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Mitt Romney to Pick Paul Ryan?

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can you see it?

Multiple news outlets are reporting they have multiple sources confirming presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney will announce his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as running mate. Ryan was the talk of the town as a potential vice presidential pick this week. Reason's David Harsanyi made the case for Ryan earlier this week:

…no matter whom Republican Mitt Romney finally taps as his vice presidential nominee, Democrats will accuse this person of crimes against common decency and fairness. This person will, you can bet, be indicted as someone hellbent on "dismantling" Social Security, sacrificing Medicare to the gods of social Darwinism and "slashing" the safety net into worthless tatters.

If that's the case, why not pick a politician who actually speaks about reforming entitlement programs in a serious way? Someone who has actually come up with some ideas that reach beyond platitude? Rep. Paul Ryan, who was spotted pushing a frail wheelchair-bound elderly woman off a cliff in a political ad last year, is really the only person on the shortlist we keep hearing about who fits the bill.

Read the whole piece here, and check Reason 24/7 for more updates.

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  1. Calling Paul Ryan’s plan “serious” is GOP hot air. His plan dismantles Medicare and increases the deficit. Romney choosing him is final evidence that he’s going for a base strategy–a base that likes its Medicare just fine; and regardless of whether Obama will be able to convince them of this reality, he will be able to convince enough people. Nail meet coffin.

    1. Get the fuck already

      1. Look I’m drunk too and I correctly deployed semicolons and em-dashes. Do write something comprehensible.

        1. Cleary you’ve been missing Cytotoxic’s attempt to turn “get the fuck already” into a reason meme.

          1. Oh, I thought he was horse_ebooks or something.

        2. Come on Tony, it was just one wine cooler

          1. Zima

            1. I don’t know if you people are attempting a stereotype, but get your shit straight. Gay men approach alcohol in two ways: as connoisseurs and/or binge drinkers. We have taste and we drink. What about that says wine cooler or Zima to you, whatever the fuck those are?

      2. That sentence fragment you got there …

        You didn’t do that, someone else made that happen.

        1. Pretty sure it was Pro Liberte but I am putting the hard work in of turning it into a meme for burying Tonytards with while you do nothing!

    2. He’s not at all beholden to that one particular proposal, he can simply say that unlike Obama and the Democrats who can’t even pass a fucking budget, him and Mittens are willing to actually address the problem. It’s bullshit, of course, but so is President Not-my-fault’s class warfare campaign.

    3. Romney choosing him is final evidence that he’s going for a base strategy–a base that likes its Medicare just fine; and regardless of whether Obama will be able to convince them of this reality, he will be able to convince enough people. Nail meet coffin.

      You are actually getting better. I can see faint glimmers of looking at the politics instead of being a complete TEAM blue hack.

      If you are dunk then you need to drink more.

    4. Re: Tony,

      Calling Paul Ryan’s plan “serious” is GOP hot air.

      Sometimes you will start with a sparkle of brilliance.

      His plan dismantles Medicare and increases the deficit.

      To then let it fizzle like a sun-baked football resting on a roof. His plan doesn’t need to dismantle Medicare – Medicare will dismantle itself, thank you very much. Besides this, saying that his plan will increase the deficit ain’t saying much, because ALL plans (from both the Demorats and the Republirats) increase the deficit. Both parties love deficits.

      1. Medicare will dismantle us before it dismantles itself.

    5. If his base likes Medicare just fine, why would his plan dismantle it? Are you that stupid?

    6. If Biden doesn’t matter, then Ryan doesn’t matter.

  2. There goes campaigning against “Government Motors”. TARP-boy Ryan was a strong advocate for the auto-bailouts.

    1. That, and his Medicare Part D support trouble me. I think he’s a more serious choice than some others, but I’m not interested in a slower train to insolvency.

  3. What good is Paul Ryan going to do for Mitt? The way I see it he already lost.

    1. he is handsome and says “fiscal cliff” really well.

      “We are at a fiscal cliff. Combined with a weak economy without change in Washington we are headed for disaster, but presidential candidate Mitt Romney and I have a plan”

      I can actually hear him saying it.

      Ryan can hit all the high notes of how bad the economy is and can talk real well about he can fix it.

      This election is about the economy. Of the VP picks i saw he is the best choice.

      1. Of the VP picks I saw he is the best choice.

        In form at least.

