Help Us Debug the All-New and ReasonTV!


So here it is, ladies and germs, the new-look and ReasonTV!

Please roam widely and freely and take in the new features, especially our 24/7 Newsfeed, which consists of constantly updated and curated stories from all the World Wide Web offers. Our crack staff of aggregators—J.D. Tuccille, Matthew Feeney, Ed Krayewski, and Scott Shackford – will be bringing the most important stories of today and every day, around the clock, with a Reason-style POV.

And don't forget to check out ReasonTV, now a fully integrated part of, and our blog Hit & Run (still offering up continuous news, views, and abuse from Reason staff. While you're at it, cruise the archives of the print editions of Reason, too. Soon enough, we'll have fully searchable archives of the nation's only magazine of "Free Minds and Free Markets" dating back to the very first issue in 1968. Reminder: It's always a good time to subscribe (just $14.97 for 11 issues—and you get a better deal on a multi-year sub or renewal)! 

Register in the comments section to get the full experience of the new (go to the bottom of any page—including this one—for info).

And make sure to send feedback (good, bad, ugly) and word of any and all glitches you encounter to newsite [at] We need your help to make the site better.

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  1. You know who else “needed our help to make things better…”

    1. Tinker Bell? Or was it Peter Pan?

      1. Hey, they reversed preview and submit. That’s going to cause problems.

        1. Only for people who can’t read.

          1. So hopefully it will stymie the trolls.

  2. Cry havoc, and let slip the ampersands of war!

    1. Lightening bolt! Lightening bolt! Lightening bolt!

      1. Ugh. No more lightening, please.

  3. The preview seems fucked up. I was going to post a pithy response somewhere along the lines of “Don’t tell me what to do.”

    I want my money back.

    1. It appears to be working.

  4. The preview function is screwy. It goes to a page that just says “heller,” which means I have to go back and rewrite my comment. Oh the Hugh Manitee!

  5. When I refreshed this page, did it collapse the comment section? Is that what I saw? I couldn’t have seen that because Reason knows the market would not abide such a massive design flaw. So I must have been seeing things.

    Also, I’m not sure the sarcasm font is working.

    1. Happened to me too.

      1. It’s not happening anymore, at least not here.

  6. And make sure to send feedback (good, bad, ugly)

    You asked for it. First impression: Why did you try and “fix” something that didn’t appear broken to me. So far, the site loads even slower than before and reminds me of fucking yahoo. D-

    1. I was always impressed by how stable, clean, streamlined, and functional the reason site looks. Looked, rather. There wasn’t much wrong with it.

      Sadly, now it looks like aol or yahoo or some other place where the designers value form over function.

      People with older computers do still exist, (though I am not one of them anymore,) and you should try not to write sites that run poorly on them.

      Considering using the mobile site for regular browsing now.

      Specific feedback-

      Get rid of the annoying animated thing on the top of the homepage. I don’t know if it’s a bug or intentional, but it’s scrolling by really quickly and then slowing down to a stop, then repeating.

      Animation is unnecessary and distracting.

      There’s too much clutter everywhere. When loading the page, first the eye is drawn to the aforementioned animation, which is scrolling by too quickly to read. Then below that, to the images in the top stories. Since I read *everything* that is posted, I try and find the hit and run section so I can start from the oldest thing I have yet to read.

      Searching around the page, there are facebook updates I don’t care about, tweets I don’t care about, a newsfeed that is so far confusing me as to its purpose, and finally I see the hit and run section. I click, and am taken to a page with what seems to be a smaller font and a narrower space. Acceptable, but not sure why it changed. What’s really annoying is the plethora of social media icons next to each entry.

      1. Gah, fuck. Tried to post and got logged out, losing my comment. Let me try and recreate… Also hit a char limit, don’t know if it was there before or not. Suggest adding a char counter so we can tell?

        Upon further reflection, the smaller font size and narrower column width is somewhat of an issue in that it makes the images look huge in comparison. The whole thing takes up less than a quarter of my monitor width.

