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Half-Assed Media Speculation About the Batman Shooter

News outlets are rushing to speculative judgment about the accused Batman murderer


Undeterred by how wrong they got the Columbine shootings 13 years ago, or how disgustingly politicized they turned Jared Loughner's 2011 rampage, the humans who work for and talk with journalistic outlets are again rushing to speculative judgment about Jim Holmes, the suspected Batman murderer in Aurora, Colorado. Some examples:

* ABC News reporter Brian Ross points a tentative finger at the Tea Party:

"There's a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year….Now, we don't know if this is the same Jim Holmes. But it's Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado."

(Stat-nerd Nate Silver cautions: "Per my math, there are ~25 people named James Holmes in Denver metro. So careful unless you have info specifically IDing alleged shooter.")

* Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) blames the opponents of Judeo-Christian theology:

During a radio interview on The Heritage Foundation's "Istook Live!" show, Gohmert was asked why he believes such senseless acts of violence take place. Gohmert responded by talking about the weakening of Christian values in the country.

"Some of us happen to believe that when our founders talked about guarding our virtue and freedom, that that was important," he said. "Whether it's John Adams saying our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people … Ben Franklin, only a virtuous people are capable of freedom, as nations become corrupt and vicious they have more need of masters. We have been at war with the very pillars, the very foundation of this country."

"You know what really gets me, as a Christian, is to see the ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs, and then some senseless crazy act of a derelict takes place."

* Northeastern University criminologist Jack Levin makes a clinical diagnosis and blames bullying:

Levin theorized the gunman was "chronically depressed," likely having suffered some type of recent loss — perhaps a job or a relationship — and had become isolated. […]

"We don't know enough about him to be sure, but my guess is he's kind of like a bullied youngster who feels humiliated and ignored and decides he can be important by taking many lives, so he becomes a big-shot celebrity," Levin said.

* Ex-FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt on MSNBC says Holmes could be a "dark, Trekkie-like person." UPDATE: Watch the video!

Will update as (unfortunately) necessary.

UPDATE 1: On CNN, profiler Pat Brown blames violent video games. UPDATE: Watch the video!

teenage psychopaths get inspired by and want to make it real.

UPDATE 2: The Daily Mail suspects Occupy Wall Street:

one private investigator has said that Holmes may have been part of Occupy Wall Street's most violent faction Occupy Black Bloc.

Bill Warner told how the Batman movie portrays the OWS crowd in a negative vein, leading him to believe that may have been a cause behind gunman's rage.

NEXT: Kurt Loder on The Dark Knight Rises

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  1. One thing we can be sure about: Six months from now, The Newsroom will have this story nailed.

    1. Six months years from now, The Newsroom some other Aaron Sorkin show that will be inexplicably picked up by a network will have this story nailed

  2. There was some idiot on CNN talking about “playing video games for hours” causing this.

    1. He was obviously a terrorist radicalized by militant Islam.

      See, I can do it too. Is CNN hiring?

      1. I blame Global Warming and 16-Oz Cokes.

    2. If playing video games for hours and hours caused mass murder, South Korea would be almost completely depopulated by now.

      1. With a fertility rate of 1.23 births/woman, they are going to start depopulating before long.

        (Source:…..ofile.html )

        Maybe if they played more “doctor” and fewer video games, that might not happen. 😛

        1. It’s hard to knock up your wife in the midst of a 3-week StarCraft marathon.

          1. Maybe they should move over to a turn-based game. Plenty of time for boinking in between turns.

            1. Baduk is quite popular in Korea.

          2. Are people still playing StarCraft?

              1. Why did I ever grow up?

  3. An FBI profiler on MSNBC said Holmes could be a “dark, Trekkie-like person.

    Oh great, an all out war between sci-fi nerds and comic book nerds. Where does fantasy fit into this?

    1. Ignored and marginalized, like those fantasy dweebs deserve.

      1. Game of Thrones is fantasy, isn’t it?

        1. In my store it is.

    2. Where does fantasy fit into this?

      It doesn’t. It sits on the sidelines and feels sorry for itself.

      1. And its too busy playing magic: the gathering to care.

        1. When was the last time a “Trekkie” went on a killing spree?

          More important, how likely would such a scenario be?

          1. Sci-fi soldiers are incredibly bad shots who fire dodge-able laser/blasters. Even the three month old baby would have been able to make it out of there unscathed.

        2. Hey, man, Return to Ravnica is going to be awesome. Don’t be hating.

          1. No criticism here. I stepped away from the game for a decade and only this past weekend ended up getting into a round with a new set (damn, there were a ton of abilities to learn) while in Vegas.

            Turns out a ton of those pro poker players are actually die hard MTG fans. Makes sense. And I certified my dork status in my wife’s mind.

            1. You can expect to be served divorce papers so that she go marry the star HS quarterback instead any day now*.

              *Unless she’s one of those mythical nerd grrrls, in which case you can expect to come home and find her wearing this.

              1. Loki, why would you assume that the two are mutually exclusive? Isn’t it possible that I was the star HS QB AND a MTG-junkie?

                As an aside, I’m not. But I am a reasonably attractive male who makes a reasonably good income and has fairly well-attuned social skills. That alone is enough of a rarity among men to warrant keeping around for the increasingly professional class of women.

                1. Isn’t it possible that I was the star HS QB AND a MTG-junkie?

                  My roommate in college was the school’s quarterback, and an avid Magic player. He was also super crazy into WoW.

                  Of course, now he’s an accountant so I guess that’s all that matters

    3. Is there a bigger more worthless charlatan than an “FBI profiler”?

      1. Terrorism expert?

        1. Northeastern University criminologist?

          1. House Ethics Committee?

            1. Federal Reserve Chairman?

              1. grief counciler

      2. Is there a bigger more worthless charlatan than an “FBI profiler”?

        Paul Krugman?

        1. Rephrase that as “New York Times economist” and we have a winner.

          1. No… Henry Hazlitt was a New York Times economist, and he was awesome.

          2. I didn’t want to over generalize, but I concede the accuracy of your statement.

        2. Krugman was sitting at the table next to me at dinner last night. I was so torn between punching him in the face and eating food off his plate, that I missed my chance to do either.

          1. That’s easy. You should have poured some wine on his nice clothes and called it stimulus.

          2. Both. Steal food off his plate and tell him it’s redistribution, and then when he gets uppity about it punch him in the face and tell him you just created work for an emergency room doctor somewhere, the cop who will be there to arrest you soon, and not to mention all the people who work at the factory that makes the gauze and bandages for his broken nose, the X-ray machine, etc. Then ask him if he feels stimulated.

            1. Iowahawk: “If hiring cops, fire fighters teachers helps the economy, then theft, arson stupidity are economic stimulus.”

              1. …arson (ampersand) stupidity…

      3. The same guy said an hour ago that it looks like it may have been pre-planned

        Really Sherlock, I guess that’s why you get the big bucks.

        1. Looks like the guy may have known how to use a gun.

          1. Looks like the guy may have known how to use a door.

            1. Looks like he may have used gov’t-provided roads and bridges.

              Someone else built that!

      4. Is there a bigger more worthless charlatan than an “FBI profiler”

        Medical ethicists?

        1. Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission member in Illinois?

