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Ron Paul Roundup: PaulFest in Danger, 10 Percent in California (with Paul Supporter Up Against Pelosi), and Paulites Rule Nevada


A Ron Paul roundup:

*The Republican National Committee doesn't want its festivities prefaced by a Ron Paul festival in the same town, say organizers, though the RNC itself says it is just being thoughtful. Fox News reports:  

Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired

Spokesman Bryan Siemon said his group is organizing a three-day "PaulFest" at the Florida State Fairgrounds that would include music, comedians and speakers. But the Republicans control Tampa's public venues during the convention and haven't given PaulFest approval to use the fairgrounds.

Convention organizers say they aren't blocking anyone and that a decision will be made within a few weeks.

"We do have the request," said James Davis. "We have an extraordinary amount for requests for the venues we do have. We're going through and making assignments and no one has turned down any assignment yet."

Politico with more complaints from would-be Paulfest organizers against the RNC.

*Paul supporters plan federal lawsuit claiming that the RNC can't bind delegates.

*Whenever a Ron Paul supporter boos someone, the media is johnny-on-the-spot.

*Nevada Paul people running the Clark County Party buy billboards comparing Paul to Reagan, Romney to Bush.

*A Missouri Paul delegate hates her experience.

*In California yesterday, Paul pulled a disappointing 10 percent (but over 147,000 votes) after declining to actively campaign here, and two Paulite candidates I interviewed earlier here at Reason, Rick Williams for U.S. Senate and Christopher David for 33rd House District, both failed to move on to the general election. (Williams got over 120,000 votes, including Tim Cavanaugh's, though, and David came in a strong third with over 15 percent. But another Paul-supporter House candidate, John Dennis, who I interviewed here in 2010 about his dual with Nancy Pelosi, will once again be Pelosi's opponent in November in District 12.)

*My new book, Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.

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