Talking Ron Paul's Revolution on the WPRR in Michigan, and a Great Review from Students for Liberty


I'll be talking Ron Paul's Revolution today at 12:10 pm pacific/2:10 local central time on WPRR Radio out of Grand Rapids Michigan, 1680 on the AM dial and 95.3 on the FM dial. And you can listen live from any computer (that has speakers).

Also, came across today a nifty review of the book from Clark Ruper writing on the website of the indispensible Students for Liberty organization. Some highlights:

only while on vacation this past week did I get a chance to sit down an read the book, which was so good I feel compelled to provide what commentary I can. This should come as no surprise since Doherty's previous works such as Gun Control on Trial andRadicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern Libertarian Movement were both excellent and highly recommended….

While reading the book I got the sense that the book was not really written for me as a hardcore libertarian activist, which might frustrate some readers. I got the sense that Brian was trying to talk those who are politically literate but still confused about what exactly this Ron Paul phenomenon is, which at this point probably describes a large part of the American electorate. It reads as if Brian is making a case to Americans for Ron Paul and libertarianism broadly….

There is a fundamental difference between American political cultures before and after Ron Paul spared with Rudi Gulliani in the summer of 2007. There are radically more libertarians today and we are far better organized than ever before. It is hard to explain to someone converted by or after Ron Paul's stardom how lonely and isolated our existence was in the pre-revolution days. It was a true rarity be a student and know a libertarian on another campus. I sure didn't, and thousands of others did not either. Now we are larger, smarter, and better organized than ever before. I don't think it is a stretch to say that Ron Paul and the movement he inspired are the most impactful (in the long term) and important forces in American politics today.

In short, I strongly suggest reading Ron Paul's Revolution for both the casual observer and the dedicated libertarian….Cheers to Brian for writing a book that comes off as so equally personal and objective reporting. Very well done.