Fidel Castro Reflects on the Universe and the "Unimaginable"


dias mejores

Fidel Castro's running post-leadership commentaries are gaining some renewed attention as the octogenarian former dictator of Cuba turns to topics of the universe ("Science is continuously trying to explain the laws that govern the universe. At this moment you can see it is expanding, a process that began approximately 13.7 billion years ago") and yoga ("The things that the yogi can do with the human body escape our imagination. They are right there, before our eyes, in the images that reach us immediately from a long distance through the TV")

The commentaries turned towards the more esoteric and shorter format this month. Fidel Castro handed power over to his younger brother, by five years, Raul Castro, who has overseen the painfully slow march away from communism. Castro's previous musings mirrored the New York Times.on shale gas.

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