A.M. Links: God Particle Found, Hillary Clinton Sorry, Sarkozy Home, Offices Raided


  • found it on his forehead

    Physicists have observed the so-called God particle. A video that seemed to indicate that had been earlier pulled by the CERN laboratory.

  • Hillary Clinton said she was sorry for the death of two dozen soldiers in a November air strike and that apparently was enough to get Pakistan to reopen the border to NATO supplies.
  • Police raided Nicholas Sarkozy's home and offices related to the former French president in a campaign finance investigation involving money from a L'Oreal heiress.
  • A Santa Ana councilman faces more than a dozen felony charges related to alleged sexual abuse of city employees.
  • A Kansas City police officer is charged with corruption for allegedly forcing women to have sex with him in exchange for not arresting them.
  • Hey look, the Pittsburgh Pirates are tied for first in the NL Central.
  • Jaws and the Black Widow will be among those facing off at the annual Fourth of July Nathan's hot dog eating contest on Coney Island today. Happy birthday America.

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    1. what are you all doing today? Picnics? Spending quality time with your family? Building a new launch pad for that ICBM in your basement?

      1. Who in the hell launches an ICBM from his basement? That's just dumb.

        Let freedom ring, in lieu of the alarm clock.

      2. I'm going to read the world's shortest book: What Libertarians Love About America

        1. The 2nd amendment is always a good read.

          1. As is the 3rd.

            1. Fuck it. Let's read the whole Constitution. A first for JO, perhaps?

        2. Yeah, but that's only because we identify the country with its government. Or do we? The answer may surprise you! After the break.

      3. Everybody knows you build the launchpad under the shed so you don't break the dishes in the kitchen if you really have to use the thing. Jeesh!

        1. That's why I prefer doomsday devices - you don't need all that pesky survival infrastructure.

      4. Watching the municipal fireworks display, because I didn't get around to driving across the nearest state line to buy some real fireworks of my own. Judging by the windows shaking last night, a lot of others did.

        1. Also, I was going to zoom around St. Andrews Bay on a jet ski and maybe bring a mask y snorkel or fishing rod along, but the weather's a bit rough at the moment.

          1. hey, I live on St Andrews Bay. Are you on my water, junior? 🙂

            1. No, but maybe here in a bit now that the rain stopped.

              1. Oh yeah, and I grew up here and parents still live in Parker, old timer. 🙂

      5. Off to the in-laws for me, for BBQ ribs and other assorted yummy things.

        1. Off to the in-laws for me too. BBQ ribs, too. Are we related?

      6. BBQ with friends. I thought about smuggling fireworks into MA, but I decided I'd not run the risk.

        If the weather holds later today, I'll shoot my bow in my backyard.

        1. With explosives duct taped to the arrows?

          1. Nah, that might wreck my arrows.

      7. Good grief no. Though living in a place zoned agricultural means I can build just about any structure I want, if I put it on a foundation (and a launch pad definitely needs a foundation) they'll raise my property tax. All my ICBM needs can be accommodated at any one of the old abandoned Nike missile bases scattered in and around the area.
        After sunset, we're gonna lay on the roof of the barn, drink beer, and watch the neighbor farmer's fireworks display. He has a much better display than the closest town does and no cops will cite us for open containers. Also we will prolly break out the guns and assassinate some precious antique cans in the back 40.

        1. ....assassinate some precious antique cans in the back 40.

          YOU MONSTER!!!!!!!

      8. Pork Butt went in the crock pot at 6:30. PORK BUTT!

      9. I'm puttin' up my Gadsden flag, spending' quality time with the family, and gettin' all up in my grill.

      10. Ribs, stuffed burgers, beer bratwursts... possibly going to the Gary Johnson bbq in Orlando (gotta figure out where I can park). All in all, a lot of fun. Definitely cornholin' too (no Tony)

        1. Is there another meaning for cornholin' besides gay sex that I'm unaware? NTTAWT, but everything else you described are public events. Maybe I missed something.

          1. There's a game called cornhole where you throw a bean bag into a hole in a board thats angled. Yeah, I don't know who cam up with the idea to call it cornhole.