        Also of note- There’s no way to tell whether something is an article or not. The “Read this article” link only shows up if you click on a blog post directly. Please add the link to the main page as it used to be.

        So I’ve found the hit and run, I’ve scrolled down to the oldest unread thing, I’ve discovered that I have to go through a two-click process to get to the article. Finally, I can settle down to read. Nope! I’m assaulted by a big chunk of bold links butting into the article I’m trying to read. These were fine at the end of the article before, where one could choose to read them or not. I think they should go back there.

        This article page also seems to be somewhat narrower than before. Can’t tell for certain without a screenshot of the old site to compare.

        1. Char limit again…

          I don’t want to be entirely negative, and everyone knows users hate change even if it’s good, so I went back and looked over everything, trying to find something to compliment about the new design.

          I can’t find anything.

          The site is still usable, I’ll get used to it eventually, I’ll still come here and read everything every day. But I hope some of the criticism here is taken seriously.


          1. Heh. Belatedly, I see the e-mail address for feedback posted above. Perhaps I should combine these comments and send it there instead.

      2. Yes, get rid of animation. It adds nothing. Just makes things slower.

  7. Your mobile site keeps redirecting me to your normal site. This happens with the stock Android 4.0.4 browser, and when using an iPhone user-agent.

  8. Black text on white background is a little too high contrast for my liking. How about a softer combination?

    1. Holy whitespace, Batman!

    2. I visit reason with only cached images set to load, and I’m getting black text on a battleship gray background. (I have battleship gray set as a default color for a bunch of backgrounds.)

      It’s nice to see a site work gracefully when you don’t have images loaded. Some sites use a background image that wreaks havoc with reading when you don’t have images loaded.

      1. How do you manually set your default background color?

    3. Yeah, dark gray on black is more trendy, and matches the Jacket.

  9. Gorbachev Sings Tractors: Turnip! Buttocks!

    1. That’s not what I wrote at all! Are you sure you have the Universal Translator plug-in correctly embedded?

      Also, the preview, she is broke.

    2. +1 Bloom Co.

  10. OMG. The wider pics and youtube embeds are bleeding into the overly large advertising area on the right. Seriously, Gillespie, if you wanted to horrify all of us like this, why didn’t you just redirect us all to goatse?

    1. I’m not getting that at all. In fact, the images in Chrome are almost thumbnail size, with massive whitespace margin gutters.

      Who’s death will satisfy the layout gods and bring back sanity? Epi’s? Tulpa’s? I’m willing to offer both if that’s what it will take.

      1. The margins I have are each as big as the actual comment column in the middle.

        1. You know, maybe all this space is to allow the comments to stretch out to the right?

          1. Do we have sweet, sweet, indenting freedom?

            1. The right margin: the final frontier.

              1. We do often get accused of being rightwing shills.

                1. Which is clearly wrong as we are still imprisoned in this center region.

                2. Ouch. You hit the wall, dude.

                  1. I’m trapped in this prison by an invisible wall. I have accidentally become a mime.

                    1. Can any of the squirrels explain the reason for limited indention?

                      Also, despite saying they would look at them, they completely apparently completely ignored the sites I suggested they look at.

                      With registration, there is no reason that messages shouldnt be marked as read/unread without by default, without reasonable.

                      Speaking of which…as pointed out above, guess whats borked? I havent flipped to firefox yet to see if INCIF crashed and burned again.

                    2. Can any of the squirrels explain the reason for limited indention?

                      *miming having sex*

                      *pointing at robc*

                      *making a big Y like in the YMCA dance*

                    3. In Firefox running Adblock and Noscript, I can’t post. I allowed all scripts on the page and disabled greasemonkey. It must be Adblock screwing it up, which seems odd.

                    4. In chrome, running adblock doesnt cause a problem. Added on ScriptNo, and couldnt reply until I allowed scripts from

  11. The Hit and Run image at the top should be a link back to the main Hit and Run page.

    1. Can’t believe it’s not.

    2. Yes, please fix this. I’ve already clicked the logo a couple of times expecting it to take me back to the blog.

  12. Allow me to express my sympathies for Amakaduri and the work he may or may not undertake for the next version of Reasonable.

