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WashTimes Writer Complains That "half-white Barack Obama….didn't say a word" About the Death of Beastie Boy Adam "MCA" Yauch


My man MCA's gotta beard like a billy goat

And today's step-away-from-the-politics award goes to Joseph Curl:

Now, half-white Barack Obama (exactly my age) didn't say a word, even though he was talking to college kids that day, but make no mistake, MCA was no Jay-Z or Kanye West. This guy was the real deal, groundbreaker, up from his bootstraps, Brooklyn boy made good. Funny the "coolest president ever" doesn't say a word about the passing of MCA. Weird and kinda sad, actually. […]

The president took time from his busy schedule to comment on the passing of black musicians. When Whitney Houston, a longtime crack addict, died this year, the White House put out a statement. "I know that [Mr. Obama's] thoughts and prayers are with her family, especially her daughter," press secretary Jay Carney said. "It's a tragedy to lose somebody so talented at such a young age."

And when accused pedophile and drug addict Michael Jackson died in 2009, the White House weighed in with the president's thoughts. "He said to me that obviously, Michael Jackson was a spectacular performer, a music icon," spokesman Roberet Gibbs said. "And his condolences went out to the Jackson family and to fans that mourned his loss."

Mr. Obama is said to have 2,000 songs on his iPod, but he's never mentioned the Beastie Boys. Too bad. He could learn so much from them. Still can.


Seriously, as both a fan of the Beasties and a non-fan of Obama, what I really want more than anything is to keep those topics separate, because they have nothing to do with one another, on account of politics being a tawdry zero-sum game and music being totally awesome. I'm not sure what's the sicker impulse here, to seek artistic validation from the White House, to politicize each and every last good goddamned thing about life, or to make this somehow all about race.

Even if you take the argument seriously, it's crap. Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson were black, yes, but they also sold scores of millions of records each, which is the likely more relevant detail in this comparison. And there's nothing about MCA's terrificness that requires trash-talking the seriously talented and accomplished Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Read Gene Healy on "The Cult of the Presidency," and Nick Gillespie on "The Politicization of Everything." If you must, Talking Points Memo has a round-up of politician tributes to MCA. I liked the quick eulogy/remembrance by The New Yorker's Sasha Frere-Jones. is linking to some writing about and video of Yauch's anti-interventionism. And here's Tipper Gore and Oprah Winfrey panicking about the Beastie menace in 1986 (with Jello Biafra testifying for the defense):

And let's not give politicizers the last word:


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  1. $echo “Up with Team $COLOR! Down with Team $OPPOSITE_COLOR; they suck!”

    1. which team was this brooklyn jew on?

      1. Thanks for your input, Mary.

        1. mary knows which team ur on.

  2. Barack Obama hates white puppets

    1. I’m kinda sad the MCA is gone. The BB were overrated by some, underrated by others. They’re not as big a deal as The Rolling Stones nor as flash-in-the-pan as Coolio. Probably a little closer to the former than the latter.

      So I’m sad that Yauch got cancer and died. He seemed like an OK person.

      I’m wondering about his cancer of the salivary gland. Did he chew a shit-ton of tobacco? Some sort of exposure to a toxic chemical? Did he go for alternative treatments instead of mainstream medicine (which is what Steve Jobs)?

      Or was it just shitty luck?

      [True libertarian disclaimer: None of this is a call for government action. Death happens. But I’m morbidly curious. ]

      1. Did he chew a shit-ton of tobacco?

        What does tobacco have to do with cancer?

        1. Well, there’s this.



          1. The stats from are from their own published works. And the citations from that are almost exclusively from government studies.

            Call me crazy, but I don’t take their word for it. Cancer is mostly hereditary, IMO. A bunch of studies that start with their results and work backward to their preconceived notions of the causes isn’t going to convince me.

            1. What would convince you?

              1. When non-smokers stop getting lung cancer in percentages closely aligned with smokers. Or when the rate of smokers getting lung cancer exceeds a standard deviation of the rate of nonsmokers.

                I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened.

                1. “When non-smokers stop getting lung cancer in percentages closely aligned with smokers.”

