John Stossel Fled ABC Over Anti-Libertarian Sentiment, Obama's North Korea Policy Takes a Hit, Old Samples Point to Life on Mars: P.M. Links


  • My Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator is now available for law-enforcement purchase!

    John Stossel says he left ABC because it was hostile to libertarian ideas. Disappointing? Yes. But not so much a revelation.

  • Obama's North Korean policy takes a beating as the pariah country launches wayward rockets and prepares another nuclear test.
  • Apple slaps back at the Justice Department over allegations of e-book price collusion with publishers.
  • Yet another drug raid turns bloody as a New Hampshire police chief is killed and four officers shot.
  • Mass. high school students learn a lesson in constitutional law when drug-sniffing dogs raid the campus.
  • Va. governor supports bill barring state employees from helping the feds detain citizens without trial.
  • As evidence that Tea Party sentiment may be permeating the animal kingdom, Vermont's Democratic governor outran four hungry bears. He was barefoot at the time, the hippy.
  • Scientists say that a reanalysis of Martian soil samples taken during a '70s-era Viking mission shows strong evidence of life on the red planet. Yes, but where's the "kaboom"?

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  1. Va. governor supports bill barring state employees from helping the feds detain citizens without trial.

    Virginia about to be declared an enemy combatant.

    1. Won’t be the first time. Sic Semper Tyrannis motherfuckers.

  2. The search included twelve K9 officers and their dogs. While the students remained in their classrooms the hallways, locker rooms, and parking lots were searched. I am pleased to report that no drugs or contraband were found during the search and educational activities were not disturbed.

    SWAT was, of course, on hand to knock down any homeroom doors to serve arrest warrants had drugs been found. As it was, the SWAT team had to settle for shooting the search dogs in the school parking lot after the raid.

    1. There was a similar action at the high school in my town and also, no drugs were found. ANd I’ve heard of a few other cases where this has happened. I don’t buy that there were no drugs there. In a high school. THey must know that they could never use the evidence in court, but want to teach a lesson about submitting to authority. Is there really any other way to explain it?

  3. Vermont’s Democratic governor outran four hungry bears.

    Vermont’s Democratic governor is a twink?

    1. Vermont’s Democratic governor

      Did you really need to ask?

      1. Funny. Florida Senator Taco Rubio is the biggest twink in Congress according to my gay pals.

        1. Gay “pals”? Sure shrike. NTTAWWT.

          1. Taco won’t be VP for the dog abuser. Count on it. I shorted him on Intrade at 24%.

            I went long Ohio Senator Portman. Willard will go for the Ohio electoral votes.

        2. I’m surprised you guys were able to put down your My Little Pony collection long enough to share that revelation.

  4. The shooting devastated Greenland, a town of 3,500 near the seacoast that has just seven police officers including chief Maloney.

    “It’s a blow to all of us. You’re stunned. It’s New Hampshire, it’s a small town,” said John Penacho, chairman of the town’s Board of Selectmen. “We’re stunned. I mean all of us. It’s an unbelievable situation.”

    “We initiate violence on our citizens, and some crazy how violence happens. I’m at a loss to explain it.”

    1. About as unexpected as unemployment staying shitty. “We poke the economy with new sticks every day, and for some reason it’s angry with us.”

      1. “We’re stunned. I mean all of us. It’s an unbelievable situation.”

        Cry me a river.

        1. Yeah, you got killed over some steroids, Chief. Good move.

          1. Ha, Ha, Ha , Ha. Another statist cock-sucker bites the dust. How does it feel to be on the wrong end of a juiced up asshole, asshole?

        2. Another victim of the War on Drugs. When will it end?

          1. Not until we are all victims, BigT. Only then will we have won.

    2. A town chief and a board chairman aren’t responsible for the nation’s fucked-up drug war, but people like that guy failing to connect drug policy with the death it routinely causes is a big reason we still have the WoD.

      1. Yes – There is more going on here. I doubt that this was a “no-knock” warrant. I also doubt the old Chief was dressed as a SWAT ninja a week before retirement.

