Bernanke Doesn't Reassure Anybody, Feds Block Marijuana Research, U.S. Navy Didn't Warn Fishing Boat,: P.M. Links


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  1. A hundred years on and we’re back to killing Indians…

    1. Funny – I had the same thought.

    2. Well, it’s the Navy this time, not the Army. They finally get their chance!

    3. What do you mean ‘we’, Kimosabe?

    4. Well, since I’m part Indian, I’m going to go ahead and express some disgust at that. And I’m going to submit an application to Harvard.

      1. wrong Indian; dots, not feathers. No tenured position for you.

        1. Like the KIND of Injun getting killed matters.

          Injuns is Injuns.

          1. Injuns is Injuns.

            does Harvard know this?

        2. call center, not casino

    5. –“How could you shoot innocent fishermen?”

      –“Easy, you just don’t lead them as much!”

        1. “If I’m gonna die for a word, my word is POON tang…”

          /Animal Mother

      1. Like the ad says, “a global force for good”…

        I liked the “it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure” ad a lot better, frankly.

    6. we’re back to killing Indians

      That’s because there aren’t any dogs in the ocean.
      If you don’t count dogfish.

  2. Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign received a boost in the form of a million-dollar donation to a super PAC supporting his and Judge Jim Gray’s candidacy.

    If the Obama campaign had any extra money, they would be matching that donation.

    1. How much have the Kochs donated to Johnson vs GOP PACS?

      1. how much have Soros, the Tides Foundation, et al, donated to various Dem PACs?

      2. We don’t know because, thankfully, anonymous political speech is a constitutionally protected activity.

        How much did Hamas donate to Obama in 2008? We don’t know that either because he turned off the credit card payment filter on his campaign website.

        What’s your point, shrike?

        1. Idiot. I am simply asking if the Kochs support Johnson over the anti-liberty GOP.

          They should.

          And Hamas? Are you some sort of Zionist asshole like Jerry Falwell? I know you conservatives are nuts but you keep proving it with that shit.

          1. We don’t know that Obama doesn’t solicit donations from Hamas and al Qaeda.

          2. Sloop was making a point dude.

            1. If the Kochs want secrecy then fine. But why?

              Buffett doesn’t. Soros doesn’t. The FEC reports direct contributions.

              The Kochs won’t support the LP – that is the nub.

              1. Your side sees trying to get people who disagree with them murdered by the police as legitimate discourse. Perhaps if people on our side were actively trying to destroy Soros and Buffet because they have political beliefs we disagree with they would both be more reticent about informing the public which causes they give money to.

          3. You missed my entire point, asshole.

            I’ll do it in a way you are used to hearing (from Dear Leader):

            There are those that would say Obama solicited and accepted donations from Hamas and other groups in the 2008 election. I’m not saying that is the case, but if his campaign would only release records disproving the claims, they would probably go away.

            1. I find your comment appealing, and if you have similar comments assembled into newsletter or zine form, I would like to contact your subscription department.

            2. Why don’t the Kochs support Johnson with contributions?

              They should.

              1. No one is disputing they should.

                Did you still not get what sloopy was saying?

                1. He seems to want Hamas contributions for GJ.

                  Actually, it makes sense for Hamas to support the non-interventionist.

                2. Fuck it, Nate. He’s so far up his own asshole, we’re gonna see his head crown again any second now.

                  1. Fuck off. The Kochs are fully behind the Weathervane (Romney).

                    1. Is that as bad as Obama supporter Bill Ayers being fully behind the Weather Underground?

                      No wait, I may have gotten my domestic terrorists mixed up again.

                  2. He’s so far up his own asshole, we’re gonna see his head crown again any second now.

                    Well, according to shriek’s current nickname he’s up Palin’s asshole, which is a strange place to be for someone who doesn’t like her.

                3. I’ll dispute it. Anyone who gives a shit about liberty should oppose candidartes supporting the “fair tax”.

                  1. Man you’ve got a major hardon against GJ. So are you a Romney fan then?

      3. A thought experiment — how well would Gary Johnson do in November if someone gave that PAC a billion dollars to compete fairly for ad time and public consciousness?

  3. Federal restrictions make it nearly impossible to scientifically research marijuana’s value as a medical treatment…

    We don’t need a bunch of hippies in lab coats getting baked in the guise of research. The science is settled.

    1. Research? Why do you need more research? Harold J. Anslinger did all of the research for you back in the 1930s:

      “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.” – Testimony to US Congress supporting Marihuana Tax Act, 1937.

      1. Funny – my marijuana usage causes me to seek relations with my couch, remote control and bag o’ Fritos. And the occasional Kit Kat.

      2. He was right about the Satanic music, though. Just ask Warty.

        1. It’s disgusting how drug-free I am these days. I should do more drugs so I can listen to even more satanic shit.

          1. I always assume the music you post here sounds so bad to me because of all the satanic backmasking. Would an altered state make that less bad?

            1. Fuck you, you tasteless heathen. It sounds like angels fucking in gravy.

  4. I wanted to say “dai-ichi” but you guys gamed the system…

  5. I donated $25 to Johnson’s campaign and nobody wrote an article about me…

  6. An Indian fisherman says U.S. Navy personnel gave no warning before opening fire on a fishing boat…

    Catherine Bell would sort this all out if they hadn’t taken her off the air.

    1. As a favor to all who post here – Catherine Bell was in a skinemax softcore porno (if that’s the proper term for those flicks). I don’t know the name of it, but I’d imagine it’s not difficult to find.

      1. Just to ruin her for you, she is a pretty major Scientologist and was even in a Scientologist music video.

        1. Best body in Hollywood. What a shame.

        2. *starts to cry inside, quietly*

        3. I don’t give a flying fuck what type of nonsense she believes in, I’m just talking about seeing her topless in garters and thigh highs. But thanks for being a dick about it.

          1. Isn’t the whole point of porno, softcore or not, to bring out the dicks?

            1. If it is a gay porn, sure. Straight porn, since women are not usually the audience, not so much.

          2. Never stick it in crazy

            1. But crazy are the best lays! Shouldn’t it be something like: never give crazy your real name or number?

              1. As George Bluth taught us, “Never promise crazy a baby.”

          3. My pleasure, Ska.

        4. I think she got promoted to pretty Lt. Colonel at one point.

          1. According to her Wikipedia page she has attained the rank of Clear.

            1. A state of Clear is reached when a person becomes free of the influence of engrams, unwanted emotions or painful traumas not readily available to the conscious mind.

              So no method acting for her, I guess.

              1. Clearly not.

          2. I thought she was a Chief Pretty Officer? No?

            1. Episiarch deserves that pun. Well done.


              2. I’ll get you all for this! Mark my words!

                1. I’ll get you all for this!

                  We appreciate the offer Epi, but we don’t need any detergent.

                  1. GAH! Make it stop!

            2. she was an officer. And a Marine. With a drinking problem.

              1. The drinking problem Marines usually have is that they can’t keep up.

            3. Nothing like a woman in uniform.


        5. This chat room has the most entheta EVER.

        1. Thank you my good man.

          1. Go to celebrity movie archive and you can see the stills for free or download the video for a small fee.

        2. The nude scenes are not as explicit as I would like, her breasts look bigger on Jag. And they were much bigger in has appearance on Dream On an HBO sitcom. It just seems to me she had them enlarged between Hot line and Dream On, but they were nice, great leg shot in her sex scene, probably that was the sexiest part of the scene.

          And did you write the review?

          1. Doubtful. I thought maybe dunphy did, but it would have been from a first-person perspective if so.

          2. She was on Dream On? I watched that some, albeit on Comedy Central. For a long time, I didn’t know that it was an HBO series originally and had been heavily edited for syndication. Heavily.

            1. As a young lad I watched that show on HBO. I saw things.

  7. This is the most bizarre music video I’ve ever seen.

    Also: hello, Reasonoids.

    1. So, what didn’t you get about it?

      1. Honestly, I’ve just never met an Asian who loves golf. Prevented me from being drawn into the world of the video, I guess.

        1. Sorry, you didn’t see my smirk when I posted that.

        2. Eldrick “Tiger” Woods kind of seems to like it.

          1. But he, like our fine President, is half-black which trumps any other racial heritage he might have when determining how to feel about him and extrapolating his actions/performance to be an analogue to his ethnic group. That’s why it’s racist to talk about how Tiger slept around, and why people who dislike Obama are ReThugliKKKans

              1. Okay, T.C. Chen

                It’s “Alack”, but thanks for coming around to my point of view.

            1. Michelle Wei

              1. The women’s game is about half South Koreans now. Also, Yani Tseng.

        3. What? Holy crud, my Asian buddies and all of my Asian business contacts all golf constantly. In the Philippines, you get your own shotgun toting security guard to be your caddy.

          1. I didn’t watch the video I just figured Alack was being sarcastic. When I say 80% of the people at the three golf courses nearest me are Asian, I’m probably understating the number.

