New Jersey's Insane Seatbelt Law…For Your Dog! Reason's Nanny of the Month for July 2012!


The City of Angels' City Council just voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries, which are legal under California state law. And a North Carolina politician is convinced that saggy pants lead to drugs, gang violence, and murder.

But there can only be one Nanny of the Month and this time the (dis)honor goes to the busybodies in New Jersey who can now fine drivers for failing to buckle up their dogs!

Watch here and go here for more information and for downloadable versions.

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  1. Sweat pants are gateway pants. Also what’s PETA’s take on the whole dog thing?

    1. PETA wants dogs to eat their veggies before buckling up.…..arian-dogs

      1. Where is Barfman when you need him?

      2. Ethical treatment my ass. Dogs should never be fed a vegetarian diet.

      3. Holy crap, they even suggest a vegetarian diet for cats. Cats are obligate carnivores.

        The stupid, it hurts.

        1. Look, the cats just need to accept that their diet of “flesh” is immoral and learn to like broccoli. Until then, everything bad in the world is all their fault.

  2. Fines levied by the S.P.C.A.? Around here, I suspect he’d get his butt kicked, and rightly so.
    And the ampersand is still M.I.A.

  3. I can’t believe they haven’t banned those damn air fresheners people hang from the rearview mirror. In sudden braking situations their erratic motions could be *devastating*.

  4. I live in NJ and don’t know anyone who buckles their dogs. We have a 160 lb mastiff that rides in the back of our SUV. I don’t think a seat belt would fit around her. Luckily she usually lays down in the car so police looking to extract a massive fine can’t see her.

    This is the stupidist law I’ve seen in this stupid state.

    1. This is the stupidist law I’ve seen in this stupid state.

      I don’t know. NJ has ALOT of stupid laws. I mean its no NYC, but its pretty bad.

    2. you know, I would love to see the video of the cop who waddles up all full of piss and vinegar ready to hand you a ticket over the dog. Mastiffs are good looking animals, but I don’t see any upside to getting one riled up.

      1. The cop could just shoot the un-seatbelted dog, and claim it was smuggling heroin or something…

        1. Why bother? Just shoot the dog and leave.


  5. I don’t know where to put this but what could go wrong?

  6. Buckle up -dogs?- Holy fuck. It’s a 16 year old statute that PETA’s pushing to sell more doggy seat belts.

    I have no problems with anyone that wants to go and terminate these parasites. This shit can’t get much more fucking stupid.

  7. Is it me or have government officials been especially ballsy lately? Did the health care ruling give them some sort of fucked up confidence? They seem to be picking fights that they normally couldn’t expect to win (banning businesses from your town based on political correctness, overturning state marijuana law) and hoping the courts bail them out or something.

  8. This law is proof that every voter in the state needs to be bitch slapped. Yes. Its their fault. Voting in control freaks of this caliber for this long gets you this result. They asked for it, and you get the government you deserve.

    1. This state has carefully gerrymandered districts to ensure maximum representation of stupid liberals. I live in the Northwest part of NJ which is like a conservative preserve the liberals have given up on. They just make sure we are contained so as not to infect the rest of the state.

      The good news is we get Scott Garrett as a Rep and most of our towns and county elected officials are fairly sane.

    2. As has been pointed out before by wiser men than I, libertarians are a small minority so we get the government other people deserve.

  9. In all fairness, since they have banned cell phones, are trying to convince car makers to do away with GPS, interactive stereo systems, and other distracting shit inside their vehicles, and won’t give you a fully unrestricted license until you’re 21 in a lot of states because you’re too prone to distracted driving, there’s not really any good reason why having your obnoxious little chihuahua sitting on your shoulder yapping while you drive should be some sacred experience. Most of the people I see who can’t go on a trip to the grocery store without having their fucking dog with them are old people who drive like assholes anyway (while paying a lower insurance rate than me). Given that I have to pull over to make a phone call, I can’t muster a lot of outrage over this. If you making a call on your phone is ostensibly a danger to my life when I’m driving on the public roads, then it’s hard to argue that you wrangling with the dog in your lap isn’t.

    1. I have to agree. I spend half my workday on the road, and every day I am amazed by the behavior of other motorists. I’m all for liberty and keeping government off our backs, but there is a significant portion of drivers that are increasing the odds of my personal dismemberment and death with their negligent behavior. My right to not be killed by a distracted driver trumps your right to be a dangerous driver with a shitszu sitting on your fat belly.

  10. I’m from Idaho- we’re a bunch of rednecks out here. I’ve never seen a dog with a seat belt. I’d seen an ad for them but thought it was a joke. New Jersey nannies would freak out in Idaho- dogs ride loose in the back of trucks.

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