            1. Yeah, I don't know who cam up with the idea to call it cornhole.

              I'm guessing some drunk college kids.

              1. Yeah, I don't know who cam up with the idea to call it cornhole.

                A closeted gay guy with a great sense of humor and irony, and clueless straight friends lacking same?

            2. Thanks for the explanation. I honestly knew of only one meaning. Well two if you count what Popeye did to the nun in Sanctuary.

              1. I didn't know about it either, until I saw a sign that said something like 'Kids 7-14! Sign up for one of these: Football; Soccer; Field Hockey; Cornhole'

                I had to ask someone after that.

      11. BBQ and drinking untaxed, unregulated liquor. Perhaps some fireworks.

      12. Giving the robot army a little RR.

  1. Don't know if we're going to get a Holiday a.m. Links so I'll put this here for now.

    Five Signs of the Chinese Economic Apocalypse

    1. I've always thought that the China fear mongers would turn out to be just as wrong as the Japan fear mongers were. Besides, the real enemy to the US economy is the US government.

      Even if China doesn't implode and keeps growing, competition is a good thing.

      1. Talk about empty imperialist expansion!

  2. ...that apparently was enough to get Pakistan to reopen the border to NATO supplies.

    Pakistan just wanted NATO to understand its feelings were hurt.

    1. and a shitload of money doesn't hurt

      As part of the agreement, Pakistan dropped its insistence on a higher transit fee for each truck carrying NATO's nonlethal supplies from Pakistan into Afghanistan, after initially demanding as much as $5,000 for each truck.

      In the end, Pakistan agreed to keep the fee at the current rate, $250. In return, the administration will ask Congress to reimburse Pakistan about $1.2 billion for costs incurred by 150,000 Pakistani troops carrying out counterinsurgency operations along the border with Afghanistan, a senior American official said.

      1. "Every man has his price, Bob, and yours was pretty low."

      2. With this precedent maybe Janet Napolitano can start paying the invoices she sent to Washington for border patrol services rendered when she was governor of AZ.

      3. Superpower or chumpnation?

  3. A video that seemed to indicate that has been pulled by the CERN laboratory.
    The cover-up begins . . .

    1. It was rated NC-17 for full frontal male nudity.

      1. The Higgs Boner?

        1. Lost Magnum PI episode?

      2. That's the Large Hardon Collider, as opposed to the Large Hadron Collider.

    2. Well if the dinosaur bones didn't throw us off the scent, time to be a little less subtle...

  4. Mother perturbed her 14 year old doesn't want to look like an old slag


    1. Mum thinks 14 yo daughter going through a "funny phase" because she doesn't want to get a boob job like her sisters.

      Teenage rebelliousness, eh? I don't want to clean my room, I don't want to do my homework, I don't want a boob job. She'll grow out of it.

      1. actually her rebelliousness is doing her homework and wanting a degree!

        Tell me, are her sisters and mother actually attractive to you chaps? I thought they looked cheap and a bit battered, but what would I know?

        1. Not a chap, but agreed. Blech.

        2. "actually her rebelliousness is doing her homework and wanting a degree!"

          Good point - I was making a joke about moral equivalence.

          Any man should flee from Mum and the other daughters as quickly as his seven-league boots can carry him.

        3. No, they're pretty gross. Not just because I hate fake boobs, either.

        4. So, as a point of usage (and my curiosity about language differences), are they examples of "slappers?" Is a "slag" equivalent to a "slapper?"

          1. Pretty much. Promiscuity is a crucial part of it, but there should also be a certain dissoluteness and trashiness. A much-loved comic strip in the UK was called The Fat Slags - Tray and San rampaging through Newcastle-upon-Tyne eating cheap takeaway, drinking, smoking, and fucking anything with a pulse. These individuals do look like they'd give a handjob upon 3 minutes' acquaintance, hence my harsh words. Please report me to Jezebel as a gender traitor

            1. I can't believe there's a comic called "The Fat Slags". That would never go over here, at least not in a "respectable" publication. Although I guess in the US you can just go to a fast food restaurant if you want to see 'em.