        4. The LPGA is now full of Asian chicks. Even Michelle Wie is can’t tell them apart.

          1. The LPGA is now full of Asian chicks. Even Michelle Wie is can’t tell them apart.

            They have a PGA just for lesbians? MIND BLOWN

            1. Dykes in Spikes. Its all fun!

    2. I liked that better the first time I saw it, when Homer ate Wiggum’s Guatemalan Insanity Peppers at the chili cook-off.

      Wake me when someone does a “I’m on Bath Salts” video.

      1. “I am only your memory, Homer… I can’t impart any new information…”

        1. “Well, Chief, don’t quit your day job… whatever that is.”

          1. “Oh and that talking coyote must have been that talking dog.”

            “Hi Homer, find your soul mate.”

            “Wait a minute. There’s no such thing as a talking dog”

            “bark bark”

            “Damn straight!”

            1. I love that episode. Johnny Cash as the voice of the Spiritual Coyote. Awesome.

      2. Here you go… use them and make the video.

        1. Those should be illegal any day now.

    3. Hey! Thatss all filmed in my neighborhood. LBC represent!!

  8. Continuing a march toward irrelevance rooted in its oddly paramilitary origins, the Boy Scouts of America still insists that gays and lesbians are icky.

    As an Eagle Scout who earned it before the Mormons/Evangelicals and Soccer Moms really took it over, I am deeply saddened by their lack of vision and refusal to change with the times.

    1. Gays are 2% of the population. I seriously doubt their exclusion will make the Scouts irrelevant. In contrast dropping all values to change with the times is pretty much destroying the Episcopalian Church. So I think the Boy Scouts will be just fine.

      1. Actually, the old Boy Scout values before the takeover by the Mormons was to not give a shit if someone was gay; people’s sexuality wasn’t part of Scouting. So actually, they have dropped their old values for new, bigoted ones.

        1. I was never a scout. And that is an interesting question. How the hell does one’s sexuality ever come up? It is a kid’s organization.

          I think part of the problem is that people seem to define themselves by their sexuality so much more so than the past. It used to be that there were tons of people who were frankly kind of asexual. Confirmed bachelors they were called. And no one really questioned them. I am quite sure a lot of those types were scout leaders. Now, those people don’t seem to exist.

          Every person on earth seems to have to be defined by their sexuality.

          1. “I was never a scout. And that is an interesting question. How the hell does one’s sexuality ever come up? It is a kid’s organization.

            This is actually the official position of the Girl Scouts, the “sexuality” of Scouts and troop leaders is irrelivant because sex is completely irrelivant to the organization.

            That said as far as how it comes up, well pretty easy. Some overprotective mom hears through the grapevine that Johnny’s Scout leader is one of “those” people and images of bizzare indoctrination rituals turning her precious son gay start running through her head. Combine that with one or two actual cases of scout leaders molesting the kids and you have a full blown witch hunt where all gay men are predators looking to corrupt the innocent and pure scouts in their charge.

            1. I just hope they finally get the queers out of football.

            2. And once again, the general population can’t differentiate between pedophilia and homosexuality.

              FFS, boning a little kid is criminally wrong no matter what their genitalia.

              1. Whenever gays and the BSA come up, I’m immediately reminded of the Big Gay Al scoutmaster Southpark episode.

            3. Yet girl scouts don’t allow men to lead girl scout troops, bunch of sexist pigs. Are they honestly suggesting that men are more likely to be kid-diddlers?

              1. The girl scouts don’t allow men to lead?

                  1. Although many people don’t realize this, you don’t have to be female to lead a Girl Scout troop; both men and women are welcome. However, if you are male, you’ll be required to have a female co-leader present in your troop.

                    I actually kind of get why you’d want a female role model/leader type person around to interact with girl scouts. The same reason little boys prefer male teachers.

        2. I missed something. Mormons took over the Scouts?

          I spent some time as a Cub Scout and a year as a Boy Scout. Mostly for the backpacking, canoe trips, and shooting stuff. Couldn’t see doing it all the way through, wanting to date girls and stuff.

          1. I missed something. Mormons took over the Scouts?

            Yeah, the vast majority of troops are sponsored by Mormon churches. According to the Wiki, LDS sponsor 37928 troops, the next biggest sponsor are Methodists who sponsor 11287 troops.

            1. Just said some of this below, but my troop was in a UM church that kicked us out after they voted to be gay-friendly.

              1. Bizarre. My new pack just started when the pastor of a UM church wanted to start a Cub and Boy Scout program.

          2. My experience exactly. Cubs and one year of Scouting where I learned canoeing, first aid and shooting skills I still have.

            1. They definitely did a good job with that sort of thing, as I still remember quite a bit of the outdoorsmanship I learned as a scout.

