you a roast.

            1. Listen… okay, it’s important to my enjoyment of this sexbot. It’s not the same if I can’t keep her down via the patriarchy.

              1. I’m sure we can find a Always Barefoot but Never Pregnant model just for you.

                1. That’s all I ask.

                  And for you to bone up on Futurama quotes.

                  1. I can’t be arsed to turn on Comedy Central.

                    1. Roswell That Ends Well was on Fox.

                    2. Them too. I pretty much watch sporting events or the TV stays off.

      2. Speaking of roast, I had a great lunch yesterday from Serrento Cucina. Pork roast with mashed potatoes smothered in Italian red sauce. Spectacular.

      3. But can she also make a roast?

        “If sheep could work a dishwasher, wives would be obsolete”

        Just kidding! Mrs. Hobbit and I went past 40 years together a few days ago.

        … Hobbit

    2. The only android I’d frak would have to look like this.

      1. I figured you were more of a Cherry 2000 guy.

        1. The robot was hot; Melanie Griffiths, not so much.

          1. Fun fact: Melanie Griffith only discovered, for the first time in her life, that Hitler had done bad things to Jews while on the set of the World War II spy movie “Shining Through”.

          2. Go watch Night Moves and then tell me what you think.

      2. I’m not so picky as to say 6 is the only acceptable option… but she certainly is one of the acceptable options.

        1. Grace Park and Lucy Lawless were looking just fine too.

          1. I’m guessing a younger version of Kate Vernon would be pretty good as well.

        2. I’d only do one of the cylons but it would be rude to identify him to anyone who might not have watched the show yet.

          Come to think of it, why were the male Cylons perfectly happy being plain, old, or dumpy looking, but the females are all more or less hot?

          Come to think of it again, the Cavil cylon’s disgust with his own physical form is a good part of the reason he wanted to nuke the human race, if I recall.

          1. Come to think of it, why were the male Cylons perfectly happy being plain, old, or dumpy looking, but the females are all more or less hot?

            1) They’re guys. Of course they aren’t going to be hot.


          2. Come to think of it, why were the male Cylons perfectly happy being plain, old, or dumpy looking, but the females are all more or less hot?

            The heterosexual nerd demographic generally consumes space opera more then any other.

            1. Also hetro men will fuck anything with tits thus making all women think of themselves as more attractive then they really are.

              Fictional female characters must be hot for ugly women (or any women for that matter) to identify with them.

      3. I never got the Tricia Helfer thing. Not that she isn’t smoking hot (she is), but how did that scientist who gave her access to the defense system not know she was a Cylon? Her freaking spine glowed red whenever she got freaky, and I can’t believe he never did her, um, in a way that it was visible.

        Help me out here.

        1. If I remember correctly it only happened once. Certainly not “whenever she got freaky”.

          Help me out here.

          It was a way to show the audience she wasn’t human and the writers didn’t think it all the way through. They dropped it in later seasons. My guess is the best theory would be that it happens when they first experience love and can conceive.

          Alternatively he did know and was just in denial. If Tricia Helfer wanted me to bomb you all into the stone age in exchange for frequent booty, I’d do it.

    3. Bender: Humans dating robots is sick. You people wonder why I’m still single? It’s ’cause all the fine robot sisters are dating humans!

      Leela: Bender, this is Fry’s decision…and he made it wrong. So it’s time for us to interfere in his life.

    4. Lisa: Aunt Selma this may be presumptuous, but have you ever considered artificial insemination?

      Homer: Boy, I don’t know. You’d have to be pretty desperate to make it with a robot

      1. Selma: All I got now is sperm in a cup.

    5. Former prostitute explains why robot whores won’t solve anything and won’t be popular:


      1. That was an interesting read. Thanks.

    6. The feminist lobby in the U.S. will never allow sexbots to be legal. You can take that to the bank.

  2. Instead of wasting all that time and money fighting voter ID laws, shouldn’t liberals be organizing voter ID drives? It can’t be that difficult to get a valid state ID.

    1. Apparently it’s impossible.

      1. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania won’t issue one to minority voters.

      2. These big shots think such laws are good for democracy.

    2. I’m with the libs on this one. The burden is on the party trying to make exercise of my Constitutional rights more difficult, and so far they’re failing miserably to show this is a problem at all.

      1. The Constitutional rights of US citizens.

        1. Um, yes, The burden is on the party trying to make exercise of my Constitutional rights, as a US citizen, more difficult.

          1. Who said you’re a citizen?

            1. The voter registration rolls. Who said I wasn’t? Why should I need to prove it again?

              1. More specifically, why should I be required to participate in another government program once I am registered?

              2. The voter registration rolls say some guy named Scarcity is a citizen. Are you him?

                1. Next they will be demanding that voter registration roles be gluten free.

                  1. Suki, what’s your role here? Because we’re talking about voter registration ROLLS.

                2. Do you have reason to think I’m not? Has there been a spate of suspicious activity such as persons repeatedly trying to vote under a name that was already checked off as having voted today? Is there a reasonable argument that the outcome of this election could be affected if you don’t make it more difficult for me to vote beyond getting myself registered and showing up?

                  1. Denny Green is getting a job as a polling place volunteer.

                    “Those voters are who we thought they were!”

                3. Well, I’ve got an ID with my picture and his name – does *that* make me him?

                  And to get I just had to show a government employee a couple of pieces of paper with no picture and his name on them – government issued (really anyone’s) ID isn’t and can’t be very secure.

                  And since the incidence of known voter fraud is almost non-existent this seems like a solution searching for a problem.

              3. Are you you though?

                After I joined the army some one found out and voted for me.

      2. “‘It’s mind-boggling to me that as a tiny non-profit corporation, we netted more than double the number of convictions in one year than the US Department of Justice was able to find in five,’ said Davis.”


        1. That’s about registration problems, not ID.

      3. Should someone running for president have the burden to show they’re a (natural born) US citizen?

        1. Yes, but states should not be forced to add that requirement for ballot access.

        2. Constitution requires that they fit this rather loose definition. In Obama’s case, the simple fact that his mother – for all hatred of America – was an American citizen satisfied the requirement. Being born overseas in and of itself does not exclude you; lot of Americas working overseas, not all for the govt. If a parent is a citizen, so is the kid.

