Drug War

How Many Law Enforcement Agencies Does it Take to Shut Down Three Podunk Head Shops?


The owners of Boise Beverage and Tobacco and Pit Stop Express, Wonderland Hookah, and Smoke-N-Accessories, as well as 13 of their associates, have been charged "with conspiracy to sell and offering to sell drug paraphernalia," the Boise Weekly reports.   

How many law enforcement agencies participated in this two-year operation? This many:

The Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, Boise Police Department, Ada County Sheriff's Office, Canyon County Sheriff's Office, Nampa Police Department, Meridian Police Department and the Canyon County Prosecutor's Office all played a part.

We can't legalize drugs, there's just too much money in it

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  1. This would be a great place to start a constitutionally limited republic if it wasn’t for the people…

  2. “Because it was the biggest crime for the past fifty years, and everone wanted to get in on the act…”

  3. Unbefuckinglievable.

  4. Only 8 agencies involved?

    Must be some slacking going on. There should have been at least 15. Couldn’t they get the FBI, DHS, ATF, INS, Idaho State Police, USPS, State Fish and Game Bureau, Taxi Commission, and State Hairdresser Licensing Bureau to come out as well?

    1. -USPS, too busy manning underpatronized post offices

      -Fish & Game, isn’t fishing season starting? And it’s always hunting season for something.

      -Idaho’s taxi drivers are not numerous enough for their repeated attempts at state sanctioned monopolization to have succeeded yet.

      -Hairdresser Bureau, too busy auditing ContEd requirements

      Now, the FBI, DHS, ATF, INS, and ISP, that’s just sheer unwillingness to make use of their excessive funding.

  5. How many tax dollars were spent in the investigation?

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