        3. This. The current Boy Scout Handbook is a goddamn travesty. It used to tell you how to properly shit in the woods without contracting some disease. Now it has whole sections on what to do if you think some dude on your wrestling team is too happy during practice sessions.

          1. No shit nerfherder? The world is fucking insane. And what amazes me about it is that the same people who spend their lives obsessing about pedophiles totally sexualize every single aspect of kids’ lives.

            1. Here’s another question: Are there gay 13y/olds clamoring to get into the BSA? Remembering the stuff that we did when I was a Boy Scout, it’s a little difficult to imagine it appealing much to the boys on the other team.

              1. No. And most people who join the Scouts are not going to care about the gay ban. The idea that the Scouts are going to be irrelevant is just Cosmotarian wishful thinking.

                1. The Scouts pretty much are already irrelevant.

                  It seemed like everybody joined when I was a kid (except me; looked lame) but now the organization is pretty invisible in the northeast.

                  I think losing access to the public schools, who pretty much treated them as if they were the PTA in the past but won’t touch them now, really marginalized them. They’ll keep going for a while on their momentum, though, I guess.

                  1. Ironically, my troop was sponsored by a church and the church kicked them out a few years after the gay thing took off. They had to resort to a public school (in MA).

                  2. It seemed like everybody joined when I was a kid (except me; looked lame) but now the organization is pretty invisible in the northeast.


                    I’m guess you don’t have any kids. Or at least kids of Scouting age currently. I’m the Cubmaster of a new pack. That’s right, there was enough demand in my city for a new pack.

              2. I was a little disappointed that I had to give up the opportunity to be an adult leader when I converted to atheism, so I imagine there are gays that feel the same way.

                1. Wait a minute. You aren’t trying to force an organization to mold itself to your views?


        4. “takeover by the Mormons”

          News to me. When was this? I saw no overt sign of Mormon control back in the nineties when I was in.

          1. apparently, that is just how overt the takeover was.

          2. That’s when I was in it too. The Mormons started climbing up the organizational ladder towards the end of the 90’s through the early 00’s.

          3. The troop I was in when I was a cub scout were sponsored by Mormons. Or at least many of the ceremonies were held in the Mormon church, so I’m assuming that’s who sponsored them. I was too young to really understand the intricacies involved, and I stopped giving a shit about it when I found that all we did was make crafts at someone’s house, and that we didn’t get to go camping, learn survival skills and shoot guns.

            1. I should mention this was back in the early 90s.

            2. Damn, you belonged to a shitty pack. I did all of that before I was 10.

              1. Yeah, it was pretty shitty. We all decided (me, my twin brother and my dad) decided it wasn’t worth our time and we left. Since my dad is a hunter I got to do all those things anyway, and I didn’t have to put up with all the BSA bullshit.

                1. And that’s the best way really.

        5. Exactly. Hell, we didn’t even really question if you believed in God. But then, we all generally liked each other and didn’t want to get someone kicked out over something stupid like that.

    2. Yeah, it’s too bad. I was never a Scout, but my son did it for a couple years and learned a lot. My friends who became Eagle Scouts learned a fuck of a lot, and I found their accomplishments impressive.

      The Scouts themselves? Generally impressive, in my experience. The BSA organization? Weirdly anachronistic, quirky, and disturbingly retro-bigoted. Sad.

      1. I agree with this, as a scout leader and with a son who is pretty well advanced in the organization. The boys are really impressive with what they learn and accomplish, and all of the unit leaders I met were (although grumbly), really dedicated in the time and effort it takes to lead a bunch of teens. But the upper-level organizational types are just irritating and self-focused.

        Oh well. I keep working for change from within.

    3. What’s odd about the Boy Scouts paramilitary origins? The whole point was to prepare young men for military service if needed. You think we beat Hitler because our guns were better?

      1. Oh I don’t think the paramilitary origins are weird. I think it’s weird that the organization seems to be moving away from that.

    4. As an Eagle Scout who earned it before the Mormons/Evangelicals and Soccer Moms really took it over, I am deeply saddened by their lack of vision and refusal to change with the times.

      I only made it to Life Scout but I always looked at Scouting as a positive influence and I wish my grandson could get involved. Some people see para-military, some see teen-aged boys getting a bit of well-needed order and teamwork in their lives.

      At 58 I’m still living a lot of Scout principles. As they say, “You can take the boy out of the Scouts but you can’t take the Scout out of the boy”

      … “Troop 386” Hobbit

    1. very Maidenish


    Obama the great demotivator.