        It also sounds like the roid monster might be a dangerous asshole from the domestic abuse charge. He went and confirmed it when he killed his lady guest for the hell of it.

        1. It really sounds like the guy who shot the cops was pretty dangerous and fucked in the head. But I’m already sick of hearing about it. Living in NH, I’ll probably get to hear about it for a few months. At least there won’t be a trial.

    3. Okay, maybe I’m dumb, but I’ll ask the same question David Koresh asked. If you want to search the guy’s house, why not wait until he leaves, pull his ass over and pick him up away from the house? Then take him back home in cuffs and search the house.

      Instead, you show up and kick in the door and expect that’s going to go well. Inevitably, somebody is going to make it expensive for you.

      1. I agree – unless they thought his female victim was in danger.

        1. Janet Reno thought the kids were in danger. That’s why she killed them – to save them from those crazy Branch Davidians.

        2. I don’t think that’s how it went – my impression from the story was that he killed the raiders, then took some lady hostage and holed up. They didn’t go in when there was actually danger to somebody innocent, as in the situations SWAT teams are supposedly for.

          Several armored vehicles were brought out to dick-swing, however.

      2. Standard LEO answer?

        Charging in guns blazing SAVES LIVES. We do it in order to best surprise the assailant away from other people. I mean, had we tried to apprehend this suspect while in his car or in the grocery store, he would have pulled out his gun and shot someone other than our brave brothers in blue. We go in guns blazing for YOUR safety.

        Seriously. This is how cops think.

  5. They now expect North Korea to try and overcome [sic] the embarrassment caused at the rocket breaking into pieces over the Yellow Sea by carrying out a third nuclear test in the near future.

    If that goes ahead, it will represent a significant foreign policy failure for Obama and prove a severe political embarrassment in an election year.

    Not to defend our Candidate-in-Chief, but who has had an effective North Korea policy?

    1. South Korea…

      We just won’t let them execute it.

      1. South Korea has jack shit for an effective North Korea policy besides, “Keep US troops as a trip line and have them negotiate with China”.

      2. If you mean “do nothing and hope the Norks play nice”, then yes. I’m not sure how effective that’s going to be.

        1. Do nothing is really the right answer here? You can’t negotiate as there is no trust. Can’t invade. Just leave them alone until they all starve to death.

          1. The few people who give a rats poached hind quarters should invest in Mexican food trucks to cross that border and show the Norks real capitalism. The only problem with this idea is how will the Mexicans get paid?

    2. Yellow Sea



      Does your tyranny suffer from “Missile Dysfunction”?

      Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Nearly 50% of dictatorships over 40 years old have trouble getting it up.

      Ask your spymaster about “Espionex”.

      “Espionex” has proved useful in helping dictatorships with “Missile Dysfunction” get back in the game and get their rockets off.

      Warning: “Espionex” is not for everyone. Those with high defection rates should avoid “Esprionex” as it may lead to embarrassing revelations and assassinations as well as loss of spyrings.

      In cases where coup attempts last longer than 4 hours, consult your Secret Police immediately.

      1. I laughed under my breath.

  6. I’ll be seeing Stossel and Stossel’s mustache in person when he gives a speech and does a book signing at Chapman Universtity a week and a half from today.

    1. You got the order backwards. You’ll be meeting the stache and the person it’s attached to.

      1. What do you call excess flesh around a mustache?

        1. A stache-support system

        2. John Stossel?

          1. I was aiming for Paul Krugman or Thomas Friedman.

    2. How do we know which one poster John is? I’m DVRing the repeat of Stossel tonight and want to pick him out of the audience.

      1. The guy leering at MILFs? Oh, that could be anyone of us.

  7. …scientists described performing new experiments and drawing on more recent understanding of the Mars environment to reach a conclusion opposite to one reached decades ago regarding the building blocks of life on Mars.

    This is what happens when you don’t give space scientists enough to do. They find reasons to give space scientists more to do.

  8. Take it away Judge…

    What if the federal government is out of control, no matter which party controls it? What if there is only harmony on Capitol Hill when government is growing and personal liberty is shrinking? What if the presidential race this fall will not be between good and evil, between right and left, between free markets and central planning or even between constitutional government and Big Government; but only about how much bigger Big Government should get?

    What if enough is enough? What do we do about it? What if it’s too late?

    1. We fail and head down the road to economic collapse and possible outright totalitarianism. Which is maybe why we need to stop the madness now.

      1. We fail and head down the road to economic collapse and possible outright totalitarianism.

        I agree completely. Except that the vast majority of voters are convinced that if they don’t vote for their team, it will be the other team which leads us to said totalitarian state. Most simply don’t realize that it’s both teams that are leading us there, and with gusto.

    2. That’s a lot of questions. But seeing as the electorate seems more than happy to put the same sorts of jackoffs into office, I don’t see things getting any better until the get a helluva lot worse.

    3. *plastic lens rotates to cover eye*

      We die.

      1. I never got that. Why bother with a targeting display when you’re about to die? It’d have made more sense to rotate it up, away from the eye, and it would’ve had the same dramatic effect.

        1. You’d have to ask David Caruso about that.

    4. What if it’s too late?


      The only thing that will make any significant change at this late stage is a cleansing fire.

      1. Big mistake, leaving cleansing fire out of the Constitution.

  9. That’s another objection I have to the future. No space demodulators. And the Earth still obstructs the Martian view of Venus.

    1. Yes, but does your disintegration pistol disintegrate, or does it disintegrate

      Are you wearing your disintegration proof vest?

      Most importantly, do you have a gumball machine full of Instant Martians (just add water)?

      And is the shaving cream ion ever isolated?

      1. I just hate being disintegrated.

      2. Are you wearing your disintegration proof vest?

        A carrot in the barrel of the disintegrator suffices.

        OTOH, a transmogrifier is my weapon of choice.

        1. Also a superior cartoon. If you turn it, it’s a time machine.

  10. More proof that when a Dem says the wrong thing someone will step up with the correct interpretation.

    After bouncing Hilary Rosen beneath the Greyhound, President Obama and friends might have to throw it in reverse again over the person of key Dem coalitioin member Terry O’Neill. The NOW president suggested to Ed Schultz tonight that Ann Romney, along with Mitt, lacks “life experience” and “imagination” needed to understand most Americans.

    1. You know, when did we start giving a shit about politicians’ spouses? I’m still flabbergasted that a first lady got elected to the Senate based on her “experience.”

      1. I just love watching NOW attack women.

        1. Man, Orwell knew what he was talking about when he was talking about doublethink.

    2. That Maxine Waters is a congresscreature boggles my cynical mind.

      1. She is an idiot. What can you say? Only Louis Gohmert and Paul Broun are more brain dead.

        1. You discount the depths of Sheila Jackson Lee’s stupidity.

          1. True. My omission. That is one stupid bitch.

            1. True story: we were looking at a house around the corner from her house. My wife was all excited until I told her she could, under no circumstances, go and egg the CongressWOMAN’s house.

        2. Um, Chuck motherfucking Schumer?

          1. Alan Grayson?

    3. I’m telling you, just stay out of the left’s way and let those folks be themselves. Their contempt for anyone who is NOT liberal, does not follow party dogma, and does not conform to “correct” positions is periodically put on display.

      Now, living 60 years, having 5 kids, dealing with cancer and MS, and whatever else is a lack of life experience?

      1. Meanwhile, Elizabeth millionaire-law-professor Warren is held up as the people’s choice.

        1. I admit, it is going to be fun to watch the same Democrats who backed Kerry make excuses as to how the Romneys (who actually earned their money) are less legitimate than the Kerrys (who inherited it from her dead husband). I’m sure Teresa Heinz’s Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages and Literature is the reason they are so wealthy. But that’s different, because she’s Team Blue, right?

          1. Reality-based community strikes again!

      2. Plus, I understand early in their marriage, the Romneys were totally going it alone in a $60/month apartment and struggling to make ends meet. I’m guessing that’s more true “life experience” than either Rosen or the NOW prez has.

  11. Drug-Sniffing Dogs Raid High School in ‘Proactive Sweep’

    Proactive: acting in anticipation of future problems

    Trust the school system finds out those problems are presented by the parents’ lawyers.

  12. Police Chief Michael Maloney, who was set to retire April 20, was shot in the head and killed.

    This sentence is blowing my mind. It’s straight out of McBain. Tragic, but think of the savings to the taxpayers.



    3. After survivor’s benefits and whatever the state legislatures kick in to honor the tragic loss that there will be actual savings to the taxpayers?

      1. Police chief pension + retiring at age 48 = a shitload of money.

        1. That pension is now the survivor’s benefits.

          1. Hm, how do they calculate that? How many years would they get? Also, this means no second job and double-dipping into another pension.

  13. Yet another drug raid turns bloody as a New Hampshire police chief is killed and four officers shot.

    I have taken to doing this:

    Acquaintance: Something’s wrong with that guy. He must be on drugs.

    Me: DRUGS?!?!? Then we had better call the cops!

    Acquaintance: Welllll, I wouldn’t want to do that. And the cops probably wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway. He doesn’t need to go to jail, he just needs help with his problem.

    Me: But I thought you said drugs were bad and should be against the law.

    Acquaintance: They are bad! It shouldn’t be legal to have them or use them!

    Me: Then let’s call the cops!

    Acquaintance: But I don’t want him to go to jail. I want him to get help.

    Me: BARF!

    1. Yeah. Just give the guy a shot of buprenorphine and forcibly restrain him.

      It is more humane than doing nothing.


  14. Brain tumors linked to dental x-rays…..le2400080/

    1. Wait, so X-rays can be harmful? No fucking way.

      1. Ya know, I got an MRI on my head a couple weeks ago. I swear I could feel the blood being dragged around in my skull and it still felt crazy for a couple hours after. I was afraid they were realigning parts of my brain to be more compliant.

        1. That feeling will fade with additional sessions.

        2. Well, they *did* tell you not to swallow, didn’t they?

          1. Yeah, they jam something between your teeth to keep your jaw steady then load you into a giant noisy coffin for 15 minutes. Fuck you don’t swallow.

        3. That’s just pride, fuckin’ with ya. Fuck Pride.

          1. What movie is that from?

        4. Your physicians are not Dr. Adams and Dr. Van Gelder?

  15. Shovel Ready in San Fran: $205,075 to ‘Translocate’ One Shrub from Path of Stimulus Project…

    1. If they had just moved the fucker, they could’ve saved thousands. Damn expensive vocabulary.

      1. If they had me do it, I could have literally saved them thousands too. Maybe even hundreds.

  16. The Moderate Left
    “Cheney deserves same final end he gave Saddam. Hope there are cell cams,”“moderate-caucus”-chair-urges-cheney’s-execution/

    1. so the moderate caucus in ME is represented by the queen in Alice – sentence first, trial later.

    2. I’m surprised they don’t just rip out his newly transplanted heart.

      1. NBC Asks: Did Cheney deserve the new heart?

        1. That has nothing to do with political views. The health and age of the transplant recipient are factors in getting a transplant organ. If Cheney weren’t a former VP, there’s zero chance he would get it as a 71 year old with multiple heart attacks and a bevy of other health issues.

          1. Shhhhh! You risk upsetting the delicate 97% conservative equilibrium here!

            Dickless Cheney is revered among H&R types!

            1. Oh, shreeky-poo, didn’t your mommy ever teach you that the other kids won’t want to play with you if you make up lies about them?

            2. “H&R Types” being John?

            3. Oh look! shrike the Bush lover is projecting again!

          2. What? Multiple heart attacks is one of the main reasons heart transplants exist. He did though indeed get a break (of a couple years) on the age thing.

            1. Oops, you’re right. Meant multiple heart attacks at a young age, indicating other issues. He had his first one at age 36, IIRC.

          3. Not true. If anything, Cheney waited longer than (over 2 years) your average recipient.

            Using that logic, should Gabby Giffords received emergency care when:

            A) She had a 1 in 15,000 to 17,000 chance in just surviving, forget recovering, from being shot in the head at point blank range.

