Obama Descends into Self-Parody

It's time for the president to give his hope-and-change act a rest.


After much soul searching, Barack Obama has figured out where his presidency has gone wrong—and he shared it with CBS's Charlie Rose and viewers across the fruited plain Sunday morning.

"The mistake of my first term—couple of years," the president allowed, "was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right." At times, Obama confessed, he'd forgotten that "the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times." He needed to do "more explaining, but also inspiring."

"Because hope is still there," the first lady added.

There you have it. Contemplating the policy wreckage that surrounds him, the president has concluded that what this country needs is a fresh injection of presidential hope. Like "more cowbell" in the old Saturday Night Live skit, it's the magic ingredient that makes everything better.

Obama considers himself a sophisticated and nuanced guy, so you wouldn't think his descent into self-parody would be quite so unsubtle.

Anyone else out there for the explanation that a lack of storytelling, explaining, and inspirational speeches was the great sin of the Obama presidency? According to CBS's Mark Knoller, in his first two years in office, the president clocked 902 speeches and statements and gave 265 interviews. Anybody who talks that much runs the risk of saying too much. Case in point, this gem from the president's speech Friday in Roanoke: "If you've got a business—you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." Inspiring!

To be fair, Obama didn't invent the juvenile notion of the president as inspirer in chief. But he has served as its reductio ad absurdum, relentlessly stoking irrational public expectations for presidential salvation, raising hopes that no human institution could possibly fulfill.

Some political scientists attribute declining presidential popularity to the "expectations gap"—the vast distance between what the public expects of the president and what he can realistically deliver. No chief executive in modern memory has done more than the Yes We Can president to boost expectations and widen that gap. Obama seems oblivious to the fact that those irrational public expectations are a large part of his political problem.

It's a bigger problem for the rest of us. Our investment of hope in a presidential savior leads us to do less for ourselves. It encourages a dangerous concentration of power in an office primarily designed for faithful execution of laws passed by Congress. Frustrated by his inability to deliver the miracles he's promised, the modern president continually pushes the limits of his authority.

Obama began his unlikely rise to power with an inspiring speech: "Hope—hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity of hope!" It's "God's greatest gift to us," then-state Sen. Obama proclaimed in his 2004 keynote address to the Democratic National Convention, this "belief in things not seen."

That was always a silly notion, and it seems sillier still in hindsight. Leaving theology out of it, our ability to observe, reason and judge seems a sounder and safer guide to presidential performance.

On the campaign trail last time around, Obama pledged, among other things, to provide "a cure for cancer in our time," to deliver "a complete transformation of the economy," "end the age of oil in our time," and, perhaps most quixotically, to "fundamentally change the way Washington works."

Three and a half years into Obama's tenure, you can see why he'd rather "tell a story to the American people" and hope for "the belief in things not seen."

Gene Healy is a vice president at the Cato Institute, the author of The Cult of the Presidency, and a columnist at the Washington Examiner, where this article originally appeared.

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    1. Well I had sex with your wife!

      1. Who hasn’t?

        1. *raises hand* I don’t like the smell of spinach.

  1. I got a fever!

  2. “Tell a story.” Interesting, because that’s often a parenting euphemism for lying. “Don’t tell me a story!”

    1. “Storie” (IOW lies) are all he has. What’s he supposed to do: campaign on his accomplishments?

      1. Want my honest opinion? He should resign in disgrace as the worst president since at least Nixon. And I’m being charitable.

        1. Nixon at least had a certain sisnister competence.

          1. He was like a super-villain president, which isn’t all bad.

            1. Nixon for all his villainy, never assassinated an American citizen and none of his scandals resulted in anyone’s death. Obama in contrast…

              1. Agree completely. Nixon is not the worst president of my lifetime, not even the top three, and ideologically, except for the anti-communism, we couldn’t be more different. He was a very competent executive.

                1. He’s got a list of bad stuff. Like price fixing.

                  1. I agree, price fixing, EPA, affirmative action bureaucracy and enforcement, his ideology was far too technocratic pragmatism for my blood, but he still was better at the job than LBJ, Obama and George W., Carter and perhaps George H. too.

                    1. Oh, and severing the Gold window. Another shitfactor on his list, yet, still, the other four or five guys listed above were worse.

                    2. Yeah, Nixon was horrible on the economy, horrible on following Kissinger’s lead on international relations, and a paranoid crook.

                      I put him near the bottom. Carter turned out to be better in some ways than Nixon.

                      Just because there are a few worse than Nixon doesn’t change the fact that he’s near the bottom of the barrel.

                    3. George HW Bush was a hundred times better President than Nixon. Bush got us through the SL crises and basically laid the ground work for the boom that followed him leaving office. Without the 1990 budget deal, no way is the Republican Congress able to curb spending the way they did.

                2. Price and wage controls was one of the most communist policies in US history and all Nixon.

                  1. In peacetime, perhaps, but don’t forget that FDR’s similar policies in the WWII era gave us a good push down the road to the health care mess we are in today, which promises to become perhaps THE most communist policy in US history under Mr. Obama. The latter stands on the wheelchair bound shoulders of giants.

                3. Agree completely. Nixon is not the worst president of my lifetime, not even the top three…

                  Yeah, He’s the worst at least since FDR.

                  Among his “accomplishments”:

                  Created EPA

                  Initiated Affirmative Action

                  Created the Inflation spiral by renouncing Bretton Woods and severing the last link to gold.

                  Started the Drug War

                  Wage and Price Controls

                  Domestic surveillance of non criminals

              2. “none of his scandals resulted in anyone’s death”

                I disagree.

                1. They didn’t kill her you fucking weirdo.

              3. Nixon ended the draft. He’s a fucking hero compared to Obama.

            2. Lex Luthor!

          2. Unlike me (sigh).

          3. Nixon properly ended the Vietnam war, opened China and ended the draft. What has Obama done?

            1. killed alotta of our enemies

              1. As if George Bush or McCain wouldn’t have. So the only thing you have to say for him is he didn’t surrender the country to our enemies? Really?

                And oh by the way, when Bush killed our enemies it was a war crime. When Obama does it, it is a reason to re-elect him. Good thing you are not a pathetic partisan hack or anything.

              2. Nixon killed more. Is that the measure of a good president?

                1. john’s question was “what has obama done”?

                  my answer is factual.

              3. Then you must just love GWB, Urine.

                And I’m gonna have to request a citation on the “enemies” claim.

                1. no, GWB invaded the wrong country.

                  iran had the nukes next door.

                  1. Is this performance art or trolling at it highest levels? Your golden boy stayed in Iraq and Afghanistan and has expanded his Death-From-Above program to Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and a few other nations.

                    Bush may have invaded the wrong country, but Obama has done a bang-up job of staying there and expanding our war machine to even new nations. Fuck you, urine.

                    And I like the whole “Iran had the nukes next door” comment. It sets you up well for the fall when Obama sends troops in because he’s getting his ass kicked in the election.

                    Eat shit and die, you partisan fuckhole.

              4. And a lot of our own soldiers too.

                Current tally: 1412 in Afghanistan (the good war).

            2. Properly ended the Vietnam war?? What exactly is “properly”? If you mean laid the groundwork for the NVA to invade both South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos resulting in the deaths of over a million innocent civilians as being proper then yes. But if you didnt know about the disgraceful epilogue to this little bit of American history then you have little business talking about Vietnam. Thats the kind of comment I would expect from idiots like Jane Fonda.

              1. With that mentality, we should never leave Iraq or Afghanistan then.

                I don’t care what happens, Libertarians don’t believe in forced charity and staying in Vietnam caused them to hate us anyway. We didn’t exactly build our democracy, Brah.

                The humanitarian angle doesn’t work around here.

  3. This does nothing to help me sort out which of Obama and Romney is the douche and which one is the turd sandwich. Clearly, Obama gets the first pick, on audacity alone. But he is all over the map.

    1. Romney is a douche but Obama is a turd sandwich. He stinks, makes you a take a bite, and fucks up everything around the place.

      What’s so bad about douche? That it’s an ineffective snatch cleaner?

    2. Well, I like being able to call Obama Il Douchey. And being a former hard-leftist turned aggressive corporatist police-state shitweasel, it seems fitting. So that leaves Romney with the turd sandwich label (which also helps us avoid a charge of racism, so bonus).

      1. Pigeons poop white.

        Just sayin’

  4. But seriously, the level of arrogance and conceit from this man may be entirely unprecedented. And the lack of introspection is terrifying.

    1. But seriously, the level of arrogance and conceit from this man may be entirely unprecedented.

      1. SF’d the living fuck out of that link.

        1. I know. The whole post was fail. I was doing about 5 different things at the time. Once I saw what a mangled wreck the post was, I stopped and completed my other tasks. I’d try to repost, but the spirit is gone.

          1. But…you did repost so WTF 😉

    2. Bush openly flouted introspection and portrayed Americanness as nothing but arrogance.

      1. Oh yeah, and Obama is the very picture of humility.

      2. Wait, the left portrays Bush as an ignorant hick and then also says he flouted introspection and was arrogant? Make up your mind. You can’t have it both ways.

        1. And Obama is a picture of “introspection.” Please.

          I want to know exactly how he’s improved foreign policy.

      3. If introspection results in Obama’s identification of his problem as ineffective story telling maybe introspection is overrated.

        Or maybe he’s just doing it wrong. Maybe can write a song to help him out?

  5. The best part is how his sycophantic followers will shill like never before to pretend this isn’t so. The shilling will be epic.

    1. It would help if people had to be, you know, won over before they followed.

      1. Why? That’s what partisanship is all about. No thinking necessary. Partisans don’t have to be won over, they just get told who their TEAM’s nominee it, and viola, that’s their guy.

        1. It would help the cause of not sucking if people would behave that way.

          Remember when Clinton responded to 1994 by acting almost entirely like a Republican for most of the rest of his presidency? You wouldn’t know it from the way the left oohs and aahs over him. Same thing will hold true if Obama decides to legally declare corporations to be individuals, with voting rights and everything else.

          1. He’s such a great compromiser!

          2. Good observation Libertate. The same is true of Bush (and the left is too partisan or ignorant to acknowledge it). What were the Bush administrations biggest accomplishments? No Child LEft behind, a big federal power grab getting involved in something that was ALWAYS exclusive to state control and Oh by the way a program written PERSONALLY by Teddy Kennedy. Then there was the Medicaid Drug Program which was nothing more than Obamacare light and the most expensive federal program EVER until Obamacare. Then there was McCain/Feingold which neutered Republican fundraising but pretty much left Democrat fundraising from the unions intact. Bush was a gift from heaven to the left and they were to partisan to admit it. The reason the deficit was so high when he left was mostly due to stimulus (definitely proven in the last 3 years to be the lefts answer to recession) and prior to that the deficit decline from about 400 billion to less than 200 billion. I have always held the postition that Neo-con and compassionate conservatism is just another word for liberal.

            1. Bush was a fine Democratic president–I agree.

            2. I have always held the postition that Neo-con and compassionate conservatism is just another word for liberal.


              Fuck em.

          3. I remember when Clinton attacked Kosovo. Part of the debate surrounded on whether he should be tried by the international criminal court while The Economist claimed his decision was as close to altruism a state can achieve.

        2. But this is bad even for partisans. Even Clinton and Bush never commanded this kind of brain dead loyalty.

          1. I don’t know, John. It seems like braindead partisanship is just getting worse and worse. There is seemingly literally nothing that a politician can do, no matter how much it is against the supposed beliefs of their TEAM, that will alienate their sheep-like followers. But I suppose that’s the endpoint of partisanship; it has nothing to do with principles whatsoever, and just with your TEAM winning power.

            1. I remember the Clinton years. Back then liberals were pissed he sold them out. They admitted it and admitted they hated defending him. Now they don’t even do that. At least they used to admit their guy fucked up, even if they still supported him. No liberal I know will admit to any flaw in Obama. At most they just quietly look away and change the subject.

              1. I think you are remembering selectively, John. Remember how feminists who would have gone nuclear on someone else for “taking advantage” of an intern just shrugged about Lewinski? Stuff like that.

                Partisans are principle-less scum, and always have been. I think it’s just more clearly seen now with the internet.

                1. That was the first time I was shocked by a partisan reaction that made absolutely no sense, given their stated positions.

                  People could still hold their nose and support whoever on the “least evil” logic, but they don’t have to go into mindless support mode. I don’t get that at all. I’ve sent money to and have voted several times now for Ron Paul, but I have no problem criticizing him.

                  1. Pro,

                    That is because you base your political views on what you consider to be rational opinions rather than as a vehicle for feeling superior to the other side.

              2. I think that was a part of the popularity of that crappy TV show The West Wing. “President Bartlett” was the Bill Clinton of liberal dreams that the real Bill Clinton didn’t quite measure up to.

              3. It would take a rather egregious action on the president’s part to get liberals to support Republicans. That’s not hypocrisy, it’s practicality. You know as well as I that there are only two choices, and that entails a lot of compromises.

                Not all of us can be pure snowflakes like Epi.

                1. It would take a rather egregious action on the president’s part to get liberals to support Republicans.

                  Something really serious like assassinating an American citizen or starting an illegal war or illegally selling guns to Mexican drug gangs for political purposes.

                  You mean something serious like that?

                  Oh god you are so stupid Tony it is almost not even fun anymore.

                  1. Tony’s professed fealty to the Welfare State trumps all other liberty concerns, including the War on Drugs and the War on Terror. As long as the Democratic Party continues to keep the government spigot on full blast, they will have people like Tony’s support.

                  2. I’m so stupid because those things aren’t enough to get me to support an inevitably bigger warmongering fuckup?

                    Our government does many bad things and always has. My immediate concern is not having a complete moron with his finger on the button (again).