              1. well, it wasn't in a respectable publication - it was in the bracingly vulgar Viz comics. But Viz now occupies a special place in the heart of the British, so if not respectable it is at least regarded with affection.

            2. I, for one, would not be willing to waste three minutes in their company.

          2. Not being a chav, those freakish skanks only engage my flight reflex.

        5. Who knew they had a Jersey Shore in England?

            1. That's known as metastasis.

        6. A little trashy can a sometimes be sexy if it's not too in your face. Those chicks don't do anything for me.

          1. Yeah, Jersey (and Geordie) Shore would be good examples of in your face trashy not sexy at all.

        7. Chap is fine, Yank ain't, and lord no, those hags are disgusting.

        8. Ehh, I've done worse. And the second from the right is in incredible shape. Giggity.

        9. Tell me, are her sisters and mother actually attractive to you chaps? I thought they looked cheap and a bit battered

          I wouldn't mind hot dirty sex with the daughters, if they were under strict instructions to not open their pie-holes for the purpose of speaking.

    2. I really love the fake look of my girls and I know that Britney will go that way when she's a bit older.

      That's it! Aim high, Britney, aim high.

    3. When will British women learn that they all need nose jobs before they move on to their tits? Fucking disgusting.

      1. Dental care before rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty before mammaplasty (I always thought it was mammoplasty)

  5. Brave pro-speech teddy bear paratroopers launch assault on Belarus


    1. Furrytroopers?

    2. So, furrytroopers?

      1. Bear-a-troopers.

      2. No, bear-a-troopers.

      3. I R'd TFA. Actual Teddy bears. They're lucky their plane wasn't shot down over Belarussian airspace.

    3. Is that photoshopped, or did they really print the message in English?

      1. All foreigners print messages in English when they want money from us.

      2. It said "bears like this," so sadly I don't think that's an actual example of a pro-speech teddy.

  6. Bearatroopers.

  7. ...the Pittsburgh Pirates are the best story in baseball over the first half of the season.

    It seems like I've heard this midseason tune before. But hey, maybe the Bucs have finally recovered from their generation-long concussion.

    1. It's been fun to watch them succeed for a change.

      1. Yinzers won't know how to react.

        1. I'm sure you'll be fine, Fist.


            1. LOL! The Wild? PFFT

    2. Big deal. The Royals are only 6.5 out.

    3. As long as I've lived here, before last year at least, they were completely hopeless by June. And their pitching is a lot more credible this year.

  8. Kurt Andersen explains the downside of liberty.

    1. *barf*

    2. If it feels good, do it, whether that means smoking weed and watching porn and never wearing a necktie, retiring at 50 with a six-figure public pension and refusing modest gun regulation, or moving your factories overseas and letting commercial banks become financial speculators.

      What does he mean, "or"? All those things look pretty fun, and should be a part of any well-rounded life

      1. Yeah, I think I want that printed on my tombstone.

        1. 'Watched a lot of porn, we mean A LOT.'

      2. six-figure public pension

        There is one word in here that pretty much invalidates the idea that liberty is involved.

  9. Lisa Pelofsky, president of the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners, said the two cases, while not related, show "the system is working."


  10. "Physicists have observed the so-called God particles. A video that seemed to indicate that has been pulled by the CERN laboratory."

    The Higgs both exists, and does not exist. For it to be one or the other, you have to enter the LHC.

  11. During business hours, he would call or e-mail the women ? all county employees who were his subordinates ? and ask to speak with them in his office. He allegedly cornered them, hugged and kissed them on the mouth and neck, and then proceeded to touch them inappropriately. Sometimes, he exposed himself and masturbated during the encounters, which also occurred in parking lots, elevators and cars, Rackauckas said.

    The ladies would have prefered their employee evaluations in written form.

    1. Sometimes taking the Yeltsin model of office camaraderie to the next level is a bad idea.

      1. Boris was a stud, wasn't he.

  12. A Kansas City police officer is charged with corruption for allegedly forcing women to have sex with him in exchange for not arresting them.

    Why is he not charged with solicitation?

    1. The same reason you don't get charged with it when you get action in exchange for a lobster dinner, I suppose. No $$$.

    2. Sounds more like rape.

      1. Well, it's not rape rape, so there's that.

        1. They were not unresponsive.

      2. It does sound like that but technically it's not, since he wasn't threatening to do anything illegal to them if they didn't acquiesce; there was in fact legitimate cause for arresting them.

        It would be like telling a woman who hit your car that you wouldn't demand her insurance info if she had sex with you. Disgusting and immoral of course, but not rape.

        1. Fine, extortion, then. Certainly something weightier than corruption.

          1. And I'm not entirely certain that his threat to do something she didn't want him to do, even if it was legal for him to do so, didn't vitiate consent.

            You can certainly be guilty of extortion even when threatening to perform a legal act.

    3. John Roberts says the cop should have taxed the women who did not want to have sex.

  13. Physicists have observed the so-called God particles.

    Do not waver my Atheist friends. This is just Science's way of testing your Faith.

    1. According to an Australian physicist on the TV tonight, its real nickname is the Goddamn particle, and it just got cleaned up for public consumption

      1. I'm still looking for that fucking particle.

  14. Apparently neither German spies nor hotels can identify neo-Nazis. You'd think Germans would be the world champions

    1. One day, the owner received an inquiry from a "wine agency" interested in renting space for a conference in January 2012. The hotelier was thrilled, because winters are typically slow. When the friendly men from the "wine agency," about 100 of them, turned up at the hotel in mid-January, there was something odd about the whole thing: They were accompanied by police vans. Even more unusual was the fact that no one talked about wine, and that everything became very political.

  15. "From the gunning down of a pro-life picketer in Michigan in 2009, to the filmed attack on pro-lifers in New Mexico in 2011, to another filmed attack in Washington last week, violent assault against pro-life Americans are on the rise....

    "Personhood USA Founder and President Keith Mason and his wife Jennifer have three young children from eight years old on down, and a fourth child due next month. That didn't stop pro-abortion vandals from throwing a heavy rock through his front door window at 1:30 am, or from spraypainting his house with vulgarities and images of coat hangers."


    1. This is their version of classy.

    2. "Mason said he could not share his ordeal until today, since he had to move his family to a safe-house, having been warned by security that their lives may be in danger. He is currently looking for a new home for his young family."

    3. Therefore the pro-choice position is wrong?

      1. Not wrong, it's just that its proponents are often massively hypocritical.

        1. No, they're wrong. But that doesn't have anything to do with this assholish behavior. There are plenty of criminals on both sides of the issue.

          IOW, this is about property crime, not about abortion. And it should be prosecuted as such, but I fear a "hate crime" prosecution coming up by some grandstanding prick of a prosecutor.

          1. "On Saturday, [Everett] Stadig ? a soft-spoken and slender gentleman - was thrown off his bicycle while peacefully gathering signatures for the Personhood amendment in Colorado, and as a result has had to undergo surgery to replace part of his hip....

            "While recovering from surgery, Stadig has still been gathering petitions in the hospital among the nurses and therapists."


            1. I like this guy's spirit, regardless of what side of an issue he's on.

          2. I don't think that people who believe a woman should be able to choose an abortion, within certain time parameters, are wrong. I took that to be what he meant by "the pro-choice" position.

            Clearly, the actions of the fucks in question are wrong.

            1. Clearly, the actions of the fucks in question are wrong.

              and outside of this forum, those actions are unknown to about 98% of the country. Any bets on the level of coverage we would see if those attacked were pro-choice?

              1. The wailing and gnashing of teeth about the violent fundamentalists would be all over the news. And probably all over this forum.

              2. "Anti-Abortion Rhetoric leads to violence, experts say"

                "Climate of Teabagging Hatred Endangers Country"

                "U.S. on Verge of Fascist Coup"

                1. Stop giving headlines away for free Eduard!

      2. Therefore the pro-choice position is wrong?

        LOL. You guys attack pro-lifers for supposed violence all the time. And now your ad hominem attack detector suddenly kicks into action.

  16. Everybody knows what day it is, today, right?

    That's right, it's Barney Frank's gay wedding day!

    The first question I had when I found out that today is Barney Frank's gay wedding day was--who's the best man? Is it Barack Obama?

