Alleged Anarchists Arrested in Alleged Terror Plot


CNN reports:

Artist's rendition.

A mohawk-wearing anarchist nicknamed "Cyco" was among five men arrested after allegedly conspiring to blow up a bridge about 15 miles south of Cleveland, the FBI said Tuesday.

Douglas L. Wright, 26, joined alleged co-conspirators Brandon L. Baxter, 20, a.k.a. "Skabby," and Anthony Hayne, 35, a.k.a. "Tony" and "Billy," in a plot that authorities say honed in on the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge, which spans the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and carries a four-lane highway.

The men were arrested Monday evening in an FBI sting, but posed no real danger to the public because the explosives were inert and were controlled by an undercover FBI agent, the bureau said in a statement….

"Clearly this was a sting operation," said Fran Townsend, a CNN National Security contributor, describing the use of at least one covert agent in the operation.

The story just broke, so we still don't know a lot of important information, such as whether the activists showed any inclinations toward violence before the FBI entered the picture and whether they would have had the capacity to do much damage without outside assistance. If past is prologue, the answer to the second question, at least, will be no.

But I guess we do know this much: The set of groups that the FBI considers a plausible terror threat currently includes "anarchists." You haven't made it as a revolutionary force unless you get your own stings.


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  1. A mohawk-wearing anarchist nicknamed “Cyco” was among five men arrested after allegedly conspiring to blow up a bridge about 15 miles south of Cleveland

    Wait, Warty has a beard mohawk and one of his aliases is “Psycho”. I think we might need to start a bail fund.

    1. It’s not our Warty. Our Warty wouldn’t blow up a bridge unless it was part of some scheme to satisfy one of his twisted appetites. And the FBI would be languishing in his dungeon, not the other way around.

      1. You can pay Warty to blow up a bridge, you just have to pay him in rape. As in, letting him rape you. It’s a high price to pay, but sometimes, it’s worth it.

        Master Shake: I hate to be a buzz kill, but he said that your house is on elf graves and they’re pissed off.

        Carl: All right, fine, we’ll do that.

        Meatwad: And the blood’s just gonna keep flowing, unless…

        Cybernetic Ghost: Unless Carl pays tribute to the Elfin Elders in space.

        Carl: I’ll do it. What do I do?

        Cybernetic Ghost: You must give of yourself to the Great Red Ape.

        Carl: Okay…how much?

        Cybernetic Ghost: Sexually.

        Carl: Wonderful.

    2. Should be easy to find this dude. Just use Cyco Vision.

    3. A mohawk-wearing anarchist nicknamed “Cyco”

      You’re mispronouncing it = it’s like ‘Sacco’, as in, Ferdinando Nicola Sacco? It’s been the hip nickname for Anarachists since 1927

    4. I thought they misspelled “Cyto.”

      1. Like short for “cytoplasm” ?

        Smarter than I thought . . .

  2. Hey! How come Hayne gets *two* nicknames?

    And who were the other guys?

    1. The immoral hoarding of nicknames will be outlawed in the worker’s paradise to come.

    2. Because when you’re standing next to guys named “Cyco” and “Skabby” names like “Billy” and “Tony” just don’t sound the same. He’s obviously still trying to find one that really fits him, something like “Jim”.

      1. Billony.

  3. When will people learn that when someone says “Hey, I can make explosives. Want to blow something up? Like that bridge over there?” that they’re dealing with a government agent who is trying to entrap them?

    1. Never. The FBI has a found a permanent goldmine of shocking cases to pump up and exploit for political advantage.

    2. Many, many years ago, I was sitting with some friends on the tailgate of a truck outside a bar, waiting on some other friends. Some dude walks up to us that we had never seen before and asked us if we had any weed. Even then, as a callow youth, I knew that someone you’ve never seen before asking you about crimes is not a new friend. He’s a cop.

      Apparently the youth of today missed this important lesson growing up. What with all the increased police activity at schools, I’m kind of surprised.

      1. We are talking about a crowd here that is led by a guy named Cyco and his bud Skabby. C’mon.

    3. Thank you.

    4. The FBI is doing their part to stave off idiocracy.

  4. The funniest part of this is that the bridge is in rich-ass suburb country.

    Also, like I said in the morning links, when a guy tells you he’s totally not in the FBI, and asks if you want to go commit some crimes with these explosives he’s giving you, just say no.