                    1. No one wants you or Democrats to support Romney. The complaint is that people do not speak out against things Obama does that they normally would disagree with and try and get him to change. It’s about partisan arguing, not for whom you vote.

                    2. There are no more cogent critics of the president than liberals. Try reading them sometime. The Nation’s a good mainstream liberal source. Glenn Greenwald is so principled he can barely see straight. I don’t deny that liberals are more forgiving of Obama than they were of Bush, but is that really more of an intellectual crime than conservatives actually being for all those bad things in principle? They don’t criticize the president over drone strikes, they just call him a Muslim and such.

                    3. Greenwald is continually ripped by many people on the left for daring to go against Obama. And that says nothing about what’s been said by left-leaning sources about Greenwald’s occasional liason with the CATO Institute.

                    4. You’re a socialist Tony.

                      It’s that simple. Leave me the fuck alone, I really don’t care if you believe in this shit but don’t force your views on others.

                    5. My immediate concern is not having a complete moron with his finger on the button (again).

                      What, exactly, is it that leads you to believe Obama is not a moron?

                    6. Tony, are you insinuating Bush was a moron? Gee, I gotta say, Obama seems pretty trigger happy. Right. He’ll be more “introspective” before he presses it.

                      You’re always good for a face palm, Tony.

                  3. I read a liberal claim fast and furious was a conservative “talking point.”

                    From where I sit, that shit they pulled is pretty serious. Damn serious especially it’s being alleged about 300 Mexican citizens were killed as part of it.

              4. You that’s interesting John because now that you mention it, liberals were far more respectable and digestable back then. What happened?

                Under Obama they just seem so damn annoying.

            2. I guess you never REALLY listened to talk radio. Almost everyone I listened to excoriated Bush on the prescription drug bill and the stimulus.

              1. You want hypocrisy in spades just go to the next San Francisco anti-war rally, scheduled for when the next Republican President takes office.

                The last big rally was when Bush was going out the door. Thru the surge in Afghanistan, the bombing of Libya, the expansion of drone killing – nada. It’s almost like they’re not anti-war, just anti-Republican. Not sure I need the ‘almost’.

        3. Viola like the instrument or Viola like from Twelfth Night? They’re pronounced differently, you know.

          1. I thought she was called Voil

          2. I can’t use accents on my vowels. Because of Mary. So thank her.

            1. I don’t think Viola carries an accent.

              1. I just wanted to point out that we can’t have nice Unicode things because of shithead griefer trolls.

                1. But ProL and I just wanted to point out that u haz a moar grave error than a mere absent accent grave. And now my recommended daily value of spelling nazi has been met, so thank you.

                  1. I think I’ve had just about enough of your pedantry. And I know I’ve had enough of ProL’s.

                    Also, you didn’t capitalize Nazi, so you’re worse than Hitler.

                    “Calm down, Hitler. Do you think Ron Howard just wished Willow was great? No…and yet it was.”

                    1. No one expects the Pedantish Inquisition!

                    2. If you’re capitalizing Nazi, should you capitalize Spelling or Grammar too? There needs to be an intertubez style guide for this shit.

                    3. As usual, Episiarch is less than accurate. Although the OED prefers the capitalized usage, the “nazi” usage is generally accepted in the U.S. if you aren’t talking about the political organization.

                    4. Right. Kind of like the small and big “l” libertarians.

                      A small “n” grammar nazi doesn’t necessarily support the party, but does believe in rounding up misplaced apostrophes and putting them in camps.

                2. Aka “Mrs. Kravitz”, I’ll wager.

        4. But that’s the best part! You never have to think for yourself ever again if you’re a partisan! Just sit back, relax, go with the flow, and mindlessly repeat the talking points.

      2. I have always dreamed of voting for a black man for President.

        1. He won in part because of this.

    2. Who taught you to use words like sycophantic?

      1. I learned it from watching you!

      2. Sycophonic: Voting for a president that sings to you.

        1. As opposed to psychophonic, which is what you hear when all of us sing. See also: cacophony.

          1. Cacaphony: The Opera of Fake Pooping

            1. You know when you’re alone and you laugh hard enough that even you are embarrassed for you? This was that.

              1. I’ve been in a sniglet mood today.

    3. The shilling is already epic. A friend sent me a list of Obama’s accomplishments, which I stopped reading after “Formed a commission to identify wasteful government spending.” Wow, no President ever did that before! And the results of Obama’s efforts there have been so meaningful!

      1. I formed a commission once, but that’s another story.

        1. [Sandi]
          I took a commission in DC once.

        2. Last time I formed a commission, I had to plunge the toilet to get it to flush.

          1. Dammit, Spoon!

        3. I was a commission-former like you, once. Then I took a deficit to the knee.

  6. “Sen. Schumer tells Bernanke to stimulate economy before November”…..le/2502356

  7. The Obama Administration has always been about self-parody. The problem was most people weren’t getting it the first couple of years, so he had to turn it up for this election cycle.

    1. I have been pretty hard on SNL and the late night comedians for not just killing him. But really when you think about it, Obama is kind of beyond parody. What could a comedy writer come up with that would be any more ridiculous than the stuff he actually says?

      1. They are more concerned with getting him on as a host (which I would be willing to almost guarantee happens before the election) than they are parodying him like they did every President before him.

        Seriously, $20 says he will host SNL before the election. Any takers?

        1. I would put the odds of that at least at 50 50. And no question they would let him if he wanted to.

        2. Cameo, not host. A la Bill Clinton’s saxophone.

          1. Perhaps, although there was no Twitter around when Slick Willie went on, and it was pre-9/11. Obama just can’t help self-promoting and the security to get on there for him to pull a pop-in would be too tight for the cat to not get out of the bag early.

          2. A la Bill Clinton’s saxophone.

            You realize that would require some kind of talent, right?

        3. Might not have enough of a time window before the election, when do fresh episodes start?

      2. The Daily show has been surprisingly rough on him.

        1. It’s too hard to resist – even for a lefty like Stewart.

        2. Agreed, but only since the FyF thing just blew up and they claimed executive privilege. Stewart has bowed and scraped at the Obama’s feet for 4 years (both of them), having only come around recently.

          You wait and see, Obama will be back on with Stewart getting rimmed before mid-October.

          1. Stewert took him to task pretty hard on the drone-killing “secret list” deal. I hope he keeps his new-found disillusionment.

            1. Yeah, he’s been almost Greenwald-esque in his disillusionment on the civil liberties stuff. Not that sloopy isn’t right that he’ll be back on board in October.

            2. Several years ago he called the Democratic Party “a machine that turns hope and change into failure and disappointment.”

              What keeps Stewart good is that he’s at least a true believer (in things I think are stupid), and he’s willing to call out Obama for failing to do what Stewart stupidly wants.

              1. And that is my problem with Stewart. He criticizes Republicans for being stupid and evil and Democrats for not being liberal enough and too much like Republicans.