    1. Shit. I just noticed that was broken.

      Baked Penguin has graciously offered to be his man servant for as long as it takes.

      1. Reasonable is broken, eh? HA! Now EVERYONE will see my trolling.

    2. Thanks. I’ve been incognito due to work, and then get back home to this clusterfuck?

      Oh well, I guess I’ll do damage assessment over the weekend. Probably not that bad.

      1. Thanks much, in advance.

        1. This. No amount of thanks will ever be enough for your efforts, Amakudari.

          1. Seriously, Reasonable is awesome. The comment sections are truly horrifying without it.

            1. I third this. I seriously appreciate reasonable.

              1. Thanks guys.

                Anyway, it’s fixed. Google should push the changes out soon, or you can force-update through chrome://extensions Dev mode Update now

  13. BTW, does the newsfeed mean no more AM/PM links? I’ll have to injure someone if that’s the case.

  14. wow – too much whitespace. Font is smaller too (yeah, I know I can crank it up) but yes, everything is harder to read even on a 22″ monitor.

    1. Second that comment – especially annoyed by the added whitespace.

    2. Not on my computer, and with my ancient 16″ CRT monitor. I got a change to a sans-serif font on a gray background, which doesn’t particularly bother me.

    3. yeah, most sites are going to bigger fonts, for mobile devices

  15. Other than breaking reasonable, it looks fine to me. I still get annoyed by the multiple facebook scripts. I’m still waiting for a paid version of the Android app that allows commenting with no ads.

    1. You let facebook run scripts? You deserve anything you get.

      1. They’re hard to avoid on a tablet. On a PC, I crucify those things.

        1. Yeah, the site is pretty much raping my Android tablet.

        2. Opera Mobile Labs for Android lets you run the Opera extensions. Some do not work quite right but “External Scripts” extension kills them nicely.

  16. I’m getting a headache reading this new format…

  17. Oh, and I think you can get rid of the Share on Digg links now

    1. I hear that while the IP is worthless, the site still has a lot of users.

  18. Other than too much whitespace and the fonts being too small, it’s good. The news feed was a good idea too, but does it mean we don’t need AM and PM links anymore?

    1. I still need them.

      1. Ditto. A day without AM links is like a day without, uh …, without *scenery*.

  19. The comment body seems harder to read because of the surrounding horizontal line and colorized comment block.

    1. Colorized comment block?

      1. The orange reply to this, and blue/orange username/date/time.

  20. Does the redesign mean we get HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN back?

    1. Herc’s last blog post from June 9, 2012.

      Toserba telah meluncurkan produk baru untuk dijual, ‘Sarung Wangi Samarinda ‘

      Sarung Wangi Samarinda cocok digunakan untuk menyambut Hari Raya Idul Fitri atau
      saat puasa. Jika digosok maka akan mengeluarkan harum wangi jeruk purut. Harga

      It makes sense now. He is insane and is trying to summon Cthulhu.

  21. You can now get to hit run with the button on top of the screen from anywhere on the site now; so that’s a good thing. Still no salty ham tears thread, which annihilates any good done.

    Also, my coffee has grounds in it and these eggs are runny.

    1. Oh, and no ampersand, still?!

      1. I blame Warty for the loss of our very fancy symbols.

        1. That’s what happens when you get someone sued; they take away your ampersand.

          1. Really? I still have my personal ampersands, despite ongoing lawsuits. Perhaps I’ll lose them as a condition of the settlements.

            1. I still have some of my fancy symbols… see:


        2. You can’t lose something if you never had it, and you can’t rape children if…wait, shit. Never mind.

  22. Not bad, you need to tone down the white background and maybe select a different font for the comments, but other than that I can live with the changes.

  23. Mostly the same feedback as everyone else: the font is too small and there’s too much white.

    I don’t even remember what the old background color was exactly, but this one is too white. At least put some color behind the text.

    1. but this one is too white


      1. You can’t be racist against white. Duh.

        1. You aren’t progressive enough to see the hidden racism in your comment.

          1. The fact that I forgot to imply that any white is too much white?

  24. No matter which of the Topics I hover over in the menu (Politics, Policy, Economics, and so on), the expanded content always shows Policy.

    1. Mine is politics

      1. I’m getting culture, you savages.

        1. Now it’s culture

          1. Welcome to the club. The caviar is over on that golden table. Please don your dress monocles before entering.

            1. Will someone take our top hats, or do we leave them on?

        2. Culture 4eva!

          1. It’s Politics now, Politics tomorrow, Politics forever for me.

  25. The font is too small. I use a 26″ TV as my monitor, I sit two feet away from it, and I still can’t read the text.

    Is it really necessary to have crap on the right hand side while (straining to) read comments? Once the content scrolls away there’s vast tracts of useless white space.

    1. Mine also has a white column on the left side… which doesn’t even have anything in it at the top.

      1. If you have adblock and hit ctrl ==, the page will be nicely filled.

        We, as registered commentors, shouldn’t have to jump through such hoops for satisfactory font size though.

        1. Crl+Scroll will do the same thing (Windows), but with a bit more control.

  26. anyone know if incif still works?

    1. It broke the reasonable extension, so I doubt incif is any less fucked.

  27. Fascinating.

  28. Apparently you can’t block Google scripts anymore if you want to be able to reply to people.

    I have no issues with the font size, seems fine to me. I will, however, agree that the amount of white space seems excessive.

    1. Is that what does it? I’m trying to figure out what’s borking the comment function in Firefox. I can comment in IE7, but the pages look all fucked up.

  29. It’s change, and as such, I hate it.


  31. Is the pastel blue meant to pacify us?

    1. It seems very random.

    2. I feel somewhat less enraged and don’t seem to mind the atrocities of the status quo nearly as much.

    3. It looks more like lavender on my monitor.

  32. I am disappointed that we didn’t get an edit function (with a limited time window that also ends once someone replies).

  33. If a newsfeed has been added, does that mean no more morning links?

    1. They take away in-line images and we fall back. They inflict nested comments on us and we fall back. They take away our yummy, salty ham tears and we fall back.

      Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And *I* will make them pay for what they’ve done.

      1. Reason keeps offering me free copies of the Ron Paul book because I’m a valued donor (these guys are a very cheap date BTW). If I’m so damn valuable they can give me back the in-line images. And for JW I demand a millennium of yummy, salty ham tears

      2. I am Auric Demonocles. And I see a whole army of my commentarymen, here in defiance of tyranny! You have come to fight as free men. And free man you are! What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?

        Yes! Fight and you may be banned. Run and you will live, at least awhile. And dying in your bed many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here as young men and tell our squirrels that they may take our handles but they will never take our Links!

        1. does this mean I cancel my subscription?

          1. ok i can spout useless drivel. I am mollified… ampersand goes here – .

  34. My Filipino manservant Ernesto doesn’t seem to have any problem reading the site to me in this font, so I don’t know what everyone is complaining about.

    1. I’ve refused to pay for mine to get any sort of eyecare. I shall have to have my caddy’s chauffeur hire a new one.

    2. Ernesto isn’t a Filipino name. I think you’re in the midst of a long con.

      1. I named him that when I bought him. Duh.

      2. We have spread our seed far into the vaginas of every nation, replacing DNA worn from incestuous mating habits in the human stock around the globe, and reinvigorating the human race with our Spanish bastardry in the process.

        You’re welcome.

        1. Even moreso than the Irish?

          1. Father’s may tremble at the sight of them, but not entire nations.

    3. I have a cat named Ernesto. He has thumbs. Have you allowed your manservant to keep his thumbs?

      1. I have. But now that you’ve planted the idea in my head…

  35. Why can’t we comment on the aggregated stories?

  36. A Siberia of White. Going snow blind.

  37. As always, whatever we had in the past was better.

    1. Now Tony will accuse us of being conservative hacks.

    2. Now Tony will call us conservative hacks.

      Also: Good news, everyone! The spam filter still sucks!