    1. “Hi! I’m Terry, of the Libertarian Militia! Who here has the guts to foment revolution against the state?

      1. “Hey guys, what’s goin’ on? Wanna go blow up a bridge? There’ll be punch and pie!”

        1. “You don’t even have to do anything! I’ll make the explosives, plan everything out, plant the explosives and even set them off! All you have to do is be part of the conspiracy! What do you say? You in?”

          1. “Look, I realize you’re hesitant to be involved in something like this. What if I assure you nothing could possibly go wrong? Trust me, I have an in with the cops.”

          2. And if you can’t come up with the whole 900 bucks, I’ll take 450 now and 450 later.

        2. important question: what kind of pie?

          1. Hair pie?

            1. “That’s my pie!”

      2. “Hi! I’m TELLMOFF! I think you guys suck because you show no will to fight for your principles. Whil will prove me wrong? Who will stand with me against the jack-booted thugs of the statist oppressor?

        1. Who was the guy who was always trying to get us to murder cops a couple of years ago?

          1. Mary Stack, of Fort Worth Texas, IIRC. Or at least one of her sock-puppets.

            1. I think it was pre-Mary. It’s literally all he did, come on a cop-abusing-the-little-people thread and try to get us to advocate murdering cops.

          2. Wait a second. Are you saying that Radly Balko is really a FBI plant trying to get us to kill cops? Diabolical. That whole setup was probably going to work one of these days.

        2. Good work tarran. You have devised a libertarian strategy for not fighting for your principles. I won’t be seeing you in the trenches. You will be studying the fight for freedom.You will be pointing out how dumb brave people are- Vietnam deja vu.

      3. Whoo-Hoo!

        Not me!!

    2. If someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES!

      1. +1 Ghostbusters!

      2. Just don’t die afterward, and force your men to dump your body in the Mississippi River at night, like De Soto.

  5. I’m waiting for a spokesperson for one of these things to admit “The public was at some times in probable danger.”

    1. Yeah, it is kind of strange that they constantly reassure us that the danger they’re protecting us from is nonexistent.

    2. I am waiting for an Anarchist who wants less government.

      1. *waves*

        I want less government. In fact, as an anarchist, I want no government. It’s kind of in the job description.

        1. Then can you get the word out to those anarchists who want more welfare?

  6. Prediction: These are more of the big-government anarchists we’ve come to know and love.

    1. Yeah, exactly. Just because you call yourself an anarchist doesn’t make you one. When your carrying water for the Communist Party, you are not an anarchist.

      1. Some left-anarchists are legit, others are merely statists/welfarists that want to cause havoc, launch class warfare and collect welfare checks doing so. It comes from the notion that anarchy = chaos/lawlessness and not the notion that anarchy = no government/self-government.

        1. My anarchist-friendly pals were amazed when I told them that capital-A Anarchists were responsible for some of history’s most notorious assassinations of world leaders.

        2. Some left-anarchists are legit

          However they are invisible, as undetectable as dark matter. They exist only in the classroom.

          1. No, I know quite a few left-anarchists who, while they might go to protests, legitimately don’t like government, generally live in communes, grow their own food, join coops and leave everyone else alone. Real left-libertarians should be our closest allies – we may have different views on private property and consumerism, but our end state is more or less the same, just with different people organizing themselves differently.

            1. our end state is more or less the same, just with different people organizing themselves differently.

              Seriously? I don’t spend/waste much time on lefty-libertarians, but my impression is that they are much more lefty (as in, what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine) than libertarian.

              1. Co-op party! Ah man, someone stole my computer, sure wish I had a door.

  7. that bridge, is above the hamlet of boston in the cuyahoga national park.

    1. If you consider 4-5 miles north “above”, then you’re right.

      In actuality, it’s over nothing but the park and the river. Blowing up a bridge over 82 isn’t quite as ambitious as many other options nearby that would have had a lot more impact.

      1. yea guess im thinkin of the 480 bridges

  8. …Anthony Hayne, 35, a.k.a. “Tony”…


  9. …we still don’t know a lot of important information, such as whether the activists showed any inclinations toward violence before the FBI entered the picture and whether they would have had the capacity to do much damage without outside assistance.

    Anyone else starting to think this is a very roundabout way of making thoughtcrime illegal? They find people with bad ideas, then push as hard as possible to make them do something about, then arrest them for finally doing something, even though the entire thing is a sham and carefully controlled.

    1. Sadly, if skabby and cyco ever do get out of jail they will probably be full blown murderous terrorists bent on revenge.

      1. AHHHHH Blowback. “Satisfying” in all of its various permutations.

    2. Having a bad idea is one thing, getting a bunch of explosives and wrapping them around bridge supports is another.

  10. Also, if some guy offers to sell me explosives, I’m gonna request a demo before sale. Screw this ‘inert’ nonsense.

    1. What’s this about selling? In the story before this one the agent had to promise a quarter of a million dollars to get the guy to promise to participate. I’m sure that didn’t factor into his decision making process. Nope. It was all about teh terrorism.

    2. What’s to stop him from demo-ing the real thing and then giving you the inert stuff. Unless you do an “inconceivable” Princess Bride switch.

      1. Good point. But at least you’d be able to see a cool explosion before going to prison.

  11. A mohawk-wearing anarchist nicknamed “Cyco”

    How quaint. It reminds me of my youth in 1982. Was he wearing a painted leather jacked with “The Clash” emblazoned upon it?

  12. Let’s go do some crimes!

    1. Yeah. Let’s go get sushi and not pay.

  13. A huge segment of the WTO groupie protester/smashers are anarchists. I would totally see some of them wanting to blow shit up.

    Of course, that doesn’t justify leading them into temptation.

  14. Anarchists always confuse me. Do they really want no government (anarchy)? Or are they really communists who want lots and lots of government? Sometimes I think they don’t know either.

    1. The left-anarchists want the fantasy of no government and everyone sharing and getting along spontaneously.

      Do recall that in the Marxist dialectic, the state gradually withers away after the workers take control of the means of production, because it’s no longer necessary.

      1. everyone sharing and getting along spontaneously

        Nobody has to produce anything because that’s what everyone else does.

        1. And you get student loans just for going to college, not because you have to repay them someday.

    2. Drake|5.1.12 @ 1:35PM|#
      Anarchists always confuse me. really want no government (anarchy)? Or are they really communists who want lots and lots of government? Sometimes I think they don’t know either.

      Look… if you listen to these OWS types, or even others who call themselves ‘anarchists’, and read their pamphlets or whatnot… the language is that of the most *overbearing bureaucracies*. ‘Committees’, ‘Agendas’, ‘Process Comments’… they’re super vague about drawing any real distinctions… they love ‘celebrating diversity’, and ‘engaging in a process’…

      Basically, they’re all statist fucktards. They *don’t* really know how the same they are…they just claim to profess different ideas, but ultimately want the same thing = free shit, not having to work.

    3. I like the phrase “big-government anarchists” as coined (to the best of my knowledge) by Brutus above. Throwing insults around like poop is a always more enjoyable and succinct than having definitional arguments (about who the “real” anarchists are).

      1. It is a good phrase, though I think my coinages, Tedium Tatters, pro-regressives, and leftovers are better. Perhaps analarchists, given the OWS predilection for public defecation.

        1. I like to use “StinkRegress” too

    4. Well there are anarchists and “anarchists”. The latter (by my definition) seems mostly interested in breaking stuff and not working.

      1. It all depends on how you define “anarchist.” In an ideal world for many left-anarchists, they have no authorities and no laws. Their ideal government is the welfare office as merely a redistribution center to funnel the assets of the wealthy to the poor (since there’s enough to go around), and if the welfare office doesn’t equally redistribute, they are free to steal whatever they can get away with. The government exists solely to force the wealthy to pay for the health care and welfare of the poor, but otherwise is not oppressive or authoritarian towards workers and the poor. Until such a system arises, they are free to wreak havoc and chaos to try to dismantle the authority of the police, the military, politicians, etc. Of course, they usually end up smashing Starbucks windows and thrown in jail covered in pepper spray.

        1. They see government as the protector of their property rights, while being the protector of their right to the property of others.

          “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.”