      5. What sort of person becomes an FBI profiler?

        He’s probably in his late 20s or early 30s, a smart, nerdy kid who was bullied as a youngster, who retreated to comic books and wanted to be some kind of hero, but wasn’t physically capable enough to join the Army or the police department or the fire department, so he studied police science and psychology in college. He lives in a modest one-bedroom apartment close to downtown, but not so close that it’s a high-crime or dangerous area. He drives a Toyota Corolla and has only a few friends. His favorite activities include watching every version of CSI, curating his comic book collection and hanging out at micro-brew pubs wondering why the women he meets on match dot com never want a second date.

      6. TV FBI profiler?

        1. Psychic detective!

    4. An FBI profiler on MSNBC said Holmes could be a “dark, Trekkie-like person.

      Someone is obviously still trying to surf the recent comic-con wave.

    5. “Where does fantasy fit into this?”

      The killer is obviously one of those brooding, incestuous Lannister-ites.

      Did that FBI Profiler use the word “unsub” a lot? Because that’s how you know they’re really on top of things.

    6. Oh great, an all out war between sci-fi nerds and comic book nerds. Where does fantasy fit into this?

      The Brotherhood without Borders retaliates by wearing ominous T-shirts?

    7. That FBI profiler is probably a Star Wars nerd trying to inflame a nerd war between Batman fanboys and trekkies. Next he’ll get to work on inflaming an X-Men/ Marvel vs. LOTR war, and eventually Star Wars geeks will be the only ones left.

      The 20th century gave us 2 world wars, the 21st will be marked as the century of the Geek Wars.

      1. There’s already an online conflict between Marvel fanboys and Dark Knight fanboys. Fortunately it consists mostly of voting down the other side’s movies on IMBD, seeing their favorite movie as many times as they can afford to try to help win the box office totals, and sending flame email to anyone who gives their side a negative review.

  4. Drudge links to an 2008 article critizising the movie’s predecessor. So Batman/Violent movies/Hollywood’s to blame.

  5. Trekkie-like? What does that mean? Speaking Klingon?

    1. Must be that, since they are also dark. Could be romulon too, I guess.

        1. Man, she was hot in the day.

          1. Yeah. Me likey.

            1. Set phasers to “Yow!”

              1. I’d hail that frequency frequently.

    2. It means like you.

      ProL is the shooter!

      1. I may like Trek, but I don’t look like it.

        I’m serious, anyway. Was the guy wearing something specifically making them say that, or did he just look geeky? It’s kind of a weird thing to say if there’s nothing specific, like a Captain Kirk robe or something.

        Horrific that something like this happens–what the fuck is wrong with people?

        1. I may like Trek, but I don’t look like it.

          So you are a Trekie mole. Those are even worse.

          1. Well, I don’t think I’m alone in that here. And I’m a fan of the show(s), not someone who Vulcan salutes people on the street.

            1. Between you and the Canadians, this country doesn’t have a chance.

              1. I’m your last, best hope, John.

            2. YOU LIE

              1. Don’t make me get my lirpa.

            3. The shooter probably likes thin-crust pizza and thinks Picard was the better captain.

              1. Holding those two views at the same time is impossible. Why are you such an idiot, JW?

                1. He’s talking about you. ADMIT IT!

              2. Janeway was the best captain, no contest.

                1. I vote for “old” Captain Pike.

        2. He was red-shirted at birth.

          1. If that were true, I’d be dead.

            1. Is it too soon to suggest that nobody wear a red shirt to the next Star Trek premiere?

            2. Are you sure about, O’Brien?

        3. Was the guy wearing something specifically making them say that, or did he just look geeky?

          He was dressed as a Borg! Get a life, will you, Pro Libertate?

          1. You mean the tennis player? I don’t know that I’d classify him as “dark.”

            1. All that time in the sun.

              1. A tan Viking? Wearing white tennis clothes? I’m still thinking “dark” is not the first adjective.

          2. He was dressed as a Borg!

            I knew it! He wasn’t trying to kill people. He was just trying to assimilate them.

    3. Wanting people to live long and prosper?

      1. Obviously a racist capitalist.

        1. Redundancy is no virtue.

    4. bathlHa’ vangpu’

      Jus’ sayin’

    5. No way. If he was dark and Trekkie-like, he would have tried to karate chop his victims in the back of the neck, or given them all that Vulcan Death Grip thingie.

  6. Dude is white and owns guns.

    What else do you need to know about him?

    He’s white.

    He owns guns.

    Doesn’t that tell it all?

    1. i heard palin saw the shooter fm her porch

      1. Hey everybody! o3 is using a tragedy to feebly try to make an unrelated point!

        1. oops my bad, guess im in palin’s crosshairs now (+)

          1. I know most people hate on o3, but damnit if he can’t be one of the funnier trolls sometimes. His barbs are just as clever as anything Epi could come up with most of the time.

            1. Yes! They are delightfully irrelevant and orthographically deformed. You can’t even really call it trolling, because really, does it actually create a desire to argue with it? Not for me- even on the rare occasions when its posts have substance, they are still not really something I give much of a damn about.

        2. Don’t respond to it, dude, no matter how stupid it is. Just don’t.

        3. The more you pick at it, the more it itches.

          1. We need to put some ointment on it, so it will go away.

            1. palin’s crosshairs ointment(+)…where all ur scratches dissappear w the squeeze of a trigger !!1!!111!!

              1. She wasn’t the only one to use those symbols, stOOOpid… Democrats used them, too.

                1. Also, the crosshairs didn’t *cause* the deaths and destruction. Loughner did it all on his own, due to a lack of self-control.

                  Digest that, stOOOpid.

      2. This one is pretty damn funny.

        1. Please don’t feed the animals.


    1. Let the healing begin!

      1. WRONG. They try something like that and I will completely lose my shit. ONE MUST NOT POLLUTE THE OTHER.

    2. the “Nick of Time” episode of Twilight Zone featured both William Shatner (Captain Kirk) Stafford Repp (Sgt. O’Hara). That’s as close as you’re getting.

      1. Oh, and Yvonne Craig was both Batgirl AND a dancing green alien in Star Trek TOS.

  8. Trekkies are supposed to be dark? My most frequent objection to an episode of Trek is that it’s too treacly. Most of it’s not THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS, but that’s when it’s best.

    1. Great episode.

      1. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield was about a planet of Harvey Dents.

        1. Didn’t Frank Gorshin play one of those aliens?

          1. Son of a bitch, you’re right.

            1. Riddle me this, FoE. Why is ProL white on both sides?

                1. That explains so many things.

  9. Why is it so hard to answer the question “why did this happen” by saying “because the guy who did it is a homicidal lunatic”?

    This is more than just the usual partisan bullshit. It is a representation of our elites’ insane desire to find a deeper meaning in everything.

    1. It is a representation of our elites’ humans insane desire to find a deeper meaning in everything.

      1. True. There is not a deeper meaning to some things. Sometimes as Fraud once said “a tie is just a tie”. Sometimes because pop a fuse and go on rampages. It has been happening forever. That is all there is too it.

        1. It’s Freud and it was a cigar…

          Well, fuck it. This is funnier.

          1. Perhaps John is commenting from his smart phone. Damn You Auto Correct!

    2. Because they hope that the crazy person also claims to hold other opinions or hobbies that they dislike, so they can denounce them.

      1. Which is profoundly stupid and obscene.

        1. Except when we do it.

          Too soon?