    3. I thought Yahoo was the master of incremental degradation.

  38. Ha! When replying the preview and submit buttons are reversed. That’s going to make for some interesting fuckups.

    1. Yep, I never hit preview unless Im posting a link (Im no SF). They already made me preview once against my will.

      1. Non-initiation of preview pledge.

        1. FUCK I just did it my self.

  39. 1) Bad choice in colors
    2) Let me collapse comment threads!
    3) Why do I need a share button and the share icons on the side?
    4) Everything seems much more cramped. Why not keep it simple?

    For these reasons, I am going to start allocating a lot more of my time to reading the new links in Why would you guys want to emulate cnn/fox news/msnbc/nbc websites when those companies are losing viewership? I hope you have metrics to see how much traffic you get so you can determine how much viewership you don’t gain from these changes, and then realize you just wasted a lot of money.

  40. This place has totally gone to shit ever since Virginia Postrel left.

    1. Even the Drinking Game is broken.

      1. 7:40am MDT…seems fine over here. (left over Domaine Chandon Brut, and i also can’t find my monocle)

  41. 1. Being logged in here didn’t allow me to comment on a 24/7 story w/o logging in there.

    2. With all this whitespace to the right, you can list some of the most recent comments by user and article. This

    Truck owner wants DEA to pay up after botched sting

    is in the newsfeed but won’t get commented on because it is falling thru the cracks, as are all your other stories. The links thread gave us a critical mass. A lone article w/ one comment that scrolls off the page in an hour will get nothing. Listing comments on the main page will at least try to generate some traffic to 24/7 articles.

    1. And by “a critical mass”, I mean SugarFree.

    2. Weird on 1. I didn’t run into that.

      I agree with 2.

  42. Nice newsfeed. One of the better ones assuredly. Drudge better watch his ass, except for the cheeky headlines that piss off the right people, he offers much less than this.

  43. Not sure how much I like this huge new field to edit in. That’s a lot of white space that looks like it needs to be filled. That could be intimidating compared with the old box for which I only had contempt. It deserved to be smacked around, this however, I feel like I need to treat it with respect. I don’t like that. It is a risk to my very essence. Have to give it some thought, figure out how to crush its balls in.

  44. What happened to the cheesy tee-shirt ads? But thanks for dropping the “Mitt Romney looked fabulous” lead-off items for AM Links.

    1. Ever thought about changing your name? Henri Court-Manteau is currently not taken.

  45. I can have big letters now?

    1. Apparently I can’t. But the blockquote tag in the preview does.

  46. I want MLs back and to quote Nick Nolte “What is life with our a little salty ham tears?”

  47. Testing on my mobile phone. App opens the desktop version which loads faster than the previous version of the site. Earlier my comments didn’t post, but if you’re reading this then it worked this time. The site still sends you to the mobile version of the site after posting comments on the desktop version when on a mobile phone. Please fix that.

    1. Now I see my earlier comments on the Brickbats article did post (twice).

  48. testing…

  49. We didn’t get orange text, but we DID get black links in the 24/7 Newsfeed and TOP STORIES boxes! One out of two isn’t bad, right?

  50. HR home page takes even more too long to load
    No formatting buttons
    No edit feature.

    Preview completely hosed for me! Just brings up a page with my name linked to my email and continuously waits to load. Running Firefox on OSX 10.5

    1. When i first viewed the site the 27/7 thing had edit button…then i logged in to make a comment and it disappeared.

  51. In Soviet Reason, comment edits you.

  52. The Blog section is too narrow, perhaps put the facebook and twitter links on top of the articles rather than to the left and expand the article all the way to the left margin.

  53. Okay, reasonable core functionality is fixed: history, new post highlighting, filters, gravatars, expand/collapse, etc. There still should be some bugs, though. Any version before 2.3.1 won’t work. Some things are still off, but I’ll get to them later.

    I’m surprised it didn’t take too long, but for the most part the site changes were cosmetic. The major change was just to comment metadata (name, date), but those were actually pretty good; I had a jacked-up DST estimator that I don’t need now that they’re using real timestamps.