            B) Factoring her medical care tally so far (guaranteed in the millions), forget estimating her future costs, should she have received medical intervention? Or should she have gotten a nice, rapid KCl infusion?

            Of course, because she was younger, had less health issues, pretty and well liked, she of course deserved all that medical care, right?

            Ability to pay really helps in the organ transplant business.

            1. I wasn’t talking about how long he waited; I was referring to his advanced age. Upper limit of acceptable age in most every center is 70; most, mid to late 60s.

              1. Oh thread hierarchy clue – maybe you weren’t replying to me. I thought we were over on the right margin limit. LOL.

                1. Oh thread hierarchy clue – maybe you weren’t replying to me. I thought we were over on the right margin limit. LOL.

                  Yep, I was replying to Mo. ๐Ÿ™‚

              2. Correct, Ice. He did get a break on age compatibility. This is not in question.

                1. Yeah, I was “surprised” you didn’t know that (you’re a sturgeon, aren’t you?).

                  1. Yeah, I was “surprised” you didn’t know that (you’re a sturgeon, aren’t you?).


            2. Typically exclusion for transplants begins at age 65, so being 71 is on the way high end of the scale. By looking at the averages, you’re including much younger people that jump to the front of the line.

              The Giffords thing is a complete non-sequitor. If she were getting an organ transplant, you would have a point. However, there are not months long waiting lists for brain surgery because there’s sufficient supply for the demand. However, there is a shortage of organs, which means organ donations tend to have more of a clinical, “Who will get the most use out of this,” calculation. They don’t make liver transplant recipients stop drinking because they’re dicks, they do it because livers are scarce, so they go to those that treat them best.

              I’m guessing that’s not covered on the medical ethics class on the back of a cereal box.

              1. I apologize for the dickish last comment, totally unnecessary. I just don’t like the idea of, “Our betters get to ignore the rules we have to follow.”

                As for paying, I’m guessing we’re the ones paying for it since he has federally provided health insurance for life.

                1. No worries, your weren’t a dick. I’m not sure if his insurance paid for his procedures. Cheney is a man of means and may have paid for his surgeries OOP to avoid even more bad press. Furthermore, based on your age argument, he would have been denied coverage and reimbursement on his claim.

                2. I agree with that sentiment. Thing is, most of us didn’t need a “medical ethics” class to know how to practice medicine ethically. I don’t even remember there being one when I was in med school; maybe there is now. But even though physicians tend to rate near the top on that sort of thing there is surely a steady supply of ethically-challenged ones. And, I daresay, it would have happened if he had needed the services of any other profession. He was a bigwig – they get what they want. What’s new?

                  1. Reply to Mo’s second sentence above.

                    1. Are there that many bright lines in determining organ eligibility, anyway? Yes, he’s needed multiple transplants, but he’s also not dropping dead after the ones he’s had. Does that count for or against him? Does age automatically mean “no”? Doesn’t seem like that’s the case.

                    2. Are there that many bright lines in determining organ eligibility, anyway? Yes, he’s needed multiple transplants, but he’s also not dropping dead after the ones he’s had. Does that count for or against him? Does age automatically mean “no”? Doesn’t seem like that’s the case.

                      Age is the brightest. Followed by H&P, DX, likelihood of surviving the procedure, and ability to pay. Since he had shown that the likelihood of him surviving the procedure (which he has) he was accepted as a candidate.

                      Bigwigs have as much of an aversion to death as anyone else.

                  2. “I daresay” should be added to the drinking game.

              2. The argument is not of organ transplants, the argument is of Utilitarian need.

                Did (does) Cheney deserve life saving/extending medical care == Did (does) Giffords deserve life saving == life saving/extending medical care.

                If we wish to get to the nub of Utilitarian need and cost budget analysis, then the examples are equivalent.

                The means in each case are different, since each patient and circumstances are different, but the underlying reasons for care are the same: they both wish to live.