                It is not that he shouldn’t be able to do that. It is his right. Or that he is not funny. He can be. The problem is his pretensions at being anything but a partisan hack. If he would just stop insulting people’s intelligence and admit he is a partisan hack, he wouldn’t be so annoying and people of both sides could enjoy him for what he is.

            3. Stewart deserves credit for having th guts to do it. He’s more credible than a lot of sycophants on TV. As for SNL, you would need someone like Dennis Miller there to push the conservative angle. Ferrell, obviously, takes/took an anti-Bush stance hence all the Bush skits.

              Armisen does a great Obama and should really hammer that.

              1. Oh, and Mad Magazine has gone after Obama.

              2. Stewart claims to be a socialist. But I don’t think he understands that means he should be socializing his wealth, not spending it on himself. That’s even in the Cliff Notes of socialism.

                1. I think you’re right there.

  8. “Sen. Schumer tells Bernanke to stimulate economy before November”…..le/2502356

  9. This is standard issue answer to this question. It’s the media equivalent of the classic interview question, “What’s your biggest weakness*?” Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. Hell, Bush said he couldn’t think of a single mistake he made after 9/11.

    * Which gets equally crappy answers like, “I work too hard”, “I care too much about my work”, “I’m a perfectionist”.

    1. That is actually a fair point. But even by that standard he still gave an amazingly tone deaf and stupid answer. The obvious answer is “we didn’t realize how bad things were until we got here and sometimes not even then” or something to that effect. Jesus anything but “I just didn’t give enough speeches”.

      1. You answer is probably better, but it would open him up to criticism of doing shoddy analysis*. The, “I didn’t sell my awesome policies well enough” is the “I work too hard” of stupid answers. It’s just as bad as “I can’t think of any mistakes”. Only an idiot would expect to get a straight answer from someone ambitious and mendacious enough to become a major party presidential nominee.

        * It’s like saying, “I’m a big picture guy” to your biggest weakness and opens you up to people thinking that you’re careless.

      2. It’s actually a little worse – PL’s point above about “tell a story” is pretty accurate to me: when someone tells you a story, they’re bullshitting you, or in its most harmless for feeding you some fictional account. So his answer really sounds like “I didn’t come up with enough fantasy.”

    2. I was gonna say that I would vote for any politician who told a reporter “That’s a clown question, bro.” But then the actual worst politician in the world had to go and ruin it.

      1. Damn it.

      2. I’m going to call your bluff.…..09803.html

        1. Youtube to the rescue

        2. A…Are you gonna call my bluff by not actually reading my post?

          1. It’s those internet reading skills, first sentence in and I’m done. Premature comprehension is what I call it.

            1. That was an Obama-level deflection of responsibility. Kudos to you, sir.

          2. PWN’D

    3. It’s the media equivalent of the classic interview question, “What’s your biggest weakness*?”

      I’m sure Obama would answer, “My biggest weakness is that I care too much,” which, by the way, is the answer I gave when asked that question by my current employer.

      1. “What’s your biggest weakness*?”

        “My good looks, intelligence, compassion, and competence are frequently intimidating to my coworkers.”

        1. I’m going to steal that for any future job interview.

    4. “I’m not perfect. Sometimes I forget just how great I really am”

    5. “What’s your biggest weakness?”

      My cock just won’t stop fucking. It’s like a gas-powered anaconda with epilepsy.

      [doesn’t make second round of interviews]

      1. I’m guessing you have difficulties getting through the TSA checkpoints what wiht having a bioweapon strapped to your leg and all?

      2. How would I describe myself? Three words: hard working, alpha male, jack hammer. Merciless. Insatiable.”

        Dwight Schrute.

    6. “I’m sure I sometimes leave behind DNA, but since they don’t have anything to tie it to me, I’m not too worried.”

  10. it aint about policy when the gop chants “no nein nyet” to *THEIR OWN POSITIONS* when obama agrees w them.

    1. [citation needed]

      1. cap n trade, carbon sequestration, the individual mandate…it goes on

        1. All of which were positions only discussed and held by some in the GOP, and were never official party positions. Next.

          1. But if ONE person of TEAM I DON’T LIKE has a certain position, then ALL of them mast share it, damn it! Otherwise I’d have to research what individuals actually think, and researching is hard


          2. shorter papaya; gop talk = nothing

            that’s even worser than running away fm one’s own positions!

            1. Is it really hard to understand that not all members of a party hold the same positions, and that some may hold positions that are antithetical to the party’s platforms? Or is that too much for your ozone-ravaged brain to comprehend?

        2. BS…there may have been a very small percentage of GOP’rs that supported those things, but I’m certain it was far from a majority. That whole meme has been made up from the start. That is unless your view is that anything that isn’t completely in agreement with what my side wants, is a no.

          1. so ur NOT libertarian then?

        3. left wing tv meme bullshit.

          it trys moar harderz

  11. “Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., exhorted Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to stimulate the economy before November through some form of quantitative easing or other monetary policy, which Bernanke said could create jobs.”
    And the link doesn’t work, friggin squirrels

    1. You know, President Walken. . . . He’d be our first song-and-dance president.

      1. Unfortunately, every president since Silent Cal has been a song-and-sance president.

        1. No, no, I don’t mean that way. I meant literally.

    2. SNL sucked before Will Ferrell and has only gotten worse since he left.

      1. You obviously never saw it in the Belushi/Ackroyd/Murray/Radner days.

        1. No I did. I just thought SNL sucked back then too…not that it was the fault of gifted people like Murray, Ackroyd, or Radner (I still don’t like Belushi).

          1. I must log a strenuous objection to this comment. Though I will say that even old SNL was uneven. But comedy is hard, and no one is funny all the time, especially in groups.

            1. Damn you Gene Healy and your highly appropriate “cow bell” analogy!

              Look at what you’ve reduced us to!

            2. I’ve long believed that an SNL episode is only as funny as the guest. If you have a good guest who is willing to do most anything (Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, even Justin Timberlake) you will have some funny sketches written. If you have a one-dimensional guest (Katy Perry, although damn her boobs looked good in an Elmo shirt; Lindsay Lohan) it is a stretch to make things funny.

              1. Which was an advantage in the old days. They’d have improv people, Buck Henry, Python guys, et al. Far fewer people who made no fucking sense in the format.

          2. During the “classic” SNL days, I watched it often. Never sober, though, which may explain why I larfed so much.

      2. SNL has sucked since Eddie Murphy left. It’s so bad now that watching it makes you permanently unable to appreciate good comedy.

        1. I love Eddie Murphy and admit that the James Brown Hot Tub sketch was one of my favorite during his tenure, but I think SNL stifled him.

          Then again… he did make Pluto Nash…

          1. Come on. Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood? Kill my Landlord poetry? Fucking Buckwheat?

            Eddie was hilarious on SNL. He was probably the best cast member of all time.

            1. John David Stutts. President of his high school’s Future Assassins of America chapter.

            2. I loved, loved, loved the bit where Buckwheat got shot.

              1. “The Shooting of Buckwheat: America Stunned. [ dissolve to Texxon graphic ] Brought to you by Texxon. Life goes on. And Texxon is there.”