    I mean, why wouldn't it be Barack Obama? He's gotta be Barny Frank's first choice, right? Why wouldn't the best man at Barney Frank's gay wedding ceremony be Barack Obama?

    ...in an election year.

    Turns out that, according to Barney Frank, Barack Obama isn't even welcome to attend Barney Frank's Big Fat Gay Wedding. ...and that has nothing to do with it being an election year...no, no, no. Barack Obama isn't ashamed to be photographed at Barney Frank's wedding--are you crazy?

    The problem is that the secret service procedures would inconvenience all the guests! ...and Barney Frank doesn't want that at his wedding.


    If anybody finds a story with more horseshit in it today, I'll set off a firecracker in my pants and put it up on YouTube.

    I think it's disgraceful that Barney Frank would make up a story like that to cover for what's really an obvious maneuver by Obama to protect himself from homophobic voters...

    That's right! I think Obama is pandering to homophobes, and I think Barny Frank is helping him do it, too--and the LGBTQ community should be outraged.

    1. Hmmm. Conflicted. B.O. is a narcissistic media whore, and so is Barney Frank, but then again, perhaps B.F. doesn't want to mar the solemnity of his nuptials and turn it into a circus by having Obama there. *snerk*

    2. Well, black folks like Obama and don't like gays. Being near a gay wedding would be a sure way to keep them from showing up at the polls. But the gays who are on the political left want black folks to keep voting for Democrats, but they make unlikely bedfellows (no homo).

      I heard a person call in NPR's Diane Rehm show...the subject was the early struggle for civil rights in the Jim Crow era, and this person called in and said, "Yeah, what black folks went through is like what the gays are going through now!" Needless to say, the comparison was not received favorably.

      1. "Yeah, what black folks went through is like what the gays are going through now!"

        Yup, nary a difference. Replace "women" with "gays" and the sentence is just as absurd.

    3. It sounds believable to me.

      I've heard that the SS protection around the president has gotten ridiculously over the top. Including, not allowing eating utensils, even plastic ones, at the dinners that he attends.

      1. Because you couldn't cut his throat with, say, a sharpened credit card.

      2. I don't believe it.

        I do not believe that people eat with their hands at the campaign fund raisers Obama attends every single day.

        1. Read it and weep.



          But you are right that it can't happen at every fundraiser he attends.

          But still, why invite that kind of potential chaos to your wedding?

          1. I swear to God the world's turning into a Mel Brooks' movie.

        2. A Secret Service spokesman confirmed that the agency made the request, but said such requirements are common at large events where the president speaks at about the same time people are dining.

          "The Secret Service coordinates this process with staff and host committee to ensure tables are cleared of material that may be deemed hazardous prior to the arrival of the president," Special Agent Max Milien told POLITICO. "Any implication that this was unique for this event is completely inaccurate."

          1. Hey it was just hispanics...and we all know they can't be trusted with flatware!

            1. I cannot imagine myself sitting there in a fundraiser, where the guy I was giving money to didn't trust me with my fork.

              I'd get up and walk out--at the very least. Who gives money to someone that treats you that way? I know you treat me like crap--here have some more money?

              That's like being a Moonie. People who give money to Obama after being treated that way are like Moonies.

            2. I know. Why didn't they just serve tacos and burritos?

      3. From my email:

        U.S. President Barack Obama will visit Carnegie Mellon University's Pittsburgh Campus on Friday, July 6, as part of his two-day " Betting on America " bus tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania. Obama will speak at a grassroots event on the College of Fine Arts (CFA) lawn. Gates will open at noon.

        All attendees will go through airport-like security and should bring as few personal items as possible. No bags, sharp objects, umbrellas,liquids, or signs will be allowed in the venue. Cameras are permitted.

        1. And here are the rules for this "grassroots" event:

          * The CFA building, the Hunt Library, Doherty Hall and Baker Hall will close at 8 a.m., Friday, July 6. All buildings are estimated to re-open sometime after 4 p.m.
          Students taking classes in those buildings on Friday should confirm with their faculty member(s) on Thursday as to the alternate location for those class meetings
          scheduled for Friday.