                  Soooo….fifty years ago?

                  1. For men, the lifetime risk of developing lung cancer is 17.2% for smokers, 1.3% for non-smokers.

                    For women, the lifetime risk of developing lung cancer is 11.6% for smokers, 1.4% for non-smokers.

                    Another study for you to dismiss

                    It’s probably just a coincidence, or maybe a conspiracy like the faked moon landings, though.

                    1. Your link failed, so I will dismiss it. (I keed!)

                      But your stats ignore the fact that a huge% of the nonsmoking population are below the smoking age, therefore should be dismissed. What are the %ages for nonsmoking 60 y/o people vs smokers of the same age? What is the average age someone is diagnosed with lung cancer? What are the %ages at that age?

                      I’m not dismissing it as a contributing factor, but to say smoking causes cancer is absurd. If it did, we would have pinpointed how by now.

                    2. The damned squirrels stripped the href part out of my anchor tag. I think they may have become self-aware.

                      Maybe this time

                      (The link worked in preview, anyway.)

                      The stats are lifetime risk.

                      I think it would be absurd to say smoking always causes cancer and it would be absurd to say that smoking/tobacco doesn’t increase the chance that cancer will appear. So that’s what tobacco has to do with cancer.

                    3. I have no doubt that it may be a contributing factor, but I’m pretty sure the cause of cancer is genetic.

                      And I wonder why the NIH would link to a Canadian study as opposed to one they did here. Are the results different? Where is their methodology? Again, I’ll direct you back to my “at age 60” request, since that’s approximately when cancer is usually diagnosed.

                    4. Well, yeah, it’s genetic. “Genetic” doesn’t mean “inborn.” The most dangerous cancer-causing chemicals, are those with mutagenic properties – which includes the polyaromatic hydrocarbons in tobacco. Such chemicals change the genes of a cell, and a randomly altered genome is likely to lead to cancer.

                      Non-mutagenic carcinogens usually do their damage by promoting rapid cell growth, or by damaging the mechanism by which cells copy their genes when they grow and divide. Either way, that makes it more likely that you’ll end up with a mutated, cancerous cell after mitosis.

                      In short, saying that smoking can’t cause cancer because genetics are the root of cancer is like saying Julius Rosenberg died of severe burns, and the act that he was sitting in an electric chair at the time was just a “contributing factor.”

                      Also, look up “lifetime risk,” please.

      2. To get off the derail, the only person I know who has had cancer of the salivary system (although his tumors were in the duct, rather than the gland itself) never touched tobacco. I know for my friend’s type it’s almost impossible to say whether tobacco can be a factor because there are so few cases that the sample size just isn’t there.

  3. Hip hop is dead art form that hasn’t done anything but recycle the same shit for 10+ years and the Beastie Boys, while very talented and having their moments, were wildly overrated. There I said it.

    1. John – seriously – that is some Urine/Choney-grade stupid from you.

      BB’s “overrated”?! Wash your mouth out with soap, young man!!

      1. I’ve got Hello Nasty cued up for the ride home.

      2. Massively overrated. License to Ill is a novelty record. Paul’s Bourique, Check Your Head, and Ill Communication are all three really good. And that is it. They were a good band that did three really good records.

        I didn’t say they were bad. I said they were wildly overrated by their hipster fans.

        1. List off some stuff that you like so we can dismiss it out of hand for the irrelevant bullshit that it is.

          1. Iron Fucking Maiden.

        2. John, I don’t even KNOW you any more.

          But you’ve demonstrated I need to ignore your opinions on music, so thanks for that!

          1. LOL. I didn’t know you were such a fanatic. I didn’t say they were bad. And I will acknowledge the value of their peak stuff. I don’t see it. They were not bad. They were fun and had a good sense of humor. Unlike many hip hop artists, they were actual musicians.

            So given all of that, they probably were the greatest hip hop band of all time. I guess where you and I differ is just how back handed of a compliment that is.

            1. probably were the greatest hip hop band of all time

              Blackalicious. EOM.

              1. oh shut up, hippy

                Blackalicious aren’t fit to scratch Rakim’s balls.

