Forecast: Hari Trivedi Will Not Win Wisconsin's Recall Election


I will not be your next governor.

As intriguing as a pro-grass, pro-Second Amendment, pro-choice independent gubernatorial candidate is, I'm comfortable saying that Hariprasad "Hari" Trivedi is not going to replace Scott Walker as governor of Wisconsin. If nothing else, he sounds like a much more interesting candidate than Tom Barrett as an opponent to Scott Walker — the politico-physician is more considerate of personal freedom, among other things — but we've heard relatively little about the guy despite some nail-biter expectations about the contest.

In fact, Trivedi was pulling two percent before he was dropped from polls, which was an odd decision in a race that went from Barrett leading to Walker leading, but which many people anticipated would be a squeaker.

Right now, with about five percent in, Trivedi is racking up a grand total of one percent. So yeah, no governor's mansion for him. But it wouldn't have sucked to see him get a little attention, especially since he added to the civil libertarian positions above with support for "low taxes, incentives to invest in the State, appropriate regulations, but with simplicity and lack of unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles."