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About the Book Agency Entry Saying Obama Was Born in Kenya…

| has released a 1991 catalog from a book agency representing Barack Obama. In the agency's bio of the future president, it says he was born in…Kenya. The book project mentioned in the copy never saw the light of day, though Obama did go on to pen the best-selling and highly (and rightly, in my opinion) acclaimed Dreams From My Father.

Breitbart's Joel Pollak underscores that he (like Andrew Breitbart) is not a birther:

The errant Obama biography in the Acton & Dystel booklet does not contradict the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate. Moreover, several contemporaneous accounts of Obama's background describe Obama as having been born in Hawaii.

But the site released the booklet at part of what it's calling "The Vetting," or an in-depth look at Obama it says the mainstream media failed to do during the 2008 campaign. The relevance of the document, says Pollak,

The biography does, however, fit a pattern in which Obama–or the people representing and supporting him–manipulate his public persona.

David Maraniss's forthcoming biography of Obama has reportedly confirmed, for example, that a girlfriend Obama described in Dreams from My Father was, in fact, an amalgam of several separate individuals….

Obama has been known frequently to fictionalize aspects of his own life. During his 2008 campaign, for instance, Obama claimed that his dying mother had fought with insurance companies over coverage for her cancer treatments. 

That turned out to be untrue, but Obama has repeated the story–which even the Washington Post called "misleading"–in a campaign video for the 2012 election.

More here.

One of the literary agents responsible for the booklet has flatly said she made a mistake in the copy:

Miriam Goderich edited the text of the bio; she is now a partner at the Dystel & Goderich agency, which lists Obama as one of its current clients.

"This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me–an agency assistant at the time," Goderich wrote in an emailed statement to Yahoo News. "There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more."

That's as definitive as definitive can be, even as Obama's most-ardent champions must agree this sort of thing is a pretty good catch by the crew. When you're in a race that's heating up, this sort of blast from the past is the last thing with which you want to be dealing.

As I said last night on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, if Obama's opponents cannot beat him based on his thoroughly documented and generally terrible record as president of the United States, I can't imagine how this sort of material will save them. Like George W. Bush before him, Obama has been godawful as president, overseeing a failed stimulus plan, expanded bailouts to Wall Street and automakers, increased deportations of immigrants and raids on medical marijuana dispensaries, extra-constitutionally expansions of military power and executive privilege, you name it.

There's no question that this sort of document may add to the idea that Obama is willing to edit and revise his life story depending on circumstance (the insurance company story about this mother's treatments strikes me as a more telling example, since Obama is not really implicated in the author booklet in the same way). But a willingness to recast oneself depending on circumstance is not unique to Obama. It's what politicians do. If Republicans insist on using this sort of thing—or past associations with Jeremiah Wright, or whether he hugged critical race theorists, etc.—they will not only lose in November but deserve to lose. If Democrats foreground stories of Mitt Romney putting a dog in a cage on top of his car during a family vacation or the kookiness of Joseph Smith's theology, they will lose too. Deservedly.

Whatever politicians and their handlers do to avoid talking about their actual legislative records and prescriptions for current issues, they needn't get away with it. The real "vetting" is not what Obama—or Romney, or whomever—did 20, 30, or 40 years ago as private citizens. It's what they've done in the offices that are most relevant to the office they're seeking, and what they plan to do in the future.

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  1. We’re all in agreement, aren’t we?

    The clause prohibiting non-natural born citizens from serving as President of the United States really should be amended.

    1. If he is kenyan, how come he never won the Chicago Marathon?

      1. Bah da bum!

    2. Yes, it’s contrary to the spirit of America as a nation of immmigrants. Also you simply can’t choose where you are born, but you can choose where you reside as an adult.

      1. The purpose of the requirement is so someone who has divided loyalties is not the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Immigrants are usually still deeply rooted in their birth countries through family and friends who still live there.

      2. No

        We also have a history of being a colony of an empire. The purpose of being born native is to prevent that from happening again.

        Does such a thing seem improbable at the moment? Yes. But who the fuck knows what could change over the next 100 years.

        It cannot be shown to be causing any real harm (oh no the “Terminator” can’t become president. Such a tragedy. he was such a good Governor too) and it does provide a nice safety from potential conquest and subjugation.

    3. Why? We already have a non natural born Citizen in the White House.

    4. I don’t agree. I don’t want a foreigner as president. If that makes me a nativist asshole, so be it.

  2. Firstiest Birthiest!

    1. … damn … wrong on both counts …

  3. You’re missing a large piece of the puzzle here.

    This bio sat on his agents website as “born in Kenya” until 2007. You can still see it here:…

    This is more than ” a willingness to recast oneself depending on circumstance”. This is flat-out lying for 16 years, not a “mistake”. The website was changed in the summer of 2007, not long after Obama was up and running his campaign, to say that Obama was born in Hawaii instead of Kenya. Here’s the same website two months after the above link:…

    I’m all for people recasting themselves as they see fit in order to make life easier or better for themselves. But bald-faced lying in order to become President is a little over the top.

    1. but “bald-faced lying” is the sum total of this man’s character. I used to think Clinton was the ultimate political chameleon, but Obama surpasses even Bill. His so-called evolution on gay marriage is simply the latest example. Review his past and see how many times he has floated back and forth on that one.

      1. I also find it amazing that Obama’s mother was an anthropologist at the age of 18.

        1. hell of a gene pool, ain’t it? The other conspiracy story floating around is that Obama’s dad is Frank Marshall Davis. Side by side photos make a better case for that than for Obama Senior but, if that were true, the birther question totally disappears and replaced by one of outright fraud.

          1. “Dreams from Some Guy My Mom Schtupped?”

          2. Obama has a half brother who shares the same father. They look very much alike. Frank Marshall Davis was not Obama’s father.

          3. Look at pictures of Obama next to Malcolm X.

    2. Did the Clintons travel back in time to do that, or is Maobama the real original birther?

  4. So her defense is that she completely made up the Kenya thing on her own?

    1. Name *another* country in Africa, you so smart!

    2. Having written these types of bios before early in my career as a copywriter, I can believe that she either goofed or took some creative license with the information she was given. She no doubt had no clue who Obama would become, plus, as a lowly staff writer, no one thinks your job is important enough to warrant discussing your assignments with you. Left to produce copy on her own and set with a deadline, she wrote a nice fluffy little puff piece on someone she knew nothing about other than inaccurate information provided to her by a 3rd party.

      1. I find 16 continuous years of a “goof” hard to believe, coupled with the fact that the goof was fixed on the agency’s website just in time for Obama to run for president.

        1. Since it’s pretty garunteed that Barry googled himself everytime he was in front of a computer; why didn’t he catch this?

          1. Barry didn’t think it was so cool to be from Kenya anymore.

          2. Don’t we all google ourselves every time we’re in front of a computer? I blame the proliferation of internet porn.

            1. The only reason I google myself is to make sure I’ve covered my tracks. So far, it seems to be working. You’re far more likely to get my North Texas doppelganger in a google search than you are me.

              1. Unfortunately for me, I share a name with a psychiatrist from the next county under who lost his license after sleeping with a patient. I’ve been asked about that with, ‘did you falsify your educational information? You have nothing related to psychology here.’ Wrong guy, assholes. I wonder how many no callbacks over the years there have been due to half-assed Google searches.

              2. Same here. Every once in a while I check just to make sure nothing comes up. I have a common enough name (not John Smith common, but not rare) that a lot of results come up. The few of them are actually me are in newspaper articles, so there isn’t anything I can do to make those private.

          3. “Since it’s pretty garunteed that Barry googled himself everytime he was in front of a computer; why didn’t he catch this?”

            This was a printed catalog not an online website?

        2. Do you honestly believe that a low level assistant had control over what happened to that catalog after it was published? Or gave a rat’s ass about it after it went to print?

      2. “She no doubt had no clue who Obama would become…”

        Correct. Neither did he. So, why is it that all the other info is correct and that one little detail wrong? I think there actually is a chance that it is correct. Creative license, my ass. Has anyone checked to see how much ‘creative license she took with all the other bios on that page? It would be odd that out of all those bios she took creative license with one detail of one person……

        With his history a black hole and the innumerable lies he and his acolytes have been caught telling there is no way to know the truth. Efforts to show he was kenyan born are just as weak as efforts to show he is american born.

        This marxist fucker truly is the manchurian candidate.

        1. “So, why is it that all the other info is correct and that one little detail wrong?”

          REALLY?!?!? So there is absolutely no room for error in this world as far as you’re concerned? Additionally, how do you know that all the other info is correct? Did you research everyone else in that catalog and verify the accuracy of what was published?

          I hate the fucker as much as the next guy, but latching on to shit like this as “Proof” that all your conspiracy theories are correct is just plain stupid.

        2. This marxist fucker truly is the manchurian candidate.

          Seems pretty “definitive”

        3. So, why is it that all the other info is correct

          It isn’t. There’s at least one other error that a quick Google search can catch: Obama’s father was never the “Kenyan finance minister” as stated in the bio. He worked as a senior economist in the Kenyan finance ministry, but as far as I can tell, he never was “finance minister” (which would be a cabinet post equivalent to the Secretary of the Treasury).

          1. not ‘the’, ‘a’. A Kenyan finance minister.

            Just for clarity

    3. I don’t believe it was a mistake. Given where she lives and works, the odds are very high that she is a lefty and an Obamatron. She’s taking the fall, here.

      Plus, it can’t be confirmed because he won’t release his college records, but there is a persistent rumor that he got “foreign student” aid at Occidental College. So this may not be the first or only time he claimed to be foreign-born.

      Breitbart is taking a smart angle on this: its not about eligibility for office, its about fitness for office.

      1. I find it bizarre that there really might be a trail of “scrubbing” and fabrications to cover decades of Obama’s own claims of foreign birth That should be bigger news than that he is a lying sack of shit or not a natural born citizen.

        1. I find it bizarre that there really might be a trail of “scrubbing” and fabrications to cover decades of Obama’s own claims of foreign birth

          First, you have to figure out whether you think it is likely that Obama might have claimed foreign birth at some point. I think it is quite likely, given the rewards for doing so in academia and the other circles he travelled in.

          Now, having cashed in on those claims in the past, he has the biggest prize of all in view, but only if those past claims disappear. Fortunately, he also has the massive resources of the Democratic Party, and the particular, shall we say, willingness, of the Chicago machine, to engage in a policy of scrubbing.

          Much of his past is being hidden from us, we know for a fact. Why wouldn’t this be part of it?

          1. His wife is on video/audio saying Barack is from Kenya, that his home country is Kenya.

        2. We already know he isn’t natural born because his father was a foreigner.

      2. This is more damaging to Obama than you might think. It makes him look like a liar and a phony. And I would bet good money the foreign student aid rumor is true.

        He got into Harvard Law so his grades couldn’t have been that bad. So bad grades can’t be the reason why they have never released his records. That he lied about being from Kenya makes a lot more sense.

        1. “It makes him look like a liar and a phony.”

          You and everyone else seem to be missing Gillespie’s point. You don’t need this to make him look like a liar and a phony. Just look at all the shit he’s said and done since he took office; that should be enough. Latching on to this petty crap only makes you and your ideas look desperate and weak.

          1. Gillespie’s point is looking increasingly like ‘Leave Obama ALONE!!!!!!11!!!’.

            1. I don’t get that at all. To me it lools as of Gillespie’s point is “attack Obama on matters of SUBSTANCE!!!”

              1. Finally….someone gets it. Thank you db, you’ve restored some of my faith in the world.

        2. He got into Harvard Law so his grades couldn’t have been that bad.

          *cough* affirmative action *cough*

    4. Maybe she got the info from his wife, who said that Kenya was his home country.

    5. Can we get another “man on the street” thing where you go ask Obama supporters if the believe he is actually a Keynesian? It’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel, but man do I love that schtick. Second only to campaigns to end womens suffrage (since the have suffered enough, you know?)

      1. I agree. People have been rather niggardly in releasing those videos lately.

  5. “Like George W. Bush before him, Obama has been godawful as president, overseeing a failed stimulus plan, expanded bailouts to Wall Street and automakers, increased deportations of immigrants and raids on medical marijuana dispensaries, extra-constitutionally expansions of military power and executive privilege, you name it.”

    And that is the GOP’s problem. So much of what Obama has done is identical to what a republican president would do.

    1. Exactly. They can’t call him out on his blown promises because they are for less transparency, attacking medical marijuana, more war – always and everywhere, and last – massive spending and deficits.

  6. Until Obama releases the book agency entry long form, the jury’s still out.

  7. She made a mistake. Fair enough. But what caused her to make this mistake? Why did she believe Obama was born in Kenya?

    And infowars has uncovered a 2004 AP story listing Obama as a “Kenyan born Senate candidate”.…..nyan-born/

    I know Obama had a Kenyan father. But he grew up in Hawaii and attended college in the US and has spent his entire adult life in the US. By 2004 he had already published a biography. Why did people think he was born in Kenya?

