A.M. Links: London Summer Olympics Start, Justin Bieber Chasing Paparazzo Charged Under New Law, Bo Xilai's Wife Charged with Murder


  • keep calm and call in the army

    The Olympics in London began today as Mitt Romney continues to face criticism for observing that hey, maybe London's not iron-clad ready for the Olympics and the British press decides Britain doesn't like Romney. The ex-pats at his London fundraiser do though.

  • The Department of Justice and the city of Seattle are expected to announce a settlement containing reforms of the police department that the feds investigated. Some city council members and the members of the community that called for a federal investigation complain they've been cut out of the process.
  • A federal judge overruled a decision by immigration authorities to reject Jamal Abusamhadaneh's application for citizenship. Immigration authorities were worried about the man's associations with a Virginia mosque where Anwar al-Awlaki once served as imam, but he took the oath of citizenship yesterday.
  • A photographer chasing Justin Bieber in L.A. will be the first prosecuted under the state's new anti-paparazzi law; the man was charged with "reckless driving with the intent to capture a picture for commercial gain."
  • The wife of former Chinese Politburo member Bo Xilai was charged with the murder of a British business man and will face trial as early as next month.
  • Facebook stock was down 11 percent in pre-market trading despite a better than expected earnings report, its first as a publicly traded company.

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  1. Zooey Deschanel has boobies! Who knew?

    1. Those look real.

    2. Im still trying to figure out how to use her clear bad taste in men to my advantage.

      1. Learn to play guitar and become a hipster. But I will say her ex husband’s band is actually pretty good despite having the gayest name for a band maybe ever.

        1. Glad you finally took a listen, geez.

      2. She’s a vegan with a gluten allergy that also doesn’t like tofu. Work at it from that angle.

        1. If she can’t eat bread, meat or tofu, what the fuck does she live on? Vitamin C and cocaine?

          1. Don’t forget the reds.

        2. IIRC, she has given up the veganism, but I might be confusing her.

          I saw that episode of Top Chef Masters though. The look on the chefs’ faces was amazing.

          1. She did give up the veganism because she couldn’t do a true vegan diet because of her allergies. It limited her nutritional intake or something.

            And some of that from Masters was for effect though, and plus it was just sprung on them.

    3. Now that your silly manchildren views have been completely crushed under the weight of intellectual and academic research I leave you all to your cess pool of idiocy.

    4. Meh, it’s just the camera angle and the way she was standing/leaning forward. I would look like I have boobs too if I was wearing that and standing that way.

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      1. Why do you have the feeling that it’s hiding?

        1. Any self-respecting penis would be embarrassed, that’s why.

          1. Any self-respecting penis would be embarrassed

            John’s penis has no self respect. I bet it’d go there.

            1. John’s penis has no self respect. I bet it’d go there.

              Penises have self-respect? Now I have to go back in time (pre-marriage) and tell my favorite appendage it was allowed to have self-respect?

              Where did I put that greasy old chronoton redirector?

    3. At least Lana Del Ray is hot. If we have to have no talent female pop stars, can we at least have really hot ones? For the life of me I can’t see why Lady Gaga is popular. It is all bad pop techno crap anyway. If we have to have that crap, why not make Del Ray the big star. At least she is very easy on the eyes.

      1. At least Lana Del Ray is hot


        At least she is very easy on the eyes

        Also wrong.

        1. Lana Del Ray can’t sing a lick. But she is hot as hell. If you don’t think she


          is hot, you have a weirder sense of beauty than Sarcasmic.

          1. Uh, no?

            She is not entirely unattractive, but certainly not hot.

            1. You just don’t like her because she has hips, albeit small ones.

              1. Her figure ain’t bad.
                It’s her face. She isn’t downright ugly like that Gaga creature, but she ain’t no beauty.

                1. She is definitely on the fat side for you. But I think her face is perfectly fine. She is very attractive. Better looking than that blond with the weird jaw line you linked to the other day.

                  1. Ali Larter is a hundred times better looking than Lana Del Ray could ever be.

                    1. If you like deformed asymmetric jaws, Ali Larter is a goddess. She is one step above Sarah Jessica Parker.

                    2. Besides, once Lana was linked to Axel Rose, any chance of finding her attractive went out the window.

                    3. That is a buzz kill.

          2. Something about her face in that pic is a little off. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed though.

          3. You call Ali Larter a butter face because you don’t like her jaw line. Then you call Lana Del Rey hot?

            1. Ali Larter has a deformed jaw line. Her face is totally asymmetrical. She is not very pretty.

              1. Ali Larter

                Lana Del Rey

                Yeah, Ali is the one with the fucked up face.

                1. Yeah. That is under perfect lighting and makeup. Her jaw line is huge and her face is way too round. She is just not that pretty. She looks like a character from Family Circus in the pic.

                2. And Del Ray is massively cute in that picture.

                  1. She looks like someone took a 2×4 to the left side of her face.

                  2. And Del Ray is massively cute in that picture.

                    She looks like she just left the dentist with one half of her face all swollen and numb.

                    Or maybe she had a stroke?

          4. I have to vote No on the face, too.

            I really, really don’t like Denise Richards type faces.

          5. Her facial features are too big for the size of her head or something. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    4. I think Lady Gaga looks pretty hot here

      1. Yes! A new Machete movie! If it weren’t for Rodriguez and Tarantino, I would give up on Hollywood altogether.

  3. Daily Mail can’t go three days without some Christina Hendricks pics.

    1. Looks like someone just pulled the cord on an inflatable life raft.

      1. I am no fashion person but she needs to get who every picks out her clothes for TV or movies to pick out her clothes in real life. Her real life clothes never seem to fit right.

        1. I suspect the underwear has a lot to do with it. On MM the women are all wearing authentic 60s underthings, which really force you into a particular upright posture. She also might be deliberately trying to dress in very contemporary clothing to draw a sharp distinction between her and her character. Either way, bad move

          1. Yeah, it looks like she just threw on an empty potato sack and hit the streets.

          2. authentic 60s underthings

            Much more on the subject is available at my blog.

            (Linked page is SFW)

    2. She looks nice, but why is she holding that lamp in front of her funbags?

  4. Don’t know who Eliza Doolittle is, but I could do her a lot.

    1. Oh wouldn’t it be loverly!

    2. What happened to her face?

    3. C’mon folks. It’s “I think she’s got it!”

    4. Wow. I think I’d do GaGa before that insanely average and completely forgettable K-list celeb.

  5. 2000 foot tall dust storm hits Phoenix.

    1. Haboob…one of the best adopted-from-foreign-language words evar.

      1. Hehe. You said “boob”.

  6. Good intentions lead here.

    1. That is … awesome… mainly because I don’t live there.

    2. And why aren’t the AGWers there yelling at the Earth to knock it off already? How much C02 has that hole release in 40 years?

    3. What could go wrong when you have a hole dug by “Soviet geologists”?

      “Say, Ivan, lets just toss a match down there, it’ll burn the gas and we can make more hole bigger!”


      1. “Hey, comrade. We must save the People’s tractor stuck in pit. Throw torch down so we get light.”

    4. Why don’t they pitch this as the world’s biggest BBQ / luau?

      1. I don’t think I’d want to eat anything cooked over that fire. Just in case.

    5. In Soviet Union, natural gas burns YOU.

    6. Where’s Buffy and the Scoobies?

    7. No, I said a Bud Light.

    8. Waste of a good natural gas reservoir. Wonder why they haven’t bothered trying to drill it and deplete it?

      Isn’t Centralia still burning?

  7. Here is a link to the FDIC Debt Guarantee Program from Oct 2008 to Oct 2009 published yesterday. It lent out 600 billion plus to banks at low or even 0% interest. It must be nice to be in a “business” that gets is product supplied for free so that it can sell it at a nice markup.

    The Web page is large so it might take a little time to load


    Here is the same thing in PDF which is faster.


  8. “reckless driving with the intent to capture a picture for commercial gain.”

    Profits! Aauugh! Must! Stop! People! From! Making! Profits!

    1. If he was reckless driving why do they need a special law, isn’t reckless driving already against the law?

      1. Yeah, but this is even worse because they’re trying to make profits!

        I mean… profits!

        Must! Outlaw! Profits!

        1. Why didn’t he just insist that he was taking the photo to give to his daughter?

          1. How could he prove it?
            Intent is one of those things were once you are accused, the burden of proof is on you to prove otherwise.
            Guilty until proven innocent.

      2. Yeah, basically criminalizing motive just allows them to slap on extra penalties.

        1. Correct – same as “hate crimes’. Sure, you murdered someone, but it is really extra-ungood that you did it hatefully.

          1. Funny thing about “hate crimes” is that you can kill someone while shouting “I hate you!” and it isn’t necessarily a “hate crime” if the victim is not a member of a protected class.
            But we’re all equal, right?

            1. Correct! “Hate” can only be directed toward protected classes, not just any WASP/cracker/white trash can be so protected.

              1. Oh, and none of you hetero-breeders need apply either.

    2. The sooner CA officially becomes a failed state the better.

      1. Me thinks that boat sailed.

        1. Apparently sans urinals.

  9. Some city council members and the members of the community that called for a federal investigation complain they’ve been cut out of the process.

    You invite the feds in because you can’t control your people, this is what you get.

