John Stossel Fled ABC Over Anti-Libertarian Sentiment, Obama's North Korea Policy Takes a Hit, Old Samples Point to Life on Mars: P.M. Links


  • My Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator is now available for law-enforcement purchase!

    John Stossel says he left ABC because it was hostile to libertarian ideas. Disappointing? Yes. But not so much a revelation.

  • Obama's North Korean policy takes a beating as the pariah country launches wayward rockets and prepares another nuclear test.
  • Apple slaps back at the Justice Department over allegations of e-book price collusion with publishers.
  • Yet another drug raid turns bloody as a New Hampshire police chief is killed and four officers shot.
  • Mass. high school students learn a lesson in constitutional law when drug-sniffing dogs raid the campus.
  • Va. governor supports bill barring state employees from helping the feds detain citizens without trial.
  • As evidence that Tea Party sentiment may be permeating the animal kingdom, Vermont's Democratic governor outran four hungry bears. He was barefoot at the time, the hippy.
  • Scientists say that a reanalysis of Martian soil samples taken during a '70s-era Viking mission shows strong evidence of life on the red planet. Yes, but where's the "kaboom"?

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