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New Yorkers Sound Off on Bloomberg's Drink Ban


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg outlined a plan Wednesday to ban the sale of sugary soft drinks larger than 16 ounces at restaurants, movie theaters, street carts and other venues.'s Anthony Fisher took to the streets to ask New Yorkers what they thought about Bloomberg and the ban. 

Approximately 2 minutes.

Camera by Kaplan Akincilar. Produced by Anthony Fisher

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  1. I can’t watch this video, but I’ll make a guess as to its contents. Average people will realize how ridiculous this idea is. Blithering idiots will say stuff like, “It’s about time!”

    1. Actually no, even the most penny-loafed park sloped attachment parents in Manhattan seem to think this goes a bit over the line.

      The one lady agreed with Bloomberg on the other stuff, but even she said the drink thing was stupid.

      Bloomberg continues to set the bar for sheer government stupidity. He’s won Nanny of the Month enough times at this point they are going to have to retire his jersey.

      1. This law should remove any doubt that the U.S.A. is ruled by assholes.

    2. I think you about got it Joe.
      Even the ones who see it as ridiculous didnt express any real outrage. OK, the one guy did say bloomberg is a douche….that was good.

      Where is the states authority to madate or limit product sizes or amounts for sale to the public?
      If I ever travel to NYC, which is unlikely, I will bring a case of 48oz cups with me. I will fill them with ice and pour my own choice into them and walk around drinking from it.

      1. GASP! You wouldn’t dare!

  2. “I think Mayor Bloomberg is kind of a douche.” That guy nailed it.

    The woman who “commends him for trying” but then lists off the top of her head several reasons it won’t work has seriously low expectations for her politicians.

    1. Should you really expect anything more from someone who chooses that career path? Especially in NYC!

  3. How any people did you have to interview to find these sensible ones?

    1. I agree. The interview was rigged. Where are all the frightened, domesticated, grateful citizens?

  4. I think it’s a great idea. This country is being poisoned by this addiction, yet they’ll criticize others with Drug addictions.

    1. You know there is also a ban on words that start with C and end with ‘nt’.


      1. There is a character on Sesame Street who is really depressed now, man.

      2. Oh, clever. I bet you sat there for 20 minutes thinking of something neat to say, huh?

    2. I have a serious oxygen and 1500 calorie per day addiction. Could someone please help me? I addicted… [cue scary music]

    3. This country is being poisoned by this addiction

      The fail is strong with this one.

      Let me see:
      1. A country isn’t something that can be poisoned.
      2. Addictions aren’t poisonous.
      3. Soda isn’t a poison.
      4. Soda isn’t an addiction.

      Did I miss anything? The falsehood-to-word density is so high that it’s created a singularity in lexical space-time.

      1. Great reply, I mean how could an addiction to something be poison? Clearly alcohol, heroin, crank and coke aren’t poison and all of the Science that has proven that theory to be true is just false, because you’ve jumped to that there conclusion.

        Your 1-4 is so full of fail, but that’s OK. You clearly tried hard.

        You thought you were clever with this, I can tell that you really believe you are, so I’ll just go along with it to keep you from losing your faith in that.

        1. Words do have accepted meanings outside of the ones that you use for yourself.

  5. Next, a city wide ban on cigars, cigarettes, and shot glasses larger than a millimeter in diameter.

    1. Hahaha. No way in hell they’re ever gonna ban smokes. They get too much tax revenue from them.

  6. /raises hand

    This may be a silly, question, but here goes: Where does the NYC government get the authority for this?

    1. Why the commerce clause and exigent circumstances and, and, and FUCK YOU, THAT’S WHERE!

    2. The authority for this ban comes from the people that you see on a regular basis. They stare out at you with stupidity and helplessness while mumbling to themselves “what good will that do”.

    3. Government ability to pass rules and laws tends to reside a lot at the county level in NYS, and though NYC is five separate counties, there was another layer of government (the layers of government in NYS are legion: state, county, town/city, village, I may be forgetting others) created when Greater New York City was formed from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island. All those counties have their own governments too. But the ability to do all this shit was granted to the City Council and the mayor upon that formation, if I recall my NYC history right.

      1. Also, once you establish authority with food and drug departments like the FDA, its like a carte blanc to do whatever thr hell you want. Everything becomes a health or safety issue. Thats why the White House is always trying to expand authority of their departments over more and more things.

  7. What part of “it’s none of your effing business” does Bloomberg not get?

    1. All of it

  8. “…but I commend him for trying.”

    Slumber lady was right.

  9. Yet there is never a size limit on the size of the government cocks that gets shoved up our asses day after day.

  10. So…2 liters is about 68 oz. A 7-Eleven Double Big Gulp is 64 oz. Does the 2-liter remain legal despite its being 4 oz. larger than the illegal Double Big Gulp, does the Double Big Gulp increase to 68 oz. to either a) remain legal, or b) remain irredeemably illegal due to its ‘format’, or are 2-liter bottles outlawed as well?

    Assuming the 2-liter remains legal, should I be out in the garage inventing a handy snap-on handle that turns one into a convenient carry-around beverage? Or would Bloomberg outlaw my invention, on grounds that it goes against the spirit of the law?

  11. Maybe compress the audio a bit so I can hear the answers without turning the volume all the way up and having my hearing blown out by the questioner?

  12. Bloomberg’s first incorrect assumption is that something must be done.
    It all unravels very fast from that starting point.

  13. If Michael Bloomberg didn’t exist, it would be neccessary for libertarians to invent him.

    1. Just like doctors might find it necessary to invent germs.

  14. Pardon my impertinent question, Mayor, but how the fucking fuck is this any of your business, you flatulent poodle molester?

    1. “…flatulent poodle molester.”

      I will be adding this to my inventory of insults, thank you.

  15. I used to love going to NYC, but I will not set foot back in that city until that Fascist Bloomberg is replced by someone whose top priority will be to reverse his nanny-state policies.

  16. Glad to see that whole “Stop and Frisk” embarrassment has blown over and the mayor has solved all of the other problems of New York City so that he can deal with this petty bullshit.

    And it’s also good that mayor has personally overseen the new police procedures that were put in place to prevent the NYPD from chasing another young man into his home and executing him while he huddled over his toilet (remember Ramarley Graham? I do).

  17. Resolved in Council:

    That the Mayor of New York shall have no lawful authority unless he be present in the smoke filled back room in which he or she is nominated .

  18. The War on Fat Fucks is won. They are so fat and lazy they will never go to the grocer to get a liter. Victory!

  19. Funny, on NPR Marketplace segment today they had comments from 5 NYers, all said they support it or that it doesn’t go far enough.

    Then the reporter went on about the high mark-up on soda having something to do with the law (even though mark-up is higher on smaller sizes).

    Then said the ban doesn’t apply to fruit juice (even though fruit juice is high in sugar and calories).

    Nothing mentioned about whether the sugar calculation in 32oz fountain drink takes into account all the ice.


    1. You could have stopped at “NPR Marketplace.” Their slogan should be, “Where we make economics less plausible than astrology.”

  20. I promise to never consume anything larger than Mayor Bloomberg’s ego.

    You may call me Shiva.

  21. The more ridiculous laws are passed, the less, otherwise law abiding citizens like me will, will lose respect for the law. I imagine there eventually comes a tipping point, where I will start to consider it morally upright, to break the law.

    1. To Break The Law? It will be hard to roll out of bed in the morning without breaking a law.

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