            3. I don’t deny that there were some great sketches over the years, but I stand by my comments that the overall SNL sucks.

              1. Overall? In any given year? Just what are you saying?

                1. No, RedDragon is right. SNL, even at the best of times, was an hour and fifteen minutes of mediocrity, hopefully punctuated by a few minutes of brilliance.

                  Now, it’s just one long solid block of atrociousness.

                  1. Even Python had stuff that didn’t work. I’d say the earlier SNL was about 30% funny, which isn’t bad for live, quasi-improv TV. And, of course, comedy is about taking some risks.

                    1. Python stuff that doesn’t work (and there actually is a lot of it) is at least bizarre, surreal, and therefore sort of mesmerizing for that reason alone. SNL shit that doesn’t work is terrible, and is always carried far, far past the point of tolerance.

                    2. One thing that helps Python is that they didn’t really have skits, preferring the free-flowing, no punchline structure. Really, has anyone done this effectively since they did?

                    3. That’s the only example at all that comes to mind.

                    4. SHould I also mention that I frequently watched Monty Python, never sober, etc.?

                    5. I look forward to meeting you at a government mandated rehab program in the near future.

                2. Any year that didn’t include Will Ferrell. And yes, I am willing to fight about it.

                  1. Wait, are you loving or hating Ferrell? Because he may be the worst cast member of all time. I fucking hate Will Ferrell.

                    1. I’m liking the years he was on SNL more than those that preceded or followed.

                    2. Oh, now you lose all credibility. Just like Obama!

                    3. Then you and I are mortal enemies. ProL, you can be my second.

                      (slaps RedDragon in the face with a glove)

                    4. Don’t take that as an endorsement of the man. Those years were the ones I remember as having the best guests and sketches. Yes, Will Ferrell has made a lot of crap, but I associate his time on SNL as the peak of an a very low mountain of comedy.

                    5. [Also slaps RedDragon in the face with a glove.]

                    6. [Turns the other cheek and asks for another.]

                    7. Sorry, I’m the second. You’ll have to seek out Episiarch’s third.

            4. I can’t believe you left out Velvet Jones!

          2. What is the story with Pluto Nash? I keep hearing how bad it was, and waiting for it to show up on TV or even cable to check it out, but it never does.

            1. I keep hearing how bad it was, and waiting for it to show up on TV or even cable to check it out, but it never does.

              It was that bad. No one wants to relive it.

              1. But many stinkers are endlessly repeated on cable, so why not that one?

          3. Then again… he did make Pluto Nash…

            Never Forget

        2. It was watchable, although inferior, during the Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey days. But it has been universally awful since. When Tina Fey is your funniest person, your show has real problems.

          1. Preach it Brother John. Hallelujah!

          2. What the fuck is a “Tina Fey”?

            1. A moderately attractive and generally over rated comedienne who got famous for being under rated only to then become insufferably overrated for being underrated.

              1. I just emailed that to my wife and one of my friends who are both big fans of 30 Rock. It’s the single best description of Tina Fey I’ve ever read, and sums up my feelings about her exactly.

                1. Tina Fey is fucking insufferable. I tried watching 30 Rock after people starting raving about it. I made it about 45 seconds into the episode before cursing every tasteless buffoon who praised the show and changing the channel. What absolute shit.

                  1. Fey is totally insufferable. And her magazine covers prove that professional photographers and photo shop can make even the most average women look hot. She is such an average looking 40 something mom. Yet they manage to make her look reasonably hot anytime she is on a magazine cover.

                  2. Seriously, no Palin mockery by her, no critical acclaim. It’s that simple.

                    1. And you know it has to kill Fey that she isn’t half as good looking as Palin. She got critical acclaim for being Palin’s homely cousin.

            2. The Palin lookalike.

              1. Wait, you mean that wasn’t Palin that said all of those silly things on SNL? Then why does the average HuffPo, NYT or WaPo writer/commentator still attribute them to her?

                1. Because for some reason, Palin made them crazy. I like that about her.

                2. Hell, the writer of the Lexington column in the Economist attributes Fey’s words to Palin. To be fair, fact check is beneath the guy or gal that gets the Lexington column. Maybe they shouldn’t have picked an O-bot?

          3. I’m a big Phil Hartman fan, and it sucks so much that he got murdered.

            Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.

            1. He had poor taste in women.

            2. There’s still a hole in my heart that only Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz can fill.

            3. Short but sweet skit featuring Phil Hartman. I don’t know why this one is so memorable to me, but I love it.

            4. Admittedly, they did poop humor well.

              Super Colon Blow and Oops, I Crapped My Pants

            5. Lost ending to Its a Wonderful Life. “Well what are we waiting for? Lets go get him!”

            6. One of my favorite skits was with Phil Hartman as Charles Heston reading the text for the audiobook of Madonna’s “Sex”, with Danny DeVito doing descriptions of the pictures.

            7. I really enjoyed Phil Hartman on Newsradio. That is what Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom wishes it could be.

              1. That was a funny show, no doubt.

        3. The Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Chris Farley days were great.

          1. There were a few seasons when they had Dana Carvey, Mike Meyers, Phil Hartman, Kevin Nealon, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and Chris Farley all at the same time. Hell, even Al Franken could be funny then.

            1. Al Franken is still funny. I hear he’s doing a standup act in DC these days. I catch him on a cable channel every now and then: “Comedy Central”? No, that’s not it, but I think its starts with a C. Very reminiscent of late period Lenny Bruce, the days when he was reading court transcripts.

              1. To be fair, who wouldn’t want to make faces behind the backs of Congress critters while they’re speaking? You never get too old for that.

                I wonder if AF has thought of putting up the bunny ears in the background. I think I’ll email him.

  12. “The mistake of my first term?couple of years,” the president allowed, “was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right.”

    Wait, this is real, not a parody? …How?

    1. He means the first couple of years when he had a supermajority in the Senate and a strong majority in the HoR, not to mention a sky-high approval rating? Jesus, he needs to resign from the Choom Gang and step back into reality.

    2. Seriously, he saying his biggest mistake was not knowing how to do his job, in a global sense. If my employer sat me down at the end of a FY for a performance review and I summed my performance weaknesses by saying “I just didn’t know how to do the job,” well, she’d probably be too gobsmacked for a coherent response. Later on she’d figure out a way to get rid of me though.

      1. Seriously, he saying his biggest mistake was not knowing how to do his job, in a global sense.

        It’s worse than that — it’s more like the guy who spent his entire time brown-nosing saying in his performance review that his biggest weakness was being too focused on getting things done, instead of playing office politics.

        I actually think he might really believe this shit. It reminds me of the episode of South Park with the fishsticks joke, where Cartman keeps re-writing history in his own mind in more and more narcissistic and delusional ways.

        1. So, you’re saying Obama is a gay fish?

          1. Yep.

  13. The audacity of hope!” It’s “God’s greatest gift to us,” then-state Sen. Obama proclaimed in his 2004 keynote address to the Democratic National Convention, this “belief in things not seen.”