    1. If you go through those links their is a clsim Obama admitted Kenyan birth in a debate with Allan Keyes.

      1. There should be a tape of that somewhere. So that is pretty easy to check.

        1. Reportedly it aired on C-Span. An edited version of the debate-minus the exchange-aired on local Chicago TV.

          I’m still assuming he was born in Hawaii but it seems bizarre Obama might of actually presented himself as foreign born (particularly as a public figure) and it escaped notice by everyone except the “birthers”.

          1. We can have Watergate all over again. The missing tapes.

            1. The tapes will show the prez is clean,
              And if they don’t, the story goes,
              The hum was made by Rosemary’s toes.

          2. Reportedly it aired on C-Span. An edited version of the debate-minus the exchange-aired on local Chicago TV.

            Passive voice, the best friend of bullshitters everywhere.

            Unless this is totally fabricated, there is someone somewhere saying they saw this on C-SPAN, remembered it from 2004, for some reason didn’t come forward during the 2008 election, and is still somehow reliable.

        2. I recall listening to the debate live on WLS AM 890. From listening to the station for quite a few years, I get the impression they tape and store everything they broadcast.

          1. We know the media is willing to sit on tapes that make Obama look bad, in spite of their news value. So, even if this tape hasn’t been wiped, it ain’t gonna see the light of day.

            1. WLS was a right wing station when I was living in Rockford in the 1990s. They had Rush Limbaugh for heaven’s sake.

          2. But it’s easy to record taped radio broadcasts, and given the obsessive nature and seemingly boundless energy of conspiracy theorists, surely a home tape would surface from somewhere.

          3. According to #Occupy #NoNATO Rush Limbaugh lives in that studio.

    2. Because Obama told them so. Born is Kenya, raised Muslim in Indonesia – doesn’t that sound cool to liberal ears?

      As soon as a Presidential run became viable, different cool stories had to be invented (the horrible insurance company killing his Mom for instance).

      He’s a career politician, he lies.

      1. Because Obama told them so. Born is Kenya, raised Muslim in Indonesia – doesn’t that sound cool to liberal ears?

        Yes, that is the answer. And that is fucked up.

      2. If it does, then “liberal” doesn’t mean anything anymore. What is cool in a liberal way about growing up under a dictatorship and in a rather oppressive an intolerant religion? I don’t really want to hear the answer to that.

        1. What is cool in a liberal way about growing up under a dictatorship and in a rather oppressive an intolerant religion?

          Its “authentic” Third World non-white-Christian-oppressor. Ergo, its cool and superior.

        2. What is cool in a liberal way about growing up under a dictatorship

          To what, specifically, do you suppose the term “slaver” refers?

        3. what’s cool? Mostly that it’s a non-western, therefore non-imperialist keep the brown/black man down upbringing. It plays well with the guilty white crowd; perhaps the only people who see it as stupid are the actual brown/black folks who got the hell out of dictator-run countries. But then, they are traitors to their race so who takes them seriously.

        4. Not getting it just shows how much of a microagressor you are Zeb.

      3. You can’t seriously expect a politician to read and sign off on absolutely everything that goes into print under his name ca—hold on. *muffles phone*

        Ron Paul is absolutely responsible for RACIST NEWZLETTURZ!!!

    3. Doesn’t this also raise questions, for the thousandth time, about just how politically astute the administration/campaign is?

      How in the world do you get blindsided by this?


    Now if he can just tie this to gay marriage, free contraceptive care for wimmins, and his son-but-not-really-his-son Trayvon Martin somehow, he’s a shoe-in for re-election.

    1. Groovus,

      This is not about Obama or the Presidential race. This is about embarrassing and humiliating big media.

      1. This is about embarrassing and humiliating big media.

        I get that John, really I do. There are so many examples besides this, it’s just one of the plethora of weapons grade stoopid. It’s also Freeper meat, and designed to draw out those idiot “Obama iz seecreast Moooslum!” types. This man can’t run on this record, as NG points out, and they will use any distraction to accentuate that fact. That was the point of my post.

        Big Media is entirely capable of making an ass out of itself on it’s own. Paul Krugman? One of the multitude of Kleins? David Brooks? Peggy Noonan?

        1. I take back Noonan, for the most part, and replace with Maureen Dowd.

        2. It’s also Freeper meat, and designed to draw out those idiot “Obama iz seecreast Moooslum!” types.

          Supposedly, Rev. Wright is on tape as admitting that Obama never actually, you know, converted to Christianity in any overt way with his pastor of over 20 years.

          Your religion is pretty much what you say it is, I guess, and Obama has said he’s a Christian, but its just more fuel for the claim that this guy is completely hollow, that there’s nothing there but calculated PR.

          1. In the tape I heard, Wright just says that the Obama’s weren’t religious. That they, particularly Michelle, weren’t raised that way, and church wasn’t really their thing. They only started attending to help is political career.

      2. This is about embarrassing and humiliating big media.

        Unpossible, John. The MSM has all the remorse and accountability of a toddler found at the scene of a broken cookie jar with crumbs and chocolate all over her face and hands.

      3. This is about embarrassing and humiliating big media.

        God damn it fuck Big Media!!1

        This should be all about embarrassing and humiliating David Weigle!!!

        Axes to grind poeple!! Keep the focus!!

  9. Why did they use a picture of Treyvon Martin?

  10. …I can’t imagine how this sort of material will save them.

    Someone has too much faith in what the voters of this country pay attention to when choosing which level to pull.

    1. Are there actually still voting machines in use that involve levers?

  11. “It’s what they’ve done in the offices that are most relevant to the office they’re seeking, and what they plan to do in the future”: completely agree with this.

    BUT, this: “Obama is willing to edit and revise his life story depending on circumstance” is also important because so much of O’s 2008 campaign was based on his life story and the specialness of who he was/is.

    These kinds of issues may not cause people to switch votes, but it MIGHT cause a lot of people who voted in 2008 to not vote in 2012.

    Of course, that will probably be offset by the number of people who aren’t going to vote for Romney.

  12. I’d wonder if this was where Lizzie the Limousine Liberal got her great idea of claiming to be a poor little Indian girl, but they must have both done this before they knew each other.

    It’s more like a great minds think alike/birds of a feather kinda moment. Maybe Obama got the idea it was better to pretend he was from Kenya, and Warpath Warren got the idea it was better to pretend to be Native American–and both of them came up with the idea independently.

    Hey, I independently invented the omelet! I guess I should have been pretending to be Latino or something.

    Would you buy that back home in Patagonia, people call me Ken Pepe Garcia Gomez Fernandez Blanco Shultz?

    Really, my name’s Pepe Blanco!

    1. Liberals are just bat shit insane. No one wants to be an ordinary white person or in Obama’s case an ordinary biracial person. That doesn’t give you enough oppression street creed.

