Reason Writers on Fox Biz: Matt Welch Talks Apple's Taxes on Varney & Co.


Yesterday I went on Varney & Co. to discuss the Apple-shaming campaign:

More reading from yesterday: "This Just in: Successful Company Chooses to Legally Maximize Profit Rather Than Reward High-Tax Jurisdictions."


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  1. Did you mention the book? It’s not going to mention itself, you know.

    1. Winner.

  2. Welch looks like he needs to get back to working on the Apollo moonshot program.

    1. I don’t think any of them would have dared to wear a pink, purple, and yellow tie.

      1. And the other poindexters no doubt would have thrown their slide rules at him in protest.

  3. Those two keep up a polite veneer, but you know that the whole “Tell Me Why” issue is still a sore spot.

  4. So let me get this straight. The Concern Media is concerned because one of California’s largest private employers is not paying more in taxes to another state? WTH? Don’t lower taxes in AZ mean Apple has more money available to spend on salaries in CA?

    1. Don’t lower taxes in AZ mean Apple has more money available to spend on salaries in CA?

      you clearly need to go to a statism re-education camp. That money is not Apple’s to spend on salaries; to the folks in Sacramento, the money is not Apple’s at all. It belongs to the govt and only through Big State’s benevolence is Apple allowed to keep some of what it earns.

      1. Of course. What was I thinking?

  5. Apple Shrugs, and no one at the New York Times can figure out why. Didn’t we read this book already?

  6. I subjected myself to approximately 42 seconds of the Ed Schultz show last night, and it just had to be about this topic… the way he and his ilk put it, Apple might as well be raping retarded third-graders and pushing nuns into gas chambers.

    1. was Ed equally bothered by GE’s tax avoidance?

      1. Never heard his take on it, as I can only stomach about five minutes of Ed a month… but he’s a socialist, so I reckon deep down he hates GE as well.

        Damn sure Lawrence O’Donnell hates them both even more, given his even-stronger-than-Ed socialist streak.

      2. GE is a “green” company, and friends with the Obama White House.
        Those same standards do not apply.

        Liberals judge people, not principles.

        1. Liberals also barely tolerate the private sector; if it weren’t for the tax revenue, they’d nationalize every business, and we’d all be forced to join unions.

  7. “We’re just shocked – shocked! – that Apple would use legal means to avoid opening their purse to us! Why, the greedy bastards!”

    1. Were you watching MSNBC, Old Mex? That could have come from any of their staff.

    2. I’d say Apple found out what was in the various tax codes after they were passed. Shame those who wrote them didn’t do so before they were passed.

  8. So Matt, I hear you’re a libertarian.

  9. Sounds like a rock solid plan to me dude.

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