        I have not looked at any electoral math. I don’t know if he can carry a swing state or if any of the other choices could have either.

        1. Romney’s electoral problem is Mitt Romney, a problem that no VP candidate could fix.

          1. a problem that no VP candidate could fix.

            Hypothetically there could be a popular Florida politician that could carry the 1 or 2 points Romney needs.

            Or the same thing for other swing states.

            1. I don’t know…if he nominated one of the Pauls I think that would be enough to get me to vote for him. Then I’d spend his entire term hoping he gets an aneurism.

              1. if he nominated one of the Pauls I think that would be enough to get me to vote for him.

                Same with me…but we the diehards are not a statistically significant voter block.

                Ryan will comfort the Johns and Tulpas of the world and remind moderate voters that the Obama’s economy sucks ass.

                From a strictly vote counting view Ryan was a good choice.

                1. I don’t even know how many of us it would bring in. There wasn’t anything that was going to sway me from Johnson once Romney wrapped it up.

                  1. Same with me.

                    I hope Romney wins (well I’d prefer Johnson but know that ain’t gonna happen)but I can’t bring myself to personally endorse him by voting for him.

                    Then again, living in CA my vote doesn’t matter anyway.

                2. I disagree this will be good for votes. The question is whether this will bring more tea party conservatives to vote for Romney who wouldn’t have (I doubt there are many who weren’t already planning to vote “against Obama”) or whether it will convince more seniors and near-retirement folks to switch votes or stay home.

          2. Agreed.

  4. OT: So I saw The Campaign and it predictably sucked, although I was amused that Dan Aykroyd and John Lithgow played the Motch Brothers, two billionaire industrialists that conspire to destroy America by literally selling us out to the Chinese, which the film explicitly blames on Citizens United.

  5. I’m not drunk yet.
    My lady friend left because every asshat in creation is drving by at full throttle, and it’s well past midnight.
    Do you want someone the late show talkhosties will skewer?
    Another Potatoe head like Dan Quayle?

    1. That’s an odd reason for your lady friend to leave. You sure it’s not just because you’re Canadian?

    2. This is as good as or better than most modern poetry.

  6. So, who do y’all think Biden will pick in 2016?

    1. No. The question is “who will Ryan pick in 2020”.

      1. Yet nobody will ever ask “Who will Johnson pick in 2016?”

        1. Sucks to be libertarian. It is true….but at least our guy isn’t drone bombing brown babies in some third world country.

          1. That’s a bipartisan issue!

            1. Bipartisan as in Republicans and Democrats…

              Libertarians sure as hell isn’t doing it.

              Maybe Archimedes thinks poor Pakistani drone evaporated children are part of the 1%.

              1. Not all libertarians share the noninterventionist policy delusion. Bailey doesn’t for instance.

          2. Gay Jay supports limited humanitarian brown baby drone-bombing.

            1. Sending peacekeeping forces to protect refugees and hunt down war criminals is not the same thing as drone-bombing brown babies.

          3. How courageous of him.

        2. Everybody should be askimg whom they will pick, anyhow. :-p

    2. Hair Club for Men spokesmen don’t need running mates.

    3. 2016:

      Clinton/Booker vs Pawlenty/Paul

      1. The GOP nominee in 2016 i either gonna be Romney running for reelection or Santorum.

  7. Rommey or Obama
    News about US elections are very important for Greece’s crisis
    Eidiseis Nea

  8. Paul Ryan, champion of the richest 1%.

    1. I am positive you would have said the same thing about whoever Mitt picked.

      1. Not everyone wrote a budget only the 1% could love

        1. Obama produced bailouts and stimulus that the 1% loved!

          1. I am pretty sure 1%er health care insurance company executives loved the taste of Obama’s cock as well.

          2. But he didn’t mean it.

        2. That’s true Harry Reid isn’t even capable of writIng any budget.

        3. Not everyone wrote a budget only the 1% could love


          Obama wrote a budget that 0 democrats embraced.

      2. That’s why this has very little downside, Obama is willing to call Mitt a felon and an accessory to a woman’s death from cancer. They have no shame, so might as well pick a guy who is young and accomplished.

    2. Is that better or worse than assassinating 16-year-old American citizens? These days it’s so hard to keep up with which party is more depraved.