    1. “All Your Success Are Belong to Us”


      1. Remember, if you’ve got a hit song ? you didn’t sing that. Somebody else made that happen

    2. I didn’t post this comment, someone else made that happen.

      1. That would be the squirrels

    3. PJ Media? Why not go full BratBitch or Hannity for your skinhead updates?

      1. Shut up sock puppet. No one cares what you have to say. Go mouth talking points somewhere else.

        1. Now that you know I am pro-gun and anti Affirmative action I am a “sock puppet”?

          Idiot. I score a lot higher on the LP purity test than you do.

          1. You not anything. You just mouth talking points. You have never made a single post or argument for those positions. You just claim to be that way so you can concern troll.

          2. and yet you cheerlead for Obama, which deducts all sorts of style and quality points from your score.

            1. If Obama proposes gun bans I will disown him.

              So far he has expanded carry laws twice – into National Parks and onto Amtrak.

              1. So far he has expanded carry laws twice – into National Parks and onto Amtrak.

                Three times, actually. IIRC, he made cross-border carry into Mexico so easy it was like the ATF were helping people do it!

                1. Yep! I am for Fast and Furious nationwide. Nothing like free trade and guns except Peanut Butter and Jelly!

              2. Barry could rape puppies on live television and you’d vote for him.

              3. “If Obama proposes gun bans I will disown him.”

                So you currently own him? That is so fucking racist.

              4. I don’t recall Obama being on the side of either Chicago or DC when those cities were dealing with gun laws. And if guns are your issue, self-ID’ing as a liberal requires a different definition from the one most folks have.

              5. No, you won’t.

          3. “PJ Media? Why not go full BratBitch or Hannity for your skinhead updates?”

            ^^THIS^^ is what makes you a sock puppet. In a forum like this, the goal is to be able to source anything from anywhere and debate it on it’s content. What you did was what’s called shooting the messenger.

            1. Bullshit. You debate factual news items relevant to liberty.

              If I linked Michael Moore (who I do not like at all) then I should be called out for poor sourcing.

              1. are you new here or just being obtuse? Folks link to HuffPo, Kos, Jezebel, etc all the damn time. The debate also includes what folks in other places are saying, places like the above and PJ Media. Even Michael Moore.

                1. PJ Media is a Neo-Nazi site.

                  1. Why are you nestled inside Sarah Palin’s rectum, and what is George Soros doing in there with you?

                  2. I don’t think you know what a Nazi is.

                    1. Restoras|7.17.12 @ 7:09PM|#

                      I don’t think you know what a Nazi is.

                      That’s pretty obvious given that his hero is Soros.

              2. “Bullshit. You debate factual news items relevant to liberty.”

                That’s true, I do, but you do not.

      2. That wasn’t an update idiot.

      3. skinhead? Is this the same PJMedia that regularly hysterically screams “anti semite” to Paulians?

        1. I must have missed the WP banners, one-arm salutes and Ben Shermans.

          1. Not to mention the Joe Kennedy’s

  10. A lawsuit challenging FEC “campaign finance regulations that require grassroots groups to register and report with the federal government just to criticize it” is being pursued by the Wyoming Liberty Group.

    I’d be all righteously pissed off that this law even exists and thus needs to be protested/fought if I had more energy.

    “You killed freedom. You bastards.”


    Chevy Volt makes no money and costs the tax payer $7500 in lost taxes per car. In fact, with the Chevy 60 day guaranteed rebate, you can buy one of them, get your tax rebate, and then return the damn things keeping the $7500.

    1. I think I’m gonna do that, esp since I work at a “competitor”.

      Maybe if enough of us do this, we can drive the sons of bitches out of business AGAIN, so we can bail them out AGAIN….

      No, wait….

      1. It is tempting isn’t it?

    2. Can you only get one tax credit? Even if you had to eat sales tax and registration, you could net $5000 per.

      1. I think it is limited to one per household.

  12. Liberals everywhere are having a smug attack over this one: “How Hardheaded Socialism Makes Canada Richer than US”

    1. because apples and oranges are the same thing.

    2. because apples and oranges are the same thing.

    3. It doesn’t have anything to do with them marginally ratcheting down the socialism while we dial it up x1000 or anything.

      1. Or massive demographic and geographic differences.

        1. That helps.

  13. I wonder where Tulpa and dunphy are to discuss the changing fact pattern around the Andrew Scott killing?

    Just based on the angle the bullets entered the door and jamb (from the photo the DM had today), there’s no way in hell they could have shot him through an open door with his gun pointed at them. No. Fucking. Way.

    Now witnesses, who wish to remain anonymous probably out of fear for their own lives, are refuting the police narrative.