                1. Rakim’s not fit to tongue-bathe Biggie Smalls’ anus.

                  1. Biggie Smalls ain’t fit to fellate Ice Cube.

                    1. uh…. Ice Cube isn’t fit to…. uh… put ice cubes in his mouth and give Big Daddy Kane a hummer…?

                      I give up. Marley Marl, help me!

                    2. …oh, btw…..

                      East Coast, bitches!!!
                      (sound of gunfire)

      3. Sorry, “Intergalactic” was horrible. They mostly stopped making interesting music in the early 90s.

    2. John’s right. The Beastie Boys are overrated.

      Most of rap’s forerunners are overrated. Try really listening to some Run D.M.C. sometime. It’s like driving a Model T – there’s an experience there, and you can say you did it, but it doesn’t compare to a 2012 Chevy Tahoe.

        1. Ah, that is the perfect illustration of my point.

    3. I was about to argue with hiphop not doing anything interesting for 10 years, but then I remembered that I haven’t really listened to much new in that area for about 10 years, so maybe you are right. I think that there are still a few people dong some interesting stuff, but the more mainstream stuff does seem really dull.

      1. Massively dull. I don’t think there has been an interesting Hip Hop record since Hey Ya, which for what it was, was a great crafted pop record.

        1. Maybe not interesting and popular, but that’s largely true of all popular music. Interesting happens on the fringes and dulls at the center where the most people find the least amount objectionable to the music.

          I can’t pretend to be up on the underground rap/hip-hop scene. But Shabazz Palaces’s album last year definitely fell in the interesting bucket.

          1. Underground rap/hip-hop fan here, but also haven’t stayed up on what’s new in years. I first heard Shabazz Palace on KEXP a few months ago, and definitely piqued my interest. Have been meaning to pick up the album.

      2. I don’t know about anyone else, but the only times I hear anyone play anything like rap or hip-hop, my only reaction is the urge to stab someone in the face, vigorously.

    4. I love it when you opine on music John. Your taste is so vanilla white it is blinding. Your dismissal of various genres of metal and hip-hop are comical. Lemme guess, you were a huge fan of Riverdance weren’t you?

      1. My tastes are what they are. And frankly I think most of the music done in the last 20 years sucks. The older I get the more I like music from the first 3/4s of the 20th century. Sorry, but the Beastie Boys are not Duke Ellington or any of the jazz greats. They are not Muddy Waters. They are not even Texas swing. There is nothing vanilla about my tastes. They are just decidedly unfashionable.

        But that is okay, fifty years from now few will be listening to the Beastie Boys. But they will still be listening to Muddy Waters and Charlie Parker or Louis Armstrong.

        1. but the Beastie Boys are not Duke Ellington or any of the jazz greats

          They are for their genre.

          fifty years from now few will be listening to the Beastie Boys

          If people are listening to hip-hop in fifty years from now, people will be listening to the Beasties.

          1. But they are not as good Sarcasmic. Winning the special Olympics doesn’t make you the same as the guys who win the real Olympics no matter how nice of a medal they give you.

            1. They started off as a punk band. Of course they’re not virtuosos.
              That’s not the point.

          2. I really doubt that. This is a niche thing with you guys. I am in the right generation for BB fanatics and most people I know can name “Fight for your Right”, and that’s about it. And that’s pretty much all you hear on the radio anymore, too.

            1. It was the only thing they ever did that was catchy.

              1. John, FYI you look like an ass when you speak with authority about something you know nothing about.

                1. John, FYI you look like an ass when you speak with authority about something you know nothing about.

                  Oh my god that has to be the most unselfaware statement I have seen in a while. Might I refer you to Matthew 7:3-5?

                  1. Might I refer you to Matthew 7:3-5?

                    No thanks. I gave that stuff up a long time ago.

                    1. Fine, the more secular “Pot & Kettle” will suffice.

                    2. I’m just saying that if you admit to only knowing one of their songs, you can’t really make statements about the rest of their work.

              2. No sleep til Brooklyn? Brass Monkey?

              3. You’re so stupid it’s a wonder you know how to breathe.

                “Brass Monkey” is retardedly catchy.
                “Hey Ladies”
                “Shake your Rump”

                John, you should shut the fuck up before you embarrass yourself to death.

            2. Funny because they haven’t performed Fight for your Right in 25 years or so because they wrote it mocking the very same people who love it so.

              1. And it is going to be the one song they are remembered for.

                1. And it is going to be the one song they are remembered for.


                2. No it’s not, you ignorant ‘tard.

                  -Pass the mic
                  -Hey Ladies
                  -No Sleep ’til Brooklyn

                  1. Don’t forget Flute Loop.

          3. If people are listening to hip-hop in fifty years from now, people will be listening to the Beasties.

            Also, would anyone care to tell me how two alleged different musical genres, rap and hip-hop, are in fact different? Because I grew up around it and I couldn’t tell the difference.

            1. I think the main difference is that Rap is a distinct lyrical styling whereas hip-hop is a musical style that incorporates rap lyricism. See: the abomination that is Rap-Rock.

              1. I admit I still don’t really see those as two distinct musical art forms.

                Regardless, very few people will be listening to what is regarded as “hip hop” (DMC, BB, Grandmaster Flash, etc.) in 50 years. They still will be listening, however, to Snoop, Dre, Eminem, Biggie, Tupac, et. al. I consider that a success for rap’s forerunners in the long view of history, even if it means the originals will largely (and rightly, IMO) be forgotten.

                1. You might be right. It’s not as if current fans of hip-hop have this in their regular rotation of songs on their iPods, but it exists. And maybe in another few decades it will be as important or not as old tracks from Robert Johnson.
                  Hell maybe when I’m dead & gone Slayer will be recognized as the greatest contribution to music ever. We won’t know until we get there.

                  1. “Rapper’s Delight” is another excellent example. And the comparison to Robert Johnson is spot on.

                  2. Sorry Nips, I watched a documentary the other day that stated without a doubt that Wyld Stallyns will be the most important band ever.

                    1. geocities? Is that you?

            2. God, you’re a fucking retard.

              Rap = musical style. (Rhyming over a beat)
              Hip-hop = a youth culture (DJing + Graffiti + break-dancing + rapping)

        2. John, most of the music done in any era sucks. Most of any art in any era sucks, especially popular art. In 1969, the year that several of the greatest songs in history were recorded, the #1 song on the Billboard charts was “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies. And btw, with the massive proliferation of indie music in the past 10 years thanks to the internet, if you can’t find something modern that fits your tastes, then you’ve just shut down your ability to appreciate anything new, because like brewing, distilling and engineering, modern methods and techniques are generally improvements over old crap.

          1. I’m able to tune into three different college stations. While most of it is crap, I do get to hear some new music that is pretty good here and there.

          2. modern methods and techniques are generally improvements over old crap.

            That is just completely not true. First, there is more to music than technology. A well written tune in 1789 is just as hard to do today as it was then.

            Second, the older technology produces a sound and a feel that the newer technology cannot. All of the classic jazz and blues records of the 40s and 50s produce a sound that can’t be reproduced today. The equipment doesn’t exist anymore.

            To give a modern example of someone who gets this, take Jack White. Jack White uses old and primitive equipment. And he gets a sound a lot of other people can’t get.

            Tons of classic rock songs were done on primitive and sometimes even toy equipment. (See for example, Street Fighting Man, the drums were a toy drum set from the 30s and the guitar part was made by using an acoustic guitar recorded on a cassette recorder with the level overloaded (something you can’t do anymore) and then played back through an amplifier). You couldn’t make the record and that sound today if you tried.

            Indeed, no matter how great blues and jazz are, they are both in some ways dead art forms because they have already been done about as well as they will ever be done.

            If you think old music is crap, you are just a philistine who knows nothing about music.

            1. What you describe is what a lot of the contemporary indie groups do with recording. There is the whole “lo-fi” movement. And tube electronics are highly sought after.
              I certainly appreciate the sound of older recordings as well. But there are also some pretty awesome things you can do with digital technology.
              There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose. Neither is better. If someone from the 17th century were transported to today and heard a performance of Bach, they’d probably think it sounded all wrong because of the new technology in instruments. And the people from 10000 years ago who only had their voices and hollow logs probably think that the proliferation of instrument technology has ruined music.

            2. What Zeb said. The old equipment can always be re-created. And the simple proliferation of equipment and knowledge from only being available to the richest 1% in 1789 to being available to almost everyone today means that it is very likely that better music of the same form and style will emerge. And I never said old music is crap. But MOST old music, just like most new music, is crap. The stuff that is crap generally doesn’t last as long, and unless you think that there were only about 5 composers at a time in all of Europe throughout the 17th-19th centuries, you have to admit I’m right about that. Today, there is more widely-available variety in just about any genre than there was 20 years ago, 50 years ago or 200 years ago.

              1. Listen to an original performance of “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin (playing piano with orchestra accompaniment). Extremely tinny and rinky-tinky sounding to me.

                Not just the thin sound of the recording technology, but the orchestration and performance as well. The “United Airlines” commercial version of the song is many, many times better. And that’s just a TV commercial. Older isn’t always better. Original isn’t always better.

                As a counterpoint, Will to Power hit number one on the charts with their “Freebird/Baby I Love Your Way” remake medley. That excrement was so bad that it probably invalidates every good remake in the history of ever, just on principle. In fact, it is something of a minor miracle that all of popular music didn’t implode into a black hole never to be seen again as a result of this abomination.

        3. But that is okay, fifty years from now few will be listening to the Beastie Boys. But they will still be listening to Muddy Waters and Charlie Parker or Louis Armstrong.

          People have been saying the same thing for decades about every ‘new’ genre of music that comes along. Replace Beastie Boys with Elvis or The Beatles and your statement is just as meaningless. Not all music resonates with all people.

          The very same artists that you discount as novelty discuss their influences back to people like the Duke and Muddy. It may not resemble in any way, shape, or form the original, but the foundation is there.

          I understand where you’re coming from. I fucking despise The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, but I realize that their music is important to many people’s lives and they have in turn changed the musical landscape.

          Are the Beasties over-rated? This week absofuckinglutely because of MCA’s death, but two weeks ago no one but Beastie fans cared about them as much as the media does now.

          1. Good luck in coming up with a coherent objective theory of aesthetics. The closest I have been able to come up with is that if art appeals to multiple generations of people and transcends fashion, it is “good” to the extent the word means anything.

            You may not like Led Zeppelin. But the fact is we are 40+ years on and millions of people, many of whom were not even born when the music was made, still love them. To me that means you have to admit there was something good there even if you don’t get it.

            And if 40 years from now I am still alive and millions of people still love the Beasties, I will have to admit the same.

            1. In 40 years from now old people will have body piercings, be covered in tattoos, and some of them will be listening to the Beastie Boys.

              That’s right. In 40 years from now granny’s gonna have a tramp stamp.

              1. Yes she will. And she is going to look and feel awfully stupid. But hey, she will be part of generation retard. So at least she will fit in.

                1. But hey, she will be part of generation retard.

                  Your grandparents said the same thing about you, and I’m sure their grandparents said the same thing about them.

                  1. Things have changed, though, thanks in no small part to the Long Tail. I have “Big Band Radio” on my Pandora, and I was listening to music from the ’20 and ’30s, 50-60 years after I was born. Do you think my grandparents were jamming out to 1850s hymnals? I doubt it.

                    1. It is certainly true that recorded music and, more recently, recorded everything available at your fingertips at any time, has changed the way we relate to the past quite a bit, as well as drastically changing how music is created and consumed. Which I think makes it really hard to predict what will happen with music in the future. There have only been a few generations of recorded music, so it is still a relatively new phenomenon.

        4. Is John a hipster? This thread may be his coming-out. He talks of his love of muddled drinks, going so far as to say he likes mint juleps and mojitos. Now he name drops Texas swing. What’s next? How his home-rolled cigarettes are better than the American Spirits he used to smoke?

