Barack Obama

Are You Awake? Why Not Donate to Obama!


The e-mail traffic from the Obama campaign has hit a fevered pitch, with Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Michelle Obama all shooting out requests for donations in the last week. Sometimes these are attached to opportunities to meet the president (the most recent one raffled off a spot at his birthday bash in Chicago!), but the latest one, with the subject line "Are You Awake?" uses a different hook. President Obama finally donated to his own campaign! From the deputy campaign manager Julianna Smoot:

Edward —

Do you know what this is? It's President Obama making his donation to the campaign, just in time for the big July deadline.


Join him now by donating $3 or more—you still have a few hours until midnight your time…

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The president donated $5,000 to his campaign on Monday, the first time he's done so even though he's been fundraising for his election for more than a year. Talk about "leading from behind."

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