Reason Writers at the Movies: Peter Suderman Reviews Men in Black III


Writing in The Washington Times, Senior Editor Peter Suderman reviews the sci-fi action comedy Men in Black III

Men in Black 3″ marks the third weekend this month that Earth has been invaded by aliens — following "The Avengers" and "Battleship" — thus making failed extraterrestrial takeovers an official journalistic trend. It's as if Earth was recently ranked at the top of this year's list of must-invade interstellar hotspots by "Galactic Conqueror" magazine.

The good news is that Will Smith is on hand to respond. As one of Hollywood's most practiced defenders against alien threats — in "Independence Day" as well as two previous "Men in Black" films — he's demonstrated his effectiveness and reliability in situations that require swift action to repel space invaders in about two hours, give or take. You hire Mr. Smith because you know he can get the job done.

Which is exactly what he does here, no more, no less. "Men in Black 3" is an exercise in competence — amiable, enjoyable and entirely forgettable.

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