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Ron Paul Wins Iowa, Long After Mitt Romney and then Rick Santorum Supposedly Did


No matter how many times the Ron Paul campaign is declared over, it is not over. Long after its meaningless straw poll caucus vote in January, the long process of actually selecting delegates from the state to the national convention in Tampa is over, and here's the Paul campaign press release summing up the results:

Dr. Paul won 10 of 13 delegates elected at today's state convention in addition to having won 11 of 12 delegates elected at last night's district conventions, for a weekend total of 21 of 25 contestable delegates, all unbound. 

Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired

Dr. Paul's victory in the Hawkeye State affirms his delegate-attainment strategy and it has the added benefit of having occurred in the first-in-nation voting state, also a swing state.

"We thank the many Iowa Republican activists for working tirelessly toward this meaningful victory, in particular the work they performed in the service of constitutional government and personal liberty.  This win is a real validation for our campaign and its many supporters in Iowa and across our great nation," said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

"We look forward to bringing the Ron Paul delegation to Tampa and to making a significant, positive contribution to the 2012 Republican Party Platform," added Mr. Benton.

The current chair of the Iowa state party is A.J. Spiker, a longtime Paul supporter.

The Des Moines Register reports:

Ron Paul loyalists were triumphant at the Iowa GOP convention today, overcoming an attempt to knock very well-organized members of the liberty movement off the national convention rolls.

"The movement has a huge responsibility when it goes to Tampa to show Iowa we're a real movement and we're not there to be ramble rousers," said Dubuque Republican Dave Cushman, a liberty activist and new GOP state central committee member.

After a two-day tug-of-war marked by bouts of angry shouting, Iowa Republicans elected 25 delegates to send to the national convention in Florida in late August.

By far, the majority will be Paul backers – much to the disappointment of some Iowa Republicans who wanted to send a more mixed "unity" delegation to vote for all-but-certain nominee Mitt Romney.

However, in a sentiment that will drive many Paul supporters and potential delegates up the wall:

Cushman said he doesn't anticipate any attempt to nominate Paul as president instead of Romney – members of the liberty movement simply want to espouse the Paul message.

"The goal is not to embarrass the party," he said. "The goal is to make the party stronger and broaden the base, and walk the Republican talk."

This is just one, one of the calmer, signs of a reality the Republican Party and the nation will have to deal with: the people energized by Ron Paul are not going to stop influencing national and local politics just because Ron Paul is gone from the scene. And whether Paul's name is "officially" nominated from the floor will matter less than the attempts to actual Paul's libertarian values in politics (and culture) down the line.

For the story of how the movement got here, see my new book Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.

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  1. Enough with this Ron Paul shit. No one cares. Not even Ron Paul.

    1. I, and 99% other libertarians are “no one.”

      1. You are the 1%…

  2. Glad to read the reports on RP.

  3. Oh how those Republican establishment sphincters must be twitching.

    1. Why would they be twitching? If it looks like Paul supporters will do something at the convention, they’ll just ignore them or change the rules to keep them out. They did it all fucking spring.

      1. That’s what makes ’em twitch. They have to figure out how to subvert their own rules – hopefully without looking like the assholes they are. They sure as hell do not want Paul having a prominent speaking role – or his supporters touching the precious party platform.

        1. They’re gonna have bigger issues than the Paul supporters if Obama keeps sticking his finger in the air and changing government policy based on what can get him another bloc of voters.

          BTW, what do you guys think this latest ploy with illegal immigrants is gonna play with the majority of voters in the swing states? How will legalizing pot in October play?

          1. How will legalizing pot in October play?


            I do expect, come October, there will be a lot of “buzz” wherever young voters frequent that Obama will legalize weed AND forgive all student loans in his second term. Totally “unofficial” of course.

            The official October surprise should be some combination of war and mortgage forgiveness.

            1. There will be no October surprise on pot. I agree with SIV – the pitch will be to forgive all student debt.

              1. He’ll pinky swear promise to all of that. Just like he promised in 2008 to not include a mandate in any new healthcare reforms.

                At this point, anyone that believes a word this guy says is a dumbfuck.

                1. Anyone who ever believed him was na?ve. Anyone who believes him now is in need of a skilled mental health professional.