          1. LOL. But I have always liked that stuff. Could it be I just have a dark heart?

            1. “He resides in the darkest depths of Williamsburg, awakening only when the new Charlie Parker album arrives in vinyl. He is everywhere and nowhere. He lives in the blackest parts of Austin, Texas. He is John…THE UR-HIPSTER”

              1. I feel like Luke finding out who his father really was. It is not true!! It can’t be true!!

                I don’t even own a wool hat.

                1. Do you have any thick, black glasses frames? If not, you can still turn back.

          2. I know – I’m starting to put a picture together and it ain’t purty! Maybe I should have gone to that reason thingamabob a few weeks back just to make sure he didn’t have mutton chops and a bowler hat!

            1. That would be no and no. You really know how to hurt a guy, don’t you Kristen?

          3. Srsly? I can’t like Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys or Asleep at the Wheel anymore? Hipsters, you have gone too far! When you came for the top hat and monocle I laughed, but this means war! I’m creating a virus that targets PBR, tattoo ink, and American spirits, then spreading it on every fixie I can find.

            1. I though hipsters smoked Nat Shermans. Though I’m surprised they don’t smoke Basic or something to go with the PBR (which is still my favorite cheap ass watery beer despite the hipster taint).

        5. John = despite sometimes being needlessly contrarian (like, what… oh, shitting on Hitchen’s grave? You do have a thing about showing up at funerals like the Westboro Baptist Church and telling everyone the dead person sucked anyway)… you are pretty much 100% right in this case. The beasties were a decent band. The albums you name were their best. But they weren’t some fucking world-changing/groundbreaking/life-changing innovators.

          but the Beastie Boys are not Duke Ellington or any of the jazz greats

          They are for their genre.

          No they’re not, and you’re a fucking moron for even suggesting it. The beasties invented an ideosyncratic version of white-person hiphop which enabled millions of young people to eventually buy a few more enormously-mainstreamed rap records, like cypress hill, dr dre, snoop, de la soul, etc… and then consider themselves, ‘hiphop afficianados’. Its pathetic.

          Its worthwhile noting that the White Rap Fan is particularly vocal in his support of True Hiphop, and repeatedly goes out of his way to emphasize his awareness of and allegience to the ‘Old School’… all the while completely ignoring the fact that 99% of actual Rap music fans (aka Black People) don’t give a flying fuck about Old School White Guy, or the fucking ‘classics’, because they are far too busy getting fucked up sippin sizzurp while listening to a DJ Screw mixtape.

      2. I love it when you opine on music John. Your taste is so vanilla white it is blinding.

        Are you serious? The Beastie Boys may have had some rap cred, but they were as vanilla as you get. How many people outside of white, preppy college students or SWPL hipsters trying to look “street” actually listened to them?

          1. Souix-White Professor’s Like. It’s about Elizabeth Warren’s tastes or something, I think.

          2. Stuff White People Like

    5. We get it, John. These damn kids, off your lawn, government out of your medicare, all that. Be older, John.

      1. Brandon,

        The Beastie Boys are as older today than the Beatles were the day the Beasties came out with License to Ill.

        You guys are all really old. You just don’t realize it.

        1. I’m not a Beastie Boys fan, they were already old by the time I was in High School. I just think it’s funny when people dismiss anything past a certain cutoff date just because it’s “Too new.”

    6. I like everything they did up to and including Ill Communication. Their original music was fun and funky and their samples were well done (if we’re going to live in a world of samples, that is). But I really like their not-so-serious approach to lyrics and anyone who raps about Dick Hyman, The Meters, and Busy Bee in one song gets a thumbs up from me.

      But what I can really appreciate about the Beasties is how much other great music I was turned on to by finding out who they sampled or who they were rapping about. Had I dismissed their music as a novelty I would have never discovered the great sounds of Richard “Groove” Holmes or Jimmy Smith’s Root Down or Les McCann and Eddie Harris. So, for that, I will always feel somewhat grateful not only for their music but for adding many other artists to my music library.