      1. It’s true.

        They just gotta be a victim somehow.

        A victim of rich people.

        They can’t just be rich people–who worked hard and made a lot of money.

        Because that would be wrong.

      2. Disagree, John. Insane gets liberals off the hook, as if some force beyond their control guides their actions. No, these folks are purposely evil.

        1. Possessed.

    2. Warpath Warren

      Niiiice. Yours?

      1. No, unfortunately.

      2. Niiiice. Yours?

        I did coin, “Speaks with Forked Tounge,” earlier, Tonio.

        To my knowledge, this is a new one.

        1. Do you really believe you’re the first person to spell “Tounge” incorrectly? Well, in that context, you may be right.

          1. Feh!


            1. Your tounge’s hanging out a little bit there, Groovus

    3. What’s the Argentinian word for “cunt,” Pepe?

      1. Cuntseulo

      2. Or “Cuntsuelo” if you spell it correctly.

        Fuck me – more caffeine. No, less caffeine. No…wait…

  13. Nick,

    How are “republicans” doing this? This didn’t come from the RNC or the Romney campaign. It came from Is it your position that Breitbart is working for the Romney campaign? That seems pretty unlikely. More likely is that the folks at Breitbart are bomb throwers looking for hits and to embarrass the media.

    This is one of those small points that annoys the living hell out of me about Reason. Why is a story being pushed by a web site unaffiliated with both the Romney campaign and the RNC now determining how Republicans are attacking Obama?

    1. Because the important people on Nick’s cocktail circuit loath any criticism of Obama and are certain that only Racists go there.

      1. Nick is leaving a few things out. It will make his life easier in the Beltway if he does.

    2. Why is a story being pushed by a web site unaffiliated with both the Romney campaign and the RNC now determining how Republicans are attacking Obama?

      Nick is low to admit his hiring of Weigle was a bad idea.

  14. OK that actually does make a lot of sense dude. WOw.

  15. Good piece, I’d say. There is plenty of real stuff, directly relevant to being president, to criticize Obama for without making shit up or dredging up irrelevant crap from the past.

    And even if he was born in Kenya (which seems very unlikely to me), if his mother was a US citizen, I don’t see how that makes any difference to his qualification to be president.

    Not to say I have a problem with Breitbart publishing this stuff. I agree that the media should have done a lot more vetting of his past 4 years ago. But I’d be more interested in hearing more information about his early career than fluff that other people wrote about him.

    1. And even if he was born in Kenya (which seems very unlikely to me), if his mother was a US citizen, I don’t see how that makes any difference to his qualification to be president.

      Its not clear under the rather dreadful statutes of the time that he would qualify as a citizen at birth if he wasn’t born in the US.

      And it raises the question, again, as to what “natural-born” citizen means in this day and age.

      Of course, since no one has any interest in actually enforcing the Constitutional requirements, its all academic.

      But two can play at the distraction/character assassination game. I think the corollary of the Golden Rule applies to politicans: “As you do unto others, may be done unto you.”

      1. He wouldn’t. She had to be 19 to pass on citizenship. She was 18. The definition of natural born is what the Framers thought it was not what we think it is.

      2. John McCain wasn’t born in the US.

    2. I can try to take you out with a sniper bullet–or I can try to take you out with a machine gun, some grenades, a rocket launcher, a few bombs, AND a sniper’s bullet.

      Why would I limit myself to a single shot?

  16. Well, it seems kind of apparent now why Breitbart was murdered by Obama’s scummy little brownshirts.

  17. When this story broke, I was thinking “If I was a publisher, I would tout the ‘from Kenya’ line, because it will make the author seem more ‘authentic’.”

    aka, white liberals love the romance of “Out of Africa” story more than the ‘Middle-Class half-black from America’ line.

    1. In Custer Died for your Sins the author devotes a page or so to how pissed off he is by white women claiming to have an indian female ancestor. Never a male (that would be lower race male impregnating and defiling white woman) but an Indian princess, going against her tribe to marry a white man out of love.

      People really want to sex up their ancestry because it can impart glamour to an otherwise bland life.

      1. The Indian princess genealogy myth has strong legs. I think a lot of it is based in family lore. Some people really do have an Indian ancestor, and our racist ancestors made sense of it in their racist communities by claiming that ancestor was a princess.

        Incidentally, Native American societies don’t generally have princesses. Titles aren’t generally inherited. You get prestige for what you’ve done and because people follow your leadership. …not because you inherited a title from your father.

        1. And a lot of people covered up their Indian heritage. My step brothers and sisters father was half Indian. But good luck getting a family in the 1930s Oklahoma to admit their daughter married an Indian. Now, he was the only white guy who lived in the town.

          1. One of my ancestors was an Abenaki woman. She’s a hole in the geneological records.

            My great-grandmother apparently told my mom this as sort of a shameful family secret back in the 1950’s.

            Starting in the mid 90’s, my great uncle spent the last 10 years of his life researching his family tree and meticulously documenting it.

            The woman my great grandmother referred to is a black hole. Nobody wrote her name down. It’s as if her children leapt forth from the earth. All we have are three generations of photographed women who look like Algonquins wearing yankee clothing (looking less and less Algonquin with each passing generation).

            1. My siblings’ biological grandfather was named “George Washington” and from a town in Oklahoma that was almost entirely Indian. But he wasn’t an Indian.

              1. I will say that the jokes in the non MA liberal wing of my family about our cheekbones and being people of color are
                a) very funny
                b) probably leading to an irrevocable rupture in our clan
                c) not getting old anytime soon.

                1. It is kinda funny that people for so long were hiding Native American ancestry, but now that some bands are doing so well in the casino business, there are a lot of people scrutinizing their genealogy hoping to God they can find a Native American ancestor.

                  Money changes everything. Minorities should embrace capitalism.

                  One of the cities I’ve worked with has been scratching their heads wondering what to do about a band with a thriving casino buying land in the city. The city doesn’t have any authority on the reservation, and their question was…um…do they have to submit to city ordinances, zoning and codes? If the band buys land in the city, is it part of the reservation now?

                  They never had to deal with those questions before because the band had been poor for a hundred years.

                  1. seems if the tribe buys land in the city, it becomes subject to the city’s rules and regs. I don’t see how it can claim that the land is now part of the reservation.

                    1. There are other agencies where the city’s rules don’t apply.

                      In a city up the freeway, the local school district bought into a business park of light industrial warehouse buildings. They converted them into office buildings. There’s no way the city would have given them an occupancy permit for that–industrial is parked two spaces per thousand square feet. Office space needs four spaces per thousand square feet.

