Meet Louisa McQueeney, the Media's Favorite ObamaCare Beneficiary


The Washington Post's Sarah Kliff tells the story of Louisa McQueeney, a 53 year-woman from South Florida who works for a company that ships gift baskets full of oranges to the continental U.S. and Canada. McQueeney is a sort of poster child for the many benefits of ObamaCare, because at this point she's apparently used almost all of them: 

Over the past two years, McQueeney has taken advantage of just about every Obamacare benefit she can get her hands on.

Free preventive care? She got that with her annual well-care visit. The extension of family coverage for young adults? Her 22-year-old daughter, a recent college graduate, uses that to stay on her plan.

Then there's the small-business tax credit that two-thirds of businesses don't even know about. McQueeney used that to net Palm Beach Groves, the company where she's the general manager, $7,400 in savings. Another health law rebate, for just over $1,500, has brought her haul to $9,000.

I wondered if there might be more information about how McQueeney might have found out about all these benefits, so I spent a little bit of time Googling her. And although the Post item is titled "Meet the woman who has used (almost) every Obamacare benefit," it turns out that lots of people already have already had the opportunity to do so: McQueeney has been beating the drum in support of ObamaCare's benefits for months.  

In June, McQueeney wrote an op-ed in support of ObamaCare in the Miami Herald. She's also been quoted talking up the law's benefits to multiple media outlets, including NPR, CNBC, and The Palm Beach Post. McQueeney appears to have favored an ObamaCare-style health care overhaul for a while: Three years ago, while the law was still working its way through the legislative process, she signed a petition encouraging Congress to "keep health reform moving forward."

Kliff describes McQueeney as "a clearly enthusiastic supporter of the Affordable Care Act," and McQueeney provides plenty of zippy quotes to back up this assessment. She's certainly had enough practice. 

Indeed, McQueeney is such an enthusiastic supporter of the Affordable Care Care that she previously agreed to talk up how ObamaCare has helped her in a video produced by, a website run by the Obama administration devoted to explaining how the law works and who it benefits. The White House liked McQueeney's story so much that last week they shared the video on The White House blog.

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  1. This is just Julia with better 3D rendering software, right?

  2. Greg Packer was somehow unavailable for comment.

  3. I'm shocked, shocked that Sarah Kliff is doing this as a piece for Ezra Klein's Wonkblog.

  4. So paid left-wing, pro-statist shill presented as objective, impartial Jane Citizen?

    Wow, colour me surprised.

    1. In honour of the Olympics, I vote we all join WG in using British spellings forthwith and herefroum.

      1. I say we yuse fache Broitish speelloings.

      2. I vote Cockney, guv'nor!

        1. Shine your shoes for a ha'penny, guv?

    2. You can justify pretty much anything if you look at the benefits and not the costs.

  5. A lot of people are confused by the term "sock puppet". They don't realize that--real people can be sock puppets, too!

    Sometimes, they get designated with terms like "meat puppet"; regardless, the key ingredient in being a sock puppet isn't whether you're a real person. The key ingredient is acting like a sock puppet.

    So, if you want to be a sock puppet for, say, the Obama Administration, you can be! You know what to do. You just say what the Obama Administration would make you say if you were a sock puppet, and voila!

    You're a real live person and a sock puppet, too.

    1. "In the backwater swirling there is something that will never change..."

    2. Query: This "meat bag puppet" is an incoherent babble of useless information. Can I shoot him?

      1. I have a soft spot in my heart for HK ever since I used him to burn Darth Bandon to death.

  6. She's a hero from the Malabar Front.
    If she's accused of any thoughtcrimes they'll just delete her away.

  7. Doesn't look like Obamacare provides sun screen.

  8. McQueeney is a sort of poster child for the many benefits of ObamaCare, because at this point she's apparently used almost all of them:

    Has McQueeney's company been fined yet because the insurance benefits her company offers are just too good?

    Because, otherwise, she hasn't yet used all the "benefits" of ObamaCare.

    Was McQueeny admitted to a hospital that forwent purchases that would have improved her care--because of ObamaCare's new tax on medical devices?

