What We'll Lose When Legacy Media Are Gone: NYT Stories Headlined "Candidates Have College, Spicy Chicken and 'Star Trek' in Common"


Hey all you Walter Cronkite fetishists bemoaning the death of seriouso, shoe-leather journalism that can only be funded by incredibly well-paid ink-stained wretches who have the time to bitch and moan about their pensions and all that! Take a look at this penatrating analysis from The Gray (Grey?) Lady, the nation's paper of record, and the key to the inevitable presidential debate question about whether the future president will, as per George Costanza, like spicy chicken:

Candidates Have College, Spicy Chicken and 'Star Trek' in Common

Grilled chicken, not fried, in keeping with the shared body-mindedness of the combatants (Mr. Obama does treadmill and hoops, Mr. Romney elliptical and bike). Spicy, too, as Mr. Romney (who often peels the skin off) has demonstrated with his endorsement of the jalapeño chicken sandwich at Carl's Jr. and Mr. Obama has praised the grilled chicken tacos made by the White House chef….

It is possible that the [Michelle Obama and Ann Romney] would bond at the hypothetical barbecue. As for Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama, they are described as gracious, polite and accommodating in social settings — politicians, in other words. They would exchange firm handshakes with eye contact before parting.

And if things went really well, maybe they would flash Vulcan salutes. Mr. Romney, after all, calls himself a big "Star Trek" fan but stops short of identifying as a Trekkie. Not so Mr. Obama, the First Trekkie indeed, who once admitted to a youthful crush on Nichelle Nichols, the actress who played Lieutenant Uhura.

And then Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney would go back to their separate orbits and resume treating each other like Klingons.

Read the whole thing, which really contains no further information worth a goddamn, here.

I for one am ready for a presidential race in which both candidates profess intense fandom for Space: 1999 (though to be honest, the hope for a president obsessed with Barbara Bain and Martin Landaug in a zero-gravity environment probably went tits up when Newt Gingrich bowed out of things). But then I'm a crazy motherfucking dreamer who hopes for an American government that spends less, regulates less, and opens the borders to immigrants, frees non-violent drug offenders, and stops waging perpetual war. And a media that will eventually get around to discussing the ways in which Obama and Romney will make all of that less possible.

Hat tip: Hot Air.