          1. The Constitution also requires that voters to be a citizen and a resident of one of the states or DC.

            1. Not for all federal elections. If so our expatriates living in other countries couldn’t vote, neither could the people living in the territories.

          2. She actually didn’t meet the requirements of the statute at the time he was born, so no she technically wasn’t.

      4. OK, enough obtuseness.

        In-person voter fraud is almost infinitely less likely to impact the outcome of an election than would making it more difficult for people to vote.

        FFS, absentee ballots are orders of magnitude simpler to be abused than in-person voter fraud.

        1. I don’t care about the outcome. This is about process.

          Also “more difficult for people to vote” is strong language to describe showing a driver’s license.

          1. Of course it’s about process. I say the process should be designed to be as minimally burdensome as possible while maintaining the veracity of the outcome. And I understand given that premise that reasonable people can disagree on what satisfies the criteria. But it is not simply a utilitarian position.

            And “more difficult for people to vote” means precisely what it says. Obtaining and carrying state issued id is more difficult than not.

          2. So, we drop absentee ballots then?

          3. Actually the difficulty is that you have to *pay* for a license (or just a state ID if you can’t/won’t get a DL). No matter how low the cost you shouldn’t have to pay even more money to exercise your vote.

        2. And this statement is obviously made from someone who has never actually worked an election or served as a poll watcher…

          1. Sorry, not your statement AD, Scarcity’s.

    3. Salon has an article talking about this very topic.

    4. There is just such a mobilization happening in Pennsylvania.

      If it’s any difficulty at all then it’s tantamount to a poll tax. I thought you guys like inviolable rights.

      1. If Dems would put 1/1000th of the effort complaining about voter ID into getting photo IDs for the small handful of eligible voters who don’t have them, this would be a non-issue.

        1. Republicans should be able to buy elections and Democrats should have to pay a fee to access the franchise. Sounds fair.

      2. Is showing up to the polls a difficulty?

        1. Maybe, maybe not. If it is, does that justify adding to the difficulty?

          1. That wasn’t the question. Is it or isn’t it?

            1. No it isn’t, and that still does not justify adding burdens, no matter how slight each individual one is.

              1. It’s not? How is it different from showing up at the DPS to get an ID?

    5. But those only let you vote for yourself — now how can you ensure that the people that aren’t themselves motivated to vote, but that you know would support a Democrat, get the representation they need?

  3. So, anyone heard of that Paul Ryan guy? I hear he’s a big-time libertarian.

    1. I heard that he was Ayn Rands love child secretly raised in Wisconsin by wolves

      1. The election is coming…..

        1. The GOP is dark and full of terrors.

          1. Valar Randulis.

      2. Negative. He was too mean to be raised by Wisconsin wolves. It was Wisconsin rattlesnakes:


        1. Nay, he was raised by WOLVERINES!

  4. So, anyone heard of that Paul Ryan guy? I hear he’s a big-time libertarian.

    1. Three times and you summon Red Tony.

      1. Red Tony.

        I wish I had thought of that.

        1. You don’t know what a thought is.

          1. I am original – no question. I just hate the Bushpigs and it burns SoCons like yourself up when I point out their foibles.

            Team Red comprises most of the posters here.

            Bush is the worst POTUS is US history by far – admit it.

            1. Bush is the worst POTUS is US history by far – admit it.

              Cyrus Griffin, man. Definitely.

            2. Bush is the worst POTUS is US history by far – admit it.

              Dubya’s got a long way to go before he beats the likes of James Buchanan, Woodrow Wilson, and Herbert Hoover. Hell, Polk got more Americans killed in Mexico in two years than Bush did in eight in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

              1. Polk was a superb POTUS (according to multiple rankings).


                Granted, the 20th century is completely different.

                1. There’s no objective standard for “best” or “worst” President such that you can simply outsource to a list.

                  Try to get that through your head.

                2. Psssst…Neiter Bush nor Polk were president during the 20th Century. Who are you, Joe Biden?

                3. Ohhh! Appeal to authority and special pleading!

                  Way to mix up those pitches, shriek.

                4. Polk was a superb POTUS (according to multiple rankings).

                  Bitch, please. If you had and ounce of integrity, you’d be excoriating him for conducting an illegal war. I’ll repeat–that a bunch of cultural Marxist clever sillies in academia ranked Dubya the worst President is hardly a surprise. As bad as he was, he doesn’t even come close.

            3. I am original – no question.

              Why are you embedded in Sarah Palin’s rectum, and what is George Soros doing in there with you?

        2. PB, you promised last week to never post here again if someone showed you where Berkshire Hathaway owed $1B in taxes. I posted the requisite paragraph from their annual report. Why are you still here?

          1. Berkshire does not owe $1B in back taxes. Provide a WSJ, NYT, FT, or Bloomberg link that proves it.

            No wingnut sites accepted.

            Yes. I know there is a dispute over a smaller figure.

            1. So, lemme see if I have this straight. Shrieky-poo won’t trust Berkshire Hathaway’s own annual report, but if a print journal uses it as a source then it’s all good. I’m more certain than ever that he cannot read.

              1. You don’t understand financial disclosure.

                An annual report MUST contain POSSIBLE liabilities – however remote.

                Berkshire is reporting properly and will win the IRS dispute.

                1. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to school you on this yet again assplug.

                  Unrecognized tax benefits means that Berkshire filed 2.5B in deductions but only thinks that 1.5B in deductions will result from negotiating with the IRS. That means they will eventually have to pay 1B plus interest.

                  You are such a good little demfag that you don’t even bother to know what the fuck it is you are defending. Oh, and I’ve attached the pdf again so you can’t deny it by saying it’s from a wingnut sorce.

                  And here’s a link explaining how unrecognized tax benefits works:

                  1. You are such a good little demfag


                    I’m stealing that one.

                  2. God damn it squirrels there were only two links in that post.

                    And thanks VG.

  5. Chester Township, which has a per capita income of $19,000 a year, says Prattis lives in a residential zone, hence handing out food to children is not allowed. The township says she needs to go before a zoning board to ask for a variance, which would cost her up to $1,000 in administrative fees.
    “I don’t think it’s my responsibility to go to her to say, ‘why don’t you come to talk to me to see if there’s something that we can do to help your program,'” William Pisarek, the Chester Township business manager, said.

    Nope, it’s my responsibility to ensure nobody can do jack shit around here without kissing my fucking ring.

    1. The township is also in the Chester-Uplands school district which is ranked 497th out of 498 districts in PA.

      A corrupt shithole by even Philadelphia standards.

    2. This is why I mentioned in the other thread that working with homeless youth is what made me a libertarian.

      And has anyone else heard the rumor that the Chester Township Zoning board has sheep orgies every Tuesday night?

  6. X51-A test fails again. Let’s just save some money on the next one and push it out the back of a cargo plane over the ocean.

    1. The sad irony is that we used to spend a lot less money on a lot more experimental aircraft such as this 50 years ago. The US military is serving as a real-time example of the limits of human scale.

      1. That and its another example of how the military tries to cram so much capability into each platform that they end up either costing a metric fuck-ton or not working right (usually both).

        Fucking LPD-17, I’m looking at you.

    2. Its an example of the damned air force still trying to fight last years war.

      Why the hell do we need to spend a bajillion dollars on an unmanned aircraft designed to strike targets on the other side of the world within in hour of launch (I mean other than that its completely bad-assed)? We’ve already got people controlling UAV’s doing strikes in the ‘stans from inside the US.

  7. Pics of famous people in mid jump. I like Oppenheimer’s the best.

    1. Damn jumping pictures.

  8. The Delaware County Times reports that another resident alerted the council about the distribution a few weeks ago. The council investigated and ruled that the practice is not permitted without a variance, the paper reported.

    FUCKING BUSYBODIES!!!!! I honestly want to know what it is that turns people into such pieces of shit.

    1. What kind of asshole does this?

      1. See something Say something comrade. It’s the only way to get to our glorious utopia.

    2. They are out there in our communities and they must be identified and shamed. Shouted down when they speak. Feces hurled at them. And not just monkey feces. And so on…

  9. Gary Bettman has all the power. It’s not like he worries that everyone’s going to start hating him.

  10. Where has Tulpa been? Did he finally say something so bone headed stupid in his contrarian act that he slinked away?

    1. He’s hibernating. He needs to build up enough stupid reserves to compete with the levels of stupid John has brought over the last few days. Tulpa won’t be out-stupided, no sir! Not by anyone!

      1. Poor guy. He has probably wracked his brains over the previous several days to come up with something to top John’s Ryan lovefest. That is some stupid you can spot from space.

      2. i lost my coffee asshole. roflmao

      3. Oh Gods…the HitUndRunpublicans are going into stupid-novas. We’re doomed.

  11. How long until the California officials shut down this lemonade stand?

    Vivienne Harr says she is making a stand, both literally and figuratively, to end human trafficking. The 8-year-old California girl is using a homemade lemonade stand to raises funds toward her goal of raising $150,000 for the non-profit group Not For Sale, which works to end slavery around the world.

    1. She should use the money to buy people some android sexbots.

      1. It said “to end slavery” not “to end human slavery”.

      2. Wonder how many children you can buy for $150K? I bet it’s enough to run several lemonade stands to generate money to end human trafficking.

    2. An 8 year old girl is making a stand against human trafficking?

      Bull fucking shit.

      It’s her mother that is making a stand, and wants to use her daughter to gain more sympathy. Fuck that bitch.

      1. THIS^^

      2. but the media lap it up. No skepticism. No curiosity. No nothing. I hate stories like this.

      3. Maybe she got the idea playing “Amsterdam Barbie.”

  12. Leftist Planet
    Why do so many travel guides make excuses for dictators?


    Lonely Planet enthuses that Cuba is “a country devoid of gaudy advertising,” possessing a “uniqueness [that] is a vanishing commodity in an increasingly globalized world.” Indeed, the dictatorship protects its citizens from the poison of consumerism in a manner other states might want to emulate: “Almost completely cut off from the maw of McDonald’s, Madonna and other global corporate-cultural influences, Cuba retains a refreshing preserved quality. It’s a space and place that serves as a beacon for the future — universal education, health care and housing are rights people the world over want, need and deserve.”


    “Falling into step alongside pallid, overweight and uncoordinated Western wannabes out on two-week vacations from Prozac and junk food, the Cubans don’t just walk; they glide, sauntering rhythmically through the timeworn streets like dancers shaking their asses to the syncopated beat of the rumba. Maybe the secret is in the food rationing.”

    1. I love the “universal” whatevers bit. Its easy to provide education and healthcare and housing to everyone if you provide them with shit.

  13. Here’s the link:


  14. Whoops, here’s the link to the article.

  15. Former U.S. intelligence and special forces operatives will be targeting President Barack Obama in ads, accusing him of taking credit for Osama bin Laden’s death and blaming him for high-level leaks.

    Hillary, Bush, and McCain all vowed not to go into Pakistan in pursuit of OBL. Dumbya pussed out in 2002 at the Paki border.

    Obama gets credit for fucking over the Pakis.

    1. Obama gets credit for fucking over the Pakis.

      Yeah, real smooth of Obama to fuck over a nation with nuclear weapons and mounting political instability.

      1. So Bush is being criticized for not being enough of a warmonger?

        1. He could have bombed Libya anytime, but he didn’t have the vision of the anointed one.

        2. The Bushpigs needed to let OBL escape to build up Fatherland Security, the Patriot Spy Act and the defense apparatus around Iraq. Iraq was invaded in March 2003 well after OBL was given a pass into Pakistan by Cheney and Co.

          1. And Obama has done what to rectify those egregious violations of our Bill of Rights?

            1. Not much at all.

              When does government ever give up powers it has won from the people?

              The damage done was in 2001-2008.

              1. bullshit. What Bush wrought has been escalated under Obama. I don’t recall Bush droning village after village, and the troops caught American Taliban on his watch; he didn’t send in the machines to kill them.

                1. You’re a bigger wingnut than I thought.

                  Imagine Obama passing the Patriot Spy on America Act or conning Congress into an Iraq debacle.

                  Obama faces constant gridlock – the Bushpigs ran over everything.

                  1. With all that constant gridlock since he got elected, it’s a wonder that PPACA ever passed.

                    But in all seriousness, I’m sure that rectifing all of Bush’s evil deeds was TOTALLY THE NEXT THING ON HIS LIST, if only he hadn’t lost the House.

                    1. rectifying

                  2. God DAMN PB, you really just gloss over the fact that your messiah ORDERED THE KILLING OF AN AMERICAN WITHOUT TRIAL AND OUTSIDE A BATTLEFIELD?

                    Seriously? Or that he approved the Patriot Act or directed the Justice department not to investigate the awful Bush crimes you go on and on about?

                    Seriously? Your sunglasses are that blue?

                  3. Yeah, that damn bushpig. If only some brave soul had stood up to him.

                    What’s that? Every leading Dem voted to do whatever Bush asked of them? It’s almost like they all play for the same team or something.

          2. …and then he laughed as he ripped off his mask, only to reveal the lizard features underneath!!

            Hey, it beats Enterprise and Voyager in the scriptwriting department.

  16. This isn’t my cat, but it could be.

    1. Thanks, that was great!

    2. That’s anybody’s cat, it’s just that some of them make sure they do it when no one is looking.

      1. The fact that he looks right at the camera and yawns like, “fuck you, bro” is the trait he shares with my cat.

      2. I should be worried I know where that is from.

    3. He stopped after only one bottle. He’s pretty nice.

  17. Some Democrats don’t want Obama to be embarrassed by questions about whether he supports Simpson-Bowles proposed budget cuts:


  18. Comparing himself to Odysseus navigating between a six-headed monster and a deadly whirlpool, U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney wrote that “the state secrets privilege may unfortunately mean the sacrifice of individual liberties for the sake of national security.”

    How about the following resolution, using his own apparent sentiments? Everybody to whom such a terrible secret has been revealed gets housed for life in a maximum security prison so they are not subject to kidnapping.

  19. Gay-liberation groups denounce Family Research Council shooting.

    Or to put it in MSM terms: Gay-rights groups distance themselves from their previous inflammatory rhetoric about FRC being a “hate group.”


    1. Re: Edward van Haalen,

      Gay-rights groups distance themselves from their previous inflammatory rhetoric about FRC being a “hate group.”

      CYI mode just in case the shooter ends up being gay… or lesbian.

      1. That’s CYA, by the way. So gay.

        1. Trying to figure out what CYI meant made my brain hurt.

  20. A Pennsylvania woman who gives free lunches to needy children is, of course, being punished by the government for it.

    Without the watchful and benevolent eye of the State, society would fall into disarray and chaos! Like, for instance, women feeding needy children! Chaos, I tell you! Chaos!

    1. Also, needy children would be dead from starvation because no one would feed them!

  21. Warty, and all those who love the prog/metal, this is for you.

    Don’t Worry. We can still listen to Deadwing.

    1. So he Opethed, huh.

      1. No. Not really.

        He’s simply focused his efforts on his solo career and away from PT. That is at least respectful to fans in a way that Akerfeldt wasn’t because he didn’t completely change the complexion of his band. He simply made a new one, which is the better way to go.

        He has said that he will get PT back together, he ‘s just not sure when because he’s so concentrated on his solo career.

        It just sucks because most people like PT in a way they don’t like SW solo.

        1. Wait, what? PT broke up? (Temporarily?)

          Yeah, not a big fan of SW solo. Insurgentes blew, Grace for Drowning was OK, Storm Corrosion was a big pile of suck.

          1. Not really broke up. Not really on hiatus either.

            Just not active. All of the members are doing other things right now. SW said recently that the last tour took up 3 years of their lives, and by the time it was over they were all so tired and anxious to do something that wasn’t PT. They will get back in the studio and do a new album, but he wants time to do other things right now. I can respect that.

            Personally, I dig SW solo. His show was incredible, and the new album that will be recorded later this year has a band that is fricken amazing.

            But it isn’t PT.

          2. Nice to see The Tree get some love.

            1. Some love?

              I have tuned out thousands in love for P Tree.

          3. I personally like SW solo. It’s different in a good way. I think Insurgentes is very good, and GfD bordering on masterpiece.

            Storm Corrosion is something altogether different. I like it, but it’s thinking music, not jam out music. It’s definitely imaginative.

            SW’s live tour was a top 3 or 4 show for me. It was amazing. I cannot wait for the blu-ray to come out at the end of the month (already pre-ordered the special edition), and a new album which hasn’t yet been recorded (but which has been written), was written for his touring band which is chock full of amazing musicians, particularly Marco Minnemann (drums) and Nick Beggs (bass, chapman stick). Here is a clip of a song written for the not yet released album from their live bluray about to come out.

  22. A security guard was shot in the arm at the Christian conservative Family Research Council’s office in Washington, D.C. The shooter is in custody.

    He will, of course, not be called a “terrorist” or the perpetrator of a hate-crime by either the authorities or the press. But the guy that shot up the Sikh temple? Oh, he was a terrorist and a hate-crime perpetrator, obviously.

    1. Actually, the FBI said in their statement that it was domestic terrorism. Now, its already obvious that the press has no intention of doing their usual “no sparrow shall fall” coverage.

      1. Well it doesn’t fit the “guns are bad, mmmkay” or “right-wing terrorist” profile, so it’ll be ignored.

      2. Sources told Fox News that after guard took away his gun, the suspect said, “Don’t shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for.

        Authorities were treating the attack as a case of domestic terrorism, although James McJunkin, the head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, said authorities do not yet know the gunman’s motive.

        “We don’t know enough about him or his circumstances to determine what his connection is to this group [the research council] or his mental state, or what he was doing or thinking of doing,” McJunkin said. “So we’re going to try to sort this all out, pull the evidence together, do all the interviews we can.”

        By the way, he was also carrying, allegedly, a bag of Chick-Fil-A. KID YOU NOT.

        NOW you know why the Gay rights groups ware quick to distance themselves from this.


