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We'd Like to Take This Opportunity to Congratulate Ourselves for Our Unsubstantiated Role in Ending D.C.'s Most Notorious Traffic-Camera Speedtrap


In February, released a video that shed disturbing, sound-effect-heavy light and noise on one of Washington, D.C.'s most notorious speedtraps (see below). Local celebrity chef Geoff Tracy, whose restaurant is in the area, had been nailed so many times there, he hired a sign-spinner to warn motorists and potential customers they were likely to be hosed by Big Brother.

Some good news:

The stationary speed cam in the 1900 block of Foxhall Road NW issued tens of thousands of tickets and was made famous by celebrity chef Geoff Tracy after he launched a Twitter protest against the camera….

…the camera remained in place across from the German embassy, issuing more than 20,000 fines in just one month….As of last week, the speed camera disappeared. All that remains is a concrete pad and a few wires coming out of the ground.

Hooray—for now.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department says the camera was relocated to South Dakota Avenue NE because of construction along Foxhall Road.

The camera isn't gone for good. Police plan to install a new one along a different stretch of Foxhall Road in the near future.

More here.

Thank you, Chef Geoff, for at least a temporary reprieve from the long arm of the law (automated ticket division). Keep on spinning into the future.

Watch Chef Geoff vs. DC Traffic Cameras now: