5 Rules for Coping with Tragedy


Early last year a senseless mass shooting played out in Arizona. And much like the reaction to that tragedy, journalists and politicians have begun to jump to conclusions surrounding the recent murders in Colorado. Therefore, It seems appropriate to reaquant ourselves with a few simple rules from a 2011 ReasonTV post.

Here is the orginal text from the video:

Tragedies like the mass shooting in Tucson at a public event organized by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) are horrifying enough on their own, but they also have a way of bringing out the worst in reporters and politicians.

In fact, knee-jerk reactions often leave us with misconceptions and bad policies that stick around long after the healing has begun.

And so Reason.tv presents: 5 Rules for Coping with Tragedy

Approximately 2.45 minutes