                1. Doc, we need to start cloning organs.

                  1. Doc, we need to start cloning organs.

                    I have no problem with this. I believe we will soon have the technology to start cloning discrete organs from autografts.

                2. “Did (does) Cheney deserve life saving/extending medical care == Did (does) Giffords deserve life saving == life saving/extending medical care.”

                  I disagree that they’re equivalent for one reason. Aside from the surgeon’s time, Giffords’ procedure is non-rivalrous, while the heart Cheney got is rivalrous (otherwise there’d be no waitlist). If we had cloned organs and the only issue was ability to pay, I wouldn’t care. But in the world we live in, Cheney getting a heart when someone else didn’t. If he waited in the same line as everyone else and that’s how it ended up its one thing. However, I doubt there wasn’t weight thrown around to make exceptions. It’s that issue that I have a problem with

                  1. Aside from the surgeon’s time, Giffords’ procedure is non-rivalrous

                    Not true. When I’m in the OR, it can be argued that someone else is being deprived my time and skill. There’s always a wait list, or do you get immediate care at will and bypass triage, absent cardiac emergence (that one is guaranteed by EMTALA specifically)?

                    Cheney getting a heart when someone else didn’t. If he waited in the same line as everyone else and that’s how it ended up its one thing.

                    He did wait in line; in fact, he waited longer than others, which was my primary point. In addition to the other criteria for transplant candidacy, there is “tissue rejection” and “histocompatibilty complex”: how close a tissue match is. Since, there are limited number of viable organs, how likely the organ with be rejected is the primary concern should a patient survive the surgery. Transplants are not done on a whim and we do not know if other transplant candidates were more of a match, therefore a lower rejection risk. Just because a patient is younger, does not guarantee or suggest a greater tissue match.

                    However, I doubt there wasn’t weight thrown around to make exceptions.

                    Basically, you’re unhappy that a US Veep “got around” the age consideration at the time of an organ’s availability. If he was more likely to succumb to tissue rejection of an organ, he would not have gotten the organ. If there was a better tissue match, that patient would have gotten the organ.

        2. NBC Asks: Did Cheney deserve the new heart?

          NBC News Apologizes for Doctoring 911 Call From George Zimmerman….


        3. NBC Asks: Did Cheney deserve the new heart?

          AC Asks: Can he afford to pay for it?

  17. Scientists say that a reanalysis of Martian soil samples taken during a ’70s-era Viking mission shows strong evidence of life on the red planet. Yes, but where’s the “kaboom”?

    J.D.! Your alt-text fu is teh awesome! MM is my favorite cartoon character!

    Excellence all around!

    1. I’m a fan as well. Used to be able to imitate the voice and gave one of my kids a stuffed Marvin toy a while back.

      1. You clearly are the best dad in the world!

        If I ever get to have a little Groovester or Groovette, they are getting my vast collection of MM memorabilia.

        Being able to imitate MM’s voice got me through peds clerkship rotations.

        1. I was just thinking–like this morning–that my youngest daughter needs to start watching old WB cartoons.

          1. I found this bit on voice actors particularly interesting and had no idea that Bubbles was so hawt.

            1. Something that annoys me is the prevailing practice in animated film of using famous actors for leading roles, rather than using professional voice actors. The latter are far more skilled at providing voice acting, that being what they do.

              It’s not that every actor sucks at voice work, but they generally aren’t as good.

              1. I agree. Voice acting, when you know that no one can see you, trying to elicit emotion when you have no idea “what you look like” is truly an art.

                1. Good points both, but watching Billy West do Zoidberg’s voice is something else.

                2. It’s a true skill. I’ve noticed it with books on tape, too. The professionals kick ass. The actors not so much. Though there are some actors capable of turning in great voice work.

                  1. George is in his office at Yankee stadium, he pushes ‘play’ on a cassette
                    recorder. The voice on the tape sounds exactly like George.

                    Voice: Chapter one. In order to manage risk we must first understand risk.
                    How do you spot risk? How do you avoid risk and what makes it so risky?

                    George: This guy sounds just like me.

                    Voice: To understand risk, we must first define risk.