          1. Hey Mary!

    3. Agreed.
      I always answer that question with “crazy people do crazy things”

    4. There must be a deeper meaning because simple answers come from simple people.
      And we all know that an answer should be judged not by the content, but by the source.
      Intelligent people come up with complex answers that only they can understand. These answers must be right because they came from self proclaimed experts. The more convoluted and difficult to understand the answer is, the more correct it must be.
      Legislators then consult these experts to craft legislation that prevents these events from repeating.
      It’s magic.

      1. quess ther’s no moar questions left then….

      2. Is that your expert opinion? We may need your testimony in the future.

    5. without a deeper meaning, there’s nobody/nothing outside of the shooter to blame. and that frightens people.

    6. Because that doesn’t fit the narrative John.

  10. An FBI profiler on MSNBC said Holmes could be a “dark, Trekkie-like person.”

    So racist.

    1. Reasons why they will never let me on TV. My first response would have been “so you are saying a black man did this? Isn’t that racist?”

      You can’t even parody these people anymore.

      1. Not a black man – he’s fingering Uhura! Or pointing the finger at her. Whatever.

      2. What do you mean “these people”? RACIST!!!!

    2. Because all the trekkies I know are always hovering on the edge of violence.

  11. But the media was using their whole ass.

    1. More specifically they can kiss my asshole

      1. Kanye reference? Really?

        1. Whatcha gonna do about it? Before you reply, please keep in mind I’m a muthafuckin monsta.

          1. What kind of monsta? Are you more a thug life monsta, or a Loch Ness monsta?

            1. The best livin or dead, hands down

            2. Did he ask you for tree-fiddy?

              1. What’s tree-fiddy to a nigga like me can you please remind me?

  12. It is so fucking unbelievable how absolutely shameless the media are. Lying about Giffords wasn’t enough; getting the PPACA Supreme Court decision fantastically wrong didn’t teach them anything; they continue to broadcast lies. Just out-and-out lies.

    In a just market, none of the networks (Fox included) would be in business.

    1. Don’t forget Katrina. Babies being raped in the Super Dome. Relief helicopters being shot down by snipers. People eating the dead. That was a three week orgy of media bullshit.

      1. Which has never been corrected, walked back or fact-checked. And most of the networks ignored the Danziger Bridge atrocity until the trials were underway.

        1. Amidst all that lying and sensationalism, they missed the one no shit horrible thing that happened.

          1. They didn’t miss it, they just ignored it..

  13. Newsmans poison the discourse way too frequently.

    Shame on them.

  14. The Trekkies, assisted by the Servants of Cthulu, attempt to destroy the Comic Book.

    Wait…too big of a penalty doing it that way, that makes no sense.

    /Was playing Illuminati earlier this week

    1. LOL, I love that fucking game.

  15. By the way, why was a 3 month old at a midnight showing for this movie?

    1. Cause people don’t know how to be good parents?

      1. That’s what I’d argue.

    2. Because they couldn’t find a sitter willing to stay until 3am?

  16. Que the gun control groups to start piling on in 3,2,1..

    1. Damnit, man! It’s “cue”. If you are lining up in England or Australia, then it’s “queue”, otherwise that is a list. If you use “que”, people with just think you are speaking Spanglish

  17. Why do such senseless shootings take place? Because no one in the theater was armed.

    1. ^^This^^ You never hear about such things in places like Switzerland or Israel where people routinely carry automatic rifles in public.

      1. I’ve been to Switzerland 20 times and I’ve never seen a non-cop carry an automatic rifle in public. It’s more that everyone has one at home, I think.

        1. Good point Matt. But you see them in Israel.

          1. You never hear about such things in places like Switzerland or Israel where people routinely carry automatic rifles in public.

            That’s not quite true. The difference is that in Israel, the shooters want to get shot, so they can die with a hard-on to be ready for their 72 buxom, transparent, ever-replenshing hymen-ed, houri.

        2. john’s on a joe-the-plumber trip

      2. John, this is absurd. I’m as pro-gun, concealed carry as you can get, but they do not walk around with automatic rifles in Switzerland; they just have to have them in their houses. Fuck, dude, if I was in the theater and someone opened up, my having my gun on me wouldn’t help at all. What am I shooting at? It’s fucking dark! That’s what makes a theater a place to open fire, not the “lack of armed people”.

        1. He was walking up and down the isles shooting anyone who tried to leave or get up. And if the theater was dark, the movie was playing. You would have had a perfect silhouette against the screen. It wouldn’t have been a very hard shot. Especially since the guy was apparently calm and wasn’t expecting anyone to shoot at him.

          1. Colorado is shall-issue. There is nothing that prevented anyone in that room from carrying.

            MSimon is an idiot. Why are you carrying water for him?

            1. Good for Colorado. Too bad no one in the theater was armed. That is the point. The problem is not too many guns. It is too few guns.

              1. Perhaps the rising cost of ammunition is to blame.

              2. I’d be totally not surprised if there were armed people in the theater.

                When you don’t know what’s going on, you escape or hunker down.

                In fact, I have no idea why the guy stopped shooting. Perhaps someone did put a round in his body armor and he thought better of things.

                I suggest we all wait until more information comes out before going off half-cocked. Only after we prove that he is a Yankees fan should that evil group be punished.

                1. Are you a Red Sox fan, tarran? Think carefully before I send the killdrones to your house.

                  1. Are you a Red Sox fan, tarran

                    Not since the collapse of last year. It lifted the cobwebs from my eyes.

                2. True Tarren,

                  If that is the case, then gun rights probably saved lives. But you will never hear that point made.

                3. Exactly this tarran. The dude had full body armor and riot gear on, and only in a CCW state would he even feel the need to take it that far. You gotta figure there were 200-300 people in a single theatre for a midnight premier. He took out 12, injured another 50. I think it’s fair to wonder why he stopped, and it may turn out that a round clipped his armor at some point and he figured he wanted to live to tell the story of insanity and monstrous mind.

                4. The theater is specifically marked as “No guns,” and in CO, carrying on private property whose owner forbids CC means you get your permit revoked.

            2. Colorado is shall-issue.

              We’ll see how much longer that lasts. Also, technically we’re open carry, but I’d challenge anyone to go walk around Boulder, Denver, or Aurora with a gun and see how long it takes for some hyper-ventilating twat to call the cops on you. Same can be said for concealed carriers if someone gets a peak at your gun.

              Our permissive gun laws are a holdover from a bygone era that just hasn’t been “corrected” by our current crop of progressive leaders yet. This, I fear, will give them the excuse to do just that.

          2. What would have made it even easier to hit him was the 50 other people in the theater running around screaming. Oh, and the smoke, and possibly the people crashing into you while trying to run away.

            1. i doubt people were running around screaming after he shot the first one who tried to leave.

              If everyone had simultaneously got up and ran or charged him, I doubt he would have been able to hit so many people. No doubt what happened was people sat there and got shot.

              1. It’s good to know that you would be 100% calm and rational in an extremely fucked up situation, John. Unfortunately, not everyone can be as superhuman as you.

                1. No Episiarch, you freeze in those situations. The sound of a fun going off, especially in a closed space cuts right through you. You would think you would freak out and run. But in reality most people are paralyzed with fear.

                  1. For me, John, the sound of fun going off always makes me want to hug someone.

                    1. It paralyzes me with fear. The sound of a gun going off makes me want to hug someone. But for most people the reaction is the opposite.