          * Offices in the affected buildings will be closed Friday. Supervisors will inform their staff members who normally work in the affected buildings about their work
          schedules for Friday. They will inform their staff by Thursday, July 5.

          * Tech, Frew and Margaret Morrison streets will close at 8:30 a.m., Friday, July 6,
          and will re-open after the event. Parking on Margaret Morrison Street will be
          restricted 7 a.m. on Thursday, July 5, through 7 p.m. on Friday, July 6.

          * Wean, Porter, Hamerschlag will have no ingress or egress to or from the mall during the event itself. The buildings will be open, but occupants are not allowed
          near the windows and shades must be drawn.

          As a 501 c 3 nonprofit corporation Carnegie Mellon University does not support
          or oppose any particular candidate and maintains an open door policy to all candidates.

  17. Fracking accidentally made legal in North Carolina:


  18. Im going to visit a friend's drag racing track in the middle of nowhere in Eastern Kentucky, then back to Lexington to finally try out Country Boy Brewing tonight.

    1. Do you live in Lexington Rob? I used to live in Wilmore and Burgin... checked both on satellite maps and was not actually surprised at how little either has changed in the last 15 years.

      1. Louisville. I avoid Lexington as much as possible.

        1. Why do you avoid Lexington? Really just wondering.

          1. The Beast known as the SugarFree makes its home there. Few men have emerged with their minds intact after encountering the creature.

            He's like a hillbilly Medusan.

          2. The road system and the people.

            But primarily the road system. If it deserves to be called that (it doesnt).

            Fuck Circle 4 and Fuck Man O' War.

            1. Thanks. I was planning on doing that Bourbon hop one of these days. Was planning on staying in Louisville. Sounds like that is the way to go.

    1. I love the first comment:

      "Credibility of this publication is further diminished by linking to the Jezbellian femborg."

      1. Now it reads, Name withheld

        10:05 AM on July 4, 2012

        This comment has violated our Terms and Conditions, and has been removed.

        1. "Credibility of this publication is further diminished by removing comments about linking to the Jezbellian femborg."

    2. "I always went to work wearing two bras and a sweat top, and I would never take it off, even if it was 90 degrees out."

      These women have bigger problems than their boobs.

    3. "...the Sweets didn't even feel comfortable walking down the road because of the whispers and occasional gawking from cars."

      Cars can be very rude. The Sweets need to toughen up a little bit. I'm abnormally tall. According to friends and family, I am very often the subject of gawking, whispering, and pointing whenever I go out. At this point, I don't even notice unless someone says something directly to me.

      Actual physical problems are a different story.

      1. But were you ever microaggressed or othered, Elf?

        1. I've been microagressed against by everyone who ever asked me to get something off the top shelf and othered every time I have to duck through a doorway. It's all so traumatic I'm going to see if I can get some disability money out of it.

          1. I know how you feel. I get a sense of my abled-privilege when I want to take the stairs when I know not everyone can. I'm shamed into using the elevator.

            1. Then kill yourself, Nando.

          2. I had a friend that was 6'10". Couldn't dribble a basketball or shoot a ball to save his life. Everywhere we went, people would walk up to him and ask, "Who do you play for?" Every single place. Hilarious.

            And his sister was hot.

            1. The hilarity wears off not much after the hilarity of "How's the weather up there" wears off.

              1. Being a fellow Tall, I compensate by asking short people to get heavy things off the bottom shelf for me.

    4. tunafish
      10:33 AM on July 4, 2012

      Growing up with a sister who had large breasts revealed to both her and I at a very young age just how disgusting some men really could be. There's plenty of them out there who seem to think that a girl/woman with larger than average breasts automatically equates to her being a nymphomaniac, and that by carrying them around must mean she's always thinking of having sex with these so called "men". Their sick need to comment within earshot exactly what they'd like to do to her still makes me ill...some couldn't even be bothered to use words and would express themselves in grunts and groans. I don't know how she's done it all these years, because I know I would have not been able too, but I know that it hasn't been without some emotional damage.