                      …but the school district isn’t subject to the city! They don’t need to ask the city’s permission to do anything.

                      Under what authority does the city have the right to tell a tribe what to do? The city doesn’t even have the authority to tell the school district what to do!

                      So far, the tribe has voluntarily submitted their plans, but it remains unclear what would happen if there were a dispute.

                      As often happens, the powerful people in town are deferred to in terms of approvals and code enforcement. The thing that’s new here is that band is now one of the most powerful entities in town. …and they have even more leverage because it remains unclear whether they’re required to comply with the city at all.

                    2. so once again, one set of rules for those who make them and another set for those forced to live under them.

                    3. Yeah, and the school district’s employees have overcrowded the industrial park’s parking so bad, there isn’t any parking left for any of the other people who own or rent in the park–or their customers!

                      We tried to pitch to them to get ’em to let us build them an office building with plenty of parking, but that’s a hard sell–because they don’t want to be seen as wasting taxpayer dollars on a grandiose building for themselves.

                      Meanwhile, they keep expanding in the park–and the more offices they move in, the worse the parking problem gets. Normally, the city’s code enforcement would take care of that, but the school district just never has to submit for an occupancy permit!

                      Captain Obvious says: It’s hard to incentivize people to do the economically smart thing for everybody when their thinking is driven, primarily, by political considerations. …which is an excellent reason to limit political entities to as small a sphere in our economy as possible.

                    4. No kidding. If a for-reals foreign country buys land outside its borders, that doesn’t make it a far-flung province of that country.

                    5. Oh, it’s definitely in the same country.

                      Like I said, if the city doesn’t have authority over the school district–in the city–isn’t a tribe with a treaty more impressive than a city?

                      Those aren’t the only examples of that kind of thing either. I’m not sure the water district must do whatever the city tells them either. I think they usually do in practice, but sometimes, I think it works the other way around.

                      If the water district even bothers to tell the city its doing something, I’m not sure the city disapproving would matter one bit.

                    6. “If the city doesn’t have authority over the school district–in the city–isn’t a tribe with a treaty more impressive than a [school district]?”


                    7. I think you’re wrong, RC. I always thought when a foreign nation bought property, it was deemed an embassy. Of course, the host country must approve of it in advance, but I’ve never heard of it not being approved (at least here). Same goes for property leased by a foreign nation for the purpose of housing/officing diplomatic staff.

                      And what about the bad guys in Lethal Weapon2? They had diplomatic immunity until it got revoked!

            2. One branch of my family tree included the earliest white people to settle central West Virginia. They fought a lot with the Shawnee. My 5th great grandfather was captured by the Shawnee when he was 9-years old in 1764, and lived with them for 10 years. He married a Shawnee woman, and took her with him when he left. I don’t know what happened to her, but 11 years later he married my 5th great grandmother.

              On the other side of my family, my great grandmother was supposedly Onondaga, but she lived in an orphanage from when she was 2-years old, so records are limited. She had four sisters in the orphanage with her, and the Onondaga claim comes from the oldest one. She said they were all born on the reservation in Syracuse, and they left so their father could find work, but both parents died separately within 2 years after moving.

  18. Obama was probably in the habit of describing himself as Kenyan in the same way that, say, Andrew Breitbart called himself Irish.

    Breitbart’s Joel Pollak underscores that he (like Andrew Breitbart) is not a birther:

    Given the article this claim appears in, this comes across like the conspiracy theory version of “it’s not gay unless the balls touch”.

    1. What are you saying? The article and the press blurb are what they are.

      1. I’m saying that Obama told the copy writer “I’m Kenyan” meaning my “My ancestors are from Kenya” and the copy writer incorrectly interpretted it as “I was born in Kenya”

        1. That is possible. And it would be very likely if there weren’t all of these other examples of people calling Obama Kenyan born. The more these things come out of the wood work, the more likely it seems, Obama held himself out as Kenyan for his own advantage.

        2. Obama probably wrote the copy himself. Jane Dystel isn’t unique is asking her talent to do their own bios.

          1. ^^This^^ Why would she have written it? Who would she know what his bio was?

            1. Moreover, I have difficulty in believing that the narcissist in chief would not be aware of what was written in his bio. It’s like believing that Chuck Schumer walked by a TV camera without trying to get in front of it.

              1. I have only published law review articles never a book. But part of the process has always been they require you to send them a bio. I have written bios of bosses who had books published to send to publishers. I have never heard of the publisher doing for you. You do it. Think about it, what author wants their publisher writing the bio? You determine what goes in that bio not the publisher. And again, how would the publisher know what to write?

                1. On the other hand, my company is constantly sending out press releases. I have no idea how they get written, and even though they send them out to all the employees, I rarely bother to read them.

            2. Because it was her job as an assistant to write it?

              1. Do you really believe that? If so, please email me about a business venture that will benefit you greatly.

                1. Damn it Jim. That literally made me spit my water on my computer screen.

              2. How would she know what to write? He wasn’t famous then. The only way she could have written it would be to ask Obama for his biographical information. And that usually includes where you were born.

                Sorry, your theory that he said he was “Kenyan” and she took that to mean “born in Kenya” is pretty unlikely. She said “Kenyan born”. That is a very specific statement and it came from somewhere. And clearly Obama’s Kenyan heritage and childhood was a selling point. That was the whole point of his book was growing up Kenyan and white and his childhood experiences in the US and the third world. To think that they never talked about where he was actually born defies credulity.

              3. According to her colleague in the Breitbart report it was standard procedure to send the material to the client, if a non athlete client, for approval.

                1. But part of the process has always been they require you to send them a bio.

                  Exactly. Been there myself; the author supplies his own bio. It may edited for reasons of space but it is almost always self-written.

                  1. Accept it says right in the article that the authors didn’t supply their own bios in most cases.

                2. If a non-athlete client? Do they just assume the athletes are illiterate/don’t care?

          2. Obama probably wrote the copy himself. Jane Dystel isn’t unique is asking her talent to do their own bios.

            I think that’s a lot more likely. Even if he lied his ass off about being “Kenyan-born,” the descriptions of his parents are just LOL.

            “son of an American anthropologist and Kenyan finance minister” sounds a hell of a lot more prestigious–and stable– than “bastard child of a liason between a white teenager and black college student, before being abandoned by the former to be raised in middle-class comfort by his grandparents.”

            1. Good catch.

        3. and the copy writer incorrectly interpretted it as “I was born in Kenya”

          For sixteen years.

          1. No, she interpretted it as that once, and it went uncorrected for 16 years because no one really bothers reading those things anyways.

            1. One of the most narcissistic men in America didn’t read his own bio for 16 years?

            2. no, they don’t read them but apparently when the “born in Kenya” person is running for president, they go out of their way to scrub all such references.