  10. Nearly 1 in 5 People Have a Disability in the U.S., Census Bureau Reports

    1. I’m sure those numbers aren’t ginned up at all.

  11. Was having a conversation with a lefty friend yesterday about the Col shooting, when he made the argument that citizens owning guns is useless since our military has advanced weapons and air power, etc, etc, and that there’s nothing we could do to stop them. I then pointed out that Afghanistan farmers with old Enfields and Kalishnikovs were stale mating the mightiest military in the world. Over ten years and a giant powerful military can’t bring dirt farmers under control? And this asshole thinks our military could take over and occupy the whole of the US?

    1. The military isn’t the ones we have to worry about oppressing us. It is the police.

      1. I agree. But for the purposes of this argument I was trying to show that in the face of a determined enemy, it’s difficult, if not impossible, for any military to bring a whole population under control. This person was trying to say that American civilians were no match for a modern military.

      2. I wonder sometimes what would happen if there were a bloody revolution here. With whom would the military side? Someone, I think at Vox’s place, posited the Navy/AF go pro-gov, Marines go rogue, Army splits. And cops go with whomever will protect their power.

        Would we be at risk from our military should a civil war become reality?

        1. It depends on who was rebelling and over what. I think the military would be loath to ever shoot American citizens. Most of the military would refuse to do that. But again it depends on the nature of the revolution. If we really had violent mobs who were killing innocent people, the military would act as ordered and restore order.

          If we had anything approaching a nonviolent movement, the military would disobey orders and refuse to step in. The cops on the other hand would think nothing of mowing down protesters.

          1. I am thinking of outright rebellion against the government and possibly a race war or class war that features real violence, not just ideological babble.

            Agreed on cops. And on the majority of the military. I worry about the few hardcore, unwavering, follow orders at all costs types, but they likely make up a minority.

            I suppose it could also be a question of power-grabs. If the COs feel the power shift from the Prez to the people, they command troops to be on our side. If the Prez/Gov looks to be the most lucrative option, they attack the people.

            I want to believe people will be righteous, but the lust for power destroys.

            1. The big stuggle would be between the feds and the governors over federalizing the National Guard. If you had real issues in one area of the country, governors would refuse to let their national guards’ be federalized to deal with it. That is when shit would really hit the fan.

            2. Pretty much the entire National Guard wouldn’t go off on the peopulation – if it isn’t indescriminant killing, looting and such. There is a reason the Guard are called “citizen-soldiers” (note which term is first).

              1. “peopulation” – wow, that has to be my most creative misspelling yet.

              2. And in a real emergency, the Governors wouldn’t let their NGs be federalized.

              3. National Guard didn’t seem to have any qualms about killing people in New Orleans if I remember correctly.

                1. Kent State anyone?

                  1. And the Guard is still very angry at themselves and the politicians that that happened. Avoiding another Kent State is pretty much a religion in the Guard.

                2. The Guard didn’t kill anyone in the New Orleans sarcasmic. It was the New Orleans cops who killed people, not the guard. The Guard didn’t even have ammunition in their weapons.

                  1. I stand corrected.

                    1. Like I said sarcasmic, the cops would have no qualms about mowing people down.

                    2. the cops would have no qualms about mowing people down.

                      Qualms? Dude, they’d welcome the opportunity to kill people.

                      I thought I told you that I’d overheard a drunk cop lamenting to his drunk cop buddies how he’d never had the chance to kill someone, and rather than be horrified (like I was) they consoled him.

                      Since then when I see a cop I see someone who is looking for an excuse to kill me.

                3. Heh – that was the biggest waste of time and manpower evah! I was 4 months back from Afghanistan and would have gladly gone back rather than spend one more day in Nawlins.

                  1. I was there too John with 5th Army. God what a cluster fuck waste of time that was.

          2. Whatever good reasons there might be for not having a draft, there is at least one good one for the draft – draftees are much more likely to act as you have suggested than professional soldiers. I was a draftee and I served with mostly draftees, enlisted and JOs alike – believe me, draftees are an unsettled, rebellious lot and they aren’t going to be shooting their homies.

      3. Yep. Thankfully, I think that cops are just as much bureaucrats as they are anything else, and would probably back down when faced with any kind of organized, determined resistance.

      4. The military isn’t the ones we have to worry about oppressing us.

        It is the police.In an actual uprising, the cops would be swept away like chaff.

        As for which way the real military breaks, I think it is entirely situational. For the right kind of uprising, they would split. Some will always go “I vus chust obeyink orders”, of course, but not all.

        1. I think most military officers take the oath to support and defend the Constitution very seriously. I’d like to believe that would be the driving force in the decision to come down on one side or the other.

        2. I am not as sanguine as some of you that the military wouldn’t shoot Americans. They didn’t seem to have a problem with it when the Bonus Army was dispersed. I think it would be very tough, the first time they were asked to do it, and a hell of a lot easier each time thereafter.

          It just requires framing the problem properly for the military. If it’s couched as, “restoring order and stopping armed, cop-killing anarchists,” then I can see the U.S. military doing just that.

      1. +2.2

    2. Over ten years and a giant powerful military can’t bring dirt farmers under control?

      I’m not sure that “can’t” is the right word there. I’d say it’s much more a question of restraint and political will than actual ability.

      1. Yeah, Afghanistan would be a wasteland if they really wanted it to be. Well, even more so.

        1. Well, with that in mind, wouldn’t they want to NOT make the U.S. even less of a wasteland? They’d be even more politically hamstrung here than abroad…in theory.

          1. Speaking of the wasteland, I am enjoying FONV muchly.

            1. Did they get rid of those terrible crab-persons? Those were a real pain to shoot.

              1. I don’t think there are still Mirelurks, but there is a variant of the mirelurk kings called Lakelurks.

                It’s the radscorpions, beefier deathclaws, and these freakin’ rattlesnake-mountain cats that are a bigger pain in the ass. And the grey supermutant guys (forgot their names…).

            2. Do yourself a favor if this is your first playthrough – there is a certain point in the main campaign where you’ll see there are many faction choices you can make. Keep a save at that point so you can easily go back for different endings.

              I don’t want to go into further detail, but I believe right after the House Always Wins would be a good place for it.

              1. Fantastic game. The giant radscorpions are a huge PITA to the early player. In fact, most of the wildlife will hand you your ass until you get much better equipment and skills.

                Save early and often. There’s a lot more crafting—if that’s your thing—in New Vegas vs FO3. Oh, I found that you die much more easily in NV. VATS doesn’t soak up damage like it did in FO3.

                I liked it much more than I liked FO3.

              2. Hell, I’m already lined up with the Californians against the Legion (seriously, if you want to get on my good side, don’t go crucifying people and taking slaves).

                And I pissed off the raider gangs right out of the box.

                Its weird, but I invariably play these games as a “good” character. Even when I’ve tried to be “evil”, I always wind up drifting back to “good”.

                That’s why they call it fiction, I suppose.

                1. Hey man, me too. Something about running with the Legion was impossible for me. But how about siding with the Yes Man? Siding with House?

                  1. Siding with Yes Man is the game’s most libertarian ending, even if it is a little grimmer than I would have depicted it. How can you not like an achievement called “No Gods, No Masters?”

                    That game just plain kicks ass. It’s got Wayne effing Newton!

                  2. I’m not that far, yet. I’m holding in chapter 1 and trying to clean up that corner of the map some more.

      2. I suppose that’s true, but even our military would be hesitant to go all scorched earth on people when there are a considerable amount of innocent people in the crossfire. And if the battlefield was the US, I find it even harder to believe. Point is, a local, guerilla campaign is nearly impossible to defeat, even with all the bells and whistles modern militarized have.

        1. Especially when considering, “cheap” home-made weapons can take out multi-million dollar platforms full of troops with millions of dollars worth of training. Asymmetrical warfare will be around a long time until they can invent force fields or something.

          1. Asymmetrical warfare will be around a long time until they can invent force fields or something.

            And even then. Everything has a weak spot of some sort. If nothing else, the occupiers have to let their hair down sometime. Or worse for them if they can’t.

          2. I know I’m late to the party, but there’s another point I’d make about civil war: That a protracted engagement would not be as sustainable when waging a campaign against the tax base. If it was localized that might be possible, but if it were widespread the fed military can only be funded for so long without extracting revenue from the populace. That’s okay if you’re everywhere that’s not the US, but the dollar being the “tallest midget” is the lender of last resort that directly and indirectly funds these things in other countries.

            I’m of the impression that widespread civil war in the US, creating a massive drop in federal revenue for an extended period of time, causes the entire house of cards to fall worldwide.

        2. Has any state ever prevailed against an uprising which primarily relied on guerrilla tactics?

          What’s our record on that? 0-3?

          1. Well, we actually beat the VC in Vietnam. After Tet, which they lost, they were done, and it was the NVA that did the fighting after that.

            There was a guerrilla group in the South Pacific that was wiped out by the government a few years ago (I forget their name). I believe the Shining Path is done as well.

            Lots of “people’s revolutions” fail. You just don’t hear about them.

            1. True, but how long did it take to “win?” I wouldn’t call Viet Nam a win for the US in any real sense, esp. in light of the post-war events.

              The point remains that with comparatively few resources, a determined and crafty guerilla group can tie up a much larger larger state for many, many years.

              1. But Vietnam after Tet wasn’t a guerrilla war anymore; it was a conventional conflict against primarily light infantry. (Well, until the NVA sent several hundred tanks and APCs against the South in 1973 and 1975.) The NVA wasn’t relying on the S. Vietnamese peasantry to supplement their manpower or to provide much in the way of logistical support after 1968. They already had logistical pipelines—the Ho Chi Minh Trail—and safe harbors in Cambodia and Laos.