                2. B-b-but if we don’t re-elect him, we’ll never know how good it could be!

                  1. Don’t worry. Rmoney will make sure that he does.

      2. The national media will be there so they won’t be able to resort to as many dirty tricks.

        1. **snicker**

          Hey, Bill, I’ve got some beachfront property in Arizona if you’re interested. I’ll let you have it for cheap!

          1. Hah! The joke’s on you, all property in AZ is beachfront – its just 200 miles of sand before you can get to the water.

      3. OT:
        sloopy, didn’t you post the link on the whacko SF ‘puppies to bums’ proposal?

        “Idea that would give street beggars a stipend for fostering problematic puppies at Animal Care and Control is gaining traction.”
        “The hope is the panhandlers will give up begging since they’ll have some extra cash and something to do with their day and the puppies’ behavior will improve enough to be adopted.”
        You bet! Give DsWA to bums and they’ll both get better!

        1. Yeah, I posted that the other day. Fucking San Francisco.

          1. The best part. 11,000 animals on a $4 million budget. Seriously? $40k per animal?

  4. …for a weekend total of 21 of 25 contestable delegates, all unbound.

    And I mean to take those delegates from Paul. Mark my words, losers, you will be calling me Iowa’s winner before it’s over. Be prepared to bow your impudent heads before me as I am declared King of Iowa.

  5. Where’s dunphy? Perhaps he could explain again how double standards are really no big deal and don’t harm anyone?

    FTA: A Phoenix police officer who resigned last year after being accused of assaulting a handcuffed inmate pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to one day of probation for his role in the incident.

    Thanks, Mister District Attorney. Justice was really served. I hope this guy sues Phoenix and wins millions, even if he is a racist jackass.

    1. Forever my favorite golfer. The U.S. Open has exactly the kind of play he’s good at.

      1. Yeah, me too. My brother thinks McDowell will win. My money is on Furyk, but I’d love to see Ernie win this one.

    2. I like to agree with George Carlin on the subject of golf. Golf course land better spent as a housing solution for homeless people.

        1. “You use drugs, Danny?”

          “Every day.”

          “Good boy.”

      1. Nando|6.16.12 @ 9:51PM|#
        “I like to agree with George Carlin on the subject of golf. Golf course land better spent as a housing solution for homeless people.”

        Yeah, Nando, as if there’s some comparison with folks who enjoy themselves and those who want to live where they can’t afford to.

  6. First off, Portland is full of idiots.

    I don’t know whether to be happy or mad about this. BTW, the union still supports this guy even after he shot an unarmed and non-threatening man

    1. Public unions are the devil.

      1. Read the story below. It gets worse.

    2. Yes, yes it is. It gets better. Read the packet from the state certification agency (DPSST) not revoking his certification:


      To stir it up some more, check out what would be grounds for revocation from the same time period:

      Hitting on a barista while transporting prisoners.

      Fish and game violation.

      And from the previous month… sending letters to an inmate.


  7. Man calls cop a jackass. Cop tazes and knees man in face over and over. Cop suspended for two days. State refuses to release information because of “state personnel laws.”

    I swear, I might blow a gasket today.

    1. Shorter Dunphy: Higher standard. Don’t have all the facts. Yadda yadda yadda

      1. procedures. continuum of force. legislatures fault. surveys. hth.

    2. Stop Resisting.

      (Or, nothing else happened.)

  8. OT:

    I got 9 words for yah!:

    Richard Feynman and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?…Anyone?…Anyone?

    1. I don’t get it.

      1. Just depict Richard Feynman as a Jones-like character (bullwhip, fedora, fear of snakes) that gets into wild adventures in the service of physics.

        Richard Feynman and the Quest for Tannu Tuva…And voila, you have yourself the newest square-jawed, action hero!

        1. “Richard Feynman and the Quest for Tannu Tuva…And voila, you have yourself the newest square-jawed, action hero!”

          Dunno. I picture Feymnan as sitting someplace, staring off into the middle distance, talking to himself and tapping some sort of rhythm. Not seeing the visuals as ‘action hero’.

          1. What you’re seeing is the pre-feature teaser, where a bored Dr. Feynman eagerly awaits his next adventure…

            Richard Feynman and The Challenge Disaster

            I envision a scene where he knocks the NASA bureaucrat/villain into the igniting engines of the space shuttle solid rocket boosters.