                    George: This is horrible.

                    Voice: Risk is defined as–

                    George (banging the recorder): Stop it! Stop it!

                  2. Call me weird, JW, but I don’t want to know what the voice actors look like. Which is kind of the point of voice acting.

                    For example, I did not want to know what Don LaFontaine looked like. It skewed my perception of the voice and the movie trailers.

                    1. Call me weird, JW, but I don’t want to know what the voice actors look like.


                      I’m OK with it. Seeing the contortions West goes through is pretty entertaining. One surprise is that I thought Andrea Romano was much younger (and jeez, did you get enough Emmys on camera?). I could have lived without seeing Di Maggio.

                  3. I’m really enjoying Michael Kramer and Kate Reading’s performance of the Wheel of Time series. Kramer, in particular, is amazing.

                    1. And apparently, they’re married to each other.

                    2. You think they’re. . .enjoying one another while reading? What an odd industry.

          2. Nah.

            Old Hanna-Barbara cartoons are the shit, though.

        2. You realize that will turn her into a stone cold killer, which is why those cartoons were pulled off the air.

          1. I remember when ABC picked up the Bugs Bunny cartoons from CBS–no more violence. Watching Wile E. Coyote not getting blown up and not falling off a cliff could seriously screw up a kid’s idea of cause and effect.

          2. Yes but a highly cultured stone cold killer. It’s amazing how those cartoons didn’t talk down to children.

            1. Because they were made at a time when cartoons were not considered the exclusive province of children.

    2. Thank you, kindly, sir.

    3. Duck Dodgers of the 24th and 1/2 Century was pretty awesome.

      1. There would have been no DD without MM.

        I’m a classic MM enthusiast.

  18. Anyone know any more about the Blue People of Kentucky?

    1. “The Smurfs didn’t have any rights to the land and there was no reason for any one to grant them rights which they had not conceived and were not using…”–Ayn Rand

    2. Somebody had fun with the place names of that area:

      “John Stacy still lives on Lick Branch of Ball Creek.”

  19. Brad making an honest woman of Angelina…..t-engaged/

    1. I thought they weren’t going to get married until gay people everywhere could get married.

  20. Yet another drug raid turns bloody as a New Hampshire police chief is killed and four officers shot.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing, J.D.

    The only thing that will end this war is overwhelming force against its prosecutors.

    1. So far it’s only managed to allow police unions to convince municipalities they need more taxpayer funding for bigger guns and armored vehicles.

    2. The only thing that will end this war is overwhelming force against its prosecutors.

      Nope. It will only embolden them to become more militarized and use more thuggish tactics that get even more people killed. At this point it isn’t about the drugs, but about the gall us commoners have for disobeying our betters.

  21. I don’t recall the particulars, but haven’t serious, sober, scientist-types thought the Viking lander found strong evidence of life on Mars for 35 years now?

    1. One guy did. I think the word inconclusive has been bandied about, too.

      My guess is that we’ll find evidence of past life and possibly some very primitive remnants of that life when we finally go there in force.

      1. Unlikely. We were not well prepared for the Martian surface. Unlike Earth, Mars has almost no magnetic field and a very thin atmosphere. Thus cosmic rays and the solar wind interact directly with the surface to a greater extent. Highly energetic and oxidized materials are present on Mars that would never survive on Earth. Their decomposition fooled the 1976 scientists into initially thinking they had found a life form. But closer examination overturned that. My expectation is that the modeling that will be done to determine if there are ‘cycles’ indicative of life will not be definitive because we still do not understand fully the nature of the Martian surface; ie chemistry may not be easily ruled out.

  22. Scientists say that a reanalysis of Martian soil samples taken during a ’70s-era Viking mission shows strong evidence of life on the red planet.

    Mrs. Cooper: “But intelligently designed by a creator, right?”

  23. John Stossel says he left ABC because it was hostile to libertarian ideas. Disappointing? Yes.

    Yes, I am so disappointed that an employee would quit a job to find a better one. Oh, the shame!

    1. I think Tuccille was expressing disappointment at ABC’s hostility, not Stossel’s quitting.

      1. Re: Mad Scientist,

        I think Tuccille was expressing disappointment at ABC’s hostility[…]

        You mean like Captain Louis Renault’s brand of disappointment? Come on.

      2. Either way, how is that news?

        1. Other than the fact that Stossel has finally come out and said what we knew all along, it’s not news at all.

    2. I’m sure he’s happier, but he went to a network with about 1/50th the viewership. It’s not even offered on my cablesystem.

  24. Apple slaps back at the Justice Department over allegations of e-book price collusion with publishers.

    Just don’t read the comments on the linked article – the stupid is strong with those ones. Not to mention the staggering ignorance in economics and common sense.

    1. Promise, I didn’t look.
      Typical comment:
      ‘They charge too much! We should get stuff cheaper!’

    1. And on the same page….. War on Eggs:

      “Woman arrested when Easter egg hunt turns violent”

  25. Poll: Six in ten support the “Buffett Rule”

    Here’s how the question was asked: “Would you favor or oppose Congress passing a new law that would require households earning $1 million a year or more to pay a minimum of 30 percent of their income in taxes?”

    Why not just simplify the tax code and eliminate all the special and ridiculously complicated rules? By standard math, $1,000,000 in taxable income comes out to $326761 in taxes. If this rule stated that they had to pay exactly 30%, looks like they’d be coming out ahead. Unless they can get ~$27k in tax credits somehow. I guess I don’t know enough about the high level tricks of the trade.

    1. Still not sure if it is only the income above $1M that must get taxed at 30%, or if once you hit $1M all your income must have an alt-min at that rate. If the latter, a great incentive to try to reduce your earnings.

      1. I would think the latter, since the highest current marginal tax rate is 35%.

  26. Stan Jones a two time Libertarian candidate for the US Senate in Montana turned his skin blue by drinking colloidal silver in 1999 for fear that Y2K disruptions might lead to a shortage of antibiotics.…..6039/posts

    1. In reply to PantsFan|4.13.12 @ 4:50PM|#

  27. So, I came terrifyingly close to being the next Balko Nut Punch? on my way home from work today…

    I stopped at a store to get some stuff on my way home, and driving back to the highway, I came upon an intersection. This area I was in is usually quite busy, and this intersection has only stop signs to regulate flow. I was in the left hand lane, with a large commercial truck in the right hand lane next to me. As we pulled up to the stop sign and came to a complete stop, a car turned right from the right-hand leg of the intersection. Thinking the coast was clear, I began to pull out, but my view of the intersection was shielded by the commercial truck. As I pulled forward, a police SUV pulled out in front of me, crossing the right lane of traffic (which I’m pretty sure is a traffic violation).

    The cop, seeing me, jammed on his brakes. I had already come to a complete stop, but he stopped and proceeded to scream at me out of his open window, gesticulating wildly. He had veins popping out on his forehead and all. I had no idea what he was saying, as all my windows were closed, but I got scared, thinking he was a couple seconds from losing it and jumping out of his SUV to give me what-for. I made very polite gesture to him indicating the coast was clear and he could proceed in front of me. He continued to glare at me for about five seconds and then for some reason decided to go. I kept a wide distance between us until he got in a turning lane and I had to pass him.

    1. Ah, the new professionalism. Glad you made it home OK.

      1. Thanks. Maybe I overreacted a bit, but after reading many of the Reason/Balko articles on cops losing their shit and fucking people up I was a little afraid my number had come up.

        1. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean no one’s out to get you.

        2. You didn’t overreact.

          The fact he spent a prolonged time staring you down meant that that guy wanted to hurt you… you were wise not to give him an excuse.

  28. Kudos to the people of Virginia and her Governor for taking a stand against Federal tyranny!

  29. All these troll purges are making me look bad. Without the buffer of stupidity, it looks like people are replying to my comments now. ๐Ÿ™

    1. Awww, poor Joe! You wanna Happy Meal? How about an ice cream, sport? How about a nice, fresh basket of comment replies? We’ll beat that buffer…together!

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