    Because, otherwise, she hasn't yet used all the "benefits" of ObamaCare.

    Did McQeeny's employer stop offering dependent care altogether so as not to have to pay for her children until they're 26?

    Because, otherwise, she hasn't yet used all the "benefits" of ObamaCare.


    1. Oh, don't worry, Ken. Now that Obamacare is in place, she'll soon be out there shilling for still more government control of medicine becuase "evil insurance companies are dropping coverage for small business, hospitals are skimping on patient care, and employers are only offering the chintziest of coverage!"

  9. I haven't had time to read the 2700 page law because right now I'm having to read the 1100 pages of rules and instructions for a new version of a 4 page form the government requires us to use.

  10. Gosh! all these incredible benefits with no costs. It almost sounds to good to be true.

    1. I love how the government just created that $9000 out of nowhere.

      1. Seeing as the govt had to borrow 40% of it (call it $3600), and the Fed has been printing money to cover around 70% of fed debt issuances over the last couple of years, I believe that around $2500 of it was created out of nowhere.

        At the low, low cost of debasing our currency, destroying it as the world's reserve currency, and lighting the fuse for the detonation of the global economy.

        Totally worth it.

  11. Strange. The government makes bloggers, for instance, disclose when they're making paid endorsements or have received something of value in connection with their comments. I guess politics is too important to have such limits. Or maybe she's just really dedicated.

    As has been noted before, this administration truly is the most transparent ever.

    1. If she had incorporated herself, it would then be wrong.

      1. Oh, I see. Would an LLC be okay? Or maybe an LP?

        1. Limited liability?!? That's why corporations are just like psychopathic killers!

          1. I thought the only hated corporations. You never hear anything bad about LLCs, for instance. Or even not-for-profit corporations.

            1. Or even not-for-profit corporations.

              Citizens United?

              1. That's a special exception.

  12. What the hell kind of person takes pride in being such a collosal leech?

    1. the kind that this administration is working feverishly to create more of.

  13. Louisa McQueeney, a 53 year-woman from South Florida who works for a company that ships gift baskets full of oranges to the continental U.S. and Canada.

    I'll have to remind myself to find out which company she works for and to never use this parasite's business.

    1. You'll pay one way or another

  14. I'm simply overjoyed that "we the people" are paying for this boondoogle.

  15. The state of Kentucky can go fuck itself.

    I was effectively put out of business because of tax and regulatory burdens over a year ago. I received another call from the Dept of Revenue saying that I owe yet another nearly $1000 in "Entity" taxes. You know, just for existing, I owed the state a tax. Of course they want me to file this tax for 3 years.

    1 year's worth of this tax is more than I made the entire time I was open.

    1. Assholes.

      1. This is how they create jobs, SugarFree. They make delicious, fluffy omelets by breaking just a few eggs. My job is simply to pay and then humbly thank them for building my business (you know, because I didn't do that).

        I'm not sure what great soul built my business, (I know I didn't, because Obama told me so, despite the hundreds of hours of research, product testing, website design, packaging design and thousands of dollars paid for product stock, packaging materials, work space, etc) but I sure as fuck know who tore it down.

        Because if they didn't extort taxes in excess of what a business made the entire time said business was open, we'd be just like Somalia, and rather than me being out of a job (however low paying), they might not be able to pay the poor government representative who called me to inform me that I owed yet more money (and who claimed "Im not the government, you'll have to take up your issues with your state representative" when I began to complain).

        I'd long ago come to understand that it may take years to become successful (even if the definition of successful is simply breaking even in my costs). The state made that impossible.

    2. You need to pay for all that infrastructure that created your successful business...oh, wait...

    3. premium organic fertilizer tea bags

      I'm not sure what to make of this.

      1. The website doesn't seem to give any information on what it is, but I would imagine that it is something for making liquid fertilizer.

        1. The website is still there, it's just that I've hidden most of it so that one can no longer navigate there.

          Fertilizer tea bags are exactly what they sound like. Tea bags filled with different raw organic fertilizers that one uses in order to make a fertilizer "tea" which is then administered to plants. It's a concept that has been used in commercial organic farming for a long time. This was my attempt at scaling it down so that home gardeners could do the same thing, without having to directly handle various kinds of raw ingredients (many of them some variation of shit), and without having to do the research necessary to mix said ingredients for the best results at different points in the growing cycle.

          I won't claim to have been a great businessman. I'm not. I have no training or experience in running a business. I wasn't making very much money at all (not even enough to cover costs most of the time). I was okay with that in the short term, and knew that I had a chance to make a successful business if I worked hard and learned to adapt to the market.

          In running a business, the most an owner should have to worry about is being a bad businessman and overcoming his own weaknesses so that he (or she) can adapt to the marketplace and become successful. Unfortunately, the state didn't allow me that chance; they made sure that my business failed before I even had the opportunity to drive it in to the ground myself.

  16. Speaking of benefits...

    I just got my first notice that my health insurance company only spent 83.9% of subscriber payments on health care. So, I'll be getting a 1.1% refund on my yearly health insurance payments. Since health insurance is paid for with pre-tax dollars, the refund is taxable income. I'm assuming I'll get a 1099 or some other tax form in January for the $100 I was refunded. I also suspect that this will prevent people from using a 1040EZ form.

    1. "only" 83.9%. From a business standpoint, you have to be impressed that all the overhead was kept to less than 20%. Imagine if govt could run that way.

      1. Officially, Medicare/Medicade only run 5% admin costs. Of course, they don't count the IRS as their billing department, so...

        1. I doubt they count the DOJ as their in-house law firm either.

  17. I like her name, as it reminds me of the second series of Blackadder.

    1. "That's a man, baby!"

      I know, different show, but still . . .

      1. I was thinking more Queenie. Or maybe Hugh Laurie in Queenie disguise.

        It's funny, but I have a real hard time accepting Hugh Laurie in Blackadder as the same guy who played House. Intellectually, I know it's true, but it's almost like I have to keep reminding myself. Of course, for me, the comic actor came before the quasi-dramatic one.

        1. Ah Sir, there is something about her that you need to know.

          Love Struck General: She is not Welsh is she?

          1. I just saw that a week or two ago. His first appearance, and he was great.

            1. The ending to that series where after years of malingering they all have to go over the top is absolutely the blackest ending to a comedy ever.

              1. True, though most of the series did end in death and destruction.

              2. The ending of the fourth series really is something. After being completely ridiculous for the whole series, they do the final over-the-top moment almost totally straight. And it works well too, despite not being very funny.

              3. Yes, best end to a series I have ever seen.

                1. Better than the end to Newhart? I love Blackadder, but the former was the best ending ever. I didn't ever really watch much of it (The Bob Newhart Show is another story).

                  1. Well I did see "ever seen." I don't even know what a newhart is. Is that some old person shit?

        2. Did you hear the New Orleans Jazz record Hugh Laurie did with Alan Toissant last year? It is fantastic. The guy is a Renaissance man.

          1. Absolutely. Have you read his novel, The Gun Seller? It's actually pretty good--over-the-top funny action thriller.

            1. I have to admit, I want to be Hugh Laurie.

            2. And no I haven't. I will have to pick it up. That sounds like good beach reading.

              1. It's a fun read. Lots of satire beneath the surface.

          2. I heard a song he did called Police Dog Blues. Was that from the same album?

            1. Yes it is. The whole record sounds like that.

        3. Hugh Laurie also had a comedy show in Britain with the equally great Stephen Fry.

          1. Yes, I've watched of some of that, too. I was disappointed that Laurie didn't get Fry on House the last season, just for laughs.

            1. I'd recommend watching Fry and Laurie. The 4th season in particular gets very weird and dark in some ways.

              Their Jeeves and Wooster is pretty much perfect too.

              1. Agreed. It's one of the best book-to-TV adaptations I know.

                That and the Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett. (I can't comment on GoT.)

  18. Sounds like some pretty crazy stuff dude.

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