A.M. Links: London Summer Olympics Start, Justin Bieber Chasing Paparazzo Charged Under New Law, Bo Xilai's Wife Charged with Murder


  • keep calm and call in the army

    The Olympics in London began today as Mitt Romney continues to face criticism for observing that hey, maybe London's not iron-clad ready for the Olympics and the British press decides Britain doesn't like Romney. The ex-pats at his London fundraiser do though.

  • The Department of Justice and the city of Seattle are expected to announce a settlement containing reforms of the police department that the feds investigated. Some city council members and the members of the community that called for a federal investigation complain they've been cut out of the process.
  • A federal judge overruled a decision by immigration authorities to reject Jamal Abusamhadaneh's application for citizenship. Immigration authorities were worried about the man's associations with a Virginia mosque where Anwar al-Awlaki once served as imam, but he took the oath of citizenship yesterday.
  • A photographer chasing Justin Bieber in L.A. will be the first prosecuted under the state's new anti-paparazzi law; the man was charged with "reckless driving with the intent to capture a picture for commercial gain."
  • The wife of former Chinese Politburo member Bo Xilai was charged with the murder of a British business man and will face trial as early as next month.
  • Facebook stock was down 11 percent in pre-market trading despite a better than expected earnings report, its first as a publicly traded company.

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