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Loose-Lipped Obama Admin Has Already Prosecuted Record Number of Officials Under Espionage Act.


Foreign Policy has written up a list of just how inconsistent the Obama administration—the most transparent and ethical and clean-smelling ever, right?—has been regarding leaks related to State and Defense Department skunkworks.

And FP reminds us that this is an "administration that has prosecuted more government officials under the Espionage Act of 1917 for sharing classified information with the media than all previous administrations combined."

"Good" leaks are ones that arguably help the administration look good and include circulating stories about tough-guy Kill Lists, the STUXNET virus, the Bin Laden raid, and the Awlaki memo.

Bad leaks—resulting in prosecution of media folks and the leakers—include Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, Operation Merlin (failed attempt to stymie Iranian nukes), and info about the Trailblazer Project:

In 2010, a senior National Security Agency employee named Thomas Drake was indicted for providing classified information to a Baltimore Sun reporter about a costly, invasive, and ultimately botched NSA technology program called Trailblazer — charges that could have landed him 35 years in prison. Instead, Drake pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor (misuse of an agency computer) and served no prison time after the government refused to disclose details about the documents Drake allegedly leaked. At the sentencing, the judge called the Justice Department's handling of the case "unconscionable," noting that Drake had been through "four years of hell."

Whole thing here.

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  1. And yet all my liberal/leftist friends think he’s ‘just wonderful’ and will not only vote for him, they’ll ridicule anyone who’d even question Obama’s sincerity, adherence to basic human and civil rights and openness.

  2. and the distraction continues.

  3. An Obamister always pays his debts.

    1. You stop that! There will be no ruining of the Lannisters here!

      1. I agree, if Obama was a Lannister an imp would have already smack him.

        1. Besides, like I had posted somewhere earlier, he’s a lot more like Cersei than any of the other Lannisters out there.

  4. Now that we have the Right Guy in Charge?, anyone who threatens his agenda is harming America.

    1. Now you’re getting it, Hugh!

  5. The key is, obviously, to put the most positive spin on the leak as possible. Shine the Obama turd up as much as you can (the President is decisive in which country’s sovereignty he will violate), and maybe you won’t get prosecuted too maliciously.

    1. Jon Stewart’s actually been doing a pretty good job making fun of Obama recently. The “Polish That Turd” segment about the jobs report was very gratifying.

  6. A lot of stuff that’s classified as secret is not really a threat to national security but, rather, a threat to national reputation. As such, it shouldn’t be classified in that way.

    People like Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks are the only thing that stand between their CYA-style lies and the world knowing what a bunch of douche nozzles our elected leaders are.

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