    Personally, if your are going to believe in an all powerful and forgiving God that loves all mankind, I would think the greatest gift that he gave us was FREE WILL. The freedom to choose whether to believe in Him or not; the freedom to make our own choices; the very same freedom that government continually seeks to erode.

  14. Is Obama trailblazing yet again with all the foreign fundraisers in Switzerland and whatnot? While possible, I have a hard time believing that, say, Bush II did similarly without me hearing screams of protest.

    1. By any means necessary is the platform for the party, isn’t it?

    2. Well, it’s good to see that all that money in Swiss bank accounts will be helping at least one person keep his job.

  15. How is this news? The Dems have been trying to sell this same spin on Obamacare since it passed.

    1. Now the spin is “we need to move on”, “people are tired of talking about this”. I think even the Dems have given up on it being anything but a universally hated cluster fuck.

      1. Yes, indeed, we do need to move on. To an entirely new government. And a free market economy.

        1. You wingnut. Elections have consequences!

          1. Wingnut? He sounds like a terrerist to me!

            /Secretary Of Homeland Security

        2. Yes, indeed, we do need to move on. To an entirely new government. And a free market economy.

          Who would educate our children and build our roads?

          1. I dunno, someone competent?

            1. And the sign said the competent need not apply

              1. We need affirmative action for the competent. Won’t you give?

  16. Paul Ryan picks on the retarded kid on Facebook today.

    The President recently suggested that a central government ? not individuals ? deserves the credit for building successful businesses. This sentiment makes for terrible economics, but also reveals a confused morality. In a free community, everyone co-operates by voluntarily offering unique gifts: some invent, some invest, others labor, or sell while customers reward the best producers and providers by buying their products and services. Government has a critical role to play in this process: establishing rules that enable open competition and securing peace and order with courts, defense forces, first responders, teachers, infrastructure, and a safety net for the most vulnerable. Government helps create the space for innovation and prosperity, but government does not fill that space ? and it should not try to, as the last few years have shown us. Only free citizens create things that improve our lives. A free economy and strong communities are the best means to reward effort with justice, to promote upward mobility, and to build solidarity among citizens. The President’s vision of a government-centered society ? reflected in both his troubling rhetoric and his failed policies ? belittles fair rewards for labor and enterprise. To renew prosperity and rebuild our communities, we must recommit to the American Idea of freedom and justice for all.

    1. Well written, except he needs to make one correction:

      Government helps create the space for innovation and prosperity, but government does not fill that space ? and it should not try to, as the last few years century has shown us.

      Stop being partisan, Ryan. Team Red has done just as shitty a job.

      1. Ryan is a Congressman. Of course he is a partisan.

        1. Yes and Ryan did vote for TARP and his budget plans/medicare reform are pathetic.

          1. In a sane America, Ryan would be a statist joke. In the Bizarro America in which we live, however, he’s one of the better politicians.

            1. In a sane America, Ryan would be a statist joke. In the Bizarro America in which we live, however, he’s one of the better politicians.

              The entire country has become Seattle, where a progressive, affirmative action-supporting liberal is described as “right wing”.

              1. The whole “Romney is a radical” is really pathetic even by liberal standards. That is not going to fly beyond the 40% of the population who are so brain dead they will believe anything.

                1. The whole “Romney is a radical” is really pathetic even by liberal standards.

                  No shit. Everyone except Tulpa hates him because he’s not radical enough!

          2. They are still better than any of the other plans out there. He is the only one who seems to be willing to admit that we have a problem.

            And BTW, what were Ron Paul’s plans for medicare reform? I honestly don’t recall him having any. Seriously, when during his campaign did he ever say a word about them?

            1. They are still better than any of the other plans out there.

              Any?, even among elected officials the Rand Paul and DeMint plans were better. Outside of Congress there are many better.

              Ron Paul never got specific about the budget or MC/SS reform but his budget plan was deep immediate cuts (cuts in the future are bullshit) and said repeatedly that his plan was to let the young opt out of MC/SS and tide over those already dependent. None of Ryan/Romney “fix” shit. The programs need to be killed not fixed. I won’t vote for any candidate who doesn’t say up front that they plan to let me opt out.

              1. The programs need to be killed not fixed. I won’t vote for any candidate who doesn’t say up front that they plan to let me opt out.

                Then you don’t plan to vote for any candidate who will ever win. The programs are not going to be killed, ever. The only way to deal with them is slowly reform them over time, which Ryan’s plan did.

                It amazes me that a guy who wanted to turn medicare into a voucher program for private insurance is universally hated by Libertarians like he is some kind of communist. Nobody but nobody plays no true Scotsman like Libertarians.

                1. They aren’t reformable. You can only kick the can down the road.

                  And yes, I despise the voucher program as well. The problem is the generational theft from young to old not how the money is divvied up.

                  1. Read Ryan’s plan. It was going to take a while, but if you followed it the government would have been much smaller at the end of it. You may not like it. But to call him a ‘Statist’ joke is just stupid and makes you look like a fanatic.

                    1. I didn’t call him a Statist joke.

                2. John, that is because we hear the libertarian talk from Republicans often, particularly around election time (imagine that). But we sure as fuck don’t see any libertarian action.

                  Yes, I know that there are thousands of wonderfully good reasons why they couldn’t do it. And I’m sure they’re all the libertarians’ fault.

                  1. Not sure I’m following this. Ryan’s budget was passed by the HOR. No, it’s not pure libertarian, but John wasn’t making that argument either.

                    1. It’s not pure libertarian obviously, but it’s not even adequate.

                3. Maybe the point is that a voucher program for INSURANCE ignores and perpetuates the core problem of the gratuitous, government instigated centrality of insurance in American health care. Maybe it’s not a “no true scotsman” game at all. Maybe it’s a case of “all that glitters is not gold.”

      2. I would add, for corrections, eliminating the reference to teachers being a government critical role, at a minimum.

        1. seconded.

    2. Too many words.

      The President recently suggested that a central government ? not individuals ? deserves the credit for building successful businesses. He has it exactly backwards; the private sector doesn’t thrive because it depends on government, the government thrives on what it extracts from the private sector.

      Which is parasitic? A business that succeeds by giving you what you want at a price you can afford, or a government that succeeds by taking what it wants from you, by force if necessary?”

    3. Serious question: the government provides first responders? I thought EMTs were private. The Red Cross is private. Anyone with EFR training is private in that regard.

  17. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Slow news day.

  18. At times, Obama confessed, he’d forgotten that “the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people

    Actually, I think the president may have been telling a story right then.

    1. God what a prick.

      1. I fucking hate Mitt Romney, but it seems like everything the president does these days is calculated to raise him in my relative esteem. I’m stubborn enough to stick with GarJo, mind you, but I can see how a weaker person would give in.