      Even from a evolutionary biology point of view, larger breasts are better. At this stage in life, it can be debated whether they are wanted by all men, but biologically, larger breasts, wider hips... those are the things men would look for in choosing a mate as they were signs of fertility. But, women would rather they just not be "othered" (at least until they are never looked at by guys, in which case their stance changes yet again).

      1. So you're saying that Sarcasmic has no hope of passing on his genes?

        1. The Male Gaze. strikes!

  19. New North Carolina law (passed over governor's veto) waters down the state's "Racial Justice Act." The latter made it easier for death-row inmates to challenge their sentence on "race discrimination" grounds. The new law provides that statistics alone won't be enough to prove racism, that any relevant statistics must be from 10 years before the crime and a couple years after the sentence, and that statewide statistics are not allowed, only stats from the country and prosecutorial district in which the trial was held.


    1. Did the NC legislature bother to look up the word "racism" first?


  20. Police raided Nicholas Sarkozy's home and offices related to the former French president in a campaign finance investigation involving money from a L'Oreal heiress.


    The commies are going after their opponents already. Awesome.

    Have I mentioned that FUCK FRANCE?

  21. I hope those people don't try and wash down those 6 dozen hots dogs with a 32 oz soda in NY. That would be gluttany.

    1. Hm, I live in NYC. Maybe that's what I'll do...

  22. From the piece on the Higgs:

    "To put it another way, if the Higgs field were a Hollywood party, a photon would be the unknown actor who hurries through without gaining a bit of interest from others in the room. Other particles would be more like Angelina Jolie, drawing crowds of hangers-on as they move through the party."

    It's good to know that science for retards is alive and well in journalism.

    Also, what would Angelina's boobs be?

    1. Higgs Boson = Andy Dick?

  23. Some Independence Day stoopid, courtesy of Robert Reich:


    Take heart, though; there's at least one sensible response...


    1. He's no LZ Granderson, but he is certainly a tornado of stupid.

      1. Not for a lack of trying on Reich's part, of course...

        1. Our politics has grown nastier and meaner.

          I hope you get hit by a bus!

          How's that for nastier and meaner you little fraud!

          1. "little fraud"


    2. Followed by two responses of weaponized stupid. Is the urge to lick boots inherent or learned?

      1. I believe it is something inherent to most people, which is why libertariansism seems so counter-intuitive and weird to right and left-leaning authoritarians.

        1. Blind allegiance/subservience to Team Red or Team Blue, is a major cause of boot-licking.

          1. Speaking of boot-lickers, where are Tony and shrike?

            1. One can only assume they are off licking boots somewhere!

              Shriek because his ethos demands it....Tony....well because he enjoys it!

        2. You guys are finally getting it.

      2. Twelve years in the internment camps from 6 to 18 takes the will to resist out of most people.

        1. That's probably hidden deep in the next defense-appropriations bill.

          1. Uh, I think he's referring to public schooling.

    3. "The Affordable Care Act isn't perfect, but in requiring younger and healthier people to buy insurance that will help pay for the healthcare needs of older and sicker people, it summons the second version of patriotism."

      Well, that didn't take long.

      1. To leftists, patriotism means being forced to help people you don't know, aren't related to, and all in a futile attempt to turn America into the perfect country.

      2. I had no idea that patriotism involved taking money from the young, who typically have less of it, and giving it to the old, who typically have more of it.

        1. Also, we've always been at war with Eastasia.

      3. Alternate universe version:

        "The invasion of Iraq hasn't gone perfectly, but in requiring our young people to fight and die there, we are ensuring that petroleum will remain plentiful for the rest of us. And that's the true meaning of Christmas."

      4. Patriotism changes versions even faster than Firefox, dude. Get with the program.

        1. I wasn't referring to patriotism -- notice the rationale he is using. To Reich, PPACA is just another transfer scheme, albeit uniquely compulsory: a Social Security bailout, if you will.

    4. We'll see how patriotic Reich and those commenters are when the pendulum swings all the way right again.

      1. Unfortunately, we'd be just as fucked as we are with the pendulum all the way left, right this minute.

        Too bad the Team fools can't see that.

    5. I remember when patriotism was something more along the lines of feeling appreciation for the people who came up with the idea of this land as a free country and went to the trouble of setting it up that way. In that time the phrase "It's a free country" was used as a reason for doing most anything that didn't trespass against anybody else.

