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Elizabeth Warren Shows Us Why ObamaCare's Cost Controls Won't Work


In an op-ed for a medical device industry trade publication this week, Elizabeth Warren helpfully shows us why some of the health care overhaul's cost controls will fail.

Warren, who is running against Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown for his seat in Congress' upper chamber, writes in Mass Device to argue against the health law's tax on medical device makers. The op-ed justifies this position in terms of encouraging innovation, which Warren says "depends on a fair tax system." And a fair tax system is apparently one that includes industry wishlist items such as repealing the health law's medical device tax and making a separate temporary research and development tax credit permanent. 

Warren apparently does not feel the need to do any innovating herself: Her op-ed is a bland and entirely familiar list of med-device industry talking points presented in a forum aimed specifically at industry players. If not for the byline, the author photo, and a few pro forma lines about respecting federal regulators, it could easily have been authored by a device industry representative.

There's no mistaking what's going on here: Warren is running for Senate in a state with a large medical device industry; she wants their support and is promising something in return. This is standard operating procedure for politicians and wannabe politicians from both parties. 

But it is telling that this progressive champion of higher taxes, who delivers viral mini monologues about the greatness of giving back and paying one's corporate fair share in exchange for valuable government services, can so easily transform her Senate campaign into a vehicle for obvious industry talking points. This is one of the reasons why the cost savings schemes in the 2010 health care overhaul probably won't work. Those provisions generally save money by either taxing someone's benefits (specifically the sort of expensive health plans held by many union members) or reducing someone's payments (higher payments to Medicare advantage plans). Those people, their friends, and their industries all have friendly representatives in Congress, as well as people who would like to be their representatives in Congress—people who will sing whatever tune they believe is necessary in order to win. You can't count on future members of Congress to stick to the cost control schemes dreamed up by past members of Congress, especially if those schemes are disliked by vocal, influential constituencies. 

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  1. Barfman! Calling Barfman!

  2. Elizabeth Warren may be the most hate-able liberal in the country. Win or lose, Howie Carr is going to have a great time with her.

    1. “Elizabeth Warren may be the most hate-abe liberal in the country.”

      At least among the living. Pelosi is the most hate-able undead liberal.

  3. She’s kind of a dumbass, isn’t she?

    1. Nope, there is no “kind of” about it. She is the type of complete retard that the majority of Mass voters love.

    2. Uh, she’s a politician. It’s sort of a prerequisite for the job.

      1. Well, there is a continuum of dumbassery.

        1. Looking like Diane Keaton certainly doesn’t help the image.

          1. Never ask me about my business, doc.

            If you didn’t already hate Diane Keaton after The Godfather, Annie Hall really clinches it.

            1. I thought that maybe she was just a good actress giving a great performance as someone really dim in The Godfather.

              Then I saw an interview.

            2. I liked Morning Glory.

              I’ll go to my corner now.

              1. And stay there!

                1. I really am the worst.

                  No love for Something’s Gotta Give? Come on!

                  1. Doing her and respecting her are two different things. Unfortunately, almost every woman knows the difference.

  4. In an op-ed for a medical device industry…

    Please tell me this is a euphemism for a dildo factory.

    1. They aren’t “dildos”; the proper terminology is “personal massage device”.

      1. Would sex toys be covered under Obamacare?

        1. If Sigmund Fraud were running things…

          Fun Fact:

          Siggy Baby used a type of vibrating appliance for the treatment of female hysteria and other anxiety neuroses.

          1. …for himself.

          2. Ever read The White Hotel? Sig was some kind of freak show. His entire interior cosmology incestuous shit fuckery was on the money for exactly one person, himself.

            1. cosmology ofincestuous shit

              Reads better in the original Klingon.

        2. I think Sandra Fluke would approve!

      2. So that’s how you get health insurance to pay for them.

        Of course, every health insurance policy should cover ‘personal massage devices’. If only there was someone brave enough to speak out about this in front of Congress.

      3. Dude, I saw a dildo … er, “Personal Massage Device” in Walgreens the other day. I was impressed.

  5. Wow, an industry shill and a hypocrite? What will they think of next?

  6. Shills gonna shill. Its what they do. Its who they are.

  7. Learjet Lizzy, the Limousine Liberal, gets her money from Hollywood!

    Norman Lear, Barbara Streisand and Cher all agree–making Lizzie the Senator from Massachusetts is key! That’s why they’re writing the big checks…


    Scott Brown can’t raise money from Hollywood! That’s an advantage Lizzie the Learjet Liberal has–not Scott Brown.

    Isn’t that the Pacific ocean Lizzie’s posing in front of there? Do they have bluffs like that in Massachusetts?

    Lizzie’s the toast of Hollywood! Of course, the little people of Massachusetts aren’t about to get in her way! And why would anyone from Massachusetts vote against what Hollywood wants, anyway?

    Don’t they care about people?


    1. This is pretty much all I need to know about Lizzie the Learjet Liberal.


      I’ve never been so tempted to give money to a politician as much as I’m tempted to give money to Scott Brown, right freakin’ now.

      1. “There is nobody in the this country who got rich on their own, nobody.”

        The fucking audacity of this “woman”.

        1. Well, technically she’s right; but only because of the division of labor. If there weren’t people out there farming all day so that I could buy their food, I’d have to be farming myself, which would suck.

          Now, the idea that the Government is the reason for our wealth is completely absurd.

          1. But, but, but ROADZZZ!

  8. Finally, the true heir to Kennedy’s seat.

  9. Lizzie Warren took a tax,
    gave people’s wallets 40 whacks,
    except those willing to donate to her campaign.

  10. Medical devices should be taxed the same as beer, pot, and bread. There should be no fucking tax credits.

  11. Yawn.

    Our senators (both hard core libs) in Sunny Minnesota came out against taxing their constituents a long time ago.

    Since Klobuchar is up for re-election this year, I expect her to crib that oped and run it here soon.

  12. You say “Champion of the Common People” sarcastically, but there are tons of common people in Massachusetts who would LOVE for you to give up everything you’ve worked for so that Liz Warren can have a nice Dacha overlooking the ocean where she can go to relax after all the stress of making every decision for you, and once she is elected she will gladly have her staff send pictures of her in repose there to show you how much she appreciates your support. Now shut up and vote for your betters, specifically Liz Warren, or you hate women and are racist.

    1. What is it about some of these peasants that makes them think they can make better decisions for themselves than Liz Warren can for them?

      Don’t they know she’s from Harvard?

      1. Actually – she’s a carpet bagger from Oklahoma and Rutgers Law school. She made it big through nepotism when she married a Harvard professor.

        1. She’s from Harvard.

          She knows what’s better for you than you do!

          She’s from Harvard.

  13. Did anyone else hold their mouse over the pictures in the op-ed to see what kind of brilliant alt-text was inspired by such pretentious crap? Just me? Ok.

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