      3. Thankfully, the guy pussed out at the last second on actually committing murder, but every day we seem to get a little closer to commencing The Day of the Rope.

        1. Is that when the politically powerful use the police to round up dissidents, rush them through a kangaroo court, and hang them?

          1. More like private, spontaneous murders of people based on various associations, but your suggestion is just as likely.

    2. None of them should be called terrorists.

      They are simple criminals. Soon enough, every case of shoplifting is going to be labeled as domestic terrorism.

      When your bag of tricks is all designed to thwart terrorism, everyone you see seems to be a terrorist.

      1. Re: Mad Libertarian Guy,

        None of them should be called terrorists.

        Of course not, you’re absolutely right. What’s hilarious is how the press pins those labels only to those they find politically abhorrent.

        1. Yep.

          Guys kills 2 at a temple, he’s a terrorist. Guys at a conservative think tank are killed, and mum’s the word.

          1. No one got killed, as far as I know. And six people were killed at the temple.

            1. If the temple had a guard, there might not have been any murders there, either.

  23. Mitt Romney is not interested in his running mate’s proposed cuts to Medicare.
    The American public is not very interested in Mitt Romney’s running mate, either.

    And I am hardly interested in either Ryan, or his sidekick, or Obama!

    1. Obviously this means we need to invade Russia. We were too easy on em last time.

    2. Not that surprising. We don’t really patrol our own coast much – our SSN’s are used mainly for force projection, not self-protection.

      Fast attacks like the akula’s hunt SSBN’s which, unlike the soviets, we don’t keep penned up close to home.

      1. And if I’m not mistaken, most of its international waters anyway so even if the navy was tracking these subs (possible, and the navy probably wouldn’t come out and say yes) they couldn’t keep them out, legally.

  24. Can I say how fun it is how far over the cliff this Ryan pick has made the left go?

    Mostly from reading Jezebel, but apparently Ryan would roam the countryside, pushing old people from wheelchairs and forcing women to have babies.

    I don’t like Romney/Ryan much, and will vote for GJ… but man would I like the delicious salty tears at Jezebel. It would be better than Wisconsin, and we all remember that.

    1. In all seriousness, Ryan is one of the better picks we as libertarians could have hoped for (assuming that you don’t subscribe to the “VP is worth a warm bucket of spit” school of thought).

      1. Sadly, John, I do.

        Cheney had significant impact, but Biden, Gore, and Quayle, not so much.

        And, given Romney is already distancing himself from Ryan’s budget, I’m not too hopeful.

        John, look: I like Ryan, as far as it goes. I think he’s smart, he’s a good numbers guy, and while he made some bad votes he seems to at least be one of the few to realize it is a problem. But I think that his greater strength was in the House, where he could propose bill and grill people in hearings, not the vice presidency where he gets to shake the hands of the winning NCAA women’s volleyball team.

        1. Wow, and somehow, I read TIT as John. Which says something.

          1. Dammit, I was really hoping I wouldn’t end up being one of John’s sockpuppets.

            I think you’re right, given the distancing from Ryan’s budget (which does make me wonder why the hell Romney would pick Ryan if he’s going to distance himself from Ryan’s claim to fame).

    2. I can’t wait for the ‘Racist America’ rants we’re going to see if Obama loses.

      1. I pointed out to some left-wing goon on another site that Clinton was head and shoulders above Obama as a President for actually being able to get shit passed while the Reps in Congress were actively trying to remove him from office.

        His response? “Clinton wasn’t half-black.”

        1. Yeah, Clinton was all black.

    3. They do this every time, and have been for a long time, but it was so strident with Palin that it set a new bar.

      This was 100% predictable, because neither side actually thinks about anything any more. As soon as a new target is acquired, it’s FULL RETARD mode for maximum vilification. It would be disgusting if it were anything real, but essentially it’s a TEAM building exercise, like the fans chanting at a football game.

      1. sure it is. Yesterday, there was some debate whether Ryan is being misrepresented since his votes supporting all things big-govt-Bush do not square with his being presented as Mr Hawk.

        I don’t much care whether it’s called fraud, being phony, deceptive, or some other euphemism, that’s a lot of big govt votes to answer for. From the Team that talks about reducing govt. The capper is, of all people, Ryan seems the only to have noticed the entitlement train headed off the rails. But his records begs the question of should he be taken seriously now? Some days I miss the Judge on Fox Biz.

      2. Speaking of 100% predictable…

    4. Mostly from reading Jezebel, but apparently Ryan would roam gambol the countryside, pushing old people from wheelchairs and forcing women to have babies.

    5. “Paul Ryan Cracks Joke As 71 Year-Old Citizen Is Forced To The Ground”


      1. “Hey, (Garbled; Ryan continues to speak). I paid into that for 50 years, my unemployment and my Social Security and my Medicare, and now you’re gonna?”

        “That which is unsustainable will go away.”


  25. NYT not impressed with the crease in Ryan’s trousers.

    Instead of boasting about his insane workout, perhaps Mr. Ryan should get a skilled tailor, or challenge campaign aides to pay closer attention to tangible details

    1. This gives concern trolling a bad name.

    2. Apparently Obama’s games of bouncy-ball with his Cabinet don’t have the same effect on his attention to detail.

  26. So, does anyone know where I could find a good animator type?

    I have this idea for a series with Obama and various figures on the left cast as the super friends, fighting the issues of the day over with the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (Legion of Doom stand in). Led by their evil leader Rush Limbaugh, they would include the Catholic Crusader (dedicated to forcing women to get pregnant and have babies by destroying all contraception and abortion everywhere), Clarence Thomas (who with the mighty cry “Uncle Tom” becomes Scalia) and the Koch brothers (who, with powers gained in the exotic Citizens United have the power to manipulate mens minds). Any other characters?

    Also, who should be on Obama’s superfriends? I think Eric Holder for sure, no idea for the others.

    It will probably have a more conservative than libertarian bent, because I would love to get the foot in the door of political satire.

    1. HR Clinton, with special appearances by Bill, a retired superfriend who tends to make the situation worse.

      1. do you sometimes wonder if Bill toes the line between sides.

        1. Bill has no friends, only his own interests.

    2. Also, who should be on Obama’s superfriends?

      Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren, Alec Baldwin? Matt Damon?