      This was way before my time but up to the 1930's there were few people who had much regard for any government - local or federal - and pretty much desired and expected to be left alone while fending for themselves. This love of country - as embodied by the federal government - is a relatively new development.

  24. A snip from the Declaration of Independence, which can be used to describe our current situation:

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

    And yet, many fools will vote for Obama* this November.

    *and just as many will vote for Romney.

    1. and eat out their substance.


  25. Hey, those domestic murderdrones are all totally unhackable, right? There's no way anybody get take control of one and divebomb it into my house, right? Right?

    1. Um, syntax fail. Sorry.

      1. Put a huge Gadsen flag on your roof, and there won't be a need to hack the drone - it'll just be ordered to divebomb. Because you're a racist terrorist, y'see.


    2. I imagine, based on this article, that there will be large numbers crashing in OK this fall.

    3. The domestic ones don't contain any ordnance, so they're not "murderdrones" and don't have the ability to "divebomb" anything.

      Plus, they didn't "hack" the drone, they just confused the GPS receiver. This allowed them to (indirectly) control horizontal movement of the drone, not make it dive or access its memory or cameras.

      1. Peeping Tomdrones then?

      2. I read the article, Tulpa. Thanks for the summary.

        It was some college kids with a tiny bit of money. If they can do that, it follows that it's possible a more sophisticated party with better funding could do more, and worse. The sky is not falling, but I think it's okay to be a little nervous.

        If you think controlling an aircraft's movement in any way while it is actively flying is trivial, you are simply wrong. That's huge.

        Oh, and "divebomb." Picture a plane crashing into a house or something. There you go. No actual bombs required.

  26. Headline: Chris Rock: 'Happy White Peoples Independence Day'...

    Had to start with somebody, asshole.

    1. Chris Rock may not be racist, but he's damn well a bigot.

      1. Chris Rock may not be racist, but he's damn well a bigot.

        No, he's a racist. A damn funny racist, but a racist nonetheless.

    2. I think Chris Rock can be funny as hell. And if his ancestors were slaves they got fucked over in an appalling way. Chris Rock is immensely better off because his ancestors were brought here and before he gets too far up on that high horse he probably ought to consider where he would be, or if he would be, had his ancestors remained in Africa. Of course, that isn't to excuse or justify slavery but sometimes unintended consequences work in people's favor, too.

      1. Some people just can't accept that slavery and Jim Crow are both long-dead, and - thankfully - will never return.

        Gives 'em something to bitch about, is all.

      2. His is a celebration of weakness, as if hanging history over the heads of whites is empowerment instead of its opposite. I'd like to think the wraith of Nat Turner is seeking Rock out as we speak to slap the Hell out of him.

      3. the stark truth is that Rock's ancestors were the lucky ones. Their other options would have been enslavement by the tribe they lost to or death. But he would get no cheap laughs with that.

      4. Since his ancestors probably came from many different parts of West Africa, it's unlikely he would have existed were it not for slavery.

        Not that I'm saying slavery is a good thing, obviously. Especially since I don't like him.

  27. Question: What's better, calling someone "Fucking" as a middle name, or as a title of Mr./Mrs.

    Fucking Anne Murray
    or Anne Fucking Murray

      1. Yeah. "Fucking" as a middle name connotes approval; "Fucking" as a title connotes disapproval.

        Iron Fucking Maiden.
        Fucking John Roberts.

        1. Joe Fucking Biden.

        2. Bucky Fucking Dent disagrees.

          1. Disagree.

            Bucky Fucking Dent communicates incredulity that an obscure, non-power-hitting shortstop hit a home run.

            So the person saying it is saying it in anger, but they are saying it in grudging response to an accomplishment.

            Aaron Fucking Boone. (Shakes head.) Fucking Grady Little.

    1. When oh when oh WHEN will I learn not to click on commenters' links?

  28. I'm anxious to see if this scumbag gets sentenced like a human being or like a cop.

    1. Get off your high horse Sloop....I'm sure it's just an isolated incident!

  29. Should be interesting to see how that all works out lol.


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