            1. Maybe. Hell, someone did an opera of “Nixon in China”.
              My imagination is too limited.

            2. You dropped acid, didn’t you?

    2. Okay, I’ve decided against using Feynman.

      Perhaps, Rand Paul with Ron serving as the equivalent to Sean Connery’s Henry Jones, Sr. character.

      I can just hear it now: “Randall!” “Dad, don’t call me Randall

      Rand Paul and The Unnecessary Commode Regulation!

  9. Predicted media spin (if it’s mentioned at all): Oh, isn’t that cute, it seems Ron Paul “won” Iowa after his rabid supporters subverted the election process.

    It doesn’t matter if Paul gets a “prominent” speaking spot at the convention and talks sense until he’s blue in the gills. No one outside the most rabid of the Republican base and some journalists, cares one whit about the convention. All most voters want to know is: who won?

    1. That actually may not be a bad thing, if Paul’s people can quietly take over the Republican party machinery. Control over platform, which candidates get support and money, etc. is a smooth way to win. The story might be that Romney won the near term but Paul’s legacy will live beyond all that, ingrained in the inner workings of the Party. That will give influence not just over the Presidency, but over all decisions made at the party level.

      1. That would be a great outcome, but the Republican party has so thoroughly undermined its small government credibility that I, personally, am done with them. If Mitt Romney, for example, was actually the government-eviscerating guy Obama claims he is, I’d be out campaigning for him. As it is, Romney is going to be every bit as bad as Obama, and we libertarians are going to take the blame for how much his administration sucks, just like we did with Bush. I love that the Paulites want to stuff the genii back in the bottle, but Sysiphus had an easier task.

    2. it seems Ron Paul “won” Iowa after his rabid supporters subverted the election process.

      Fuck off

  10. OT:
    “With global anxiety rising, President Barack Obama is searching for bolder, swifter signals from Europe that it will contain its financial mess and keep it from torpedoing the U.S. economy and his re-election chances along with it.”

    ‘Hey, we been trying this shit for the past three years! Will one of you guys *please* make it work!? My JOB is on the line! I might have to pay for my kids’ VACATIONS!’

    1. And comment here:
      “And no, extreme austerity is NEVER going to work. A country simply can’t go back 150 years in economic history overnight, even if that was morally or practically feasible…”

      ‘See, they’ve borrowing since, just *forever*, and you can’t ask them to pay it back! It’s just, well, *unfair*!’

  11. OT: Just bought a new gas can today. What a f—- piece of s—. I thought those ones that require you to press a button to let the fuel flow were bad but these new ones are even better. Who is the genius who thought that pushing the spout against the rim of the gas tank on a chainsaw or leaf blower was a good idea? F—- idiots.

    1. New gas cans are an affront to common sense and decency towards a hard working man or woman just trying to mow the goddamn yard.

    2. Yep.

      Also – mowers that won’t stay running unless you turn around three times chanting the correct incantation, lock down the Safe-T-Bar?, remain seated with arms, legs and other appendages in the vehicle, do the Dosey Doe…

      I’d blame retards who can reliably be counted on to hurt themselves where no other human being can for these abominations, but I know I have to blame Bush.

      1. There’s a bill floating in the MD House o’ Delegates that will make operating a riding mower under the influence a crime.

        Wow. Just wow.

        1. How could one ever cut the grass sober? It’s absurd.

      2. If you’re going to blame a politician, blame everybody’s favorite “consumer safety lawyer” John Edwards.

    3. That guy is awesome, by the way:


    4. Thank California for another invaluable safety measure.

  12. OK that jsut does not make a whole lot of sense dude.


  13. The Liberty Movement within the GOP cannot let up after November. Chances are Romney may defeat Obama in November but I expect nothing to improve under a Romney Presidency. Liberty-minded Republicans must continue to reform the GOP on the county and state levels. They must run true Constitutional Conservatives and Libertarians on the GOP ticket in the 2014 mid-terms. If Romney is President and his first term is just a replay of Obama’s four years they must be ready to challenge him in 2016.

  14. Gary Johnson anybody? Gary Johnson? You know, the LP candidate?

    They guy you’ll all grudgingly vote for when the Republican you back doesn’t get the nod?

    And you wonder why it’s so hard for libertarians to get into office……

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