    INCIF is probably messed up as well, but should be easy to fix.

    1. Seems to be working OK for me.

      1. Update. Preview is not working for me, but it wasn’t working with the standard site before I updated reasonable either.

        1. On the other hand, the buttons look better with reasonable. Font on standard buttons was not pretty.

        2. Works for me. It might be that your browser cached an older version or something from the site. Reasonable doesn’t do anything to preview in any case.

          Glad it’s working. It’s still kind of ugly, but I’ll get to cosmetic changes when I’m not doing important things like watching women’s judo.

          1. Fun fact, one possible anagram for my name is shaved labial judo.

    2. God bless you and all who sail in you

    3. How do we find this magical Reasonable thing?


        (Seriously, URLs get flagged for being words longer than 50 characters?)

  54. Here’s what I sent in.

    Preview isn’t working, and that’s with granted my least restrictive settings.
    Too many scripts. Way too many goddamn scripts.
    Resolution of the banner logo thingy up top is too low.
    Now that I look at it, same thing with the hit run logo
    That thing you have running at the very top of the page? I can’t see it. Whatever it is is so bad that my company won’t even let it be loaded through the firewall.
    The ads seem more annoying, so I shrink my window width down to where all I can see is the article and comments
    The comments font seems too small, or maybe it just seems like it because there’s too much white space around every element of the comments area
    You should probably pay Amakudari. Without the reasonable extension, I would spend much less time at

  55. We should be able to make comments in the huge white margins on the right, like a high school yearbook or a motel Bible. On different angles and in cursive font.

    All the best in future endeavors, sinner!

    1. and post pictures

  56. Please provide a link to the RSS feed that is strictly libertarian stuff without the asinine, “Let’s pretend we’re Bloomberg News” flotsam.

  57. The “Hit and Run Blog” logo should link back to, you know, the Hit and Run Blog.

  58. And why would we send an email to newsite at somewhere when we can post feedback here?

  59. Yet another reason this C++ developer hates web “developers”. Yes, those scare quotes are intentional.

  60. I just want to be able to read comments (writing would be a nice bonus,) from my iPhone.
    Is it too much to ask?

    1. Oh, and salty ham tears, of course.

    2. Agreed. I used to be able to see the comments by putting ?nomobile=1 at the end of the URL, but that only seems to work for the front page now. Which means no comments. Does anyone know some magic that will let us iPhone users see the comments?

  61. I feel like the new design is more cramped. But I’m sure I’ll just have to get used to it.

    I actually am really partial to the way the SBNation fan blogs (like do comments. All new comments appear live as they come in and all comments since the last time you loaded comments are highlighted in a very gently yellow tint. It really takes care of the problems with threaded comments because you can tell what wasn’t there the last time you saw the page.

    In the current Reason format, I tend to just skim through, post a comment and when I come back I just see if anyone followed up to my own comments or down at the bottom. I probably commented more back in the pre-threading days. But in the SBNation format, I spend more time responding because I can see all the new thoughts added since the last time I read the thread as well as the comments responding directly to my own.

  62. Heaven fucking forbid we have nice clean normal 8pt fonts. No, because Reason readers all collectively lost their bifocals, I have to look at this gauche, brutish and vulgar font size.

  63. Anyone else confused as to what we are supposed to do with the 24/7 thing?

    Is it supposed to supplant drudge for reason readers?

    If so then maybe they should make it as easy to use as Drudge is. Reason should just steal the format drudge uses rather then using a blogroll style.

    Also you can comment on it but there is no way to see if anyone has commented unless you click through.

  64. Anyone else notice in the 24/7 section that there is a button to edit the post like you have admin rights?

    I was about to cause chaos i tell ya…CHAOS REIGNS

  65. My first, immediate and negative impression: get rid of that “top story” carousel, or at least disable the animation. Unless video playback or a game is involved, things on a web page should not move except in response to user action.

  66. The html line break tag doesn’t work after a blockquote tag.


    no line break here

    1. So it does work, except not in preview…

  67. I have trouble getting my comments to post.

Please to post comments

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