  9. you’d think the republicans woulda learned last election not to pick a ravey right wing loonie to back up a moderate canidate

    1. Re: Archimedes,

      you’d think the republicans woulda learned last election not to pick a ravey right wing loonie [sic] to back up a moderate canidate [sic]

      And to think that the expense per student in the Amerikan Pulbic Skool Seistem has been increasing each year… and this is what we get for the money: Archimedes.

      1. a typo flame is all you got?

        1. Re: Archimedes,

          a typo flame is all you got?

          No, a typo flame is all you deserve to get, and I am being generous with you only because I’m bored out of my skull.

        2. no you missed it.

          Ryan’s plan increases deficits.
          He voted for TARP.
          He tried to work with Obama on health care.
          He wants to preserve medicare.

          He is as moderate as they come.

          1. He’s a moderate when they’re explaining why GOP supporters should just stay home and not bother to vote. He’s a raving right-wing extremist handing out Objectivist tracts to his aides when they need their side to get fired up about beating him.

  10. Will it be Ren or Stimpy? Dumb or Dumber?

    1. Re: Archimedes,

      Will it be Ren or Stimpy? Dumb or Dumber?

      Choose whichever or choose Spongebob, already! I’m paying 7.99 per month for your Netflix.

      And pick up your soiled shorts yourself! I’m not your maid!

  11. CNN is showing a live feed of Paul Ryan’s front door. I shit you not.

    1. Re: A Serious Man,

      I never doubt anybody that is awake at 2:10 AM EST, channel-surfing among the few cable news channels.

      1. EDT. Nobody’s used EST for month’s now. It amazes me how often this stupid, stupid mistake is made.

    2. Apparently you’re watching it, so I guess it worked.

  12. Multiple news outlets are reporting they have multiple sources confirming presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney will announce his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as running mate.

    I wonder if Sorkin will make an episode about tonight.

    Maybe Jeff Daniels character can do a line of coke right before he broadcasts this important news.

    1. They’ll have to crowbar it into the Militia/Tea Party episode.

    1. Meanwhile Obama is killing women and children with remote control airplanes.

      We can play this all day Archimedes.

  13. You know what I’ll give Romney props for this. This was a bold choice without actually being a bold choice. A Republican Congressman who never complained much about big government or debt during the Bush Years (backed TARP, Medicare Part D, Auto Bailouts, etc.), from a purple state, whose young telegenic and boring.

    Good job Romney! You found the younger slightly more principled version of yourself.

    cheers, drink.

    And on an even less interesting note…..

    This will be our 2nd Presidential election in a row with no southerner either ticket. Obama (Ill.), Romney (MA), Ryan (WI), and Biden who claims both Delaware and Pennsylvania as home, (greedy bastard).

    1. AFAIK the announcement hasn’t been made yet; whether or not Romney picks Ryan is pure speculation.

      1. Romney clearly wants us to believe it’s Ryan, can’t imagine he’s got a bolder choice in his back pocket that he’s going to swerve into in 6 hours.

      2. He’s gonna announce his pick from aboard the USS Wisconsin…..yeah I say it’s a done deal:…..CYGTaOaOSo

    2. You could certainly argue that Ron Paul is the more principled candidate. But the guy has some skeleton in his closet, and he’s old as Mr. Burns.

      Santorum, Palin, Huntsman, Paul, Johnson, Cain, and Perry were out. So Rom was pretty much left with Ryan, Pawlenty, Jindal, Rubio and Christie.

      For those outside of the “Ron Paul or bust” crowd, Ryan was a decent choice.

      1. Exactly. Props I him for putting Medicare reform on the table (even if it is overly incremental and drawn out), it’s just sad that even speaking the truth is considered bold and risky these days.

        Rubio has too many warboners and I think it’s always a poor choice to pick the guy who just got elected (christie has a similar problem in this regard).

        Christie also isn’t really a freedom guy. He’s an entertaining straight shooter and would have made for a great debate, but he has a way of saying things to remind you that he is very much a NJ pol.

        Pawlenty is the only person who would have actually made the ticket more boring than it already is.

        Jindal has a great story with the LA turn around but he doesn’t strike me as coming across well on a national stage.

        1. I would be more impressed if he also put defense spending on the table.

          1. Whoa, let’s not get carried away, he wants to remain in good standing with the GOP base/brass.

  14. From the same girl from yesterday via Facebook:

    In 2008 after the news broke (prematurely?) that Obama was choosing Biden as his runningmate, the campaign immediately sent its promised text message announcement — in the middle of the night, which was not as planned. News stories from the most credible media outlets in the country pinpointed Ryan as Romney’s runningmate hours ago, and yet still nothing from the Romney campaign’s mobile app that is supposed to be the first to announce his pick.

