Howard Stern Endorses Colorado's Marijuana Legalization Initiative


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    1. Dude, Balloon Juice fucking sucks. It is the bottom of the barrel. On the other hand, Balko’s rant was awesome. You can tell how pissed he is because he finishes with “butthurt, derp,” the kind of casual internet slang I almost never see him use.

      1. The first post by “Anne” wasn’t worth Balko’s time.

        …”Freddie”‘s post, on the other hand? Holy Shit!

        1. Yeah, a lot of non-denial denials followed by an everybody does it. Based on the comments I believe these people have no idea what libertarian means.

  1. Well, this is important. Because I’m sure that many otherwise opposed or indifferent Coloradans would vote against legalization if not for this brave H.S. endorsement.

  2. Howard is great. I love the guy (no gay).

    It makes me sick that uneducated fat assholes have pushed Rush (King of the Rednecks) Limbaugh into the #1 spot now that Stern has left public radio.

  3. Despite his occasional sucking up to the Democrats Stern does have a few libertarian-leanig views so this comes as no surprise.

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