Helpful Tips for Living Under Drone-Filled Skies, From Funny or Die


Funny or Die has released an instructional video for living under drone-filled skies. "Celebrate matrimony quietly and not in Afghanistan," is the first tip. Also: "Try not to have brown skin."

Wonderful World Of Drones with Christopher McDonald from Christopher McDonald

"A lot of people look at these modern marvels and see automated soulless flying death-dealers that spy on all our private lives. You can trust me when I say, those people are communists." 

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  1. Yeah no doubt man, that jsut makes a ll kinds of sense dude.

  2. “Drones hate weddings.”

    1. It’s the weddings! He hates these weddings!

  3. Okay, Trekkies, help me out. What episode of which series was Christopher McDonald in?

    1. The busy Christopher McDonald, perhaps best known for playing golfer Shooter McGavin in 1996’s Happy Gilmore, was still early in his career when he landed the “historic” role of Lt. Richard Castillo on the beloved classic TNG episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Aside from playing the doomed romantic interest of an alternate-universe Tasha Yar, the native New Yorker was a late runner-up in TNG’s original casting to play Wil Riker.

      Search engine’s are your friend.

      1. Some of us don’t need search engines, but, apparently, we do need better timing.

    2. Wasn’t he the guy in the Horta suit?

  4. Just working out the last kinks on my Home Drone Camo Screen ?, comletely opaque in the visible as well as the IR and MMW regions of the EM spectrum.

    Didn’t realize that there might be a market for Wedding Screens as well…

    *twirls monocle while envisioning $ signs*

  5. I think the most under appreciated line in that skit was, “So hit the road, birds!”

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