TSA Successfully Detects 2 Out of 3 Claymore Mines in Luggage


The New York Post reports on some excellent work by the nation's Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees—with an assist from defense department employees!

A Defense Department employee was stopped at Newark Airport yesterday after inspectors found inert land mines in her luggage.

Roxan Hatcher, 32, of Union Township, was headed for an early-morning flight to San Francisco with two unarmed Claymore mines she planned to use in a Special Forces training exercise, law-enforcement sources said.

Hatcher, a mechanical engineer at the Army's Picatinny Arsenal in Morris County, told cops that a co-worker headed for the same destination had an inert mine in her checked baggage that TSA inspectors did not detect.

Via alert reader Bob Woolley.

Reason.tv on the TSA: