Geraldo Rivera: "Manually Raped" by Airport Screener


Geraldo Rivera joined Fox & Friends this morning to react to the story of an 18-month-old baby girl being removed off a plane for having her name on a no-fly list, but made news himself when he said, by way of explaining that he was actually on the no-fly list for some time too, that the last time he flew to Afghanistan he "got manually raped" by the screener, who seemed to Geraldo to be "getting off on it" and even becoming a "bit more intimate" as Geraldo grew more agitated and irritated.

Geraldo says he only got off the no-fly list after "kicking and screaming and embarrassing the TSA on their utter incompetence," leaving little hope of a formal process to get off the list being any easier. A clip of the interview:

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