                2. If people were calm and rational and not stunned and paralyzed with fear, they would charge him or run.

                  1. And being in the front of a mob of people charging a guy with a loaded ‘fun’ you’d practically guarantee yourself a trip to the morgue. Not everybody is interested in dying to save some strangers.

                    1. Exactly Sparky, that is why no one does it. And why when he shot the first person who tried to leave, the rest stayed where they were.

                    2. A Ghurka would have decapitated him with one of their knives.

                    3. Those buggers could probably do it with their bare hands, they’re so hard. Exhibit A

                    4. I find it hilarious john spends multiple posts mocking those who try to use these events to make political points, then immediately uses the event to make a political point. Or at least tut tut moviegoers shooting skills

                    5. Could it have been any worse if someone had been able to shoot back Gilmore? There are cases where shooters like this have been shot dead by one of their potential victims being armed.

                      Why is that not a valid point?

                    6. “” Could it have been any worse if someone had been able to shoot back Gilmore? There are cases where shooters like this have been shot dead by one of their potential victims being armed””

                      Of course. And the you have no idea who might have been armed or what they practically could have done. Your charles bronson ideal is not necessarily a reality.
                      Many CCW advocates say the first priority is to get yourself out of the situation: not start blazing away in a dark crowderd theatre. My comment was not addressing that anyway: it was pointing out how quickly you went from decrying opportunists, then immediately set up a soapbox yourself.

                      Why is that not a valid point?

                    7. It is not valid because I am not being opportunist. If I am being opportunist, then anyone who says anything is being opportunist.

                  2. Apparently a couple of Navy on furlough men were among those killed. So even military training doesn’t guarantee a calm and rational response.

              2. If everyone had simultaneously got up and ran or charged him, I doubt he would have been able to hit so many people.

                Holy fuck John, IF everyone rushed him? Are you actually reading what you write?

                Most sane people run away from danger unless they have no choice. I would rather that a CCW did manage to take this guy down, but you’re just barking tuff gai out your ass at this point.

                1. JW,

                  Have you stopped reading the posts? Which part of “and ran” is so hard to understand?

                  And read the other posts. That is my point. In those situations you are paralyzed with fear. The first time he shot someone getting up, no one else was going to get up. the only hope at that point was someone having a gun and shooting him. That is it.

                  1. That is my point.

                    What the fuck is your point, exactly? Enlighten me.

                    You know what John? I know that I have no fucking clue what I would do in a situation like that and neither do you. I don’t know if I would drop and huddle, run or try and grab him if he got close enough and I thought I stood a RCH of a chance. Most likely, I would be overwhelmed with the shock and inputs and frozen with indecision over flight or fight.

                    Speculating as to what an audience of complete strangers would do under the reported conditions, especially at such early reports, to stop this supreme nutjob and protect themselves and/or their kids with them, is beyond fucking idiotic.

                    Holy fuck, aren’t the assholes in the media playing the blame game enough for you?

                    1. How is this playing the blame game JW? The facts are that these types of shootings have been stopped by the odd armed citizen in the past. Doesn’t mean it would have this time. But it might have. And the fact that it might have puts total lie to the idea that this happened because there are too many guns. That is the point.

                    2. How is this playing the blame game JW?

                      Bloviating about what someone in the audience *might* have done, *could* have tried, in the absence of any good information is stupid and pointless. All that’s missing here is you slapping one them for being so cowardly for not doing more.

                      At least these kinds of tragedies are good for the armchair quarterback tuff gais.

                    3. The facts are that these types of shootings have been stopped by the odd armed citizen in the past.

                      In a dark, crowded enclosed space?

                    4. It is easier to shoot someone in an enclosed space that at range Tulpa.

                      And JW, who is calling anyone a coward? Things would have not been worse had someone in that theater been armed and they probably would have turned out better. What is wrong with pointing that out?

                    5. What is wrong with pointing that out?

                      It’s pretty fucking obvious, John. Who here do you think disagrees with that premise? Other than Tulpy-poo that is.

                      I just don’t see the point in playing woulda-coulda here.

                    6. Have a look at this.

                      KUSA-TV reports that Holmes kicked down an emergency door at the theater, threw in some type of a smoke bomb and began shooting when moviegoers started to run. The bodies of the 10 people who died at the theater remain at the scene early Friday while police continue to investigate, the Denver Post reports. Sources at the Pentagon told Fox News that military service members were among the casualties.

                      Apparently the people were not sitting paralyzed with fear. Apparently, some were also not the helpless victim type.

                2. Yeah, it’s one thing to pick your spot. If I was there, assuming I’d be able to overcome the paralysis of fear, as a thinking individual who wanted to accomplish stopping this episode, I would wait until the crazy’s back was toward me and try to take him down from behind with some sort of grapple hold.

        2. Also consider that a decent number of people might have had their first reaction that it was some kind of elaborate opening day promotion in the theater, or special effects, in addition to the theater being dark.

    2. I ask again – was the theater posted as a “no guns allowed” zone? CO is a shall issue state.

      1. was the theater posted as a “no guns allowed” zone?

        Obviously not. If it had been, the shooter would have just kicked a pebble and gone home.

        1. Good point. And if he ignored the sign, he’ll have that charge hanging over his head.

      2. No, it’s not posted as a “no guns allowed” zone, at least from what I saw. I just went to this exact theater earlier this month on a trip through Denver to see the family, and the only socially aware sign they appear to have posted is “No Hoodies” on the front door. The reason for that sign being is that the theater is in a part of Aurora where gang activity is still somewhat common (I lived just down the street from the theater’s location for about 6 years during high school and college, and was stationed for another couple of years at Buckley AFB which is nearby). The mall right next door to the theater had a gang-related shooting take place in it about 7 years ago.

        The theater typically had an off-duty cop or two patrolling the area on the weekends in order to discourage gang throwdowns, but nothing that would actually prevent someone from bringing a gun into the theater if they so chose, at least if it was concealed. However, theaters typically have a “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” clause printed somewhere, so it’s not like you could walk in with your SW openly slung on your hip.

        1. That being said, they could have an “All Firearms are Prohibited on This Property” sign up somewhere, and I simply didn’t see it when I went there.

        2. At least here in PA, the only way they can enforce a CCW gun ban at a private establishment is to (a) throw you out and tell you never to come back, and (b) sue you for civil trespass if they really want to get nasty. Since the chances of being caught are basically nil, I suspect a lot of people are CCWing.

      3. Yes, the theater was posted as a “no guns allowed” zone.

    3. Well, there was this incident in Aurora back in April where an off-duty cop with a gun stopped a shooting from possibly getting worse.

      1. But I think that it is possible to surprise people in a dark theater, especially if they think it might be special opening night movie effects.

    4. It was dark and the killer used teargas before the shooting started. I doubt the cinema goers being armed would have made a big difference.

    5. Doubtful. The guy was probably a lunatic, not an opportunist. It might have ended the spree faster, but there’s no way of knowing. About the only thing that would have worked would be a group of people rushing him all once to disarm him, and knowing that they won’t all make it (and that’s assuming he doesn’t have a bomb or something).

  18. “You know what really gets me, as a Christian, is to see the ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs, and then some senseless crazy act of a derelict takes place.”

