Soda Ban

Banning Soda, Lessons from Wisconsin, & Obama the Pot Smoker


"In the same week that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was pushing the idea [of banning super-size soft drinks] he also celebrated National Donut Day with the world's largest box of Entenmann's donuts that were the size of manhole covers," says ReasonTV's Nick Gillespie. "And that's OK, but God forbid you get that 17-ounce soda."

Gillespie joins Reason Magazine's Matt Welch and KFI DJ Kennedy for a wide-ranging discussion of the hypocrisy of the proposed soda ban, the real lessons of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's recall victory, and the revelation that our drug-fighting commander-in-chief Barack Obama was once a "puff-puff passer."

About 8 minutes. Shot by Jim Epstein, Meredith Bragg, and Josh Swain, and edited by Epstein.

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  1. National Donut Day with the world’s largest box of Entenmann’s donuts that were the size of manhole

    But that’s okay because the little people can’t afford upscale donuts, cupcakes and shit like that, so there is no chance that it will have a negative effect on their diets and throw the health care system out of whack. Rich Manhattanites, on the other hand, can afford to pay for their own heart attacks, so they and society can afford for them to eat all the unhealthy foods that they want.

  2. I’m just waiting for some reporter to go off script and ask Obama:

    “Mr. President, could you tell us how your life would have been improved, and country as a whole would have benefitted, if you had been arrested and jailed for smoking pot as a young man?”

    It’ll be a long wait, I know.

    1. He’ll claim that the drugs were a composite character.

    2. The country as a whole would have benefitted by having one less hypocritical @sshole politician in power.

  3. Dear Reason editors,
    Please stop using the photos of Obama wearing the hat and smoking the joint. It enrages me, on a primal level. I don’t know if it’s the stupid zoot suit hat, or the calculated cool in his smug face. But every time I see those photos, I have an animal urge to punch his fucking face. It’s the same rage that made me punch that ginger nut Eric Kirkpatrick (Kirkfatrick) in high school. I simply couldn’t stand to look at that bastard any more, and unprovoked, I blasted him square in the face at lunch.

    Now, I am a peaceful man, and I am in control of my emotions. But I swear to god, those fucking photos of adolescent Obama are pushing me to the edge. Please, I implore you to quit using them on H and R.

    Thank you.

    1. but but but, he’s so cool and all..

    2. It doesnt sound to me like you are so much in control of your emotions EDG. I recommend therapy for catharsis; you and obama locked in a room together for fifteen minutes.

    3. Those photos of Obama never bothered me before – until now.

      God, now I want to slap him too.

  4. “…he also celebrated National Donut Day with the world’s largest box of Entenmann’s donuts that were the size of manhole covers,”

    Fun fact: The Entenmann’s donuts were also used to celebrate Chuck Schumer day as they reasonably approximated the actual size of his areola’s.

    1. Thanks for the visual.

    2. Now that is creepy. *shiver/gag* Kudos to you Uncle.

  5. I love having Kennedy on these videos… she really livens up the discussion!

  6. I’m going to have to take issue with dehaul here. I know Kennedy is “cute” and all that, but she often comes across as a “ditz” and adds nothing of any value to the commentary.

    1. O god no. She’s wonderful. Face it, 99% of this site is preaching to the choir, a rehash of the same old statist sob story with puke-inducing new examples which you laugh about later but wish you hadn’t. None of us are really surprised any more by 16 oz drink limits or joint hypocrisy, other than shaking our heads in fake disbelief.

      Kennedy brings exactly the right attitude, sneering and laughing and dissing the statists, while still being seriously outraged by their busybody bullshit.

      1. You make a good point, but I still think she’s a ditz!

  7. Ditzy is hawt.

    1. Sorry, but what is “hawt”?

  8. My sorry ass is still on some kind of messiah mailing address; here is what the Obama Camp says about fund raising

    “Friend — {I’m not your friend, Pal}

    For the first time in this campaign, we got beat in fundraising.

    The Romney campaign and the Republican Party raised more than $76 million last month, compared to our $60 million.

    We knew this moment would come when Romney secured the nomination.

    What happens next is up to you.

    Help close the gap right now — make a donation of $3 or more.

    I want to be clear: We’ll always have more people pitching in.

    We know that only 15 percent of Romney’s May totals came from people giving less than $250, compared to 98 percent in that category for us.

    We don’t have the special-interest and high-dollar donor advantage that Romney has. Barack Obama has you, and we are bound and determined to fight back on behalf of a country where everyone gets a fair shot and a fair shake.

    From the beginning we’ve built this campaign together, from the bottom up. More people giving a little bit is the only way to compete with a few people giving a lot.

    So let’s fight like hell and win this thing:

    Jim Messina
    Campaign Manager
    Obama for America

    P.S. — Together, our team raised more than $60 million in May — even more impressive when you hear that the average donation was about $55. Check out the rest of our numbers.”

    I have to wonder just how many lies are in this mail.

    1. Obama: I’m not your pal buddy!!!

  9. Gezuss Kryste. I hope that cunt is blowing you guys (though I kinda suspect you two are on then down low).

  10. Where’s Kennedy’s mandatory hard core photo shoot? Links anyone?

    I heard that every libertarian female must have one.

  11. he also celebrated National Donut Day…..c-3_6.html with the world’s largest box of Entenmann’s donuts that were the size of manhole covers,

  12. Mayor Michael Bloomberg was pushing the idea [of banning super-size soft drinks] he also celebrated National Donut Day with the world’s largest box of Entenmann’s donuts that were the size of manhole covers,”…..-3_23.html says ReasonTV’s Nick Gillespie. “And that’s OK, but God forbid you get that 17-ounce soda.

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