Anticipating the Obamacare Decision? Count On Reason's In-Depth Coverage


I wouldn't read about the fate of my signature policy anyplace else!

Eagerly anticipating the biggest legal health-care decision since the Athenian high court prescribed a cure-all to Socrates? Why go with competing brands when Reason has you covered right here. Our crack team of policy analysts is already ensconced in a secret location, subsisting on nothing but airplane bottles of Early Times and gourmet food-truck cuisine, glued to the soft glow of data emanating from their Lexis account.

All (well … most) kidding aside, Reason will be providing full coverage of the decision on Hit & Run, both in terms of analysis from our in-house experts, and also timely news links gathered by our staff and published continuously on the site after the decision is announced — which could be as soon as Thursday, June 21.

Whenever it appears, this is where you should turn for in-depth coverage of what's happening, and a little crystal-ball gazing at what it all means.

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  1. If you jerks covered sports and had porn I wouldn’t have to go anywhere else.

    1. That’s what the comments are for.

      1. No that’s what Morning Links are for. Daily Mail anyone?

        1. Catholic bishop caught with… a… woman!


          1. Surprised you guys missed these hot pics


            1. I posted that in yesterday’s links.

  2. I say, Doctor, ain’t there nothing I can take to relieve this belly ache?

    I say Doctor….

    You put the lime in the coconut and you drink it all up…

    Damn it. I hate it when I get some old pop song lyrics in my head.

  3. What the hell is it with Progressives and creepy, cult-of-personality birthday wishes?

    Is anyone else getting the “Send Elizabeth Warren a Birthday Card” ad?

      1. Hmm…it may only come up for New England IPs.

        1. I’m at work. That means that every web page is a patchwork of empty holes, ‘Forbidden’, and the occasional bits of actual content.

          1. My warnings at work tell me why I can’t go to particular sight, like youtube because it is streaming media. My favorite is jezebel, because it is obscene.

        2. I’m in the Bay Area and I’ve been seeing them, too.

          So maybe only progressive shit holes are getting them?

          1. Utah?

    1. I got it yesterday. How long do Cherokee birthdays last?

      1. Until the Green Corn Ceremony.

    2. I saw it yesterday, but didn’t have time to wish her alihelisdi udetiyisgvi. Can anyone send me the link?

    3. How many moons old is she?

  4. Dreading more than anticipating.

    Striking down the mandate but not the preexisting condition thing is the worst case scenario.

    1. I doubt there is a result that could possibly please the left any more. They may seem brain-dead, but I think even they can understand no-mandate is the path to full socialized medicine. They will shed a few crocodile tears and then throw a party behind the scenes if it happens.

      1. Most of TEAM BLUE is stupider than dirt. They will rend their garments and wail, which will serve those who aren’t stupider than dirt and understand what you just described.

        The TEAMs are just personality cults, with the personality being those who are smart enough to understand that they are just personality cults and all you have to do is be the current personality.

    2. Why? The insurance companies will just demand that Congress re-implement it under the tax power.

      1. Not gonna happen. The individual mandate is absurdly unpopular. And it was passed on Commerce Clause grounds because politicians didn’t want to call it a tax. If the Supremes rules it unconstitutional now, it’s not coming back.

    3. Striking down the mandate but not the preexisting condition thing is the worst case scenario.

      No, upholding the law is the worst case scenario.

      Striking the mandate and leaving the shall-issue requirement means the insurance companies get the ass-fucking they deserve for conspiring with the Dems.

      And it kicks the whole mess back to Congress. Which also deserves to suffer.

      1. I’m with this. You got in bed with them. Don’t be shocked you got fucked.

        I feel the same way about the bishops.

      2. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

        I hope your satisfaction in the insurance companies’ punishment keeps you healthy and warm during the inevitable dawn of the era of socialized medicine that would follow.

  5. In-depth coverage of the SCOTUS decision, complete with “100 reasons why Romney sucks!” and “why the GOP is the worst political party ever!”

    1. Well, they’re either the worst or second-worst party.

      And even a sizable number of Republicans think that Romney sucks in absolute terms; fortunately for himself, he just has compare favorably to Barack Obama.

      1. Well yes, but I think you missed my point… 🙂

        1. I can’t ever remember who the partisans are anymore.

          1. Everyone else. The bastards.

    2. I agree with this pretty much, though I think some of it can be chalked up to Obama being so terrible for so long that it feels like beating a dead horse to criticize him at a breakneck pace. Romney is relatively fresh meat for impotent libertarian complaining.

  6. “All (well … most) kidding aside”

    The Early Times is in handles, not airplane bottles, right?

    1. early times times tastes so bad. I would almost rather drink gin

      1. Gin is awesome. What do you drink? Vodka? You pussy.

        1. There’s gin, and then there’s gin. Some “gin” is ungodly terrible. Some is great.

        2. I drink Whiskey, idiot.

          1. Whiskey is fucking awful.

            Whisky, on the other hand…

  7. A contempt charge for Holder followed by SCOTUS smacking down PPACA would be hilarious. The weeping and gnashing of teeth at HuffPo would be epic.

    1. I think I have some champagne at home. If PPACA goes down fully and Holder goes to jail, I’m breaking that shit open.

      1. I have something even better, but it’s already open. That won’t stop me from drinking more of it.

  8. You know, I like you guys and all, but I’ll be hanging out at SCOTUSblog and Volokh on the day the shit hits the fan.

  9. The last day of the term is Monday, 06/25.

    The odds that they will release it before then are vanishingly small.


    1. Can they land helicopters on the roof of the SCOTUS building?

  10. I’ll be patient.

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