Driverless Cars Legalized in Nevada


When someone hits the rumble strips on the highway or bumps over a curb, it's de rigeur in the Mangu-Ward family to shout "Driverless car!" (I know. Nerds. Believe me, I know.) But soon that expression may be a hilarious anachronism, like "taping your soap operas" or "sending a letter by writing it on paper and finding an envelope and putting a stamp on it and taking it to the mailbox and waiting two days for it to arrive." At least in Nevada, where Google's driverless cars are hitting the road.

Google received the first license Monday from the state Department of Motor Vehicles to test the autonomous vehicles. It is believed to be the first such license issued in the country.

The 2011 Legislature passed the first law in the nation to permit testing of driverless cars. But state regulations require a person behind the wheel and one in the passenger's seat during tests.

Those people, presumably, could be some of the state's legal prostitutes, just for double awesomeness points.

For triple awesomeness, watch this blind dude drive to pick up some tacos and his dry cleaning: