"A trip to Charlotte may be interesting but why leave your districts?"; DCCC Chair Tells Congressional Candidates to Stay Away from Dem National Convention, Repeating 2008 Advice Republicans Got


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The Democrats' head honcho on getting Democrats elected to Congress explained "they need to be in their districts" not the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte in September "if they want to win an election." The DCCC chair, Steve Israel, also explained he didn't "care if the president was at 122 percent favorability right now," his advice to Democrats running for Congress would be the same.

What was DCCC Chair Robert Matsui's goal at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston? From a 2004 Los Angeles Times article:

Although lavish events and parties have been cut back, Rep. Robert T. Matsui of Sacramento, who is chairman of the DCCC, said: "Our principal goal at this convention is to make sure that the major donors and House members are handled in a way that they get most of the benefits of the convention."

And then, of course, there's 2008. From a June 2008 Daily Kos post:

Democrats are stoked for their convention where Barack Obama will be our nominee.  There are some folks who are angry about Democrats' Iraq impotence, Clinton's loss or other issues, but for the most part Democrats from around the country are excited.  Barack Obama moved his acceptance to the Denver Bronco's stadium that will likely have fewer empty seats than if John Elway made a comeback.  It looks to be a huge party, and an energizing one that will launch the fall campaign like few others have.

Then there's the Republican convention in Minneapolis St. Paul, where John McCain becomes their standard bearer.  Apparently enthusiasm is lacking not just among rank and file, but among leadership.  Here's Tom Cole, head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, giving advice to candidates:

The NRCC chief discouraged candidates from attending the national convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, saying that spending days there would be a "waste of time," and they would be better off campaigning.

No word yet on how excited Republican candidates are to head to Tampa in August. The Libertarians already held their convention.

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  1. "...he didn't "care if the president was at 122 percent favorability right now," his advice to Democrats running for Congress would be the same."

    Hmmm....in other words captain zero is poison, dont be caught in the same room with him if you want to keep your jobs.

    I really think it is going to be a shock to obama when he loses. I wonder if he will crack and go completely nuts. How wonderful it would be if he spent the rest of his life as a broken, ranting lunatic. That thought just warms my heart.

    1. Rich people don't go crazy, they become eccentric.

    2. I still think Obama will win, but even if Romney manages to pull it off, it's not the reaction of Obama himself that will interest me. It's the tantrum his most vocal online supporters will throw that should be really fun to watch.

      A couple weeks ago I would have predicted 100% of their explanation was going to be RACISM!, but now I'm leaning toward 70% RACISM!, and 30% NO FAIR WE GOT OUTSPENT!

      But whether Obama leaves office after 1 or 2 terms, he'll be fine. Give lucrative speeches, go back to academia, maybe score another Nobel Peace Prize - his options are open.

      1. Most likely "We got outspent by racists."

      2. The reaction to Obamacare if it is overturned is going to be just as fun, even more fun really.

        1. "We got outspent by people who have a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race"

          FIFY'd. No charge.

          [cue Tony to accuse pedantry]

  2. No word yet on how excited Republican candidates are to head to Tampa in August.

    Some of them would crawl naked to Tampa across McCain '08 buttons with the pins extended to vote for their guy.

    No, I'm not talking about Gingrich's delegates.

  3. I am sure they would all rather be a some dismal church social kissing babies and campaigning in the August heat rather than running around Charlotte drinking free booze and banging young college interns. The fact that the national party is toxic this year has nothing to do with them staying away.

    1. That sure as shit doesn't describe the Libertarian's convention!

      1. There is a reason why Libertarians stay in single digits.

    2. shit - maybe i should go to Charlotte.

  4. No, I'm not talking about Gingrich's delegates.

    When Gingrich reared his ugly head in this race all I could think of was a big wind. That blowhard's done more 180s than an EF5 tornado.

  5. if (Presidential.Coat.Tails == "long")
    {attend Convention)
    (stay Home);

    1. You mkae my diodes warm. Wow.


    2. You mkae my diodes warm. Wow.


    3. You mkae my diodes warm! Wow.


      1. I loled.

      2. Holy fuck. Anon-bot is now replying to other commenters posts! One more step closer to self awareness. Get ready to pull the plug.

  6. A woman filed suit against Clayton County and the sheriff Tuesday over the death of her baby after she gave birth in jail, Channel 2 Action News reported.

    Deshawn Balka, 25, who was 5 1/2 months pregnant at the time, is alleging a lack of adequate medical care and a slow response to her cries for help when her son was born prematurely in April.

    "I wish and I pray that I would have gotten the care that I requested," she told Channel 2.

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    Her family told Channel 2 her parole officer had been notified that she had to miss an appointment because she was in the hospital.


    1. Thanks for making me want to vomit Pip. That is worse than the usual dead dog stories. That is probably in the running for worst ever.

    2. But remember, the WOD is for the childr......oh, wait.

    3. Marijuana possession?!?! Lock her up and throw away the key - she's nothing but a monster!

      1. Seeing as how marijuana was the initial cause for her being in jail, and the child died in jail, she should be charged with the murder of the child as well.

        1. Ohhhhh, excellent. If you haven't already done so, get thee to law school. You have a bright future as a prosecutor.

    4. The Atlanta jail must really be hell on earth. Several people died there for lack of attention in the single year I lived in Atlanta.

    5. Good morning to you too...jerk!

  7. "Then there's the Republican convention in Minneapolis / St. Paul

    There was shit in both cities.

  8. What is it about politicians posing with boxing gloves on? First Dick Cumfarts, now this douche. Like either one of them knows the first thing about boxing (or fighting in general). I'd gladly step into the ring with either one of them.

    1. And there's the classic photo of Big O biting his lip and air boxing, while his sycophants look on uncomfortably.


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