    1. More:

      It’s 5 AM on a Saturday, and per the Twitters, Mitt Romney is announcing his veep choice today and supposedly it’s Paul Ryan, which really seems too good to be true for the Dem oppo researcher in us all. Can it be? The guy whose name is synonymous with dismantling Medicare, etc. as we know it?

    2. Just abandon facebook, dude. It’s a morass of ignorance.

      1. I’ve been off Facebook since October. Every now and then I look at my wife’s feed and it only confirms I made a good decision.

  15. Poor Ryan. After what the legacy media did to Sarah Palin, I’d be afraid. Meanwhile, we don’t even know what hospital in Kenya shat out Obama.

    1. The one with a commemorative plaque?

  16. This is going to make the recent New Yorker hit piece look quite prescient. People are already complaining about how Ryan received his dad’s SS death benefit, to which I can only respond “You mean he got the money his dad paid in that he was legally entitled to? I guess this means you’re going to press Warren Buffett to voluntarily pay his desired tax rate, right?”

    1. That is not really a hit piece. It just a concern troll piece about how Republicans are suicidal to admit the obvious that something has to be done about entitlements.

      1. I admit to getting my opinion of it entirely from the Fresh Air interview with the author.

        1. If you read it, it is all about how crazy Ryan is and how the pollsters and all right thinking people keep saying he is crazy, but he has still managed to take over the Republican Party. It is A+ concern trolling.

          1. That kind of sounds like a hit piece. On Fresh Air they spent five minutes talking about how Ryan got a pittance from the SSA after his father died, and how hypocritical that is.

            1. Complaints like that could easily be flipped back on the complainer, same as the he minimized his tax payments bullshit.

              Hopefully, Romney and Ryan will grow a pair and start fighting back.

  17. I agree with the statement above. Of the people who were realistically on the table, Ryan is probably the best choice. He is a lot better than Christie, who is horribly anti-gun and is just a big government Republican who likes to talk bad about teachers (NTTAWW talking bad about teachers). Ryan is not a die hard SOCON. Rubio seems like a nice enough guy but he hasn’t been around enough. Ryan should put Wisconsin in play. He at least is willing to admit we are broke, which puts him above 95% of the people in politics. If you really think this was a bad choice just think, it could have been Santorum or Christie.

    1. Ryan is not a die hard SOCON.

      Which means he will be portrayed by the media as a Tea Party fringe lunatic with a war boner.

  18. Did Willard just introduce Ryan as “the next President of the United States?”

    1. If he did, he might be right. 2016 is not too far off and Team Blue just may drive us off that proverbial cliff by then.

      1. Are you setting up the fantasy football this year, sloop?

        1. Yeah, and the league filled up in about a day.

          Shall we set up a second league fo those that still want to play but were unable to get in the J sub D Memorial? I’d be glad to do another one.

          1. Frowny face. I was thinking of trying it this year and figured the H+R crowd was just the group for it.

            1. So I guess my answer is yes.

            2. I’ll set up another league if there’s interest.

              Hold on. I’m working on it right now…

              1. Go to the bottom of the thread for the link to the new league.

  19. Is Romney unaware of the GOP rules?

    Please, please, please let the Ron Paul Delegates nominate him for VP from the floor. IIRC, delegates are not bound to a VP candidate, so the number of Ron Paul people that are required to vote for Romneybot may be high enough that they could get a different Paul on the ticket than the GOP brass are expecting/hoping for.

    1. What brand of crack are you smoking this morning sloopy? It must be high end shit. Are you out of your mind?

      1. Are you out of your mind?

        Maybe. But are you telling me the Ron Paul delegates are gonna be a reliable rubber stamp for the party establishment? What gave you that idea?

        Prediction: RP delegates will try to nominate him for President from the floor and will be ignored by the chair. The rules will then be changed to prevent them from doing the same in the unbound process of VP nominating/voting.

        I’d bet $50 on that right this minute. You can e-mail me your acceptance.

        1. I am just telling you Ryan is the VP nominee. And there is nothing anyone can do about it. And the Paul delegates can nominate him all they want. They don’t have a majority. They can’t win.