                The guerrilla war had been won, at that point. Unfortunately, there wasn’t the political will for an invasion of the North.

                Has it been simulated, an invasion with a conventional amphibious assault up the Red River Delta and, say, the 1st Cav going up Highway 1, with no restrictions on targeting? Curious what was found. I don’t see how the USA loses. Well, until the Chinese show up.

          2. Has any state ever prevailed against an uprising which primarily relied on guerrilla tactics?

            Sure. The Indian Wars come to mind here. For modern times, you could look to South America (Peru v Shining Path; El Salvador vs whomever they were fighting; etc…)

            A problem comes in defining victory conditions. Conflicts like those take awhile to peter out, often requiring the victor to declare amnesty for the combatants.

            1. Forgot about the Tamil Tigers, which is what I think Dean is referring to above. It’s a lot easier to make your enemy stand and fight when you’ve got him trapped on an island.

          3. The Brits won the Malayan Emergency, more or less. It helped that there were no communist nations bordering Malaysia through which supplies could come, as well as (according to Wikipedia) there only being about 8000 insurgents.

          4. Well, the state handled Daniel Shays, God rest him.

          5. Well, 1-3 if you want to count our victory against the Brits. But then we were the guerrilas so not sure how that factors in.

    3. To be sure, it’s unlikely that a serious insurrection here would fail to divide the military as well as the rest of the population.

    4. Most Americans love their country and would put down the traitors who dare take up arms against their nation in an attempt to impose a fascist corporate state.

      That’s why the right-wing anarchist gun nuts will never be more than a fringe and have to carry out these terrorist attacks. If they tried to really challenge the government they know they’d be put down. And fast.

      1. Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a troll.

      2. Just like the Taliban, right? I mean, it was a swift and glorious victory against the dirt farmers, right? It’s not like we’ve been there ten years and can’t stop them….right?

        1. That’s because they’re fighting for liberation, just as the American people would be against the militia nuts who listen to talk radio.

          1. Wait, wait, wait. Did you just say the Taliban are fighting for liberation? Liberation for who? Certainly not for anyone without a Y-chromosome. So that takes care of about 50% of the population they are trying to forcibly oppress. Then take the % of the male population that aren’t hardcore Muslim fundamentalists…we’ll call that group at about 1/2 of the male population.

            Right off the bat you have 75% of the population that will be oppressed by the Taliban as a course of their daily routine. Doesn’t sound very liberating to me.

            Look, if you’re gonna troll, you have to know when you’ve gone a bridge too far. And you, sir or ma’am, have just done so.

            1. They’re fighting for liberation from the Western Capitalist system that the GOP tried to impose on them.

              1. Gosh, I hope they win their struggle to be dirt-poor forever. Maybe you can go and help them make some puppets or something, encourage non-violent means of being a nitwit.

              2. Words fail.

          2. You are forgetting…

            Your side doesn’t have any guns.

            1. And I bet Bloomberg won’t let his bodyguards lend you any, either.

      3. you’re cute.

  12. …the man was charged with “reckless driving with the intent to capture a picture for commercial gain.”

    So it’s still legal to drive recklessly with the intent to capture a picture due to Bieber Fever, right?

    1. Yeah, do they view personal profit the same as commercial gain?

    2. Well that’s a documented illness. It’s totally excusable, like crashing into someone while having a seizure.

      1. Are you insinuating that various Kennedys and Cabinet Secretaries have Beiber Fever? We’re more screwed than I have ever feared…

  13. Remember Mary Stack and her YouTube videos of reason commentators? Well, not only is she at it again, she’s resorted to making some of it up.

    From her comments: All? characters appearing in this work are fictitious. All anonymous chat room commentators using fictitious names are anonymous and fictitious. We do not assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the commentators who post them. Comments do not represent the views of Kizone Kaprow. We reserve the right to delete any comment or disable your ability to comment for any reason at any time. Any resemblance to real persons, living? or dead, is purely coincidental.

    What a fucking psycho.

    1. I am anonymous and fictitious? Who made me up and why do I have a name, albeit a ridiculous one? I haz teh confused 🙁

      1. I’m a tangerine.

        1. I am a jelly donut!

      2. I guess now she’s resorting to putting words into our mouths and claiming they are fictitious. That doesn’t work too well when you start your description: Actual comments ripped from the comment threads of a libertarian blog!

        What’s the libertarian position on libel again?

        1. We’re split. Some regard it as an infringement of free speech.

          Others (like me) regard it as restitution for harm done. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from the consequences of speech.

          1. Others (like me) regard it as restitution for harm done. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from the consequences of speech.

            Exactly this.

      3. This just confirms what I’ve always suspected. My life is an elaborate fiction by a crappy author.

        On the plus side, at George R.R. Martin isn’t writing my life. There’d be way more dead bodies.

        1. Would you even survive through the second book?

        2. Once I started noticing people with names obviously tied to the author’s view of them (e.g. Sandra Fluke), I realized I was in an Ayn Rand fanfic.

      4. I’m having a hard time finding anything objectionable with her choice “damning” comments. For one, I agree with most of them. Two, they are intentionally over the top for comedic purposes. And three, FREEDOM OF FUCKING SPEECH BITCHES.

        1. One of the easy to spot symptoms of troll-crazy is an inability to understand humor. Which is why she wasn’t trying to be funny when she expressed a desire to have diabetes rot my limbs off so she could “laugh” about it.

          1. It could have been worse. She could have expressed a desire to ride you like a bitch from hell. Luckily for you, her heart belongs to John

          2. Na. She fully understands the humor. She is intentionally taking posts out of context to misrepresent libertarian philosophy to the rest of the world.

            Kinda begs the question…

            “What is she afraid of?”

            1. Kinda begs the question…

              This is why terms can’t be used properly anymore.

              1. Your just a bitter looser.

              2. Thanks. I learned something today. Now I can start drinking early.

            2. Her feeble efforts are nothing but part of her obsession with us. She would like to think she trying to breathlessly expose us to the world, but really she’s just try to get the attention she so desperately craves.

              Even this is too much attention really. The only thing that hurts her is to ignore her… it burns like throwing battery acid in her eyes.

          3. I think we will all laugh when that eventually happens.

            BTW, did you see that Oldham Co is more wetterer now?

            Restaurant limits of 100 seats/70% food sales down to 50/50%. Package stores are approved, but will be limited in number. Ditto for beer bars, but bars still wont be able to sell liquor.

            1. In other beer news, we are getting another brew pub. They can’t brew on site, but it will be more of a sit down restaurant. It will be around the corner from Beer Trappe.

              And Pazzo’s gastropub, The Village Idiot, opens next weekend.

              1. we are getting another brew pub. They can’t brew on site


                Beer Engine has a space to open a brewpub in Louisville. Dont know if the Danville one will stay open or not.

      5. I’m obviously not trying hard enough.

    2. I think Youtube made her do that.

    3. thanks for the am laughs

    4. Seriously? “Die in a fire!” is the worst thing she can find that I said? She’s not just insane, she’s lazy as well.

      1. But the photo she picked for you was weirdly accurate

        1. It was like a window into my very soul.

    5. She seems to have fatally misunderstood at least one comment. When Warty says “Fuck you, pig!”, he’s not been violent and hateful. That’s just him talking sechsy

      1. I never once wrote “Fuck you, pig!” here, for what it’s worth. Neither with or without the exclamation point. Ask the google.

        But we all knew she was a lying cunt, anyway.

    6. I was laughing out loud reading them…

      I thought DoubleIPA’s comment about sodomizing Chapman was high-larious.

      1. Yeah. Double IPA won. I think it was a variation of a line from Reservoir Dogs.

    7. Only got one reference. I am disappoint.

      1. I didn’t get any! Now I must redouble my efforts.
        Shit! Piss! Cunt! Fuck! Cock-sucker! Mutherfucker!


        1. Only got one reference. I am disappoint.

          I didn’t get any!

          Me neither, in any of my incarnations. I’m gonna go ball up in the corner and suck my thumb for a while.
          The pain.
          The pain.

    8. Why did no one tell me about this before?

      I just laughed my ass off.

      My only regret is that I don’t appear. I has a sad.

    9. Hopefully this psychotic, loser cunt has finally been permabanned.

    10. Wow. I hadn’t heard about the Haldol shortage in Dallas, had you?

    11. I don’t now how I wound up in her fantasy world, but she certainly made up the words she associated with my handle.

    12. I was kind of hoping to see my name.

    13. The John donkey picture makes me giggle every time.

  14. Some city council members and the members of the community that called for a federal investigation complain they’ve been cut out of the process.

    Well, you know, officer safety and everything. Don’t want a reform that would prevent them the ability to beat and shoot who needs to be beat and shot.

    Also, fuck you, that’s why.

  15. Octomom now pimps Octoloans. Bonus: photo reveals her upper thigh dewlap


    1. I’m not clicking on any link that’s described with the phrase ‘upper thigh dewlap’. If you’re going to lure us in, you need to be more subtle about it.

      1. I, for one, am grateful I was not tricked. I appreciate warnings of such hazards!

    2. I’ve seen better tranny strippers.


      1. Have you been one too?

        1. The money, fame and adoring fans? Why *wouldn’t* you?

  16. Romney-Obama debate formats set: But they matter less this time

    The political reality though is that debates, like college mid-terms, seem important at the time but end up mattering less at the end. Arguably, in hindsight only two presidential debates over their 52 years have been decisive:

    The first in 1960 when Richard Nixon’s make-up and shaver failed him on black-and-white TV while the country discovered a young, well-spoken senator in John F. Kennedy.

    The other occurred in the final days of the 1980 campaign when two former governors faced off. President Jimmy Carter actually lead Ronald Reagan going into that set-to, as incumbents tend to do, even those burdened by a terrible economy.

  17. Facebook stock was down 11% in pre-market trading despite a better than expected earnings report, its first as a publicly traded company.

    The Obama administration is surprised by this, they thought expectations only worked the other day.

  18. Avoiding Another Shutdown
    Democrats are setting up Republicans for an autumn ambush.

    Republican leaders in Congress haven’t done very well negotiating on the budget, and now a new threat looms: a showdown in the fall, before Election Day, that could force Republicans to choose between more spending and higher taxes or the risk of a government shutdown.

    That increasingly looks to be the Democratic strategy, pushed quietly by the White House and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Senate Democrats are refusing to complete individual spending bills, much less an overall budget, and the federal government will run out of money at the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

    1. I keep wondering how the Senate gets away with being a do-less-than-nothing body.

      1. If only the House did nothing as well…

    2. This is like me pitching to Prince Fielder, but I’m sure the Repubs will screw up this at bat like they do every time.

    3. Why does this automatically make the republicans look bad? The democrats haven’t passed a budget in 4 years and continue to hold out for spending more money we don’t have. Personally, I would welcome a government shutdown.

      1. it makes Repubs look bad because the media narrative will be how they are holding the entire nation hostage so the evil, filthy, putrid rich can have their tax cuts.

        By the way, can we stop calling them tax cuts and refer to them as tax rates since they have been in place for a decade?

        1. The GOP deserves it for time limiting the tax cuts, instead of just changing the rate.

      2. Republicans seized the House.

  19. Romney’s most excellent [APOLOGY TOUR]

    Mitt Romney visits London while stumbling on almost every frontThe Obama campaign could scarcely have thought of a better outcome for Mitt Romney’s first UK visit as presumptive nominee

    1. Obama has spent the last four year fucking our allies every way possible. Yeah, we pretty much owe the Brits, the Germans, and especially the Canadians a lot of apologies for electing the Kenyan village idiot President.

      1. so you dont appreciate the humorous start of romney’s euro apology tour?

        1. Yes and No,

          No because it’s just another failed opportunity for one Team to take the high road.

          Yes because I enjoy when politicians are viewed more and more like clowns.

        2. Romney could fart in front of the queen and he would never be in close to the same fuck-up league as Barack “Shove-Your-Churchill-Bust” Obama.

          1. But would he supply an iPod with a recording of said flatulence?

          2. Farting on the queen would be less egregious than Obama’s giving her an iPod loaded with his narcissistic blather.

            1. Or Chewbacca giving her a fat, hairy, sweaty wookie hug…

    2. The Brits frantically spinning may have something to do with this – British lawmakers tore into the chief executive of the security contractor that will be unable to deliver enough guards for the Olympic Games, forcing Nick Buckles to agree Tuesday that the fiasco is “a humiliating shambles.”

      Buckles, the chief executive of G4S, said the company should not have agreed to provide 10,400 guards for the Olympics, six days after the security giant admitted it could not do so.

      “We regret signing the contract,” Buckles said under pressure from lawmakers.

      The company’s failure forced the government to call in 3,500 military personnel to help, and will also require extra police to be deployed.

      G4S has a ?284 million ($444 million) government contract to provide security staff for the Olympic Games, but only 4,000 guards are trained and ready.

      1. but Romney is the bad guy for spilling a malicious truth? And I always thought the Brits had a sense of humor.

        1. No, they have a sense of humour.

      2. Things have calmed down a bit in Libya (have we won there yet, Tim?). I bet some of those mercenaries would be willing to come up there and help out.

      3. “The comparisons with Romney’s trip to Europe and Obama’s visit at almost exactly the same stage in the electoral cycle four years ago are almost too embarrassing to mention. Obama wooed a quarter of a million people in Berlin while Romney was mocked by the British prime minister”
        luvs me sum queen’s english!

        1. all this over telling malicious truths about how the Brits fumbled security, which is something the Guardian itself has mentioned. I guess it’s different when one of those Yanks points to the turd in the punchbowl.

        2. You know who else wooed a quarter million Germans?

          1. Michael Jackson?

          2. David Hasselhoff?

      4. forcing Nick Buckles

        Is that the gay porn version of Miss Daisy?

    3. What an embarrassment. The whole purpose of this is to smile and wave and look Presidential, and he’s barely off the plane before he steps on his dick.

      1. No, the point is to grin and wave and look Presidential. Smiling will make them think he’s mocking the fact that 90% of the British have seriously fucked up teeth.

        You grin at the British and smile for the Germans.

        1. I thought the Germans regarded the showing of teeth much as the Kzin do? That could explain a lot of the 20th century.

    4. I’m not sure why Romney should care what Brits think of him. Seems like annoying some English people might help his campaign.

  20. U.S. District Court rules that stem cells are drugs

    Peter Aldhous from New Scientist reports today that the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, has ruled that a person’s own cultured stem cells are drugs subject to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.

    1. So when they ban all stem cells does that mean they will ban all humans?

      1. nah, bans take too long

        2d amendment mass shootings!…now that’s the quick ticket!

        1. You seem a bit off your game today – that one was about as flat as you can fall.

        2. No, the second amendment doesn’t protect the right to shoot crowds of innocent people — I think Congress could pass a law banning that and have it pass Constitutional muster, as long as Kennedy sides with the left wing of the court.

      2. hey baby, want to kill all humans?

    2. “I think it’s a good ruling, and I’m glad to see that that the FDA has exercised its muscle on the case,” says Christopher Scott, who heads the Program on Stem Cells in Society at Stanford University in California.

      Of course you do, you boot-licking, patent-wanting, statist.

      1. So his battle cry is not “fuck off, slaver” it is “fuck ME, slaver!”

    3. Are there stem cells that can be used as recreational drugs? Because then you can really say that you get high on life.

  21. I’ve seen people noting how businessmen also pay taxes so they did help build society.

    What all these useful idiots are missing is that business owners exploit the labor of the working class by stealing their surplus value, so in reality they actually DON’T pay any taxes thus making the working classes effectively pay entirely for society.

    It’s a classic case of false consciousness.

    1. “stealing”. You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

      1. So you think you own the labor of the working class?

        I think they may disagree.

        There’s a storm coming, Mr. PowerBottom.

        1. Surplus value theory? Really? That’s all you got? Try moar harder.

        2. There’s a storm coming, Mr. PowerBottom.

          Sure there is, but I don’t think it’s going to happen the way it does in your head…

          1. The people will resist Bain just as they did Bane.

            1. Okay, people, is the sock-puppetry obvious enough yet?

            2. You know Bane basically advocates your position in the movie right?

              1. Bane was lying, just like Romney.

                If you want someone to save society and get the girl, it’s Obama.

                Objective proof:

                1. Elim, that’s not a photo of President Obama. That’s a photo of Dunphy on vacation.

              2. And essentially sets up a de facto dictatorship as well. The coming revolution will apparently involve rationing and military occupation. What a bright future.

        3. Elim, the grocery store called.

          They are tired of you exploiting them for their bran muffins.

          They demand you return the surplus value you created by eating them.

          1. Too late, he’s already smeared the surplus value all over HR.

            1. H and R. ampersand, y u no work?

        4. If they disagree, they’re free to stop taking the paycheck and go elsewhere.

        5. So you think you own the labor of the working class?

          Of course not. But I can rent it for a mutally agreed price.

          1. And then steal their surplus value instead of returning it to them as increased wages.

            1. while I should know better than to tangle with this: RC Dean is right, willing seller of labor willing buyer of labor = value of labor.

              1. The value of a thing is what that thing will bring.

            2. Do you have any idea how many workers STEAL from their employers? You know, real theft, not the theoretical theft you’re talking about.

    2. business owners exploit the labor of the working class by stealing their surplus value


      Oh. I get it. Not giving is taking, right?

      So if a businessman gives me the opportunity to produce, say, $50 worth of value per hour which I could not do on my own without the investments made by the businessman, and he pays me $30/hr, he is actually stealing $20/hr from me.
      The fact that I am now $30/hr richer means I am actually $20/hr poorer, right?

      You fucking leftards are fucking retarded.

      1. sar didnt get stupid all on his own, no sir.

        VVV just look at all the stupid help he has below VVV

      2. my law school valedicktorian thought this way. If you didn’t get a COLA every year for your SSI, the gov’t was cutting your pay in his world.

    3. We’re all business owners. At the very least, each of our businesses sell our labor.

        1. Marketing is important in a post-industrial economy, FoE.

    4. meet the new and improved concern troll; 30% more vapid than the old trolls.

    5. That. That right there. That is what you call ‘weapons grade stupid’.

    6. Yeah, I totally entered into my employment without any free will whatsoever. Fluffy-headed woman that I am, I have no negotiating skills and have no knowledge of my market value in my field. I had no idea when I signed on that while my company is paying me $X, they’re actually taking in $X x 2. Those bastards! I need super-duper smart liberal elitists like you to hold my hand and do everything for me.

      1. Don’t you work for the government?

        1. If she were wouldn’t that mean the government is ripping her off and stealing from her? But the government doesn’t do those things…

        2. Shows what you know.

          1. Oh, so you only leech off the government through a corrupt contractor?

            1. Shows what you know.

            2. Hey it’s your glorious leader (who hasn’t changed shit of consequence since Bush slunk out in disgrace BTW) that lets these corrupt contractors permeate government “business”. Funny thing about contractors, they are only as corrupt as their customer.

      2. You’re othering yourself!

    7. Kind of an obvious troll. You hit all the buzz words just a little too easily.

    8. All those damn customers exploiting your tailoring skills.

      1. Hey! Don’t confuse me with this bum!

        Say, could you transport an isolinear rod for me?

    9. I’m tired of people like you supporting the right of filthy laborers to steal the surplus value of capital with wage increases. Where I came from, they put robbers in jail, and they paid those jailers the minimum that they would take.

  22. How to rip off the taxpayer: SIGTARP shares secrets

    Investigators overseeing the federal bank bailout program have turned up multiple ways dishonest bankers tried to scam taxpayers out of their money — a whole bunch of their money.

    The Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program — SIGTARP in government-speak — has released its latest quarterly report to Congress, summing up the watchdog work it’s done so far. You can read the complete document here.

    We thought part of the study, which recounted a number of fraudulent schemes SIGTARP uncovered read like a primer for bankers on how to try to rip off Joe Citizen through the bailout. Here’s what such a primer might look like.

  23. “reckless driving with the intent to capture a picture for commercial gain.”

    Just imagine how bad the punishment would be if he was driving recklessly because he assumed a black man was chasing him to rob him.

  24. Mumbles Menino “clarifies” his anti-Chick-fil-A comments.

    “Originally, I said I would do every?thing I can to stop them.” Menino said in an interview at City Hall. “And that was mostly using the bully pulpit of being mayor of the city and getting public support. But I didn’t say I would not allow them to go for permits or anything like that. I just said we would do everything we can, bully pulpit-wise.”

    1. so basically, “I am instilling a purity test for businesses who want to be here. Their CEOs must hold the ‘correct’ positions on issues or else.’

      What an interesting precedent. I look forward to the whining from the left when another mayor gets in the way of a company because its CEO supports gun control or other left-leaning position.

      1. Maybe he can get Celtics “KJ and Hondo” to help.

      2. Ditto wareagle. Even better, though: what happens when the first right-leaning mayor refuses to let an abortion clinic open up because of the politics of the owner and points to Boston and Chicago as his/her precedent? What will fascists like Mumbles and Rahmbo say then?

        1. They don’t hold to the Kantian view of ethics, that we should act according to principles that we would want universally applied.

          It’s never abstract with them. It’s always ok to ban things they don’t like and never okay to ban things they do like. They don’t think any deeper into the issue than that.

          1. Boom, exactly this.

      3. Don’t be daft. Right wing mayors would never get away with this, as the media would actually attempt to do their jobs in that case.

    2. Looks like they do have a legal department in the mayor’s office after all.

    3. Frankly, I think even that should be illegal. In any event, the slightest hindrance of the chain by the city, regardless of whether it’s connected to his bloviating, can now be challenged on First Amendment grounds.

      1. you act as if the left gives a shit about the 1A..

        1. They don’t, but lawyers seeking money do.

  25. Aliens has teh intertubez: A crop circle in the shape of an URL


    1. Biggest rick roll ever.

  26. By now, you know the statement by heart: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that ? somebody else made that happen.” (And you have to say it meanly, accusatorily, rebukefully.) A reader whose father-in-law was a dissident in the Soviet Union makes the following observation:

    “When the Soviets denied people the right to emigrate to America or Israel, they often said, ‘The State has educated you, so your know-how is State property. It does not belong to you.’ These people had not built themselves, so to speak. The State, in its benevolence, had built them, and it had a right to all they produced.”


    1. I like Nordlinger. Since Derbyshire left, he is by far the best writer on NRO.

      1. Nordlinger was always NRO’s best writer.

        1. Yeah, Derbyshire is meh. Nordlinger’s musings despite their lockstep GOPisms are fun.

          And the writing is nice. Like VDH’s.

  27. DEA cracks down on synthetic drug makers.

    The agents raided smoke shops and other sellers of synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs that have been linked to psychotic episodes and deaths of users. Leonhart said agents shut down 29 manufacturing sites that ranged from massive warehouses to residential basements. She said many of those arrested Wednesday had extensive criminal histories.

    They’re LINKED I tell you. LINKED!

    1. IF they didn’t arrest Kevin Bacon, then they didn’t go after people who were merely linked.

      1. I feel like you’re not getting enough appreciation for this gem.

    2. She said many of those arrested Wednesday had extensive criminal histories.

      Way to build up the narrative. Nevermind that what they’re doing is only criminal because you arbitrarily decided one day that it should be.

      1. Reminds me of the Probable Cause hearing where the officer testified he saw a guy going in to a known crack house, and when asked how he knew it was a crack house, the officer said because he saw the guy going in to it…

        1. If circles represent perfection does that mean circular arguments are perfect?

          1. Unfortunately for the LEO, the judge was NOT amused and denied PC.

            1. Judicial activism! Didn’t the judge know it was for the children?

  28. http://scopeblog.stanford.edu/…..are-drugs/

    Your own stem cells are “drugs” subject to the jurisdiction of the FDA.

    1. There could be a tremendous market for renegade scientists and doctors to provide underground stem cell therapies. Works for other drugs, why not your own stem cells?

      The more they tighten their grip…

      1. I think the FDA is the federal agency that most needs to go. As bad as things like DHS and such are, they don’t outright make war on the sick like the FDA does. The FDA is basically in the business of denying drugs to the sick.

        1. Wouldn’t it be better to put all of the FDA employees and all of the EPA employees in a death-cage match? Whichever agency survives the combat can continue operating, albeit with the now-smaller staff and emasculated power.

          1. FDA is worse. EPA may kill people indirectly. But the FDA flat out denies medical care to sick people.

            1. The FDA is ensuring that these illegally expensive corporate scam drugs aren’t murdering innocents.

              1. right Elim…because everyone knows that drug companies like nothing more than killing people. Because there would be no repercussions at all for knowingly putting dangerous things on the market.

                Are you really this dim or simply regurgitating talking points from Freshman PolySci?

                1. I have a Masters in Political Science.

                  1. I have a Masters in Political Science.


                    1. Yeah, that’s much worse.

                  2. Which I guess makes you perfectly qualified to troll blog comments. Do you feel that was a worthwhile investment of your time? All that school, and all you can do is come here and make incoherent, obsolete arguments?

                    Shoudl gone for the PhD, man. Then at least you could get people to call you Dr.

                    1. Having a PhD wouldn’t be fair for you people. Could you imagine how much further up the actuarial tables I’d be over the rest of you at that point?

                    2. Neither in earnings, nor, showing your lack of awareness, life expectancy…

                    3. Wait, is that the ‘I make more money than you and I (almost) have a doctorate’ argument?

                      MNG has spawned! Somebody send him and John congratulations!

                    4. actually having a PhD would explain everything. I’m surprised it’s only a Masters. Usually, nuclear levels of stupid require full marination in academia.

                    5. But, wait! Money is evil. Under your glorious future, your earnings would be taxed so you make the same as a janitor despite your advanced degree! You just torpedoed all of your work today. Well done! I give you a F for trolling. Remember, you can’t let the mask fall!

                    6. Could you imagine how much further up the actuarial tables I’d be over the rest of you at that point?

                      I doubt Ph.Ds are up the actuarial table over JDs, and this place is infested with JDs.

                    7. Didn’t work for Minge.

                  3. It shows.

                  4. That still puts you one rung down the ladder from MNG.

              2. illegally expensive corporate scam drugs

                [citation required]

              3. Because the high cost of new drugs has nothing to do with the FDA.

                How about a compromise: the FDA tests drugs for safety only. Effectiveness can be studied in other studies and people and their physicians can decide for themselves which drugs to try.

                1. Why should needed drugs cost anything? The “high cost” argument is a non-sequitur.

                  If these drugs are free and provided to those who need them, the cost “issue” doesn’t matter.

                  1. You are not Mary. You are a regular. Whoever you are stop it. You have gotten too obvious and taken the fun out of it.

                  2. If these drugs are free and provided to those who need them, the cost “issue” doesn’t matter.

                    If the drugs are free, who’s gonna develop and produce them? Last I checked, the Keebler Elves were a little too busy to expand operations.

                    1. Really? You don’t realize that the government already produces tons of research every year? If it was fully funded we wouldn’t need these greedy corporations as it could both develop AND produce any medical drugs we need.

                    2. “Really? You don’t realize that the government already produces tons of research every year? If it was fully funded we wouldn’t need these greedy corporations as it could both develop AND produce any medical drugs we need.”


        2. My brother is a director in the regulatory affairs department of a huge pharma and says pretty much the same thing. Whenever he hears he has to go to Washington to liaise with the FDA, he dies a little inside. Most of what frustrates him is the bureaucracy. One forgotten signature on the reams of filings they make, and their drug just got sent into limbo for a year. It’s almost like they do it on purpose.

          1. No FDA bureaucrat ever got promoted for approving an needed drug early. But all of them live in fear of letting some “unsafe” drug on the market.

            It is very intentional. Their entire careers depend on denying new drugs. If it doesn’t get approved, it can never be a failure pinned on the FDA.

          2. When I handed in my resignation papers at the pharmaceutical co I worked at in the early 2000’s, I felt reborn because I would never have to smile and shake the hand of an FDA regulator as if he were a decent human being instead of a depraved manslaughterer.

            1. He was trying to protect citizens from you.

              All you wanted was to take money from people for things they needed to survive.

              1. take money from people for things they needed to survive.

                Sounds like a voluntary and fair exchange if ever there were one.

                1. How it is voluntary and fair to let someone die or suffer when you have something to save them?

                  1. So it is fair to “steal their labor” (ie. get what they produced for nothing)?

                    1. No, that’s why business owners need to be replaced by the workers.

                  2. How it is voluntary and fair to let someone die or suffer when you have something to save them?

                    You tell me.

                  3. How it is voluntary and fair to let someone die or suffer when you have something to save them?

                    There are people in the world dying and suffering. Since you are apparently using a computer right now, I would bet that you have more resources than absolutely necessary for your survival. Why won’t you stop depriving those poor people who need what you have to survive?

                    1. I am fighting to get them what they need. I am doing my part. What are you doing?

                  4. How it is voluntary and fair to let someone die or suffer when you have something to save them?

                    Ask the British NHS. They’ll explain how, and they’ll even use tables and charts!

                  5. “How it is voluntary and fair to let someone die or suffer when you have something to save them?”

                    Pay my rent, motherfucker. Pay my rent!

                    1. I’m hungry. Somebody buy me a cheeseburger.

            2. Here is the other thing about the FDA. Big Drug company A is making millions selling a drug that treats X disease Big drug company B develops a new drug that treats X disease even better. Company A has every reason to manipulate and influence the FDA to keep drug B off of the market as long as possible.

            3. I should explain…

              My company made drug that corrected an enzyme-defficiency. If you had the condition that caused your body not to produce the enzyme, your cells would have trouble excreting wastes, and you would die a painful death sometime between your 6th and 10th birthday.

              Because the company screwed up its paperwork, the FDA wouldn’t allow it to sell the drug in the U.S.

              We could save British Children, but not the American Children.

              Of course, given the time and expense of building a manufacturing facility to create the drug (we used live biological cultures as part of the drug making process), nobody else would enter the field. So if you were born with the disease and you lived in the U.S. you were doomed to die a painful lingering death. To teach us a lesson about paperwork. Oh, and if you tried to import the drug from overseas, then the FDA would have you locked up in a cage to teach you a lesson about circumventing their attempts to teach us a lesson.

              1. Again you prove my point, you wanted to SELL this drug that people needed.

                You could have been saving lives. But you cared more about acquiring massive profits.

                1. Are you really this stupid? Do you really think that the FDA would okay the drug if you promised to just give it away? Are you really this stupid?

              2. That is just sick Tarran. And like I said, the FDA is by far the worst federal agency. It is not even close.

          3. that’s what I don’t get – it’s like the FDA comes hard-wired with the notion that pharma companies purposely seek to harm folks, as if drug-makers who knowingly put bad stuff on the market would never face the possibility of prison and multiple lawsuits.

          4. My sister had to spend an entire day to get permission to give a 6-year-old girl a drug that might cause birth defects.

  29. Bus weirdness 1: PC Gary Blee, of Torbay police, said: ‘The male offender was on a number 12 bus in Paignton and has chewed the seat he was sitting on, causing around ?200 of damage.’


    1. To be fair, there isn’t much difference between a foul-smelling foam bus seat and most British cuisine.

      Guy was probably just hungry and the smell of the bus reminded him of his mum’s cooking.

    2. I thought George ‘the Animal’ Steele died.

      1. According to the Wiki, he’s still around, hairy as ever.

  30. Bus weirdness 2:

    I take the bus to work every day. Every now and then I come across a completely normal-looking woman who touches other people’s hair. By touching, I mean caressing it lovingly over and over, staring at it longingly, and smelling it, too.


    1. That’s so funny. That’s what I do when I’m bored as fuck and on the bus.

  31. You have to understand that a progressive properly recognizes that there are forever two classes. An exploiters/civilized class and the uncivilized masses who exist to be used by society.

    In capitalism/free markets/libertarianism the exploiters class are the corporate elite, and this simply isn’t fair.

    They aren’t radicals though and thus are willing to compromise if the political and “cultural” elite are allowed to transform this into a civilized class. This isn’t perfectly fair, but it is a fair compromise for the time being until the true managers of society can regain their proper permanent place at the top.

    Thus why they’re moderates you fucking GOP hacks.

    1. Exactly how much do you charge to cross the bridge?

      1. If you had just accepted progress the first time instead of listening to that scumbag Kennan they wouldn’t have to move society forward the hard way.

        1. Fifty cents?

          A dollar?

        2. sorry, sell “progress” somewhere else. We have seen how well your version worked in the old Soviet Union, its failed client states, and all the other places that tried to instill your wondrous two-class system. On the other hand, you tacitly admit that our affirmative action POTUS seeks such an outcome and early returns show the public not happy about it.

          1. The Soviet Union only failed because the Capitalist West continued to exploit their working class instead of instituting a people’s democracy then waged years of war against further democratic revolutions

            1. Denial. It ain’t just a river in Egypt.

              1. She is trolling Restoras.

            2. Please be here all day. I leave for vacation next week, and will be without access.

              1. Please be here all day. I leave for vacation next week, and will be without access.

                Where are you going that will have no internet access? Camping in Haiti? A Canadian city?

                1. Canada is too far south for me. TC and Mackinaw. And no internet by choice so I can’t be wrangled into getting work done.

                  1. It always confuses me that there’s Mackinaw and Mackinac.

                    1. It’s just the shitty city unlike the shitty island.

                    2. The city is blah, but the area is very nice. The island is fun to bike with the kids. It costs a fortune to use the ferry to cross, and they charge for each bike you bring as well. The city and state shut out any competition for ferry service.

                    3. Yes, Traverse City is nice as well.

                    4. The French and English kept fighting over it…

                  2. Oh, Michigan. It all makes sense now. There’s no better place to cure yourself of a technology addiction than a place you are forced to go off it cold-turkey.

                    1. Hey, not all of Michigan is Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, and Benton Harbor. We have nice beaches away from the cities and most of the water is E-coli free.

                    2. Fine. Some of the water.

                    3. Despite Elim on the rest of this thread he’s accurate about Traverse City mostly. And sorta accurate about the City and Island too, never really saw what made them so great.

                      Beaver Island, now that’s an island! Cult’s are where it’s at!

    2. That. That right there. That’s what you call ‘even more weapons grade stupid’.

    3. “GOP hacks”. You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

      1. It’s a troll, probably Mary, who is calling us GOP because she knows plenty of people will respond.

        1. No, Mary is serious as a nutter can be. This is a regular who thinks everything he’s saying is ludicrous crap but also knows which things will irritate people into responding. Probably whoever was running the Darko alt last night.

    4. take the Marx (the unfunny one) glasses off.

      1. There is this guy where I work who has a big nose, thick-rimmed dark glasses, and a bushy black mustach. Every time I see him walk by I giggle to myself and because he looks like he is wearing marx glasses.

    5. In capitalism/free markets/libertarianism the exploiters class are the corporate elite, and this simply isn’t fair.

      So I was thinking getting Bobbi Starr to headline “Exploited Up The Ass #6” in time for the next AVN awards. I take it your advice to do this as a sole propritership and not (I assume) as a Chapter C corp. What about an LLC? Does that mitigate the corporation sleaze factor?

      1. She sorta beat you to this. She directed a film called Occupy My Ass this year.

  32. Yo, Ed, some hyphens would make your headline’s meaning clearer.

    “Justin Bieber Chasing Paparazzo Charged Under New Law” would indicate that Bieber is being charged for (or while) chasing a photog.

    “Justin-Bieber-Chasing Paparazzo …” shows that the first three words just describe the photog.

    1. So you failed basic reading comprehension?

      1. So you failed basic reading comprehension?

        Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

        1. Nice. Working in an Ali-Frazier riff in commentary… +12 (rounds)

      2. Basic headline reading comprehension, you mean? Without an understanding of how headlines are written, they can be pretty incomprehensible.

        1. Yeah, I thought about that after I posted, I also had something for his nonsensical corrected version. But I figured Mr. Frazier’s comment was just a one off and he would never see mine so I left it alone.

  33. http://wtop.com/628/2885164/US…..rate-in-Q2

    GDP falls to 1.5% in the first quarter “unexpectedly”. What do you want to bet that number gets quietly adjusted down at some point?

    1. Maybe if Romney wasn’t running around suppressing the Recovery Summer with his anti-American speeches calling on a ban against us working together we’d have better GDP growth.

      Not to mention the simple objective fact that if the GOP House got on board and passed far more stimulus larger than the 2009 one then GDP would grow even more and faster.

      1. Face it. You and Team Blue own the worst recovery in history. I hope your elected representaives have their shine boxes ready to go this fall.

        1. Who was in office when society basically collapsed before Obama’s election halted things? The Republicans.

          Who saved the economy before the GOP seized power and started looting again? Who saved the global auto industry? Who saved tens of millions of lives by actually providing them with medical care? The Democrats.

          This shit is simple. Do your part already.

          1. who was in office, you ask? Splendid question. It’s true a Repub was in the Oval. It is just as true that Dems held both houses of Congress. It is lunacy to believe that Obama’s election “halted” anything beyond the typical American’s ability to earn a living.

            The rest is talking points too stupid to even debate.

            1. The seeds were set by the Republican Revolution and then the Bush Administration took a hatchet to good government.

              Obama winning basically saved us from total societal collapse.

          2. Did things fall apart under Bush? Yes, they sure did. Congress was Democratic at the time, so they get plenty of blame too. Funny how you left shitforbrains conveniently forget that.

            Economic cycles halt themselves without respect to who is in office. Politicians have limited ability to actually control the behavior of individual agents that make up an economic entity.

            The economy hasn’t been saved when it hasn’t created enough jobs to absorb the new workers that enter workforce every year, much less the ones that were downsized.

            No one saved the Global auto industry. Obama only saved a few thousand UAW jobs, and only temporarily. That’s called ‘payback’ for the political support of the unions.

            No one in DC has supplied anyone with medical care – actual medical professional do that.

            You are right, this shit is simple and I do my part every day. I have a job. I create value for my customers clients. They pay me for that. I use that wealth to provide for my family and save for the future.

            What do you do besides demand that I give you a share of my wealth, you useless, pathetic, fascist cocksucker?

            1. No one is demanding you do anything but actually do you part for society.

              Hoarding whatever you can get your grubby mitts on while millions die is not a moral position.

              It’s accessory to murder.

              1. Well, now aren’t you just claiming ownership of my labor and the value I produce?

                And I’m pretty sure you have more that you need too. Nobody needs to comment on the internet. Especially while there are people in the world starving and suffering. By your standards, you should immediately sell whatever computer devices you are using now, as well as any other things that you have that are not necessary for your survival and help those people. How can you live with yourself, you monster?

                1. No, you’re owning your labor under a democratic society because you have a say in how that labor is rewarded back to you.

                  And I am doing my part, I’m fighting for a global democratic society.

              2. except that millions are NOT dying, but you already know that. Concern trolling requires overlooking facts that do not fit the narrative.

              3. You are. You are demanding soemthing from me that isn’t yours. That’s called stealing.

                It is a moral imperative for me to provide for my family and prepare for the future. Nothing is morally higher.

                Millions die? Where? From what? Certainly not from my actions – or inactions, even. From government actions? Well yes, of course – government has killed many, many millions more through action and inaction than I ever will.

                In fact, my actions save lives. Your actions, however, are the ones that destroy them.

                1. Yet you got an education, you used the roads, you get electricity, you have clean air. You have to give back at some point. In a crisis like we have now, this is when you need to be giving back instead of trying to hoard and damage the community further.

                  1. I’m about to brew another pot of coffee, will you still be here when I get back?

                    1. Unfortunately, it probably will be.

                  2. “you get electricity”

                    I’ve got news for you, Elim. I make the fucking electricity.

          3. Who saved the global auto industry?

            What an amazing dumbfuck idea to think that Chrysler and GM represent the “global auto Industry.” Or the idea that if they went down, every one else would tumble. God Damn, where did you get your Masters? Kaplan University. Anywhoo, I don’t recall Obama giving Lamborghini, well Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedez,Daimler, Fiat, Nissan, Honda, Kia, Toyata, any bailout money.

            1. Right because they didn’t need it after he saved the first two. Had we let those collapse it would have started taking down all of the rest until we were left with no auto industry and millions on the street.

              1. What epic stupidity.

                No one will buy cars if GM and Chrysler go out of business. You really do have to be immersed in some useless academic position to come up with mental masturbation like this.

      2. The Recovery Summer? Is that like the Summer of George?

        1. Nope. Can’t afford a block of cheese.

          1. Not even Gummint Cheese?

      3. Obvious troll is obvious.

      4. That was A+ trolling I have to admit. Please come clean and admit it was trolling. That is better quality than we usually get around here. Take a bow.

        1. A+? You grade too easy. I’d say solid C.

          1. I was being nice. Chances are it is Mary. She is nuts. So you have to grade on a lower scale.

        2. It’s trolling to point out the objective fact that if the GOP agreed to a stimulus ten times what we got in 2009 that our GDP growth would be near the top of the world?

          1. Yes, because borrowing from the future with debt to pay for stuff now isn’t growth. Just ask Greece/Spain/Portugal/Italy.

            It seems you know nothing about economics. You must be a politician.

            1. “The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.”
              Thomas Sowell

            2. Don’t borrow. Just raise taxes and make the business owners actually pay for a change.

              1. Obviously the rich don’t pay their fair share.

                We know this by virtue of the fact that they are rich.

                If they paid their fair share then they won’t be rich.

                So let’s raise taxes on the rich until they aren’t rich anymore!

                Fairness rules!

              2. That’s not what your idiot elected officials have done. They have borrowed, have continued to borrow, and we are beyond the point where the future can be saved. Congratulations on espusing economic policies that have guaranteed our progeny a lifetime of indentured servitude. I know you are very, very proud of this accomplishment.

                Businesses don’t pay taxes. People pay taxes. Very, very simple.

                1. Right, the GOP has done all that, that’s why we need action now to get taxes up to sustainable levels.

                  1. The GOP has done that in full cooperation with the Democrats.

                    It’s why they both need to be voted out of office, and why spending needs to be cut.

                    1. but but but if you vote the GOP out and the Democrats out, WHO WILL GOVERN US?!?!

          2. no, it’s trolling to say things that are so demonstrably stupid with an apparently straight face. But that’s okay; a good laugh is welcome on Fridays.

          3. 10x as much? You wanted a $10Trillion stimulus? 10 Trillion dollars?

            Does the concept of a devaluated currency mean anything to you at all?

            1. The GDP Growth would far outpace any inflation. Especially if taxes were restored to sensible levels.

              1. If we remove money from the economy through taxation and borrowing, then distribute it based upon politics, the result will be much better than if the money was left in the economy and invested into things that create wealth!

                I mean, it is so much better to destroy wealth than to create it, because when you destroy it everyone become more equal! Equally poor, but still more equal!

                Shared poverty is preferable to inequality!

                (how am I doing?)

                1. It’s not removing money, the stimulus is injecting money into the economy.

                  1. The money comes from somewhere.

                    It is either removed through taxation or removed by selling bonds.

                    Unless you mean that that stimulus money is magically created out of thin air.

                    1. The bonds grow in value, it’s called interest rates.

                    2. The bonds grow in value, it’s called interest rates

                      Bonds don’t grow in value. You get your principal back plus the coupon payment, determined by the risk of not being repaid your principal.

                      You are clueless. Not surprised that you have an MA in a useless degree.

                  2. You really don’t know the difference between money and wealth, do you?

              2. Let’s restore taxes AND spending to the levels of CLinton…you get behind that?

                1. Why would anyone want to go back to the Clinton era?

                  We’re taking the steps needed to restore the safety net after the GOP butchered it then.

                  We also need to go further in expanding the tax base.

                  So no. No going back, this is about progress.

          4. 10 times? 10 FUCKING TIMES?

            I guess 40 dollar loaves of bread are the price of progress.

            1. The Weimar Republic was bitchin’! Don’t you want to relive the fun here?!

          5. yes. That is trolling. Not even good trolling. I can’t believe somebody gave you an A+ upstream.

        3. I’m just curious about which of the regulars is having a little fun with us.

          1. Yeah, the idiotic Marxism is a bit too on the nose.

        4. Dude, there’s no way it’s A+. This is just someone making really lousy prank calls to his friends, even though all the smarter ones recognize his voice.

  34. Men treat women like objects? Men’s fault!
    Women treat women like objects? Men’s fault!

    If everything is going to be blamed on us anyway, what is the point of restraining our behavior whatsoever?

    1. You restrain your behaviour?

      1. Yes. Very tightly restrain. I have a gibbering and howling inside me I can’t ever let out.

        1. And we’re thankful for it.

        2. I feel like I’m looking in a mirror. And knowing you are on the other side just frightens me more.

          1. Turn off the light and say my name into the mirror ten times.

            1. I have a feeling that you are the abyss that Nietzsche was talking about.

              1. If you listen carefully, you can hear him screaming to get out.

            2. Clever – you know everyone would stop at nine times, frozen in terror.

              Even though it only takes three.

        3. So you’re like Worf? YOu require a Klingon female for mating?

          1. If Worf fought not with his fists, but with hurtful comments, you would be essentially correct.

            But nevertheless, my wife is quite rugged.

            1. As a former associate, I can assure you that Worf knows about hurtful comments:

          2. Dax isn’t Klingon.

    2. I read recently that the Navy is eliminating urinals from all new ships. No doubt the next big complaint will be that the seat was left up, followed by “the seat has pee all over it”. Enjoy equality.

      1. I always assumed that one of the benefits of the Navy was just peeing off the side of the boat.

    3. This is soooooo stupid.

      I would have no problem identifying changes in the pictures of women because while looking at the pictures of women I would actually give a damn.

      When looking at the pictures of men, I’d be thinking, “Douche…douche…loser…. asshole…thug…douche…douche…” and not noting any individual trait about them.

      We scrutinize more closely the stuff we care about. We’re not “perceiving men as whole people” – we’re not bothering to perceive their traits because their traits aren’t important.

    4. One was the original image, while the other was the original with a slight alteration to the chest or waist (chosen because these are sexualized body parts).

      It seems to me that typical mesomorph women’s chests and waists are more variable and distinct and curvy than typical mesomorph men’s. It doesn’t seem especially surprising that these differences result in different perceptions without necessarily indicated objectification. But, then, again, patriarchy, blah, blah, blah.

    5. More top-notch researchy stuff from the European Journal of Social Psychology, aka the overly emotional version of a social pseudoscience.

      Everyone checks everyone else out, either to compare themselves to or to find compatible mates or friends. How can these stupid women not understand that? They probably think the preceding sentence was an insult to all women.

