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DEA-Backed Honduran Commandos Put Gun to Honduran Boy's Head, Tell Him, "If you don't talk we'll kill you."


Apparently, the United States' Central American law enforcement partners didn't get the memo about Obama ending the "war on drugs," because after killing two pregnant women from a helicopter in which DEA agents were riding shotgun, the Honduran military (and, allegedly, several American contractors) then raided a small village:

Villagers say the drug bust that left four passengers of a riverboat dead after helicopters mistakenly fired on civilians continued into the predawn hours when commandos, including some they think were Americans, raided their town.

One chopper landed in front of Hilaria Zavala's home at about 3 a.m. and the six men who got out kicked down her door. She said a "gringo" threw her husband on the ground and put a gun to his head demanding to know about a trafficker named "El Renco."

"They kept him that way for two hours," said Zavala, who owns a market near the main pier in Ahuas. "They asked if he was El Renco, if he worked for El Renco, if the stuff belonged to El Renco. My husband said he had nothing to do with it."

Celin Eriksson 17, whose cousin Haskel Tom Brooks Wood, 14, died in the boat, was waiting on the dock for his family before the shooting when he saw a white truck and about 50 men coming from Ahuas. He hid because he knew they were traffickers, but saw them load bundles into a boat. When the helicopters appeared, the men ran. He said he heard no gunshots coming from the ground. The boat with bundles went drifting by itself down the river.

The commandos who came off the helicopter handcuffed him, Celin said, and put a gun to his head. Some spoke to him in English, which he also speaks.

"If you don't talk we'll kill you," the boy said he was told. "Where is El Renco? Where is the merchandise?"

The response from the Feds to these two incidents—the killing of two men and two pregnant on the river, and the night raid on the village nearby—has been inconsistent: The DEA has said that its agents were involved in the river mission, but didn't fire, and weren't present in the village; the Pentagon has said none of its personnel were involved in the village raid, but has said nothing about the river kill. The U.S. embassy in Tegucigalpa, meanwhile, said the helicopters used were piloted by contractors, but would not reveal the contractors' nationality. Which brings us back to what villagers told the Associated Press: The men who interrogated their family members were gringos, had some pretty hi-tech gear, and spoke English.

Whether American agents or contractors pulled the trigger that killed two pregnant Honduran women who were headed to a mother's day celebration, whether they put the gun to the head of a Honduran teenager and then left him bound in the jungle, are disputable facts. Why the Honduran government is waging a war against it people is not: The American government has instructed it to, and is training and equipping its military and law enforcement agencies

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  1. Whoa, hunh. I figured those stories about the Obama campaign using “Vorwaerts!” as a slogan were just right wing propaganda.

    1. Wait’ll you see the new Obama Youth uniforms….

    2. It has to be the most meaningless slogan ever. It can only really mean forward in time, as far as I can see. And I’m pretty sure that is the only available option.
      You know what else I hate. When people say “going forward …”. What other fucking direction are we going to go in?

  2. I am SO glad the DEA now has an international role! Cause anything as kewl as the DEA shouldn’t be restricted to just the US.

    Enjoy, Hondurans!

    1. Also, note to Hondurans-

      HIDE YO DAWGS!!!

      1. No need for that, in Honduras we have REAL people to shoot without repercussions. That makes shooting dogs like shooting targets…

  3. When I become supreme dictator for life, any living current or former employee of the DEA will be given a choice between cutting open their own bowels with a spork or being executed by the boats.

    Those former employees who become members of LEAP 365 days before my ascension to power will have the sentence suspended.

    This will include everyone, even janitors cleaning toilets in the HQ or secretaries pushing paper.

    Like the purging of the Nazis, these monsters must be utterly extirpated from society.

  4. FORWARD – to violating the civil rights of everyone around the globe, including killing innocent civilians. When are you Obama sheep going to wake up and take a real look at this guy? If you continue to support this guy, you are at the least, indirectly responsible for shit like this.

  5. It’s good to know that the DEA is providing jobs to thugs all over the world. I mean, don’t thugs need jobs too?

    1. If only Obama could include them in the number of jobs he created…Plus shrinking the work force by killing children and pregnant women. Win Win..

  6. Now we know where all the Hope went. Clearly the Hondurans need it more than we do.

  7. “Is there gold in the village? Is there Silver? Where is Beric Dondarrion?”

  8. The really crazy thing is, if Romney gets elected and continues these policies, and we know that he will, the left will suddenly be screaming about it from every rooftop. Where are the left now? They can’t see this because their heads are so far up Obamas behind?

    1. That’s a rhetorical question.

      1. I know, but the silence on the left regarding the Os DEA thuggery is quite sickening.

        1. Don’t worry, they’ll get to the WoD as soon as they’re done with the anti-war protests.

      2. He likes the tickle in his colon when they bat their eyelashes.

  9. “Joan Wilder? THE Joan Wilder? I read your books! I read ALL your books!”

    1. “Damn it, man, the Doobie Brothers broke up! Shit! When did that happen?”

    2. “I’ll come back for you!”
      “How soon?”
      “Very soon!”

    3. “Goddamn it, I knew I should’ve listened to my mother. I could’ve been a cosmetic surgeon, five hundred thou a year, up to my neck in tits and ass.”

  10. FTA, the villagers burned down the coke dealer’s house after the agents left.

    I guess I understand it. Lashing out at something.

  11. Somebody explain the difference between the DEA and the narcotraficantes to me, because I’m just not seeing it.

    1. Somebody explain the difference between the DEA and the narcotraficantes to me . . .

      It’s the same difference as between the Bloods and the Crips.

  12. Is there actually a difference between the military and law enforcement today?

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