          1. Their argument is that people are in need, and there are limited resources on the planet. If the money supply were fixed, this would be even moreso, since it becomes a zero sum game. The rich use their buying power to hoard property at the expense of others trying to accumulate the basic materials to live. If the wealth is redistributed, the poor can have an abundance compared to what they have now, and the wealthy will still have plenty to live happily on. They argue that redistribution is not a violation of anyone’s rights, but a liberation if the basic needs of all are always filled.

            I don’t agree with it, since I understand basic economics. We wouldn’t have an abundance to distribute without property rights, and the basic needs won’t be filled without production incentive – either profit (capitalism) or fear of death/imprisonment (communism).

            1. I don’t agree with it, since I understand basic economics.

              I often wonder if the lack of economics in the public school curriculum is deliberate.

            2. But in reality the politically connected, including especially international banks, use fiat currency to buy assets before they have inflated prices throughout the economy, so that people connected to the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department are always transferring wealth to themselves

        2. funnel the assets of the wealthy to the poor (since there’s enough to go around),

          …and of course, The Rich… they’ll just go along with it!

          …or, no = the anarchists *seize* the wealth!

          … but then, when the rich, & everyone else who invests, decides they don’t *like this expropriation*… won’t they go elsewhere? Canada? Libertopia? Capitalistia?

          there wouldnt “be enough to go around” for very long, would there?

          Considering recent the Argentina example of ‘siezing’ YPF from Spain & private investors?…for the company to be productive in the future? They’re going to need $250bn or so in foreign investment to get at their reserves. Who the fuck do they think is going to give them nickel-one NOW? They just ‘expropriated’ a $10-15bn company, and in doing so… turned it into maybe a $1bn pile of yard-sale assets.

          I find it unbelievable that leftist ‘activists’ continue to cite the ‘European’ model as super-successful…”every other developed nation has state-run blah blah….and it WORKS!!”

          That they can say this while these countries are simultaneously going bankrupt, is one of those moments when you can’t tell if someone is being cynically disingenuous, or genuinely ignorant.

          1. You know, I think I’d happily contribute to a fund for those people to gather up all their shit and move to Europe. In the long run, it’ll be far cheaper.

            1. Ha, we can call it the “Slavers, Fuck Off” fund.

              1. Then you can run it behind the “send the Jews home” commercials that ran during late night Glenn Beck.

        3. So, the lefty anarchists don’t see any inconsistency between this:

          they have no authorities and no laws.

          and this?

          Their ideal government is the welfare office as merely a redistribution center to funnel the assets of the wealthy to the poor

          1. RC, they are anarchists, they just don’t know the meaning of the word.

            How stupid can you be to believe that there could be welfare offices without laws? Oh, answered my own question.

            1. An-caps think there would be drug development research without patent laws. Glass houses….

  15. At first, officials said, the men had considered using smoke grenades to distract local law enforcement in an effort to “topple financial institution signs atop high rise buildings.”

    That’ll show the capitalisms!

    sigh. Man, it almost makes you *yearn* for an actual-Bolshevik insurrection against Tszarist oppressors…. or a kooky anarcho-primitivist, unibomber campaign against encroaching Technocratic fascism…

    Instead, all we get is this sort of, “Jackass”-inspired inchohate expressions of juvenile discontent. Its like if a 2-yr old knew the words, ‘inequality’, or ‘oppression’… and just started thowing garbage and screaming them whenever you don’t buy him more ice cream. I mean, has ‘skabby’ really experienced a tremendous amount of ‘economic injustice’ in the 2 years he’s been out of high school?

    1. Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I’m being repressed!

  16. That makes a lot of sense dude. WOw.


  17. Slightly off topic – Bar Refaeli topless!

    (safe for work, unfortunately)


  18. Sounds like the Eric McDavid case. The FBI paid a 17-year-old college girl to basically seduce the guy into agreeing to blow up a dam with her. He’s now doing a 20 year prison term for being entrapped.


    1. Yeah, but was she cute?

  19. Since Chris Matthews keeps telling me all those bridges a dangerous, and he doesn’t realize that they always will be as long as governments run them, with no profit motive in keeping the customer alive, aren’t these bombers just public spirited versions of Howard Roark, protecting the community from dangerous government entrapments?

  20. Dang it, these guys are giving anarchists a bad name. At least they’re in the 99 percent protestors too….

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