              Totally doubt she ‘interpreted’ anything. When you submit material for publication, you also submit your own bio. That bio may get edited but it does not get changed to that degree.

            3. Ahhh, the old “no one really bothers reading those things anyways” defense. I love it.

        4. And it’s clear that you’re not in a profession in which this sort of thing has any importance.

          Authors find their bios important. They provide tantalizing bits of info that might resonate with readers.

          And what was the question?

          Where are you from?
          Where were you born?
          What’s your heritage?

          For the first two saying ‘I’m Kenyan’ would be implying Kenyan birth. For the third, there’d be nothing to misunderstand.

    2. I suspect the political downside of being seen as a birther is steeper than the political upside would be–even if definitive proof came out that Obama was born in Kenya.

      The stigma associated with being a birther now has birthers about as popular as STDs.

      1. Exactly. It’s the birthers’ fault that Obama has a difficult knowing where he’s from.

      2. Unless you had definitive proof. The truth always comes out. It just takes a while. So if Obama was born in Kenya we will some day know it.

      3. Yeah, but if you are an Obama supporter, whatever you say to defend him, do you really have any faith in that narrative?

        If you are an Obama supporter in the press, and your career depended on getting this story right, would you keep pretending that the birthers are the problem? Lucky for them, they are not really accountable in their profession to any real extent. Even so, there has got to be a crises going on inside their heads. They are not so sociopathic that denial gives them a solid foundation to which to hold on. They know he wasn’t vetted and they wrought this presidency on us. That is a heavy ass burden even if they have enablers like Nick to help them deal with it ever so gently.

        They should be shitting their pants over this as Chait did yesterday on his blog.

        1. What did Chait say?

          1., as part of its continuing quest to bring you the stories the mainstream media refuses to report on, or else has already reported on but without the requisite paranoid hysteria, has a breathtaking new blockbuster exclusive: Barack Obama’s literary agent created a promotional booklet in 1991 that described him as having been “born in Kenya.”

            The Drudge Report is hyping the Birther Shock angle. Breitbart is careful to tiptoe around it. The story insists that the good editors believe that Obama was born in Hawaii. So why, then, should we care about this story? The article breathlessly explains:


            Soooo … it’s (1) a lazy literary agent, (2) a book that openly says it uses composite characters, and (3) a speech on race relations. What exactly is the “pattern” here?

            From the original Klingon, ‘if the facts aren’t on my side, being a snide bitch will suffice as a counter argument.’

            1. If Obama loses in November and it is another disaster year for the Dems, say 56 Senate seats plus the House and White House for the Republicans, the gnashing of teeth and remorse in the media is going to be epic.

              Think about it. The media more than anything is what got Obama nominated over Hillary. Any Dem was going to win in 2008. So, they got Obama rather than Hillary elected President. If Hillary had won, I seriously doubt things would have ended so badly for the Democrats. That whole disaster is going to be blamed on the media for selling the party a political incompetent.

              1. The idea of the Republicans controlling both houses of congress and the Presidency ought to make libertarians gnash their teeth as well.

                1. I know. The Republicans are likely to start new wars, assisinate American citizens, sell guns to Mexican drug gangs to further gun control efforts in the US and run the deficit over a trillion dollars.

                  That would just be horrible wouldn’t it? Or wait..

                  1. Oh yeah, and the last time the Republicans controlled everything was an absolute model of fiscal restaint, somber foreign policy, and strongly defended civil rights.

                    Things are bad enough with the two parties cockblocking each other at every turn. Things get even worse when one of them has control over everything.

                    1. It was terrible under Bush. I won’t ever vote for that guy again. Good thing Obama didn’t make everything worse.

                    2. You shouldn’t have voted for him the first time. And it wasn’t just Bush. It was the whole Republican party. And they’re not going to do anything different this time, despite all the “I’ve really learned my lesson this time, baby” talk.

                    3. Good to know you will be voting to make things better by voting to reward Obama with another term.

                    4. In what alternate universe would Al Gore have been a better president? And no, not the alternate universe from Family Guy.

                      (Full disclosure, I protested in 2000 and 2004 by not voting.)

                    5. An Al Gore gridlocked with a Republican congress would have gotten far less done.

                      Likewise, if the Republicans are going to take control of both the House and the Senate, I’d prefer a Democrat as President rather than a Republican who will go along with whatever they come up with.

                2. Trust me, it does.

      4. now

        Was being a birther ever cool?

  19. Obama: The Original Birther

  20. […] though Obama did go on to pen the best-selling and highly (and rightly, in my opinion) acclaimed Dreams From My Father.

    Bill Ayers wil be happy to hear that.

  21. The more I think about this the more I think that Obama had to be claiming to be Kenyan.

    If he had written a book on say nuclear physics, the mistake would be understandable. In that case where the author was born is of really no importance to the bio. What matters is that he is the so and so chair of nuclear physics as this university and he got his PHD from this place and so forth. You could see how the agent could screw up the place of birth because it is so incidental to the bio and the book.

    But Obama didn’t write a book about nuclear physics. He was writing a book then called Journeys in Black and Whiteand what became Dreams of My Father. He was writing about his childhood and what it meant to grow up half white. Where he was born and raised is essential to the book. So the subject had to have been extensively discussed.

    1. So you think the marketing people at publishing companies actually read all the books they’re doing ad copy for?

      1. They book hadn’t been written yet. He had sold them an idea. And yes publishing and marketing people discuss your idea extensively before they agree to give you and advance and publish it once it is written.

        1. So you’re saying that the ad copy could not possibly be a mistake by an agency assistant, because the assistant should have known about the details of a book that hadn’t yet been written…

          1. I am saying that the agency had to have discussed and known where an author, who is proposing to write about about his heritage and childhood, was born.

            Try again.

            1. Oh right, and once the people who decide who to sign discussed it, obviously all the low level assistants instantly knew it thanks to the corporate hive mind.

              1. The assistants who are writing his biography would. When the book is a proposed biography especially. Give it up dude.

                1. Accept we’ve heard from the assistant who wrote his biography, and she says she didn’t.

                  1. And she would have no reason to lie. Not like saying the opposite wouldn’t make her a pariah or anything.

                  2. Accept we’ve heard from the assistant who wrote his biography, and she says she didn’t.

                    Dystel Goderich Ask Writers to Submit Their Own Bios


                    1. Hello? Shameless Obama fellators apologists? Hello? Hello? Bueller? Hello…?

                    2. …and of course, the bio from the proposal to write a book is cut and pasted verbatim into every pamphlet the publisher produces.

            2. I am saying that the agency had to have discussed and known where an author, who is proposing to write about about his heritage and childhood, was born.

              Does not follow.

              If I’m an up and coming trendy politician writing a biography, I seriously doubt my birthplace is going to come up in the initial pitch.

              But then again I’m white and don’t have a foreign-sounding name, so I guess “due diligence” has a different meaning in my case.

          2. Seriously? You’re proposing that the company didn’t perform what amounts to the most basic professional due diligence. Marketing people are paid to find out simple shit like this.

      2. stormy,
        nice try at misdirection. The marketing people don’t necessarily read the books; the ones who decide where a proposal will actually be published, however, do read or have folks in the company who do. No publishing house wants to be associated with a book that is demonstrably false, slanderous, or in some other way reflects negatively on the publisher.

        1. The Kenyan born thing didn’t appear in the book, only in this marketing pamphlet.

          1. again, the marketing folks don’t write that stuff; teh author submits his/her own bio. For them, it became a selling point of the book and marketing folks are interested in generating demand for a product, not thinking at what future ambitions the writer has. Besides, you raised the connection between marketing and the book. Now, you are spinning.

            1. again, the marketing folks don’t write that stuff

              Did you bother to RTFA? One of the marketting folks says the authors didn’t write it.

              1. Oh, well, that settles it.

                Even if you believe her (which I don’t) it begs the question: where did she get the idea he was born in Kenya?

                1. Well yes, if you’re going to discard any evidence that doesn’t fit your pet theory as someone lying, that certainly does settle it.

                2. “… it begs the question …”

                  No, it does not.

                3. Even if you believe her (which I don’t) it begs the question: where did she get the idea he was born in Kenya?

                  1. That’s not begging the question.

                  2. His father was born in Kenya and his mother did a lot of international traveling. Occam’s razor says it’s more likely a blurb writer skimmed his biography and jumped to conclusions than that the only leak from the grand conspiracy to cover up Obama’s birthplace came from a blurb writer.

                  1. And his father’s name was Barack Obama as well.

          2. It also appeared on his agents website until 2007.

            1. Wow, so now Obama is personally designing websites for literary agents too. Where does he find the time?

              1. Stop it. You’ll get dizzy.

            2. Proof of this?

    2. This is 1991. This is pre-Internet, pre-Google, pre-Wikipedia. Whoever wrote that copy had to have gotten the idea that he was Kenyan-born from someone, not somewhere.

      1. Or maybe they jumped to conclusions upon seeing that his father was Kenyan and his mother traveled internationally a lot, both of which were true.

        1. I find it incredibly unlikely that someone at an agency would write an author’s bio and then not have the author approve it.

  22. How the heck did Hillary’s operatives miss this stuff in 2008? Either she’s not the consumate politico everyone thought, or there was nothing there like this.

    1. They got cowed by the media into not really going after him. Remember, they viciously went after Hillary. But the media made sure Hillary was shamed into not responding in kind. No one was going to lay a glove on the first black President.

      I don’t like Hillary at all. But my God did she get screwed. She might have deserved to get screwed for her and Bill’s previous sins. But she got robbed of the nomination in 08.

      1. They got cowed by the media into not really going after him.

        Remember the little shitstorm over Bill supposedly saying that Obama would have been getting him coffee four years earlier? The hardest Hillary ever hit Obama after that was the “3 am phone call” ad.

        Anyone taking on Obama has to realize that you’ll never come out on top if you handle him with kid gloves. The man is a petulant narcissist and cannot take being directly called on his bullshit, and can’t handle someone who takes a principled stand against him.

        If Romney goes after him with no fear, he’s actually got a real shot to embarrass the hell out of Obama in the debates. As Hillary and McCain found out, being nice to the guy will just get you run over.

      2. But she got robbed of the nomination in 08.


        Bullshit. She screwed up. There are a million ways she could have put this out and kept her hands clean.

        Hell she could have blamed the republicans for it.

    2. Probably because Hillary’s operatives are more concerned with stuff that wins elections?

      All “this stuff” has managed to do is get some already anti-Obama people more enthusiastic about their opposition. It hasn’t worked at the polls.

      1. “Senator Obama why were you embarrassed about being Born in the US?”

        Sorry this would have effected the election. Still my guess is Hilary missed it.

  23. Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama must be the illumanati or something. 🙂

  24. Illuminati

  25. I think the theory put forth by Breitbart (and plenty of others), that this is a case of Obama claiming a history that best aligns with his current career goals and of course the media’s willingness to never scrutinize, is much worse than actually being born in Kenya. Sure, being born in Kenya would disqualify him from being President but if the law had been changed to allow any citizen to be President, he most likely would have still been elected. Pulling a Lizzie Warren is more damaging and potentially says a lot more about him. Especially if he was doing it before being a politiciann.

    The birther stuff is at it’s stupidest when it looks to disqualify Obama as president but at it’s smartest when it looks to paint Obama as the worst kind of anacestral opportunist.

    1. Exactly. And one thing about Breitbart, they never show their hands. I bet they have more examples of this. And they are just waiting for the media to dismiss this and make asses of themselves before they release it.

      1. judging from the Chait piece, the wait will not be very long.

      2. Just a few days earlier I happened upon an exchange between lefties that can be paraphrased pretty accurately this way: ‘What happened the that Breitbart vetting process? Is this all they got? Lol!’

        1. It really is picking on the retarded kid isn’t it?

      3. Just like they had more examples of that DoAg chick discriminating against white farmers, right?

        1. It was about the NAACP audiences reaction.
          Nothing big as that but reverse racism of the NAACP has been a running gag at Breitbart’s sites before and after the incident.

          Climax? Sure, but not really isolated as a one shot.

          Also Breitbarts plan was to vet Obama. This might be the only “Birther” thing in that grander plan. Wasn’t the brietbart sites doing stuff on Jeremiah wright just before this?

          Yes there will be more guaranteed…just maybe not specific to birther stuff, but definitely about Obama’s past.

    2. Except Occam’s Razor says this is more likely to be the work of a sloppy blurb-writer, who probably had to write dozens of these things a week, rather than a lie told by BO himself. It’s not hard to make that mistake if you skim his biography and see that his father was Kenyan and his mom lived outside the US a lot.

      If Breitbart has a bunch of other samples of this supposed campaign of lies, that would be a different story.

      1. I think Occam’s Razor says Obama is pandering lying sack of crap. I don’t need to know anything the writer to establish this.

  26. Unfortunately, Obama was born in the United States.

    I pissed off some local liberals by saying that. Of course, they called me “racist” in their whiny, haughty arguments, which just proves yet again that liberals cannot read dictionary entries.

  27. There is only one Chicago Machine. Hillary is running the third Clinton Administration from the State Department. Just look at the administration, all Hillary’s Center for American Progress cronies.

    1. First, who knows how much dirt Hillary has on him. And two, Obama had only been in national politics for 4 years when he was elected. Who was he going to bring to Washington with him? Bill Ayers? The administration is full of Clinton people because that is all they had.

      1. Hillary has all the dirt she needs on everybody. Remember the files? My guess is Obama is no longer useful to the cause, seeings how he’s destroying the Democratic party, and she leaked this to jettison him.

        1. Looks like oldschool Chicago leftist are ready to pop his upstart smartass mouth too

        2. Maobama is not destroying. He is educating and purifying.

  28. So I guess Obama was using his fake Kenyan birthplace in the same way Elizabeth Warren used her Cherokee heritage. “I’m not from Hawaii, I’m from Kenya, now give me that student aid.” “I’m not white, I’m Cherokee, now give me that professorship.”

  29. I think this is huge but not becuase i proves birtherism.

    It’s huge because there are 3+ years of the Obamabots calling anyone crazy who simply wasn’t convinced he was born here. This makes very plain how this administration and its enablers will attempt to destroy anybody in their path. You don’t have to be a birther to see that the birthers have a point and this administration has sought to destroy people based on what the think.

    This will have an impact.

    1. It’s huge because there are 3+ years of the Obamabots calling anyone crazy who simply wasn’t convinced he was born here.

      I wonder when Weigle is going to apologize.

    2. It’s not just Obamabots, it’s any non-retarded non-racists.

      How come no similar “questions” about John McCain’s birthplace (which is known to not be part of the US)? Or any of the 42 presidents before BO?

      There were plenty of rank socialists and authoritarians in that bunch. So it seems likely the difference that causes this hubbub is something more melanin-related.

      1. Many people questioned McCains eligibility. The Senate passed a resolution about it.

        1. Only tongue-in-cheek in response to the birthers.

      2. Weren’t McCain’s parents both American citizens? That makes their kid an American no matter where he was born.

  30. Looks like Kenyan intelligence made the same biographical errors about Obama in their own bulletins:

    The ministry of national heritage this month hosted a cultural festival in Kogelo and commissioned a cultural museum on a plot donated by a member of the Kogelo community. The cultural festival was attended by the minister for national heritage, William ole Ntimama and U.S. ambassador, Michael Ranneberger.

    This was to honour the birthplace of President Obama and re-dedicate the tomb of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., the president’s late father. But the project had been delayed because of ownership wrangles surrounding the plot.

    Damn it, would the professionals stop feeding all this false narrative and poorly evidenced conjecture already! There are real issues to be discussed like which is worse Romneycare or Obamacare, who will kill the most foreigners, which of the candidates will bankrupt the nation before the other? Is that dime’s worth a difference more like 1.2 cents in Bernanke dollars? Real issues, people!

  31. For those claiming Obama must have written the part in his author bio about being born in Kenya himself, how do you reconcile that with that fact that Obama’s autobiography issued through this publisher states that he was born in Hawaii? Why would he deliberately contradict his own book that was being contemporaneously published?

    1. Not having a copy, if you could supply a photocopy from the first edition of that book where it is stated that would be most thoughtful. I’ve wondered as well if his birthplace is addressed in the first biography.

    2. When you bullshit all the time, it’s hard to keep track. It also surprises politicians sometimes when they discover people actually paid attention to their earlier stream of BS.

    3. Simple. After he published the book he didn’t need to be Kenyan anymore. So he went back to telling the truth. He lied to get the contract.

  32. Yeah, except Dreams from My Father was published in 1995 and The Audacity of Hope was published in 2008. But they were totally contemporaneously published.

  33. And how did this mistake happen?

    And why aren’t we supposed to ask?

    1. According to Nick Gillespie if we question the definitive reply from Obama’s literary agency then the Democrats deserve to win.

    2. You already have asked. And gotten an answer. If you have some evidence that contradicts that answer, feel free to present it.

      Otherwise, Occam’s Razor says STFU.

      1. Nothing political operatives ever do would make any sense if you applied Occam’s Razor.

        1. Um, what?

          The likely activities of pooitical operators are taken into account in the Razor calculation.

      2. “It was a mistake” isn’t an answer. It’s the first part of an answer.

        And I don’t think I’ll STFU, but TYVM.

  34. If anybody believes Obama is who he says he is, please contact me for an exciting real estate deal I have going.

    Seriously. This man has taken pains to conceal/reshape his past on so many occasions, he can’t even discuss it without contradicting an earlier claim. That’s why those in the Team Blue camp are so quick to cry “racism” when anybody dares ask about his many past lives, claims and known associations.

    Do I think he was born in Hawaii or Kenya? I really can’t say for sure. And that is an indictment on his lack of openness and the media’s unwillingness to do their job more than anything. Hopefully the media part of that statement will change this time around and they will scrutinize the man’s past, because it has shaped him into the serial narcissist that he is today. And I hope they do the same with Romney as well. At least then the average American will get a real feel for the kinds of person it takes to want to rule people, because that’s what both of these men desire.

    It may also open the way for Gary Johnson, a man with an (apparently) much cleaner, transparent and compelling life than either of the Team Red/Blue guys.

    1. Do I think he was born in Hawaii or Kenya? I really can’t say for sure.


      None of the stuff he’s lied about (which I agree has been copious) was backed up by official documents he wasn’t involved in creating.

  35. if Obama’s opponents cannot beat him based on his thoroughly documented and generally terrible record as president of the United States, I can’t imagine how this sort of material will save them.

    I’m sympathetic to this point, but remember what almost killed Obamacare? Not the scads of horrendous policy changes that are really in the bill, but the fictitious claims of “death panels” and diverting money from Medicare.

    A criticism that’s easy to understand and gets the heart pumping is much more likely to succeed, regardless of how true or relevant it is.

    1. What’s the difference between “death panels” and rationing ones?

      1. There weren’t rationing panels either.

        I agree that single-payer does inevitably lead to rationing, but that wasn’t in the bill.

  36. As a Tea Party Libertarian, I have no love for Obama (or the rest of the Federal Government), but I’m going to vomit if the birthers start their crap again. I’m satisfied Obama was born in the U.S., but even if it turned out he wasn’t, I still wouldn’t give a shit. I think the native-born requirement is a dumb rule. There are a lot of foreign-born citizens I think would make far better Presidents than the native-born white trash I have to put up with.

  37. The real question here is why the Obama Mama was outside the US for so long. Was she trying to avoid oppressive taxes. Sen. Schumer would be interested.

    1. +600,000,000!

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