    For the editors of the wikipedia page on post hoc ergo propter hoc, I think after today you’re going to have a lot of new examples you can use.

    1. Et tu, FoE?

      I don’t really know how to make an acronym vocative.

      1. Watch it. In case you haven’t heard, I’m so on the verge of totally losing my shit today.

        1. What can I do to help make that happen? Be specific, please.

          1. Make a DC Comics/Star Trek crossover movie.

            1. You disgust me.

    2. “You know what really gets me, as a Christian, is to see the ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs, and then some senseless crazy act of a derelict takes place.”

      No one cares about your beliefs, but many do care when you use your beliefs to enact laws that violate peoples’ rights.

      Most of this stuff from the Right is a cheap political ploy. It works like this:

      1. Cite religious teaching/belief for some law/policy
      2. Get rebuffed from the oppo for using the law to force people to live against their own consciences
      3. Use the re-buff to paint oppo as anti-God, anti-religion, anti-morality
      4. Religious rubes lap it up

      The Left and the Right: using lies, fear, and bigotry to win elections since…. forever.

      1. any argument starting with “As a” is BS. The “rubes” don’t have to be religious…unless you are counting the gnostic chin-strokers of academia in that phrase.

  19. It’s nice to have a blank canvas to paint all our boogie men before inconvenient facts ruin it.

    I blame Occupy Wall Street and Catholic Nuns. Just because.

    1. I blame you, Drake. And your delicious coffee cakes.

      1. They are to die for.

    2. I blame the Illuminati, David Icke’s shape-shifting lizards from outer space, and whatever perfumer whored his/her talent to compose Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend

    3. i blame illegal aliens…and cAfFInaTeD drinks

    4. I blame that douche Bradley Wiggins and his ridiculous sideburns.

      Damn, that felt good.

      1. wait a sec…or actually alotta seconds since the sideburns are leading

        1. So what? He’s not a complete fuckhead because he’s going to win?

          I wish Chris Froome would pull a Lemond on his ass.

          1. froome’s under team orders

            1. You know who else was “just following orders”….

              1. the gun-nut in colorado?

              2. The asshat trolls* on this site?

                Gee, who could that be a reference to?

              3. Not Dietrich von Choltitz

                Is Paris burning?


            2. What, you don’t think Lemond was under orders to protect national hero and French champion Hinault? Shit happens, man. Froome wins the TdF and goes to another team where he can be the sole leader. And puts that douche Wiggins down a few pges. Win-win-win.

              There can be only one.

    5. I blame the whippoorwills.

  20. OF COURSE, violent video games are to blame. I just finished playing as a Vampire Lord on Dawnguard , I think I’m going to start biting and clawing people for real now.

    1. Don’t forget your bath salts!

  21. This would be the perfect time for the Prez to say Admina blah blah blah was responsible and bomb Tehran.

    Makes as much sense as anything else at this point.

  22. This is going to be an orgy of stupid. This is going to be Columbine all over again. There we had a three month long dialog about bullying and rich kids picking on those who don’t belong and school violence, only to find out that the shooters were the bullies and were full fledged terrorists who planned to blow up the school and go on a killing spree elsewhere.

  23. “Furthermore, the James Holmes for whom records were obtained by Breitbart News registered as a Democrat on June 14, 2011. He registered from an address in La Plata County, Colorado, and his status is listed as ‘inactive.'”…..d-Democrat

    1. You facts are interfering with the narrative.

    2. So we should blame inactive people?

    3. Who gives a fuck? No political group in the country believes in shooting babies. The man will be handled by the justice system, the way human garbage like him should be.

      1. And he’ll become a household name, have his face and crazy ideas splashed all over the news for a month. Mission accomplished.

        1. Exactly. I’d ignore the fuck and let him disappear into obscurity. Too much attention is paid to these nutjobs and the details of their lives. It’s not like most people want to understand what makes this kind of crazy; they just want to fit him into whatever class they already despise for convenient reinforcing of their existing biases.

          1. You are exactly right. People like Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley go to sleep every night happy in the thought they are famous. The media makes this worse by playing the shit out of these things. They are just telling the next nut “if you are tired of your pathetic existence and want to be famous, just go on a shooting spree and you will be remembered forever!!”

            1. Obviously, I’m not advocating that there be legal restrictions on reporting on these incidents or that the guy’s name be suppressed; I just think plastering his face and name everywhere and digging into his pathetic existence trying to understand him, well, that helps to create more killings, not fewer.

              I think a lot of these wackos would off themselves without killing anyone if the attention-getting element weren’t so huge. Not all of them, no, but I find it unlikely that many aren’t attracted by the idea of millions trying to understand them.

              Where are all those journalistic ethics we hear about? Why isn’t this one? Because making a celebrity of a psychotic murder is probably the single biggest factor (beyond people having this ability to go nuts) in mass killings–not video games, science fiction, Dungeons and Dragons, Republican affiliation, pornography, violent films, or whatever the heck they’re blaming this week.

              1. Notice journalists have no problem suppressing the race of a suspect if they think it might cause racial tension. But they will make any nut who goes on a shooting spree famous.

              2. And when I typed Mark David Chapman, I had to stop myself from typing John David Stutts. I actually started typing that before I realized it.

              3. “If it bleeds, it leads”

              4. The extents people will go through to warrant a wiki page.

                As for the media coverage enabling this behavior, I generally look at media coverage of these events as an extension of ourselves. We want this info, the media is just meeting a demand. I think it’s a natural response for people to try to “understand” tragedies like this. But if they’re right about “understanding”, they need to realize that this coverage is what the nuts craze.

                1. Pisses me off that John is no longer the most famous Holmes (you’re not even close Katie).

      2. I think the gist of the article is that some people in the media at least outwardly “give a fuck” and try to lay blame before doing any investigation.

    4. That’s good for saying that he’s not the random Tea Party guy that ABC or whoever Googled for, but don’t take it any farther than that. And it’s irrelevant either way what political opinions he may have had, since the craziness would be the determining factor.

      1. I’m gonna predict that if there is any sign the real shooter gives a rat’s ass about politics, that his ideas will be rambling and impossible to correlate with any established party or movement.

        Dude shot at least 60 people at a movie. He. Is. Fucking. Crazy.

        1. Does it matter what his politics are? Really? Say he’s an Obama supporter. Does that mean that all Obama supporters are about to go on killing rampages? Of course not.

          Also, the fact that one nutcase holds a political view doesn’t mean that you have to be psychotic to hold it as well. There’s nothing in American politics or culture that leads someone to go slaughter people at random. Just the crazy, which is a human problem, not a cultural or political one.

          I could see focusing on politics if the killer really made that the focal point of his attack, but that’s actually rarely the case. It usually takes some digging and stretching to shove these guys into a political bucket. Even McVeigh, who was politically motivated to some degree, defied any easy categorization.

          1. His political views are irrelevant.

            His choice of sports teams and breakfast cereals, on the other hand…

            1. At the rate the media is going, these evil nutcases will be endorsing products next. Yes, they can’t make the money from such endorsements, but others can.

          2. Of course it doesn’t, and it’s very irresponsible for anyone on any side to be speculating about possible motives or causes, especially when we barely know any facts yet. And it’s doubly irresponsible if this kind of wild speculation is being done by members of the so-called “mainstream media”.

      2. Hell, if I used leftist propaganda tactics I could surmise that this is a Dem wanting to deflect attention from Obama and his “you didn’t build that” statement.

  24. You know, the media’s self-destruction is largely coming from their crazy need to be “First!” It’s like blog-commenting–the first comment isn’t usually the best one.

    Personally, I would prefer news services that were late to the game sometimes or even all of the time but were consistently accurate and reliable.

    All the media sites that decided to “allege” that various Jim Holmeses might have done this have opened themselves up to substantial liability. Private figures and a totally reckless regard for the truth (since there are a bunch of people with the same name there, they know that they’re just guessing and, by the way, accusing someone who is likely innocent of mass murder)–great formula for writing big checks.

  25. Such speculation is, indeed, irresponsible. Especially since the cause of this tragedy, clearly, is sugary treats and the epidemic of childhood obesity. I mean taxes and Obamacare. I mean the War on Christmas …

  26. The humans who work for and talk with journalistic outlets are again rushing to speculative judgment


    1. With someone named Atherton Wing around, maybe I’ll start posting even more Adam Baldwin pics!

      1. It’s Mary, Kristen.

        1. thought i wuz mary

        2. And? Don’t her brainless posts deserve to be countered with brainless posts of sexy eye candy?

          1. Jayne didn’t fight Atherton. Mal did. Come on, dude!

            1. Mal is cool and nice-looking and all, but he ain’t no sex-on-wheels like Jayne Cobb. The hero of Canton.

              1. I bet you are going to that male stripper movie tonight. That is where my wife is going…with the girls…while I sit at home and watch crappy news coverage.

                1. No fucking way. Greased, waxed gym bodies DO NOT get me hot. Large hairy men shooting guns and scowling, on the other hand…?

                  1. (I mean on a TV show like Firefly, not in real life. I hope that was obvious.)

                    1. Damn, now I is sad 🙁

                    2. Nuts…oh, wait, I am married…nevermind!

                    3. And I haven’t shot and scowled since I got back from Iraq…so I am doubly disqualified.

      2. She gets banned, goes back on the bath salts and gets a new screen name.

        1. Exactly. Rinse, repeat.

          1. Call me Nostradamus. You guys seemed to think that the bell had tolled for her when they rolled out registration, and when I said no I was condemned as an ignorant usurper.

  27. What surprises me is that nobody has blamed his mother yet. She was quoted as saying “You have the right guy” without needing to know the details of the shooting. My prediction: She will be blamed as soon as she can be tied to a political party/ideology…

    1. I saw that. The kid didn’t have any prior record, so what could you do without locking up a bunch of other, innocent, loners and misfits?

      I really felt sorry for the mother when I heard that, imagining what was behind that remark. Not as sorry as I feel for the victims, obviously.

      1. so what could you do without locking up a bunch of other, innocent, loners and misfits?

        Like the did with the West Memphis Three?

  28. Guarantee this guy is a Browncoat and his favorite show is Castle.

    1. Is that possible? Wouldn’t that just make you a Fillion stalker. Is Castle still on? I quit watching once I saw the creepy tie-in ghostwritten novels in the store.

      1. It’s mindless fun. Plus Stana Katic.

        Also the chick who plays Castle’s daughter….woah.

        It’s not weird, I’m only five years older then her.

  29. if this is another shooter w extended mags…MAG CONFISCATION ALERT11!1!!11

  30. I’m waiting for a reporter to ask the theater goers, “Apart from that, what did you think of the movie?”

  31. Superstition and blatant disregard of logic reigns like a mythic monarch when simpletons judge shocking atrocity. I practically run from media coverage of these horrors. I cannot handle the mental rape of stupidity that pours from the media after these terrible tragedies.

    Let’s blame guns, heavy metal, erosion of family values, satan, the other political party, twinkies, drugs, and whatnot… Christ, maybe, just MAYBE, we have the occasional insane human being living among us and absolutely NOTHING can be done about it for any number of startling reasons.

    This is the risk of existence. Obviously, a heavily-armed police station 3 blocks away did zero to deter an insane creature so what can? Clearly, an armed or lucky citizen in that theater might have been able to stop the atrocity but the surer reality is we are vulnerable as humans and very little can be done to totally sidestep these rare horrific events.

    My heart goes out to those who lost their lives in this senseless catastrophe.

    1. Very well said.

    2. That was very agile, indeed.

      Well said.

    3. “Very well said” by itself is apparently spam. So I’ll try again.

      Very well said.

    4. Well said.

      Now’s a good a time as any to re-post what John Green said after his daughter was killed in the Arizona shooting:

      “In a free society, we are going to be subjected to people like this. I prefer this to the alternative.”…..Al6yrSe6So

      1. exactly – with freedom comes consequences. I prefer a dynamic, sometimes frightening, existence to a “cozy” prison.

  32. Much as I’d love to have fun with the OWS stuff, those guys are no more responsible than the Tea Party for this dude’s crazy.

    1. OWS people would be more likely to bomb a bank headquarters. Movie theater just doesn’t make a lot of sense for them. Plus they are against guns, so they wouldn’t use automatic rifles … more like molotov cocktails.

  33. Bill Warner told how the Batman movie portrays the OWS crowd in a negative vein, leading him to believe that may have been a cause behind gunman’s rage.

    Wasn’t this production in motion before the Occupy movement even started?


    2. There is an important story to tell here Fist. Stop fucking it up with your bourgeois facts.

      1. More violent acts from Occutard protests than there ever were from Tea Party events.

        And don’t forget the destruction caused by fools like the Earth Liberation Front.

        But, yeah, let’s just stick with the “right-wing is the only source of violence” meme, eh leftists?

        1. You and your facts.

          1. I know, John. I must be a racist, too.

    3. No, they were filming when OWS was starting up. They were thinking of doing some filming at an actual protest but didn’t.

      Some reviewers are saying Bane’s group and tactics resemble OWS. But that doesn’t mean it has anything to do with this kid.

  34. One thing that we can be sure of: this is a devastating confirmation of my existing beliefs.

    1. I feel a lot more like I do now than I did when I got here.

    2. Threadwinning. This little phrase can be a byline to virtually every major breaking story.

  35. These theories overlook the obvious conclusion: that he was a pagan, tea partying trekkie gamer who’d been bullied as a child

  36. *sigh* This would be funny if it wasn’t so utterly predictable, and likely to lead to new aweful legislation of some kind (stricter gun laws, etc). Pretty much everyone with a polical axe to grind is going to come out of the woodwork.

    Leftist blame the Tea Party. I’m sure by the end of the day someone will make the connection from this nutbar, to the Bane character from the movie, to the anti-rich OWS crowd (“he was trying to emulate Bane, who was a terrorist railing against the rich 1%ers, therefore OWS is to blame”, or something like that). Only weeks/ months from now will we discover that he was just a nutjob with no political agenda to speak of. Jared Loughner all over again.

    1. God I hope Reason doesn’t plaster his face on all of the stories about him. Loughner’s mug was bad enough.

    2. UPDATE 2: The Daily Mail suspects Occupy Wall Street

      I called it! Like I said: utterly predictable.

      1. If there is any connection to OWS, the media will just drop this story. It will immediately go to page 10, “just another nut with a gun in some place you will never go”.

        1. No it won’t John. They’d like to, but they can’t. They are a business and respond to consumer demand. And consumers always demand info on these sensational stories.