    1. Surprise, surprise, surprise…

      /not surprised

    2. You leave poor Dunphy alone! He’s out there, running marathons, not doing porn, serving and protecting like the brave little man he is!

      And Tulpa just tries to bring a sense of balance and fairness to these boards. Truly he is doing God’s work.

  14. “An Indian fisherman says U.S. Navy personnel gave no warning before opening fire on a fishing boat, killing one man and injuring three others, in the waters of the Persian Gulf.”

    Just like I don’t tell my kids to stop jumping off the couch, perhaps.

    Not that there was necessarily a warning, but what do you expect them to say? “Yeah, we heard them, but we figured they didn’t mean it.”

    1. Here’s a warning. If you see a massive ship in the open sea bristling with missiles and cannon – stay away, it could be dangerous.

      1. The ship was an AO, basically an overgrown small tanker. Not like sailing up to the Iowa on an intersecting course and expecting them to play nice.

        Then again, after the Cole incident, you’d expect the USN to be a little gun-shy of anything looking like this, and driving at them. I’d have turned away after the first burst of .50 tracer across my bow, but maybe the crew didn’t see it?

        Fog of war.

      2. Stay away from the grey ones with the white numbers. All any mariner needs to know.

  15. The voter registration form arrived in the mail last month with some key information already filled in: Rosie Charlston’s name was complete, as was her Seattle address.

    Problem is, Rosie was a black lab who died in 1998.

    1. “black lab”


      1. Black Lab isn’t racist.

        But Chocolate Lab is.

        1. and Yellow Lab probably is, too.

        2. I’m just saying, I bet Pants is only concerned that it’s a black dead dog getting a ballot.

    IPCC Admits Its Past Reports Were Junk

  17. Rotten Tomatoes editor-in-chief to Batman fanboys: This is why we can’t have nice things.

    Basically as soon as the first negative review of the new movie came out, the critic who wrote it was merciless savaged in the RT forums and his website also crashed when too many people followed the link to abuse him there. Comments regarding the film on RT will be disabled for a few days.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie were decent. But there are few things more pathetic than comic book fan boys.

      Fuck off nerds. It is a God damned comic book not a War and Peace.

      1. If I had read this first I would have included this line in the letter as the link:

        “But if I could ask everyone for one thing, it’s this: don’t be a dick. Even if you think someone else is being a dick. Just take a deep breath, step away from the computer, and maybe go for a walk. Have a smoke if you need one. There are plenty of other things to get angry about, like war, famine, poverty and crime. But not movie reviews.”

        What more needs to be said? I’m sure it’s going to be a great movie, but probably not as good as The Dark Knight. Right now it has an 87% on RT.

        1. You can’t trust RT for anything that has fan boys. Those losers go on every site and skew the ratings.

          I wouldn’t doubt it is a decent movie. But being a decent movie is a long ways from being great art or being worthy of being taken as seriously as the fan boys would like it to be.

          1. Well RT separates fan ratings from professional ratings–and even then they separate the professional ratings by having a “cream of the crop” top critics poll (like Ebert, A.O. Scott, etc). The 87% is from professional critics.

            My only real reservation is that it’s too long, almost three hours.

            1. Damn threaded comments. It better be a hell of a movie to carry three hours.

              1. I’ll still see the Dark Knight Rises, but Anne Hathaway as Catwoman does not inspire any confidence. But who knows? Maybe Nolan dragged a good performance out of her.

                1. I thought Ledger was going to be a shitty Joker.

                  1. This is a good point. Unless I’m forgetting something, that was by far Ledger’s best performance.

                    I think one aspect of that film that doesn’t get enough credit is Dent’s character. He’s really built up as a saint-like figure, then has the tragic fall. Without that, I’m not sure the movie works.

                    1. That film sucked. And just when it should have been over, they jam a “prisoner’s dilemma” into the film. The whole thing with the ferry boats was so clunky, melodramatic, and non-climactic. It seems like they just tried to jam more Ledger into the movie ’cause he was dead. Worst $10 I ever spent on a movie.

                    2. I liked the ferry boat scene, even if the interpretation the film puts forward was off. Batman tells the Joker that deep down everyone isn’t as ugly as him, when in reality a clear majority of the average people on the boat were okay with blowing up the other boat, so long as they didn’t have to press the button themselves.

                    3. I liked the ferry boat scene…

                      Are you serious, man?

                      … Oh, wait…

                    4. Whatever, I find that kind of ending refreshing compared to a brainless action movie where the climatic battle scene is 30 minutes of non-stop CGI and explosions.

                  2. So did I, but after seeing the film, I think he was deserving of the Oscar.

                2. She really can’t act. Talk about someone who got into movies because of her tits. And they have gotten her so skinny, she doesn’t even have much of those anymore.

                  1. “She really can’t act.”

                    You didn’t see The Devil Wears Prada?

                    1. She played a convincing drug addict in Rachel Getting Married, and I think she got an Oscar nom for it.

                3. This movie would be 10x more interesting if Marion Cotillard turns out to be Talia al-Ghul and date-rapes him (as per the comic) to produce the “Chosen One”/ New Leader of the League of Assassins.

                4. …Anne Hathaway as Catwoman does not inspire any confidence.

                  I don’t think confidence was the point.

      2. What was the old comic book where they took classics and rendered them in comic book form? Because there’s probably a War and Peace version out there, somewhere.

        1. There is a great comic book version of The Road to Serfdom published in Look Magazine back in the 40s.

        2. Not sure, but ironically they turned Fahrenheit 451 into a graphic novel. You know, less text and actual reading and more colorful images.

          1. It better be a hell of a movie to carry three hours.

          1. I can’t find that they did War and Peace.

            1. Sounds like an opportunity!

          2. Better than Cliff Notes. I must have read The Odyssey Classic Comic 100 times. I can totally fake familiarity with the actual text.

          3. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court was pretty funny. Especially the part with the 500 knights on bicycles. And the electricity.

            As if some random dude transported to the past would remember enough to recreate 20th century technology. I wouldn’t, and I’m an engineer.

            1. I’ve thought about that. I think I’d better turn down any time-traveling offers.

            2. I could do these:

              Movable type and the printing press
              Cholera treatment
              Gunpowder formula and production process (if anyone is around who can find sulfur for me)
              Cowpox innoculation for smallpox
              Steam Engine (depending on whether there’s anyone around who can make a decent valve)

      3. In other words, it’s something people want to read instead of something people are forced to read?

        1. No. It is a comic book. It is just not that serious. People love to read dirty novels. But that doesn’t mean 50 Shades of Grey is any good.

          1. Content is irrelevant to quality, John. One can have well-written dirty books and one can have serious tomes that are crap.

            1. True. But I look at comic books as just a way to communicate with a generation that has lost the ability to read.

              And get off my lawn too.

              1. A shirt for you, John.

                I’ll admit I want one.

                1. I love it T.

                  A friend of mine has a custom made welcome mat that says

                  “Welcome to the (insert name here). Come back with a warrant.”

                  1. I just have the one I bought at Target that says “Come Back With a Warrant”. Customized would be pretty sweet.

                  2. John, check your gmail account.

                    1. We have one on the front porch that says “Come Back With A Warrant.” It sits right between our Gadsden Flag flying to the right and the “Hippies Use Back Door: No Exceptions” on the left.*

                      *The sign was a wedding gift from a reasoniod we think was The Angry Optimist, but we were never able to 100% confirm that. We got the doormat ourselves with our wedding money also from Amazon.

              2. True. But I look at comic books as just a way to communicate with a generation that has lost the ability to read.

                That’s a shame, because you have missed out on some good art.

              3. John… there are some comic books that are just light escapist fantasies. Then there are some that are dense books, with heavy symbolism and detailed artwork. If you’re willing to take the risk, I would recommend Watchmen (alternate history), Transmetropolitan (sci-fi dystopia), Sandman (modern take on ancient legends), and Fables (modern spin on characters from myths and legends).

    2. The entire point of linking your site to RT is to get hits.

      If the guy’s site went down because he got a lot of hits, that’s HIS fault.

    3. IMDB used to be a place where you could read movie reviews from movie fans, and the rankings reflected the relative quality of the movies, skewed slightly to the preferences of the predominantly young male audience.

      Now it’s just a bunch of trash-talking between Nolan-Batman fans and Marvel-Avengers fans, with the Nolan-Batman fans voting down highly entertaining and successful comic book movies to try to keep the Nolan-Batman films rated higher.

      And people on both sides going to see the same movie multiple times to try to help its box office stats.

  18. Why does Bernanke want low employment?

    1. He’s part of the Patriarchy and higher unemployment allows him (and other Male Gazers) to oppress the free-willed modern womyn of the world. This is also why he is in favor of QE, since it increases the amount of currency in circulation and thus the number of dead white men that we have to “honor” in our debts.

      What a fascist.

  19. “Continuing a march toward irrelevance rooted in its oddly paramilitary origins, the Boy Scouts of America still insists that gays and lesbians are icky.”

    They really mentioned/excluded lesbians?

