A.M. Links: God Particle Found, Hillary Clinton Sorry, Sarkozy Home, Offices Raided


  • found it on his forehead

    Physicists have observed the so-called God particle. A video that seemed to indicate that had been earlier pulled by the CERN laboratory.

  • Hillary Clinton said she was sorry for the death of two dozen soldiers in a November air strike and that apparently was enough to get Pakistan to reopen the border to NATO supplies.
  • Police raided Nicholas Sarkozy's home and offices related to the former French president in a campaign finance investigation involving money from a L'Oreal heiress.
  • A Santa Ana councilman faces more than a dozen felony charges related to alleged sexual abuse of city employees.
  • A Kansas City police officer is charged with corruption for allegedly forcing women to have sex with him in exchange for not arresting them.
  • Hey look, the Pittsburgh Pirates are tied for first in the NL Central.
  • Jaws and the Black Widow will be among those facing off at the annual Fourth of July Nathan's hot dog eating contest on Coney Island today. Happy birthday America.

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