Brickbat: Rain Man


An Oregon court has sentenced Gary Harrington to 30 days in jail and fined him $1,500 for building three ponds on his property to trap rain water. State law says that water belongs to the city of Medford.

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  1. This explains why that city solicitor was standing in my bathroom demanding to towel me off after my shower.

  2. If the water belongs to the state, then isn’t the state liable for any flooding or water-related damage that happens in Oregon?

    1. That fits perfectly into sloopy’z law (was it him?): if you want control over everything then you get blame whenever anything goes wrong.

  3. In Arizona, I could maybe understand. But in Oregon? Oregon!?

    1. Oh yeah, testing this this.

      1. Ampersands are still amperbanned.

      2. As opposed to testing that that?

  4. New site is just as awkward on mobile…

    1. You can say that again.

  5. New site is just as awkward on mobile…

    1. So you’ve mentioned.

    2. Thank god, the squirrels are alive and well…

      1. I was SOOO worried that something might have happened to the squirrels…what would the H amp R be like without those little bastards?

  6. New reason doesn’t look too bad. At least on my home pc. It will probably suck on the piece of shit machine at work. Then I’ll have to play farmville something equally lame instead of slacking off on HnR.

  7. Soo this is it? We get a graphics change and still have to deal with the crappy mobile functionality?

    Actually mobile is worse – at least before I could get into the comment section – not anymore.

    1. It takes some doing, but you can get to the desktop version in Android (jelly bean).

      1. I’ve got ICS on my phone now (sidenote the damn thing runs noticably slower and I’m going to see if there’s anyway to do a rollback)and am running Firefox. I can go straigth to the desktop version of HR and read the articles (and used to be able to click through to the comments) now it just dumps me in the mobile version of the article and selecting desktop from there dumps me back at the HR top page.

  8. The new mobile version of the site is not yet ready, but coming soon.

  9. What is this? change? I don’t like change!!! raaaaaaaaaaaaaage!

  10. reason, reason, why you buggin’?

  11. New site needs better seperation between ads on right and commentary on left.

    Also, the city of Houston charges you a monthly fee for all the water that runs off your property that they have to deal with and farmers can be required to build detention ponds to minimize run-off with fertilizer chemicals.

    In conclusion, Medford, OR is run by douchebags.

  12. Well, the eastern part of Oregon isn’t all that wet. But then I don’t know where this place is.

    Here in New Mexico it was only a few years ago that you were not even allowed to catch off your roof (now it is becoming almost mandatory) and you still cannot catch surface runoff since that it supposed to flow to the Rio Grande which — by treaty — has to flow a certain amount south to Texas and Mexico……

  13. His mistake was building the ponds, which are visible to drones from the air. He should have diverted roof run-off to barrels in a sheet metal building instead.

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