  20. “The key question for us is: Do the benefits outweigh the risks?” said Will Humble, state health director.

    The key question for me is: “Why does ‘Will Humble’ get to weigh risks and benefits of MJ?”

    1. The study determined most other research to be low to moderate quality — or worse.

      Wow. I’d kinda like to see some research that’s worse than low quality. I suppose they put leeches on phlogiston, or something.

  21. The Gathering of the Juggaloes — great libertarian convention, or greatest libertarian convention?…..rag,82515/

    1. Greatest nuke target is more like it.

      1. A Juggalo gathering is like when the Nazis fight the Communists. You pray for an asteroid strike.

    2. After all, it’s difficult to satirize or deconstruct something that is so proudly self-aware of its own stupidity

      I dunno, they (Juggaloes) seem to take it pretty seriously.

  22. Ughh! That awful “Mary” posted another video featuring those stupid puppets.
    There oughta be a law. Harrumph!

    1. CAPSULE REVIEW: Another not-very-funny one. I did like the newspaper with the police and dogs, but on its own merits as a parody of libertarians, this particular doesn’t work very well.

      Keep trying, Mary, you have greatness within you.

      1. I laughed, I cried, the video became a part of me.
        Three Thumbs Up!

    2. When you pimp your own shit, you’re supposed to at least acknowledge it, Mary.

      1. There are no rules in anarchy.
        Learn it. Know it. Live it.

  23. The GOP has a convention problem. Invite Palin, Dumbya, Dick “Deficits don’t matter” Cheney, Ron Paul to speak?

    Risk millions of Americans disdain? Remind them of 2001-09?

    1. What do you care, cunt? You want the GOP to fail anyway. Concern troll piece of shit.

      1. Goddamn right I want those Big Gov SoCon War-Mongers to fail (not Ron Paul – he is not one of them).

        The GOP needs to die.

        1. Then go bitch to a Republican board, cunt.

            1. Obama in your mouth and Soros in your asshole and you still manage to troll this fucking board. It’s a miracle of multi-tasking.

              1. Perhaps shrike needs to change his name again to Team Blue Fingercuffs?

                Can I get a second?

                1. Second. JW would let this nonsense carry on, but I would not.

                  1. My drone army would automatically seek out and neutralize such nuisances.

                    Once. And. For. All.

            2. It’s like a GOP campaign ad on Reason. Non-stop uncritical Romney love, all the time. Don’t know why I didn’t see it before.

            3. Whoseawhatsawhere?

            4. Yes, you are an asscunt.

              1. Yes, you are an asscunt.

                I’m trying to picture what such an anatomical feature would look like, and while I’d like to say I’m drawing a blank, I’m actually picturing something pretty awful.

                1. It’s an asshole that has been stretched so much that its natural resting shape has become an elongated gash.

                2. Picture a chicken’s business hole, and you’ll get the gist of what an asscunt is. Or try to picture the exact6 opposite of ScarJo’s bottom bits.

      2. It’s weird, the convention being here. Will I have to rent a room to some delegates?

        True story–the local news reports that the strip clubs are spending a bunch to upgrade everything in anticipation of the convention. And the secret entrance security will be upgraded as well. No cameras!

    2. Jerry Sandusky was right about you.

  24. I’m not the moderator this board needs, but I am the one it deserves.

    Don’t listen to JW’s lies.

    1. My esteemed opponent is indeed correct. He is the one we deserve. Good and hard.

      1. I feel all fluttery now.

  25. Excerpt from the cop disability article that ties nicely into the marijuana research article…

    Despite that, he is getting disability checks that so far have totaled more than $560,000.

    Terrano is also in business. He recently was part of a company hoping to sell medical marijuana in Arizona.

    1. Say what you want, but Terrano is the best kind of cop. As a matter of fact, I wish we paid many, many more of them to stay home and not terrorize the citizenry.

  26. I ordered a Nexus 7 on the 4th of July directly from Google. People were able to buy them in the store last Friday. I cannot cancel the order, as it is pending. They promised everyone that all units would be shipped by today. Here’s the email I just got:


    We wanted to send you an update on your Nexus 7 pre-order. We’ve had incredible demand for the new tablet and are shipping them as quickly as possible. If you placed your order by July 11, it will ship this week and we’ve upgraded to overnight shipping so it arrives sooner. Orders placed after July 11, will ship next week with overnight shipping.

    If you’d like more detailed information on device shipments, please reference our online Help Center…

    Thanks for your patience. Your Nexus 7 will be on its way soon.

    The Google Play Team

    Fuck these asscunts.

    1. You fucked up – you trusted us!

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