    *slowly rises and begins slow, rhythmic clapping*

    I do luvs me some Beastie Boys. And I seriously do not give a FUCK that Our President said nothing about it. Wouldn’t have known except for this. Don’t care, but that which is seen, etc.

    Joseph Curl – if that’s your REAL name – shut the fuck up.

    1. I for one am glad Obama said nothing about it, and would have been thrilled if he had said nothing about the other dead people too.

      Here in New York we were subjected to the repulsive Chuck Schumer and His Moobs talking about Mariano Rivera.

  5. If Obama had a son, he wouldn’t look like Adam Yauch, so who cares.

    1. He might if Obama had married a pale Jewish girl.

  6. Three MCs and one DJ and thousands of people trying to push their agenda

  7. Funny the “coolest president ever…”

    What more needs to be said?

  8. And when accused pedophile and drug addict Michael Jackson died in 2009, the White House weighed in with the president’s thoughts.

    Pedophiles and drug addicts are very important voting blocs for this administration. Hipsters either don’t vote or are already voting for Obama.

    1. You have to go for the swing vote.

  9. Well, not to sound thirty-years younger than my actual age, but…he started it!

    Obama has being playing to his audience by touting his hip cool roots for years so when he shows what a hypocrite his is, I have no problem when someone calls him on it. Sure Curl sounds like a douche here but Obama’s been so for years, while trashing the country. I’d rather have Obama step away from the politics.

    1. But Obama is not cool. I bet he has no idea who this guy is.

      1. I bet this is right. Beasties aren’t on the approved list.

      2. His coolness level is directly proportional to what his advisors feed to him. Uncool interns can really damage a man’s cred.

    2. It makes someone a hypocrite not to specifically comment on the death of every musical figure out there? I like the BBs, but let’s get real – Houston and Jackson sold an order of magnitude more albums over their careers, were significantly more popular with mainstream America (regardless of race), and were primarily solo artists (who usually get more media attention than members of music groups). Call me back when Obama comments on the death of a Wu-Tang Clan member or similarly situated black artist.

      1. I am still angry that the flags were not at half staff when Old Dirty Bastard passed away.

        And for the record, I would rather listen to Wu-Tang than the Beasties any day. The Beasties may have been better musicians and been more creative. But Wu Tang sounded better at least to me.

        1. +1,000 John-points for the Wu-Tang love. Please tell us you like Enter the 36 Chambers.

        2. Rappinin is what’s happening
          Keep the pockets stacked and then
          hands clapping and
          At the party when I move my body
          Gotta get up, and be somebody!

          I love Dirt McGurk. The world needs more rappers with that style half-singing about gonorrhea. Fuck the glam rap bullshit of the past decade.

        3. John|5.7.12 @ 12:00PM|#
          I am still angry that the flags were not at half staff when Old Dirty Bastard passed away…


          I think a lot of crackheads held their hands over the hearts, shed a tear, and then went back to smoking crack, mumbling, ‘..motherfucker owed me money, too…’

      2. True. And I’m not in any way saying that Curl’s article isn’t filled with stupid. But Obama want’s it both ways. He wants to be the hip cool guy who can comment on any pop cultural topic while being a serious world leader who is above the masses. Instead he comes off being a douchy hypocrite.

  10. I’m not sure what’s the sicker impulse here, to seek artistic validation from the White House, to politicize each and every last good goddamned thing about life, or to make this somehow all about race.

    He also tosses a few bombs about drug use in there, notice.

  11. This is the problem when you’re president and act on the impulse to open your yap on every little damn thing. People than feel (or act) slighted when you skip their thing.

    1. Or people feel emboldened to decide they now have a thing that was slighted in order to score points for their team.

      1. I left you an opening to make yourself superior to me by pointing out the than/then typo but you foolishly did not take it. I now see you as weak.

  12. DUH! Also, caption:

    “Pound for pound keep the bass lines round”

  13. When Jesse and Al are involved then it’s a no brainer that the Democrat Prez has to tip his hat. That’s what pandering is all about.

  14. And Matt, thanks for posting that Oprah clip. It reminds me so much why I hate Tipper Gore.

    1. Never forget!

  15. Clearly, the WT Curl article is the worst thing ever written in a newspaper. And I’m including Die St?rmer.

    1. And I’m including Die St?rmer.

      I am totally stealing that.

  16. “They invite the audience to bare their breasts!”


    1. You know, I’ve been at shows where teh womenz take off their tops. Its the only time I feared being trampled. I’m left center towards the front, girls get up on the right side of the stage and take their tops off, the whole crowd moved right and I thought I was going down. So yeah, its probably the most dangerous thing they can do.

  17. Somebody ought to point out that Welch, while willing to talk about MCA’s (pbuh) death is a major event, dismisses the death of another icon by not even mentioning his passing.

    Really, Matt?

    1. Bob Stewart, who created To Tell The Truth, Password, and Pyramid (among others), died last week, and nobody mentioned him.

  18. The thing about Licensed To Ill was that it lacked any musical depth. The bass lines were weak and their sampling stunted. It’s a shame that many people identify that as their sound. When they started recording Paul’s Boutique and had access to better equipment, much better production quality and the financial security to take risks, they mastered their craft.
    IMO, Paul’s Boutique is a fantastic album. Their samples flowed seamlessly, their lyrics were crisp and enjoyable, their beats were solid and made the music flow.

    1. Paul’s Boutique is a fantastic album. You’re spot on.

    2. I’m the only person in my friend group who didn’t really care for them.

      I seriously dislike rap so much, that I don’t even like white-people approved rap.

      1. Racist!

  19. I seriously dislike rap so much, that I don’t even like white-people approved rap.

    Two different genres, btw.

    You should really listen to some Geto Boys.

    You might come to love it out of simple, sheer incredulity. It has an acquired taste, much like really crappy hong-kong 60s kung fu films.

    1. I suppose I do like “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Ganster”, but that’s about it. And I only like it somewhat, to the extent that I won’t turn off the radio if it comes on. And that is the rap song that I like the most.

      I guess I also liked “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs.

      I just had an admittedly very narrow taste in music, and rap isn’t a part of it.

  20. I’ve never been a BB fan but if they made Tipper and Oprah panic then they couldn’t have been all bad.

  21. Be ye ten, be ye forty —

    Your Getting Old

    1. ‘You’re’ getting old, and you’re brain is shot, Killaz.
      Don’t know how teetotalers cope.

  22. And there’s nothing about MCA’s terrificness that requires trash-talking the seriously talented and accomplished Jay-Z and Kanye West.

    Sorry, that was just screaming for corrective intervention.

    1. Thank you for that. I was about to post that the inclusion of Kanye West as “seriously talented” invalidates the rest of the article.

  23. It’s always been strange to me that in “hip” circles, if you’re a guy who enjoys having a penis oscillating in your rectum that’s not only tolerated but celebrated… but if you like, say, Boyz II Men you’re just begging to be mocked mercilessly.

    Stupid prejudice will always be with us, the topics will just change.

    1. People, quit picking on Tulpa about his shitty taste in music, or there WILL be an anti-bullying seminar tomorrow morning, first period.

    2. It’s always been strange to me that in “hip” circles, if you’re a guy who enjoys having a penis oscillating in your rectum that’s not only tolerated but celebrated… but if you like, say, Boyz II Men you’re just begging to be mocked mercilessly.

      The fuck?!?

      Or was that an inside joke that I’m not privy to?

      1. I think he was defending B2M. And if so, we should mock him mercilessly.

        1. Bass-to-mouth?

        2. Bass to mouth?

    3. if you’re a guy who enjoys having a penis oscillating in your rectum that’s not only tolerated but celebrated… but if you like, say, Boyz II Men you’re just begging to be mocked mercilessly.

      Wait…. isnt that the same thing, and they just cancel each other out?

      jes keeding. I like B2M…? Never knew that was high on unhip-scale. I mean, *Backstreet Boys*… OK, that justifies mercy-killing, but street harmony singers from philly are always acceptable IMHO. Its like a rule or something.

  24. Wait–Micheal Jackson was black? As for Whitney Houston, “Critics Called Her ‘Too White'”.

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