        1. I can’t stand Romney. I have become totally ambivalent about this election. Some days I think good God we have to put this moron out of our misery. Other days I hope he wins so he can completely destroy the Democratic party. His second term is going to be an epic flaming train wreck.

          1. Just remember, if Obama wins:

            Three more Kagans on the Supreme Court.

            1. Maybe. But at least two of those will be replacing liberals anyway. Probably all three. I would imagine Kennedy, Scalia and Thomas would hold on for four more years.

              And forgive me if i don’t have a lot of faith in Romney’s ability to pick a justice.

            2. And if Romney wins, three more Roberts, right?

              1. Fucking backstabber.

              2. yup. On Romney’s website, Mr. Stare Indecisis Deference Roberts was the model for his nominees.

          2. His second term is going to be an epic flaming train wreck.

            Time to just get out of the way and let the fun start!

            1. If we weren’t tied to the tracks, I would be looking forward to it a lot more.

              1. Maybe you’re tied down towards the end of the track and the train grinds to a slow stop after crushing and mutilating the hopes and dreams of the T o n ys, O3’s and Mary Stacks of the world first.

                That’s my message of Hope and Change to you sir!

  19. As I believe I’ve asked before, what’s the deal with politicians posing like they’re some kind of fighter?

    Santorum had that cheesy picture with boxing gloves on, another one was Steve Israel (I think I first asked the “what’s up with that” question on the H+R post with that picture), and now here’s Obama punching in the general direction of the camera. I’ll give him some credit, at least he’s going bare-knuckled instead of using gloves, but seriously? Is he that desperate to look like a tuff gai?

    I’d still gladly step into a ring or MMA cage and go a round or two with him. I’ll even go easy at first, just so he feels like he’s doing well.

    1. As I believe I’ve asked before, what’s the deal with politicians posing like they’re some kind of fighter?

      Meh, politicians are going to play around, no big thing. Not the same as Santorum who actually put boxing gloves on.

      I prefer my politicians to do the double finger point thing.

    2. “Randy Couture’s record was 19-11. If Manny Pacquiao’s record was 19-11 he’d be washing dishes at P.F. Chang’s”. – Tosh.0

    3. I’ll even give him a few free punches, just to help out the poor guy.

    4. He thinks it looks cool, remember he is our first “cool” president. I think these poses look stupid and reflect on his view of the dignity of the office he holds.

  20. Sounds like a plan to me dude.

  21. Yes.

    If Obama had been more inspiring, the economy wouldn’t be in the shitter.

    That’s it.

    1. Perception is all; reality is meaningless.

      Many on the left don’t understand the meaning and the limits of “consumer confidence” in economics. I seriously think that a good number believe that the economy will be good solely if people think nice thoughts about the economy.

  22. “In his most recent financial disclosure from 2011, Obama and his wife reported having between $200,000 and $450,000 in the Vanguard 500 Index Fund, which invests in the largest U.S. corporations. According to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as of Sept. 30, 2011, the fund’s biggest holding was 8,272,039 shares of Apple Inc., then valued at $3.2 billion.”
    “Almost all of the 70 million iPhones, 30 million iPads and 59 million other products Apple sold last year were manufactured overseas”

  23. Of course, the major problem with Mr. Obama’s analysis of his underperformance is the fact that he’s, by and large, been very successful in getting his agenda either enacted or implemented through the executive. If the problem were a failure to inspire, one would expect a relative paucity in terms of getting what he wants. It’s simply that what he wants hasn’t worked and isn’t making many people happy.

    1. He needs four more years to fulfill his legacy.

      1. Because more of not working and general suckitude is just what we need, dammit!

  24. I’ve alwasys wondered who would portray Obama in his post-presidential biopic. Denzel? Samuel L. Jackson? Will Smith? But then I realized that there is that Hollywood taboo about “going full-retard”, so it would have to be done by someone desperate for work. Therefore, Wesley Snipes should be the favorite for the roll.

    1. Sidney Poitier.

      With all the CGI they could age-reduce Poitier’s face.

    2. No, wait. Chris Tucker could play Obama… it would be a comedy called Next Tuesday.

      1. That’s a good choice! I hope he goes full “Ruby Rod” in the role!

        1. You got yo’ ass knocked the fuck out!

    3. Nahh…if his history is any indication ol Wes positively hates taxes.

      I’m not sure he could pull off the role of Barry O with a straight face.

    4. Yo Ice T would be perfect!

      1. If we were going to go that route, I’d prefer Snoop Dogg.

  25. Fourth article I’ve seen today with this taken out of it’s context:
    “If you’ve got a business?you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” On the video it’s clear ‘that’ refers to roads and bridges.

    Obama is an asshat, a disaster, a dangerous idiot, and there is plenty to attack in the speech and that line in particular. But no need to mislead people about that one line. It’s unseemly, like Romney seemingly amazed by a touchscreen, or Zimmerman volunteering Martin’s race on a 911 call.

    1. And as we all know, not only were there were no roads or bridges before government, if government didn’t build them, no one would.
      Same thing with schools and charities.
      Heck, before the Affordable Care Act no one had health insurance.

    2. So you mean he was going to say something else after business but stopped and pivoted to “you didn’t build that”?

      1. Here’s the full quote:

        Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business?you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

        The word “that” obviously refers to “roads and bridges”.

        And as I said above, if government hadn’t built those roads and bridges, no one would have.

        Well, except for all the privately built turnpikes in New England, and the thousands of privately built bridges across the country, but let’s not talk about that.

        1. I get it, so he was saying that business owners didn’t build roads and bridges, everyone else did.

          No matter how you slice it, it’s one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard a president say. And I watched Slick Willie try to wiggle his way around the definition of “is”.

    3. Obama is an asshat, a disaster, a dangerous idiot, and there is plenty to attack in the speech and that line in particular. But no need to mislead people about that one line. It’s unseemly, like Romney seemingly amazed by a touchscreen, or Zimmerman volunteering Martin’s race on a 911 call.

      While you might be right it wouldn’t be the first time that something taken out of context scuttled a candidate.

      The Obama Macacca moment!

  26. A little feedback on google ads, dancing polygon models get blocked with all due prejudice. I hate that shit on my eyes.

    1. Firefox + Adblock + No Script = an enjoyable Reason experience.

  27. No matter how you sell it, a skunk still stinks!

    The failed policies of BOTH the past and the present are Big Government Policies. Affordable Housing crashed the housing market. The Stimulus stalled the recovery. ObamaCare threatens to take us into depression.

    Yup, a skunk.

  28. Right, there are many angles to attack what Obama said. So why is everyone latching on to what he did not say?

    The richest individuals and businesses pay the vast majority of taxes; e.g. roads and bridges. Obama is essentially implying that everyone else pays for public stuff except the rich, which is almost exactly opposite of reality.

    Can’t get around to that argument when everyone is focused on ‘no one starts a business except someone else’ which, granted, makes no logical sense. But it wasn’t in the speech either.

    1. ^ that was supposed to be response to sarcasmic.

