Tim Cavanaugh Compleat Ballot, June 5 2012 California Primary

Continuing a long tradition of transparency, here are my scribbled obscenities in this year's primary vote: 

President of the United States:
Ron Paul

Republican Party County Central Committee, 50th Assembly District:
(Vote for no more than seven)
Gary A. Aminoff
Mary C. Willison
Gavin William Greer
Vrezh Zatikyan
Nels Hefty
Mary Mottahedeh
Joseph S. Fein

United States Senator
Rick Williams

United States Representative, 28th District:
Jenny Worman 

Member of the State Assembly, 50th District
Bradly S. Torgan

Judge of the Superior Court
Office No. 3: Joe Escalante 
Office No. 10: Sanjay T. Kumar 
Office No. 38: Lynn Diane Olson
Office No. 65: Shannon Knight
Office No. 78: James D. Otto 
Office No. 114: Eric Harmon

District Attorney, Los Angeles County
Jackie Lacy

State Measures
28 Term Limits Change: No
29 Cigarette Tax/Cancer Research: No

County Measures
H L.A. County Hotel Occupancy Tax Continuation: No
L L.A. County Landfill Tax Continuation: No

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  • Anacreon||

    My new position is "NO" on all state initiatives anyway, but the two this time were really dogs. Glad to see you joined me in Naying those.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    You can't just write some blog post about it. I think you actually have to go to your assigned polling place to cast your vote.

  • ||

    Done and done! I think at this point the voting is ancillary to the disclosure.

  • johnl||

    The Joe Escalante from the photo is a great guy. Is that the one running for judge?

    My hat is off Tim that you managed to form an opinion about 7 Central Committee people.

  • johnl||

  • Broseph of Invention||

    Joe's a good guy. Social conservative, but reasonable.

  • sticks||

    Hitler Bad, Vandals Good.

  • johnl||

    Win some lose some. Joe is failing tonight. http://www.smartvoter.org/2012.....icial.html
    I am sure he would go for a reason interview for his next run.

    Given that Joe doesn't seem to sleep, he might make a good contributor.

  • Adamson||

    Not even Gail Lightfoot for Senate?


  • Mike Laursen||

    The LP might want to consider a bylaw to prevent running the same old names over and over.

  • Brandybuck||

    Especially when they're raving troofers...

  • CE||

    Lightfoot (L) is currently in 9th place out of 24 candidates with 43,800 votes, good for 2.1% with 15.4% reporting. Rick Williams (R) is in 4th with 3.4% and 70,973 votes.

    On the presidential side, Ron Paul has 9.2% (76,911 votes) compared to 81.1% for Romney.

    The presidential primaries are still separated by party, unlike the state offices that are thrown together for "top two".

    Gary Johnson has 51.6% in the LP race, but only 2,643 votes, trailing two American Independent candidates and the Green front-runner, and barely ahead of 2nd place Green candidate Roseanne Barr.

  • Mike Laursen||

    I think we voted the same on the four items that were the same on our ballots, considering I'm a nonpartisan who resides in a different county. The first time I've voted for any Republican, possible because of the open primary.


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