    3. That series you thought up? You didn’t do that.

    4. Mind the shelf life. It sounds like a good idea, but by the time you have the first frame drawn you could be dealing with a series about a wimpy one-term president and his forgotten AG.

      1. I was thinking flash animation or something that turns around in a short time.

        Or just whipping Koreans.

    5. Also, who should be on Obama’s superfriends?

      Taxcheat Tim Geithner, Nanny Pelosi, Harry (the undertaker) Reid; Sandra (virgin abortion) Fluke, Janet (the erection destroyer) Napolitano, Jeffrey (the parasite) Immelt, and the Wookie.

    6. Rahm Emanuel as some sort of hybrid of necromancer and Aquaman.

  27. Former U.S. intelligence and special forces operatives will be targeting President Barack Obama in ads, accusing him of taking credit for Osama bin Laden’s death and blaming him for high-level leaks.

    I have been wondering how those guys like being marketed as the Assassin-in-Chiefs personal death squad.

    1. I think the backlash from the intelligence community and military came after this painfully overwrought ad came out.

  28. Bush is the worst POTUS is US history by far – admit it.

    Don’t you read the papers? He’s been dethroned.

    1. I have a theory that Shriek can’t read. His lefty friends read to him, and, to spare his feelings, they leave out the bits about what a fucking bastard Obama is.

    2. Like P Brooks, you cannot find the “reply” button.

      Nevertheless, historians at George Mason Univ conducted a poll among experts that put Dumbya as the worst ever on 60% of the ballots and second worst ever on 30% of the ballots (behind James Buchanan).

      I know – you fucking loved the Bushpigs. Grow up a bit.

      1. That response has no connection whatsoever to the question of whether Pres Bush is the “worst” President ever (whatever that means). Mad Scientist is right; you’re just illiterate.

          1. A bunch of cultural Marxist clever sillies in academia ranked Dubya the worst president. Color me shocked.

            1. Shut the fuck up, you stupid redneck.

              1. Go take your GRIDS meds, you fucking tumor.

      2. that these historians seem to have forgotten one Jimmy Carter puts their credibility into question.

        1. You are a fucking idiot wingnut.

          Carter is the most Libertarian POTUS since Coolidge.

          He deregulated everything and never raised income taxes or started a crap war.

          Quit listening to redneck AM radio, dude.

          1. right – unemployment was double digits, so was inflation, the prime rate topped 20%, a bunch of students commandeered an embassy and we did nothing, gasoline prices went through the roof and we did nothing to lessen dependency, has the Community Reinvestment Act tied to him, and all you have is he “was the most libertarian….”?

            Carter left behind a clusterfuck by every measurable standard. Bush at least managed economic growth for his first 5-6 years and CUT income tax rates. No one is cheerleading for Bush, but a “worst” list that excludes Carter is a charade.

  29. Rikers Con Job
    With jail violence out of control, a bogus task force only made things worse

    A shadowy jail “violence reduction” unit linked to a top Corrections Department official is under investigation for falsifying reports, beating inmates, and violating department regulations, the Voice has learned.

    The plainclothes unit, known as the “violence-reduction task force” or “special search squad,” allegedly operated outside the rules, Correction sources say. The unit was not properly cleared to perform sensitive investigative work, and its members were improperly assigned to the unit and entered jails without following security procedures.

    The city Department of Investigation is probing a range of allegations, including filing false reports about the discovery of a weapon at the Manhattan jail known as the Tombs and punitive beatings of inmates in the George R. Vierno Center and the West Facility on Rikers Island. One of those inmates suffered broken facial bones.


    1. And some call him Pig


  30. its members were improperly assigned to the unit and entered jails without following security procedures.

    How else were they supposed to smuggle weapons into the jail so they could be found in the possession of prisoners?

    You know, to “prove” how more security is needed.

  31. In a speech today in Virginia, Vice President Joe Biden seemed to forget we’re in the 21st century:

    Biden: ‘Folks, Where’s it Written We Cannot Lead the World in the 20th Century in Making Automobiles?’


    1. cue the theme music:
      That’s our Biden!

    2. That wasn’t an error – its the century our domestic car companies are still operating in.

  32. you fucking loved the Bushpigs

    Of course I did.

  33. Speaking of lemonade stands, I submit the following Atheist Libertarian Parenting question for the amusement of the board:

    For the last two years my kid has had a farm stand. We buy stuff to plant in the garden; he’s got to keep track of how much we spent, and how much he takes in, and how much profit he’s made.

    Today some subhuman maggot stole the money from the farm stand honor system box. I don’t mean they took stuff and didn’t pay; I mean they went in the box and took money that was already there.

    He doesn’t know yet. The life lesson being imparted here is supposed to be, “This is how you work at something and make a profit so then you have money to spend on Matchbox cars.” I’m afraid that being told that someone stole his money will make him say fuck it, I’m not doing this shit any more. At the same time, “Some people are assholes who are out there lying in wait to take the money that you earned, and you have to be watching out for those dicks,” is also an important life lesson. So I’m trying to decide which life lesson to impart here.

    The ghost of Ayn Rand would probably say, “Never deceive children, ever!”

    1. He’ll have his whole life to learn the lesson that people are jerks. Learning that some people (parents, for example) care for them and can be voluntarily associated with is at least as important a lesson — and most people IRL have support systems that help them get through these types of setbacks, so it’s not like your cheating a kid out of learning about real-life responses to douchebaggery.

      My two cents (inflation adjusted).

      1. I don’t have any kids, so I’m loathe to give parenting advice. But I will say that when I was a kid one of the very very best lessons I learned early on was that just because someone is an adult does not mean they are in any way honest or intelligent. Adults have flaws, and some of those adults are complete fuckups. Some lessons cost a bit to learn (in this case literally), and those are the ones that are most worth it.

        1. In my experience, good parenting is context sensitive. The lesson I’ve learned about parental advice is that it’s almost all so geared to personal taste and divergent experience as to be useless, and that everyone likes giving it (myself included).

    2. Tell him. He’s got to learn sometime. Then tell him Santa Claus isn’t real, the Easter Bunny is real and eats children, and that Big Bird was convicted of child molestation along with his partner in crime Snuffalupagus, but they just got out and are coming to live in your town. Also, tell him the Seahawks are the best team in the NFL.

      1. The evidence surrounding Snuffalupagus’ guilt is purely circumstantial. You don’t know for sure what he was doing in Oscar’s trash can with those kids.

        1. Well, that might have been true when he was imaginary, but now that he’s real, he has to answer for his crimes. Because they found him with his trunk…I can’t even say it.

      2. They have won more playoff games than any losing team in NFL history.

    3. impart the life lesson that life is hard; that while most people will do the right thing, just enough will not and fuck it up for the rest of us; and, that the money system has to be revisited. The honor system does not work on the dishonorable.

      None of this takes away from what he is doing and what you are helping him do. Sounds like a sharp young man. After you tell him, tell folks you know to be customers what happened. Put up a sign next to the box, or where the box used to be if it goes down, explaining why things are changing. The good folks may even help you and him with a solution.

      1. I’m thinking an explosive anti-tampering circuit in the next box.

        1. My wife is a very soft-hearted “let’s try to understand how society has failed criminals” type, but she would definitely go for this at this point.

          She would definitely have cut a bitch when she found out.

          All the old sayings are true. It’s stunning how quickly “How can we rehabilitate these poor souls?” turns into, “You stole $10? DEATH!” when it’s your six year old’s 10 bucks.

          1. Ooooooo, this could be a teaching moment for your wife too!

          2. whether explosive device or not, another lesson is that when bad shit happens, you come up with ways of preventing it from happening again.

        2. now that, ladies and gentlemen, is pro-active parenting. It is from bad outcomes that we learn valuable lessons, and means of fighting back against the shitheads.

    4. How old is he?

        1. If he’s a generic six year old, I’d cover the money and move on. Use it in the abstract to talk about the issue, though.

          Obviously, you know your son so I’m sure you’ll do well by him however it ends up.

    5. If I were you I would tell him about the theft, so he understands that subhuman garbage exists in the world.

      I would also help him come up with a better method of securing his honor system box, then replace his money and use that lesson to teach him about the importance of carrying insurance on your valuables.


      2. I like the cut of your jib, sir.

      3. Sorry, it was MLB Network. Felix Hernandez just pitched a perfect game.

      4. My first instinct was to tell him, but I haven’t.

        1. you’re gonna have to. The kid’s worked hard. I had to explain to my eldest at age 7 what AIDS and rape were because that’s when the Magic Johnson thing came out and Mike Tyson got arrested. Not fun but they are sharper than parents want to admit.

        2. Replace the money is what I would advise. There is no reason to make a life lesson out of this, and plus, he has earned it.

    6. How was the money in a place where it could be stolen in the first place? That is a hurdle I’m trying to grok before I move on to advice. How is it you don’t guard your money? I’ve always wanted people to try to steal my shit so I have an excuse to do evil. This makes no sense to me. Sorry.

      Anyway, don’t tell him, replace the money, and put a fucking death trap around it like normal people* do.

      * You know, those who tend to survive to spread their seed, and not starve to death because someone took their money.

      1. It’s a farm stand in Vermont. Nobody sits behind their farm stand like a cashier. You put out a box or a coffee can and people put money into it and take their change out if they need to break a 5.

        It’s also pretty obviously a child’s enterprise.

        Honestly, the last thing I thought would happen is that someone would steal from a child to get 10 bucks. People don’t lock their car doors here.

        1. It’s a farm stand in Vermont.

          That’s just lure for the trap!

          I helped a friend out at his flea market stand many years back. His wife would casually talk to the people around her, but move like lightening with this leather bound flyswatter device and smack the living shit at people who got too friendly with the merchandise.

          It’s a southern city, over a million people in the metropolitan area and surrounding two counties, and very friendly attitude. But no one was is going to trust you with a loose dime here. It just doesn’t happen.

          1. How that ‘was’ got up in the second to last sentence I cannot even imagine.

          2. that’s why I love the South. Cause some folks just need a whoopin’. Or a flyswatting.

    7. My actions would be based on the age of the kid. Sub-double-digit, fix it outdie his ken. Focus on one lesson at a time. Post-double-digit, it’s indoctrinatin’ time. Those monacles don’t select themselves.

      1. damn it, “outside” his ken.

    8. Prime teachable moment. I’d tell him. Then replace some of the money so he doesn’t lose his motivation.

    9. NO BAILOUTS!!!!

      1. Just in case the point was missed, I disagree with the “replace the money” line. Given, I am not a parent, so take any advice as it lies, but bad things happen. I don’t think perpetuating the idea that anytime something bad happens he will be rewarded or receive a consolation is a good way to go. Even if you don’t tell him it was stolen, he may eventually find out and then you’ve inadvertently covered it up.

    10. Show him the box, explain what happened, hand him a gun and tell him “its time to be a man now son”.

  34. a poll among experts

    I polled my team of abnormal psychology experts cats, and it was unanimous: you’re a gibbering imbecile.

    1. Why can’t you locate the “reply” button?

  35. So I’m trying to decide which life lesson to impart here.

    How about, “Booby-trapping (non-lethally, of course) the cash box might possibly be an unfortunate necessity.”


    (Server squirrel hated link at Drudge)

    Just like he did in his first term.


    So he’ll spend all his time holding fundraisers while Michelle jets around the globe with the kids and four hundred and eighty of her closest friends on the taxpayers’ dime?

    1. You are really fucked up.

      Michelle Obama is unpaid and technically jobless. Why do you care how many vacations she takes?

      Seriously, grow up.

      And find the ‘reply’ button, you moron.

      1. on the taxpayers’ dime

        There you go, Captain Reading Comprehension.

        1. IOW – the black First Family gets the same privileges as the white First Families!

          The horror!

          1. Yep, because it’s totally a race thing you fucking inbred piece of shit.

            The only person who mentioned race is you.

            Die. In. A. Fire.

      2. I wouldn’t care if she was on eternal vacation if I didn’t have to pay for her travel and security, as well as the travel and security of how ever many people she thinks she can jam on to her guest list.

        1. Question about that. Michelle’s security team is going to get paid for security whether she’s reading a book at home or prowling around Spain. Leaving aside the questions of using taxpayer money for the plane, fuel, maintenance, etc., are her security costs any different when she’s on vacation than when she’s at the White House?

          1. I think you’re missing the point here. She’s evil because she takes vacations, and because the wife of the most powerful man on earth, for some crazy reason, requires a security detail.

            1. No, she’s evil because she’s a do-gooder cunt who is certain she can make better decisions for you then you can.

              1. She has no power to make those decisions for me, so she doesn’t bother me in the least. The world is full of nannies and assholes. I don’t have to hate every one of them. Get back to me when she has the actual authority to force me to do anything.

          2. At the very least there’s a ton of added security for trips abroad – not all of that is eaten by the visiting country, especially in the case of non-official visits.

      3. Maybe because she takes 500 people with her to over-the-top places, all at taxpayer expense?

        Also, because fat women shouldn’t criticize what gymnasts eat.

      4. You fail to realize that Michelle Obama, as an elected official, has sweeping powers over every facet of your life. Look how she forced that poor Olympics gymnast into confessing her sins on national TV. Sure, they laughed about it, but you could just feel the terror.

      5. If I’m paying for her good times? Quite a lot actually

  38. “Why can’t you locate the “reply” button?”


  39. The American public is not very interested in Mitt Romney’s running mate, either.

    Now you are just being facetious….of course Ryan did vote yes on TARP so he does deserve it.

    Still a one or two point jump in 2 days of a poll that is over a 4 day period when most of the country does not even know who Ryan is and he is only a VP pick which American voters historically don’t give a shit about….

    Well…yeah “not interested” is not accurate.

  40. Why can’t you locate the “reply” button?

    You know, Mother Brooks, there’s a psychological concept known as denial, that I believe you’re evincing. It’s when a thought is so hateful that the mind literally rejects it.

    1. Dude, it’s his cause. Would you deny a dreamer his cause?

  41. In case you are wondering what is next on Ryan’s horizon,

    Paul Ryan’s Nigger Problem

    Interesting to see how they will deal with this as a development. Surely, the Obama people are scoping it out to see how to best play it. Common sense says Ryan had nothing to do with these events given Romney’s people vetted him and would have dropped him otherwise. However, guilt by association is not a predictable factor, and there are a lot incidences from the time he was a member listed here. It will move in accordance to its own logic. A wild fire, or a burnt cinders we shall see.

    1. Wow…they are desperate, aren’t they?

      1. Unusual number of incidences but still, those are several different universities listed to call it a pattern. They’ll turn Delta into the Hoodster Racist Underground before the race is over though.

    2. so a frat chapter Ryan did NOT belong to did something sorry and it’s his fault, but the sitting Veep says something monumentally stupid and “that’s just Joe”?

      1. That pretty much sums it up, or will soon enough. Though the connectivity here is so, not there, that the press may even ignore it in fear of it blowing up. Nah. Obama starts to trail in the polls for any significant amount of time, they are going to hewn the narrative you see here with a fine tooth comb and find some democratic ex-members who are willing to embellish the truth like they did with the Romney bullying story.

    3. Three of those sound like hoaxes.

    4. Paul Ryan is so totally a racist because affiliates of his fraternity at colleges thousands of miles away from the one he attended engaged in despicable acts, years after Ryan had graduated.

  42. Why do you care how many vacations she takes?

    I don’t give a fuck how many vacations she takes. The more the better, as long she and her husband pay for them out of their own pocket, instead of using money borrowed from the Federal Reserve by the United States Treasury.

    1. What? She would never bring the Secret Service and dozens of her friends on a trip on our dime! That would take away from precious time she could be using to lecture Olympic athletes that weigh 1/3 as much as she does about eating McDonald’s.

  43. Before I go-

    We can make light of it, but the Fluffy Jr thing is really problematic, for this reason: I like to think libertarianism is based on a fundamentally optimistic view of people; you CAN leave them the fuck alone, because they will look after themselves, and co-operate more than they will conflict. Liberals believe we are only one snowstorm/hurricane/blackout away from the Abyss. You don’t want the kid to believe everybody is out to take his stuff, or he’ll grow up thinking everybody needs to be kept on the shortest leash possible.

    Shit happens, but you can’t succumb to the temptation to think people are always and everywhere thieves and murderers.

    1. The lesson is still one of optimism though. How many people have been to his stand and NOT stolen his money? Many many more than the one asshole who did. People ARE mostly good.

      1. This. Some people make it hard to believe, though.

      2. How many people in German history weren’t Hitler.

  44. the last thing I thought would happen is that someone would steal from a child to get 10 bucks.

    A thought- maybe it will come back? What if somebody needed a short-term loan?

    It’s fun to pretend.

  45. Thanks for your feedback, everybody.

  46. “David Mariner, the executive director of The DC Center for the LGBT Community, told the Associated Press that [Family Research Council shooter] Floyd Corkins II had been volunteering at the center for the past six months or so. He described Corkins as, ‘kind, gentle and unassuming.'”


    I wonder…what if he’d been a volunteer for the Tea Party? Would we be hearing a *lot* about that right about now?

  47. From the AP article:

    “Police said the man entered the front lobby of the Family Research Council in Washington around 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, began arguing with a security guard and then shot him in the arm. The gunman was subdued by the guard and others and taken into custody but had not been charged as of Wednesday evening….

    “Amy Biondi and her husband Steve were visiting Washington from Long Island with their daughter and a friend and tried to ask officers for help with a parking meter when they were told there was a situation they had to deal with. The door to the FRC was opened, and an officer repeatedly shouted, ‘Put the gun down, put the gun down.’

    “‘Next thing you know there are police officers swarming the area,’ said Biondi, 45, a massage therapist from St. James, N.Y.”


    1. “Mariner said he did not know Corkins well or have any conversations with him about the Chick-fil-A controversy or other political issues of interest to the gay community.

      “‘I really only talked to him about volunteering, so I couldn’t say anything about anything else,’ Mariner said.”

  48. Sounsd like a pretty solid plan to me dude. WOw.


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