          1. They don’t have a majority. They can’t win.

            That may be true, but they can throw a huge monkey-wrench in the GOP works if they nominate him and a second round of voting is required to either get Romneybot or Paul Ryan officially put on the ticket.

  20. Ryan, like Greenspan, decided they didn’t know Ayn Rand from Sally Rand once it was in their interest to adopt different principles.
    I’m still going for Gary Johnson.

    1. Joe from Lowell was making that line and claiming atheists can’t be Republicans. Of course atheists can’t be Democrats either. There isn’t a single open atheist major politician in this country. And there might be fewer objectivist politicians. I thing you would have a better chance of winning an election as a Satanist than an Objectivist.

      1. Rom Emmanuel proves that.

      2. Geez John no need to rub in the salt.

    2. decided they didn’t know Ayn Rand from Sally Rand

      Or even from Ensign Rand.

      One funny thing about Ryan – my wife pays a reasonable amount of attention to politics (more than your average voter, certainly) and her first comment this morning was, “Isn’t this the guy who forced his wife to go to sex clubs?”

      I think there’s a negative association out there to “handsome guy named Ryan” that may have a minor impact.

      That fucking Illinois Senate race continues to fuck us even now.

      1. To think this all started because Seven of Nine’s husband wasn’t satisfied.

        1. Yes.

          We have Obamacare because some guy got tired of fucking Jeri Ryan.

          Way to go, man. Good move.

          1. I’ve met Jeri Ryan in person.

            I wasn’t impressed. Dressed incorrectly (spike heels on a ship WTF are you thinking?), skeletal, and with a pissed off/unhappy/hopeless look in her eyes that immediately made me want to get away.

            Then again, our smarmy Assistant Navigator was her escort, and after an hour of his sexual interest, even Sandra Bullock in her perky years would have been contemplating suicide, so perhaps I’m being harsh.

        1. She got promoted.

          1. Just like Miles O’Brien?

  21. Paul Ryan isn’t wearing a tie. He just lost my vote.

    1. C’mon, do you even know how to think? Ties can easily get caught in wheelchair wheels.

  22. There is a non-zero chance that Romney is actually trying to be public-spirited here. He may have numbers we don’t that tell him he’s basically already lost and has no realistic path to victory. That being the case, he’s decided to try to raise the profile of someone who would be a good 2016 candidate, for the good of the party.

    1. He may have numbers we don’t that tell him he’s basically already lost and has no realistic path to victory.

      If Romney knows he has “already lost” at this point you can assume our electoral process is totally fixed in the literal conspiracy theory sense.

    2. If Romney think that h’e already lost then he should gracefully bow out and let someone else become the nominee.

      Obama has done such a horrible job that anyone, not named Mitt, should be able to beat him by 20 points.

  23. Due to overwhelming demand, there will be a second Reason HyR Fantasy Football League.

    Introducing the “Reason Hit and Run: You Didn’t Build That Fantasy Football League.” (Password: reason) I’m debating an auction draft as well, so those of you that are inclined to do so, please let me know as you register.

    Come one, come all. But don’t come twice, so if you’re already in the J sub D Memorial, please don’t get into this one until we get closer to the draft and I start to realize fewer people want to associate with me, causing me to beg for entrants.

    1. I’m not getting anything.

      1. I had to enter the league ID manually: 457394.

          1. Yeah, league ID: 457394
            Password: reason

            Sorry about that.

    2. I’m in. Thanks!

      1. Our first reason insider!

        Can you go to the league message board and explain the aversion to ampersands reason seems to have developed?

  24. The New Republic’s perspective:

    “Many millions of working-age Americans would lose health insurance. Senior citizens would anguish over whether to pay their rent or their medical bills, in a way they haven’t since the 1960s. Government would be so starved of resources that, by 2050, it wouldn’t have enough money for core functions like food inspections and highway maintenance. And the richest Americans would get a huge tax cut.

    “This is the America that Paul Ryan envisions. And now we know that it is the America Mitt Romney envisions.”…

    1. I love these doomsday predictions. As if our government isn’t capable of rolling back programs that prove to be bad.*

      *I’m not saying that Ryan’s proposed rollbacks would be bad, just saying we have a means to deal with that.

      1. I love these doomsday predictions.

        Me too.

        Obama, who’s spending hand over fist, more than any other politician in history actually, isn’t what’s going to bring about fiscal failure; it’s Paul Ryan, VP, who seeks to cut medicare.

        Jesus tap dancing Christ, I hate politics.

    2. Comically, these people don’t understand that the Federal Government is inevitably going to shrink dramatically one way or the other.

      Either it will be a controlled winding down, or it will be a collapse brought on by the contraction of the economy it predates upon.

  25. Senior citizens would anguish over whether to pay their rent or their medical bills, in a way they haven’t since the 1960s.

    Good. Then maybe those old fuckers will learn to budget their money without using mine as part of their calculus.

    1. During which part of your daily life do you think the words “it sure would be nice if an 85-year old woman were doing this job”?

      1. The part where I’m wiping my ass.

      2. Senior citizens are the wealthiest age group. There’s this little thing called saving that allows people to keep paying bills and groceries when they don’t work any more. And of course we can’t have the horror of kids actually helping care for their parents, rather than rely on the forced contributions of strangers.

        1. The Myth of the Wealthy Elderly

          Basing your economic plan on scolding people for being irresponsible is not helpful. People can save just as well with a safety net in place preventing those who lack the will or ability from going into poverty.

          1. How much of that “myth” is because everybody knew they would survive retirement on Social Security and didn’t bother to set aside as much as they’d need if they didn’t have it?

            Don’t get me wrong, I support a stopgap state-level welfare program for the poor elderly. I just don’t support subsidizing the middle and upper class elderly that don’t need subsidization.

            1. Oh, and Social Security is arguably the most regressive tax scheme of all. Why any so-called progressive defends Social Security as structured is beyond absurd to me. Actually, that gets second place in regressiveness behind the monetary inflation resulting from unpaid debts of the country.

              I’d think the Left would be much smarter to support a naturally progressive single land tax with a citizen’s rebate (becomes guaranteed income) over a welfare state and a convaluded tax structure.

  26. There’s no way Portman was an option, the GOP can’t afford to lose a Senator for a bullshit ceremonial position. Ryan brings pretty much the same things to the table (fiscally-oriented background) but also has his own name-recognition for the budget stuff, for better or worse. It also is Romney’s way of saying that he’s putting his campaign’s focus on fixing the economy (and that fixing the fisc is a necessary part of that). All in all, I think it was a smart decision, politically, though time will tell.

    1. From a statist’s perspective this should be the saddest day of his life.

      All Obama had to say was “Yes we can work with that” and 2010 never would have had a tea party and Obama would not be at 43% approval rating.

      Instead Obama only saw a republican who sounded “good” and therefor he must fight him.

  27. I’m a little late to the party, but I have to weigh in on this.

    First of all, Romney has already lost this election. He just sucks as a candidate, and even though Obozo is trying his best to give it away, Romney can’t grasp the golden ring.

    I see the following scenarios.

    1. Romney’s best choice of VP would be Ron Paul, and then come right out and admit that the GOPs future depends on including Libertarian ideas. That may be the only thing that can get him the win. His 2nd best choice would be Rand Paul, but that isn’t going to happen either. So scenario number 1 is a moot point.

    1. 2. Throwing out number 1 option, his best choice will be Rubio. Rubio is a neocon, IMO, but he is charismatic and he is Latin. That makes Rubio the 2nd best choice, and has a very, very slight chance of tipping this election to the Romulan if Obozo continues his clown show of serious gaffes on the national stage. But I am still pointing the odds at Romney losing in scenario 2, in a very tight race.

      3. The last of the best choices for Romney would be at #3 Christie, and #4 Ryan. Fat boy Christie is very popular, so would give Romney a slight boost. Ryan, well, the only good thing about Ryan would be if we could see him in a debate with Biteme. He would make Biteme look extremely stupid, but well, Biden can do that all by himself. Ryan would also destroy Obama in a debate, but that is not going to happen. In scenario 3, Romney loses by 3-4%.

      4. Here is where we get into reality territory, since the GOP are way too stupid to choose either options in scenario 1 – 3, Romney will choose(have chosen for him by GOP neocon establishment) someone totally so lame we can’t even imagine it. Romney loses by 5-10%.

      1. You do realize he’s already chosen Paul Ryan, don’t you?

        1. I do now. I just read the comments. This work shit keeps getting in the way of me keeping up to the minute on things…

          1. I wasn’t being a dick. I assumed you had something going on that kept you from knowing.

            1. I know that man, it’s cool

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