TSA Thinks Drag Queen's Fake Boobs Are a Terrorist Threat


britney, bitch

"Would this happen if I were dressed as Britney Spears?" asked [Derrick] Barry, a featured star in Frank Marino's "Divas Las Vegas" at Imperial Palace. He was not in drag at the airport.

Barry was held up by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at the Las Vegas airport after he attempted to board a plane with a carryon containing some of the tools of his trade: silicone breast enhancers, known (horrifyingly) as chicken cutlets. Apparently Barry's enhancements were sizeable—they exceeded the TSA's 3.2 ounce limit on liquids and gels. He wound up getting held for more than a hour while the TSA tried to figure out what to do with him, and nearly missed his flight to Tampa.

Women presumably go through security all the time wearing various species of falsies—particularly in Vegas, one imagines. And so do men, apparently:

"I've gone through with my fake butt and my fake boobs and never had a problem," said Barry's boss Marino, a Las Vegas drag icon for almost 30 years in "La Cage" and "Divas Las Vegas."

"Next time he travels," Marino said , "he should go through in drag and when he goes through the electronic X-ray machine, oh those eyes, those thighs and a little surprise. That would get 'em back."

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Via Bob Woolley.