  35. What have we sunk to as a society when a man is willing to accept three slices of Domino’s Pizza for acting as lookout for a robbery?

    We are well and truly fucked as a society.

    1. My wife loves to watch the show Hardcore Pawn. It is a about a pawn shop in Detroit. I can’t watch it. It just depresses me too much. Yeah, we are so fucked. You want to know what 70 years of progressive policies does to a society, watch that show and then remember Detroit used to be one of the richest and most productive cities on earth before the progressive vampire sunk its teeth into it.

      1. It’s just normal behavior in some parts.

        iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/MAutLr38mQA” allowfullscreen/iframe

    2. How did they find him? Was he sitting on a corner with a sign saying “Will be accessory to robbery for food”?

      1. Only someone outside America would consider Domino’s Pizza “food.”

        1. It is much better now – it is food-like or maybe foodish?

          1. a “food by-product”

        2. Hey, I wasn’t the one eating it.

        3. imagine what “food” becomes after the know-nothings abolish the FDA!?!

          pass the brocolli please…

          1. Cheaper?

    3. I think that is just a case of someone who doesn’t understand the value of the service provided?

      1. It’s anticompetitive pricing! He’s driving his competitors out of the marketplace so that he can have a monopoly, then he’ll jack the prices to the MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

      2. No, he’s just a really bad lookout. How do you think they caught them?

    4. Going to wager that there may very well have been the promise of drugs or cash later that he didn’t want to mention.

      1. Can anyone blame him if he was jonesing for some Epicac after three fucking slices of Domino’s?

        1. Admittedly I haven’t had any for a few years, but I don’t remember Domino’s being bad. Middling and inexpensive, yeah.

          Then again I also like deep dish more than thin crust and I know how some people around here feel about that.

          1. Then again I also like deep dish more than thin crust

            **Rends garments**

            1. Which is worse, deep dish pizza or artisanal mayo?

              1. What about deep dish with artisanal mayo instead of pizza sauce?

                1. I want to kill RBS at this moment more than I’ve ever wanted to kill another living thing.

                  1. Dude, no one else makes Mayonnaise at home. Being able to buy some mayo of better quality that what you get at the store is a good thing.

                    1. Dude, no one else makes Mayonnaise at home.

                      What? Making mayo is one of the easiest things in the world, and easier ^2 with a food processor. Not at all like hollandaise/bearnaise, though those are pretty easy too with a blender. And if you don’t make mayo, how are you ever going to get aioli?

                      It can get pricey, depending on the oil you use.

                      Now the hate for deep dish, I don’t get. An pie from the original Uno or from Lou Malnati is a thing of beauty. So’s a thin-crust pizza, fresh from a coal-burning oven, and whatever the hell they do at Nick’s to make their 4-cheese.

                  2. Mary, you need to quote this in your next youtube expose!

          2. Domino’s was just low rent, the new version actually wasn’t that bad. It definitely went up a notch.

            Of course, I haven’t had it since they first changed though.

    5. It’s worse than you think –

      Domino’s worker Jose Reyes told police that he was delivering a pizza around 9 PM…

      the Marlin’s shortstop has to deliver pizzas just to make ends meet.

  36. Re the FDA discussion above, an absolutely top-shelf discussion on the evils of the corpo-kleptocratic bureaucratic state:


    Its caught a lot of links. If you haven’t read it yet, DO SO NOW.

    1. DO SO NOW.

      Hey, don’t tell me what to read, friend!

      1. Don’t call me friend, pal!

        1. Who you callin’ “pal”, buddy?

          1. I ain’t your buddy, chief.

          2. Don’t call me buddy, friend.

  37. Hey guys, what’s going on he….nevermind.

    1. Yeah, I liked that Elim so much better.

      1. Thanks. Might you have some cargo space on a shuttle I could use?

        1. It’s on the up and up I assure you.

    2. Hey, I already made that reference. Thought nobody liked DS9 for a second.

      1. Look at your original comment. 😉

  38. It’s a classic case of false consciousness.

    It’s a classic case of something, by golly.

  39. http://www.bostonherald.com/ne…..ick-fil-a/

    Mumbles Menino was at a ribbon cutting of a Boston mosque that teaches that gays should receive the death penalty.

    1. So he agrees with the GOP?

      1. Because Gays are being put to death every day by the GOP. F- trolling.

        Go take your meds Mary.

        1. Cleanup on Aisle 2, Mike Alissi please report to Aisle 2…

        2. If they had power, they might. Or throw them into camps like Libertarian leader Bachmann wants.

          1. Stop it. Your trolling has gotten too obvious. You have run your run. Now go away.

            1. It’s okay John we can get some drones to bomb some gay weddings, they’ll be of militant age. I promise!

              1. Derp

    2. But no Chick fil A cannot set up shop because the owner supports traditional marriage.

      1. I think it’s because he opposes gay marriage, not that he supports traditional marriage. I’m sure Menino supports traditional marriage as well.

    3. Maybe he thinks that gays should be executed, but marriage is a good fallback punishment?

    1. So looking forward to the day when Twitter goes out of vogue.

      1. Yes and no. I think twitter is dumb but it does allow professional athletes a forum to say some of the most hilariously retarded things ever recorded.

        1. Like beer, proof that god wants us to be happy?

  40. Why do you fucking idiots insist on feeding it? You are morons.



      AWESOME MUSIC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-Ux9Sp66b8

      1. Oh Mary. When are you going to get the help you so desperately need?

    3. See, this is how you all should do it. Instead of showing yourself to be intellectual inferiors to anyone who might read these comments, just cover up your ears and pretend reality isn’t whizzing past you.

  41. “The Department of Justice and the city of Seattle are expected to announce a settlement containing reforms of the police department that the feds investigated. Some city council members and the members of the community that called for a federal investigation complain they’ve been cut out of the process.”

    Isn’t this where Dunphy works?

    1. All he’ll tell us is that he works in the area. He refuses to say which department because then we’d be able to call him on all of his made up bullshit stories and absurd anecdotes find out who he is and sic Epi on him.

  42. Dude is like totally rocking it out man, Wow.


  43. I haven’t had to load the Reasonable plugin for a long time. Pretty much since registration.


    1. Ive mostly switched to chrome. For some reason, sound is crappy in chrome so I have to fire up firefox if I want to watch a video.

      I like reasonable, the new psot-indentation incif failed with large threads. However, I wished reasonable would block responses to blocked posts. To go old school, I dont want to see John’s responses to MNG either.

  44. Has anybody on here ever had butter made from Goat’s milk? We’re thinking of getting goats and selling the milk, butter, cheese and a few other things from our little farm (like eggs, olives, olive oil, some herbs and possibly artisanal mayonnaise) at the farmers market and perhaps to some reasoniods that may be interested in a little cash on the side mail order action.

    As a metter of fact, who on here would be interested in doing a little co-op thing? Lots of us brew beer and do some pretty cool shit. Anybody interested in doing some trades? If we form a co-op, I don’t think the state can keep us from shipping beer or food.

    1. Yes. It is delicious. It’s white and a little thicker at room temp, but has a little goat funk that goes well with white wine and light beers.

      Supposedly getting butter from goat’s milk requires a centrifuge. Just word on the street, mind you.

      1. Supposedly getting butter from goat’s milk requires a centrifuge.

        That’s what the Iranians are doing with theirs.

        My six-year-old, animal-loving daughter really wants a goat. We’ve got the land — and at least it’s not a pony.
        But here’s a bit of Amish humor I heard recently:
        “Everyone should own a goat at least once, just so they know how wonderful it is not to own a goat.”
        Those Amish can really yuk it up.

        1. I had a pet pygmy goat. He was pretty cool, but got angry, then happy, then really angry when I tried to milk him.

    2. Be careful with beer. A coop probably violates the homebrew rules, and gets you into excise tax zone. And that requires licensing and shit.

      Basically, avoid anything that involves excise taxes.

      1. I hope you’re wrong but I don’t have a lot of confidence after a quick bit of research. I’ll look into it more.

        And for SugarFree: check out this video.

        1. That’s not that bad. But how would it scale? You and your bride shake-weighting your way to a business. Big forearms, though…

          1. Second-hand industrial paint shaker with the motor turned down.


    3. I’d go for some olive oil and artisanal mayonnaise. My gardens aren’t as good this year as some, but I’ve got shit loads of blackberries.

      1. Um, I’d be happy to trade some. But first, you have to make it clear that that picture at the top of your blog isn’t you.

        Seriously. That’s not at all what I expected when I clicked the link.



    That is all.

    1. Is this really you? You’re back?

    2. That actual sporting events are alright. The IOC should die, though. Why not do it in places which already have the facilities? I don’t know why any place actually competes to host.

    3. part of me wishes I had a tv that could receive a station so I could watch something. . . . In other IOC news, this (or Winter 2010) was supposed to be the year ballroom dance would be an Olympic sport, but is seems that hasn’t come to pass.

  46. Meant to post this here but put it in another thread –

    Business claims First Amendment rights of religious conscience against contraceptive mandate – DoJ says it’s not a religious freedom issue because they could simply quit their business:


  47. Greek triple jumper hottie banned from the olympics over some “racist” tweet. Racist or not, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

    1. We’re glad you came out of that cave you’ve been living in for the last three days, Loki. Welcome to July 24, 2012!

      /sarcastic asshole

  48. Olympics officials just can’t find time to memorialize the Olympic Munuch massacre of 1972.

    Nothing to do with the fact that the victims were Israelis. They just don’t want anything that’s a downer.


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