    2. The richest individuals and businesses pay the vast majority of taxes; e.g. roads and bridges.

      They still didn’t pay their fair share. We know this because they are rich. If they paid their fair share then they wouldn’t be rich. So as long as they are rich, we can assume that they didn’t pay their fair share.


  29. Off topic, but adorable, sad and funny.

    try and guess if Suri got this puppy…..his-puppy/

  30. wow.i’m surprised obama was so honest about this,a fundamental flaw of the left,the idea that narrative trumps doesn’t matter if it’s rigoberta menchu),the “duke” boys,dan “fake but accurate” rather or what.

    the belief of many,and the underlying justification behind the PC movement is that what matters less than truth is’s very sowellian.

    it doesn’t MATTER if there might be robust IQ differences between women and men,summers even mentioning there’s a possibility that’s true is THE WRONG NARRATIVE

    it’s not ok for Tosh to tell rape jokes,but it IS ok for Louis CK (per jezebel) because the latter’s narrative constantly bolsters the underdogs,the RIGHT people,whereas tosh appeals to frat boys and the privileged

    hey,maybe they are riffing tolkien and his “true myth” concept but i doubt it

    props to obama for openly admitting a fatal flaw of the left,the idea that the sincerity and purpose of your message is more important than whether it’s y’know CORRECT

    note also canada and some other country’s hate speech laws embrace this concept in that it is NOT a defense to some hate speech prosecutions to PROVE that one’s “hate speech’ is based on fact.belittle a race/minority group etc. EVEN IF based on fact,and it’s hate speech and illegal

    it’s the wrong narrative.

    of course my favorite reason narrative of the week was in one of the blog posts where cops simply knocking on a door constituted a WRONG DOOR RAID.

    man, i went on like 6 raids yesterday! i tired

  31. This is begging for an alt text. How about:

    “Bomma said knock you out.”

    1. “Kiss the ring, bitchez!”

      1. “Your kung-fu is weak, businessman.”

  32. Yeah, cuz class warfare is just so unifying and optimistic. What a delusional putz this hypocrite is.

  33. This president’s entire success can be attributed to his storytelling skills.

  34. “Star of Pro-Obama Super PAC Ad Unleashed: ‘Obama Is a Jerk, a Pantywaist, a Lightweight, a Blowhard'”…..48688.html

  35. i like
    “Because hope is still there,” the first lady added.


  36. Make no mistake, this President believes whole heartedly in the Marxist theory of a “transitional society”,,and he’s not alone, others who believe as he does teach in our universities, bring us our nightly network news and almost completely control the entertainment industry. If, you are in the presidents words, “a bitter clinger” or member of the Tea Party you are seen as part of the “resistance” and every effort will be made to silence your voice and influence. The effort to create class-envy is calculated,,Marx said it was necessary to begin the “revolution”. The “issue” of “fairness” is straight out of the marxist playbook,,in order for Marxisim to succeed it is necessary to first make the workers, “aware” that they are not being treated “fairly”. If Obama is re-elected you can expect some focused effort to disarm the citizens. Make no mistake, this is not a game. He hopes for change in America, but not for the continued success of our Republician way of life.
    God Bless America

  37. Obama wasn’t saying that he needs more hope and inspiration. He meant that his administration needs to do a better job at explaining its accomplishments. For example, the White House completely lost the PR wars and let the GOP misrepresent Obamacare until its popularity flipped – even though a majority of people still approve of the individual ingredients in the law when you explain them. It has nothing to do with “hope and change”. The lesson is, it’s not enough to promote good policy – you also need to do a good job of selling it.

  38. even though a majority of people still approve of some the individual ingredients in the law when you explain them.

    There, fixed it for you. Lots of people love bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, but no one likes them on a shit sandwich.

  39. “More Cowbell.” That is as winning a presidential campaign slogan as I have ever heard. Walken is my President. (Sorry, Richard Belzer, but your time is past.)

    1. Didn’t Chris Kattan dance as “Mango” to that song with the obnoxious amounts of cow bell?

  40. Obama says we need more “slow jam” news and less substance. Wow. So relieved to know his appearance on Jimmy Fallon can alleviate the 39.6% unemployment among the African American youth set, ages 16-19.

  41. Remember when the people occupying the office of the POTUS had actual principles and worked within their Constitutional role to act as a check on the Congrefs, and campaigned on the basis of the principles they thought important to the office?

    Me neither. However, The Bamster has the distinct honor and glory of having strayed farthest from even being a decent President of anyone in my lifetime (Kennedy – present).

    If he’s re-elected, I’ll have no faith in the American People?, but will attempt to enjoy the continued lulz (and, hopefully, inaction) of the split government.

    Although – EXECUTIVE ORDER, BITCHEZ!! So I may not even get to enjoy blessed gridlock. We’ll see.

    1. Barring a huge gaffe or scandal by Romney, I just don’t see how Obama can win. He has disappointed or actively ticked off far too many people: whites, Catholics, Jews, business owners, moderates, even many leftists. And the economy still sucks. I think there is some Bradley Effect in the polls: people don’t want to appear “racist” so they are lying to pollsters.

  42. “Not telling his story?” bwhahahahahahaha

    Mr. President – – – it’s not that we don’t “understand” … we don’t agree.

    You telling your “story” over over again isn’t going to change that.

  43. As an Independent that voted for Obama in 08, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s totally manufactured. I thought he was supposely smart, fiscally responsible, a moderate and would bring the ideology war between both the Wacko Liberals and Extremist Conservatives. I don’t care how many warts Romney has, his experience looks far far better then the incompetent buffoono currently occupying the WH.

  44. sorry, meant “bridge” in the previous staement.

  45. God is a really funny guy and it sure looks like he evening things out a bit in this malignant narcissist’s life-I believe I do detect a public meltdown in his future

  46. Obama went from, “Yes, we can!”
    to “Guess we can’t!”

    1. No, he is still saying that we can. It is only that the government has to show us the way. No one ever did anything on their own, yea, right!

  47. What O’Bumbles hasn’t figured out is that most people, even his supporters, don’t listen to him anymore. People know that he’s full of cr*p. The only question they have is not what he says, but what he does. His supporters are confident no matter what he says, he will be more likely to follow their views. In other words, we don’t care if he lies, will he implement our agenda. In short, the ends justify the means.

    His true mistake is selling the people a bill of goods that he never really meant. But, inasmuch as the MSM did not require much in the way of vetting of him, many people had little information to base what he said vs. his history.

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  49. The hope has gone, but he is still telling a story. The only problem is that the story is now what he really thinks of the American people, not what he used to say.

  50. Telling stories = LYING when I grew up

  51. Anybody who talks that much runs the risk of saying too much. Case in point, this gem from the president’s speech Friday in Roanoke: “If you’ve got a business?you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Inspiring!

    Yeah, take that Obama, for being quotemined in “Reason”, leaving what you actually meant (“No Man is an Island”), in the trash leaving behind a sliver that makes it look like you meant something else (that being “You didn’t make your own business”)!

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