Photos and a Lawsuit in the Secret Service's Hooker Scandal


secret service tried to shaft her

No secret service hooker scandal would be complete without some pictures, and the Daily News has them.

The "scandal" consists of eleven Secret Service agents outed for partying it up with up to two dozen Colombian hookers (including, apparently, this one). It's not a crime in the hotel where the Secret Service agents were preparing for the President's arrival, but it is a crime against the sensibilities of the more Puritan portions of the American population.

Three agents have left the Secret Service, and one is already planning to sue. None of the eleven agents or the dozen military officials also involved have been identified, and the President's said if true the scandal angers him.

Our own Tim Cavanaugh argues there's nothing wrong with Secret Service renting hookers. The agents' actions were only uncovered because of an argument over the price: the escort pictured says she was offered $30 for $800 service. The clean up's going to cost the government a lot more than that.