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US Officials Covered Up 'Auschwitz-Like' Conditions in Hospital

Seventy pictures and one hundred and twenty documents were submitted in a damning report on conditions at Afghan National Military Hospital.


A set of shocking images released by Buzzfeed Tuesday (Warning: graphic pictures) detail in horrifying fashion allegations that the head of the U.S. military's training program in Afghanistan covered up "Auschwitz-like" conditions at the Afghan National Military Hospital.

The report compiles more than 70 pictures and 120 documents submitted as part of an investigation into conditions at Dawood National Military Hospital, part of National Training Mission Afghanistan (NTM-A). The Associated Press reported that two retired Army colonels told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee last month that in 2010, NTM-A commander Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell called for an investigation request to be retracted because of the congressional elections that year.