  37. The bee in my political bonnet is constitutional federalism, so I’m working out an angle that blames this on the usurpation of same by the federal government. Stay tuned.

  38. I blame superhero movies and their appeal to morons.

  39. There’s a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year….Now, we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes. But it’s Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.”

    Why not list the location and affiliation of every Jim Holmes in Denver? Is there a narrative ABC is trying to build here? No, they’d never rush to judgement! This is Brian Ross, a man of complete thoroughness and honesty.

    1. Would that be the same Brian Ross who’s a registered sex offender in South Carolina?

      1. OMG! ABC is harboring known sex criminals!

        1. Let the drone strikes commence.

  40. Watch the guy end up being a disgruntled X Men fan boy.

    1. If he was shooting people for trying to get up then I would say he was a crazed Batman fan boy who thought they were disrespecting his hero.

    2. It doesn’t matter what he ends up being… He’s mentally fucked. There is really nothing fucking wrong with being a disgruntled Xmen fan whateva. The concept of what a human IS whilst they horrifically kill really doesn’t fuckin’ matter cuz, well, his/her profile matches perfectly plenty of non-killers. The profiling business is dead. The only people who don’t get this are the saps in law enforcement… which is to be expected.

  41. BATH SALTZ!!!11!!1!one!1!

    1. Bath saltz purchased at a Tea Party rally. I think that might cause Chris Matthews might actually have an orgasm on the air.

  42. Is it bad that I am hoping this event totally destroys the movie’s box office?

  43. Ex-FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt on MSNBC says Holmes could be a “dark, Trekkie-like person.”

    I think he meant dark elf, or drow. Probably was confused by the ears.

    1. The preferred term is African elf. Drow is racist.

      1. “Who are you to say worshiping Llolth is a Chaotic Evil act? We are from different cultures with different values, yes, but there is no way to say which is better. The only reason we come into conflict is that your culture feels a need to wipe ours off the planet! Why can’t we just coexist?

        “Also, we’re going to sacrifice you to our demon mistress so we can become liches. It’s, uh, a traditional welcoming ceremony. Racist.”

        1. I’d actually put the crazy at a chaotic neutral. The evil implies some allegiances and sense of order. The CN is the alignment of the bonafide sociopath.

  44. I am going to speculate on crazed fan-boy, personally.

    Did you guys see the article about how they had to shut down the rotten tomatoes dicussion board because of all the death threats?

    1. So you agree with my suggestion that it was a crazed X Men fanboy? Would fan boys of other comic strips really resort to murder?

      1. Not being a comics fan I can hardly speculate. Perhaps it was a gay guy who is into the Twilight novels and he felt really picked on by the mean Batman fans.

  45. Has anyone heard Piers Morgans stupid rant about this? Can we just deport that blithering limey Eurotard already?

    And, is tweeting reserved only for the dumbest idiots on the planet? It sure seems to be the case.

  46. “In a particularly odd moment, several of Obama’s supporters in Fort Myers chanted ‘Four More Years’ as he concluded the decidedly apolitical event.”…..-is-limite

  47. Let’s try to find something unexpected and nice we can agree on. Like, say, actual good advice from Slate’s “Dear Prudie:”

    “Stop acting like a parody of a gender-studies course catalog and start acting like a loving wife.”

    1. A parody? How to you parody something that’s already a parody?

        1. THAT’S NOT FUNNY!!!

  48. It was probably a Hardcore Nolan Fan who felt that the rest of the crowd wasn’t paying the proper respect to the greatest man ever to film a movie.

    Seriously, Nolan fans are asshats. Just stop by Rottentomatoes or Collider to see there reaction to an even slightly bad review of anything Nolan has done.

    1. It is an odd event to choose to do a shooting. Maybe the fact that it was a Batman premier had nothing to do with it. Maybe he was just looking for a crowd. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Hazel is right and he is some fucked up fan boy.

      1. You know what would be mind-blowingly awesome?

        If he were a brony.

        1. That would be. But there are no reports that he was sobbing while he did it. So I doubt he was a brony.

        2. *gasp!*

          Maybe he was just trying to become 20% cooler!

          1. Welp. That didn’t work. “20% cooler/more awesome” is a thing Rainbow Dash says. Now you can’t unknow that.

  49. Have bath salts been blamed yet?

    1. Yes – Kaptious Kristen 11:27am.

  50. If it does turn out that the Mail is right and this guy is some kind of an OWS nut, boy is this event going to go down the memory hole. The silence will be deafening as soon as that fact comes out.

    1. So true. But just maybe it would make celebrities, like ironically Anne Hathaway, refrain from supporting groups that advocate class warfare.

      1. Dream on. They will just pretend it didn’t happen and go merely on.

    2. Im so happy you have found a flavor of baseless, politicized speculation that finally appeals to you, John

      1. Where did I say it was true? Is the work “if” such a difficult word for you to understand? And do you doubt for a moment that if this nut’s politics turn out to be wrong, the media won’t drop it?

        Do you even have a point other than to make Venamen like douchy statements?

        1. You said “if” which means you were speculating which is exactly what Gilmore said. Sweet merciful fuck John, do you have no comprehension skills at all?

          1. My god you are stupid Sparky. But you make up for it by being obsessive and annoying.

            Let me break down the sentence and explain to you what it means. The speculation was about the media’s reaction. I made a positive speculation about about the media’s reaction to a hypothetical situation. I was speculating about the media not the shooter’s politics. I don’t know what his politics are.

            Jesus you have gone in a few short weeks from being a mildly annoying center leftist poster to being appallingly almost Tony level stupid.

            Snap out of it.

            1. So you admit you were speculating. You dumb fuck, that was the entirety of Gilmore’s point: that you found something to speculate on. And your asinine response was that you weren’t stating fact, you were speculating.

              The only conclusion now is that you’re just another Mary clone trolling H+R for lulz.

              1. God you are pathetic Sparky. I am really sorry I apparently pushed you over the edge in those debates about the war in Afghanistan. You have turned into Mary.

                Take a Valium. Listen to some soft music. Do something or you will find yourself making Youtube videos about Reason.

                1. Hi Mary!

                  1. Do you plan to give us a link to your videos Sparky? If you can’t take losing an argument without being angry and bitter for weeks afterwards, don’t come on here Sparky. It is not good for your health or judging by your increasingly bitter and erratic posts, your sanity.

                    1. If you can’t take losing an argument without being angry and bitter for weeks afterwards, don’t come on here Sparky.

                      That doesn’t appear to have stopped you and your throw everything at the wall to see what sticks argument style.

                      Also, hi Mary!

        2. John|7.20.12 @ 12:23PM|#

          Where did I say it was true?

          the knowing forecast that the ‘libbrul’ media will try and bury the inevitable detail.

          Do you even have a point other than to make Venamen like douchy statements?

          Actually John, I really only ever pick on you, and that’s only on the rare occasion, as we usually agree about most things.

          I think what gets a laugh sometimes is that you don’t seem to be entirely self-aware that you’re more of a TEAM guy than you think you might appear to be. Sometimes you go off on a John-froth… today being a classic example. Others being “anytime the name sarah palin is mentioned”

          But to the point = my ‘douche-y comment’ (reeking of cleansing vinegar?) was simply ribbing you for a) starting off with santimonious distate for anyone projecting their ‘interpretation’ on the events… e.g.
          This is more than just the usual partisan bullshit. It is a representation of our elites’ insane desire to find a deeper meaning in everything.

          …. to B) …engaging in your own versions of ideological projection-speculation…

          John|7.20.12 @ 11:01AM|#
          …It wouldn’t have been a very hard shot. Especially since the guy was apparently calm and wasn’t expecting anyone to shoot at him.

          … oh, and he was probably a libbrul OWS guy too. THATS NOT SPECULATION!!!

    1. All that matters is getting the first report out to spread the narrative, the correction is never as widely discovered as the initial pernicious lie.

  51. How ’bout we just “speculate” that the shooter was a murdering asshole and let it go at that….

  52. I for one think this whole episode is quite clearly an Evangelical Christian response to the Broncos trading away Tim Tebow.

  53. jesus this is sad. The dead hadn’t even returned to room temperature and fuckwads apparently already know what motivated this guy.

    1. I’ll tell you what motivated him, and I bet I’m right: An irrational response to something and probably some clinical psychosis tossed in.

      Looking for reasons in irrational behavior is a fool’s errand.

  54. Bllomburg just puked into the conversation. He is putting cops at theaters today. And he asked BO and mittens “What are you going to do about this. It is obviously a problem across america.,”


    He has a punchable face.

    1. How many theaters had big midnight premieres for this movie? How many got shot up by some nut job? Oh yeah, 1. But that’s a “problem across America”. Go fuck yourself Bloomie.

  55. Well, at least that brainstem in Texas didn’t blame the theory of evolution. He didn’t…did he?

  56. I’m surprised no one is talking about that the whole gig is just like The Joker would have done in The Dark Knight. I call crazy guy pretending to be the Joker.

  57. Also, to be fair to Batman = can we not refer to him as the “Batman Shooter”?

    I mean, a) I don’t like to think of Batman as a gun-shooting guy, or of Batman getting shot. He’s Batman! and b) I’m not sure that Batman was a motivating element in the decision to go on a killing spree. I mean, maybe that’s *just what was playing* in ‘doomed-to-death’-theatre-3? Had he felt in a more lighthearted killing-spree mode, would we now be referring to him as the Katy Perry: Part of Me!-Shooter? i think not. I think a more accurate term describing him would be something along the lines of “Crazed Colorado Fucknut Killer-Guy”

  58. NPR’s coverage included a heavy dose of “What the President says” including a vapid quote from his speech, and asking his mouthpiece “How closely is the President following this tragedy?” of all stupid questions.

    The instinct to immediately turn to a politician for insight (!), sympathy, “leadership” (!!), comfort is bad — bad for the politicians elevated to this role of “speaking for the nation” (to both politicians and reporters, the nation consists entirely of the political/governmental dimension) is bad for the politicians, bad for the political sector, bad for the nation. And bad for journalism.

    Someone remarked “It’s better than asking Dr. Phil to psychoanalyze the tragedy,” but Dr. Phil can only do so much harm. As we have seen so often in the past, the political/governmental sector can do so much more harm.

    The amusement for libertarians will be seeing the inevitable calls for more regulation, even after discovering that, as is likely, the shooter had no record that would have denied him access to weapons under current law, and no law proposed now will have stopped him either. If he has mental health problems, the leftist history of leaving mental patients to roam the streets will be ignored.

    Tragedies like this bring out the worst in our institutions, it seems.

  59. Does anyone want to discuss the possibility that these apparently psychotic massacre episodes accompanied by evidence of a high degree of rational tactical planning and training might be the product of clandestine psy-ops?

    If you wanted to terrorize a nation into accepting United Nations agenda 21 gun control, what better way than to find unsuspecting (or even sympathetic) and vulnerable patsies for use in a mind-control program?

    The technology and techniques for such programs have been under development for the last 60 years and have received intensive funding and support from various governments and quasi-governmental agencies (US, Russian and Asian defense and espionage agencies, and corporations like RAND, SRI, MITre, in conjunction with major research universities)

    1. Given the evidence so far i think it would be rash to you dismiss the “space ninjas”-thesis at this have point.

      1. (droid phone keyboard autospell make GILMORE type funny bad not good easy)

  60. Student loans. He is on the hook for several years of schooling. I’m suprised he surrendered, rather than opt for “student loan forgiveness by cop”.

  61. Common to all of these amply foolish guesses: they all seek to excuse the choice of mass murder by an educated man. What is behind the refusal to look straight at the issue of unspeakable male violence? What is with all the talk about the guns instead of talking about the man and his choice of violence? This country is in deep denial that when a white male commits unspeakable violence either on large scale like yesterday, Columbine, Va. Tech or the daily intimate partner murder suicide epidemic , there are two commonalities in how these horrendous acts are reported: all manner of excuses are mulled over AND the real issue is never spoken of at all: why is there so much male violence? The gun does not cause the man to murder, just as the family does not cause him to kill his wife, kids and himself–the man causes himself to choose such evil. As long as we remain in denial, shake our heads and look at guns INSTEAD of at the men who are choosing such evil. We can only expect more decimated families; thousands each year via intimate partner violence, and now, spates of inexplicable mass murders. What is making these men make such evil choices? We need to look squarely at the increasing lethality and frequency of male violence in this country and get to the bottom of it. We seem to need to look at anything EXCEPT the evilness that exists in these SEEMINGLY normal men who mow down others as if they were not human beings.

    1. Are you insane?

  62. It should come as no surprise and no shock that the Left and the political media’s first impulse concerning the horrendous attack on theatergoers in Aurora, Colorado last night ? is to score political points against conservatives. The ugly mask of hatred and deep-seated bias against constitutionally guaranteed rights is in no way limited to just the corporate owned press and media.


  63. It should come as no surprise and no shock that the Left and the political media’s first impulse concerning the horrendous attack on theatergoers in Aurora, Colorado last night ? is to score political points against conservatives. The ugly mask of hatred and deep-seated bias against constitutionally guaranteed rights is in no way limited to just the corporate owned press and media.


  64. The media should have blamed student loan debt since he was a graduate student. This would dovetail nicely into Obama’s plan of student loan debt forgiveness.

  65. JH grew up in an upper middle class family in San Diego suburb, graduated with honors from his high school, went to UC Riverside, did well with major in neuroscience, went out to Colorado Uni for pHD studies in neuroscience, but recently dropped out of the program. Most likely, he snapped, cracked, went over the edge, this was a planned attack, most likely personal psychological issues of being straight or gay man without steady lover. He killed because he hated life and he hated “other people” (”scare quotes” not mine but [sic] and therefore in his unReasoning mind, he wanted to take out as many people as he could to get back at humanity and make a few other people feel as bad as he did over the past few months or years. A good case for the death penality, IMHO, and I’m a liberal. Gun control too.

  66. I blame roads and bridges.

  67. Is it really that shocking to see the media blurring the lines between speculation and fact? Violence sells, and I am sure that this event will be milked for all it’s worth. Call me cynical, but I have a hard time believing that any of these agencies are truly searching for answers or justice for the victims. They will add to the hype surrounding the shooting, escalating emotions and leading the the creation of even more useless legislation that only serves to hinder the freedoms of law abiding citizens.

  68. If I could I would fast forward to later in the week after the point where some famous performer has gone back into rehab, somebody well known said something stupid, or whatever the Next Big Thing has happened and the media drops this story.

    Enough of the braindead media speculation already.

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