Nick Gillespie on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld featuring Ann Coulter


On Thursay, April 5, I was on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld with guests Ann Coulter and defense attorney Remi Spencer and regulars Bill Schulz and Andy Levy.

Among the topics: Whether the Marines should cashier the soldier who spoke out against Barack Obama on Facebook, the recent Supreme Court ruling on whether strip searches were A-OK, Mitt Romney's lameness, and more.

Watch by clicking above. About 40 minutes. Go to for downloadable versions of our videos and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get automatic notifications when new material goes live.

The last time Ann Coulter and I squared off was at the Colorado-based Indpendence Institute Founders' Night debate about whether libertarians and conservatives could ever get along. (See flattering caricature to the right.)

Read more about how that turned out here.

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  1. Read more about how that turned out here.

    When are we going to actually be able to see how that turned out? Did no one bootleg it?

  2. I rarely get to catch Red Eye… do Nick and that harridan actually get along? She HATES libertarians.

    1. Nick is non-confrontational. He was on Bill Maher’s panel last year and didn’t ruffle a feather. Or you may just say he polite.

      Red Eye is scripted like all Fox “News” shows. They don’t want their audience to be challenged. Maher, on the other hand, likes spontaneous altercation.

      1. Maher is a pompous liberal cocksucker. No wonder you like him.

        1. So does Ann “The Tricoid” Coulter; she and Maher are reported to be very good friends IRL.

          1. There must be something I’m missing… I’d no more have a friendship with Coulter than I would with Ed Schultz.

          2. Rumour has it they actually dated briefly back in the 90’s. No joke.

          3. In the part of World War Z where T. Sean Collins is talking about the celebrity house on Long Island, he mentions says a “political comedy guy” and “leathery old blonde” who was his political rival were screwing like there was no tomorrow. I always thought Brooks intended for that to be Maher and Coulter.

        2. “Liberal” = not a Bush redneck. I have learned to decipher wingnut code language since I began posting here.

          Maher wrote a piece for Playboy in the 90s called The Reluctant Conservative due to his Small Gov leanings. The GOP ran off the rails since then and he is now a “Socialist” for his secular limited government views.

          You ass-apes on the right don’t fool me.

          1. Fuck you, shrike.

            1. “Not a liberal” = “Bush redneck”

              Two can play that semantical game, you stupid prick.

              1. I don’t get the animosity you people on the right have for secularism.

                Secularism is attacked on these pages now (by Kennedy who is admittedly a minor player).

                I think its because we are winning and threaten the religious right.

                Hitch is gone but we have hundreds more to support us.

                1. If you can’t win, change the subject and stereotype with the broadest brush you can find. Sprinkle in a little false dichotomy to taste.

                  1. Bullshit. Friend of Cato and secular capitalist George Soros is attacked here despite him spending billions fighting communism/statism in Eastern Europe.

                    If you are not a SoCon like Jim DeMint (who hates freedom) you get attacked here.

                    While a theocrat cocksucker like DeMint gets praised. Its fucking sick.

                    1. Shrike, we’re not attacking you because you’re a TEAM BLUE player; we attack you because you’re a fucking moron.

                    2. Libertarianism is at risk of extinction due to its close association with conservatives today. In the 80s this was not the case.

                      Laugh at me all you want.

                    3. Soros may have fought communism and statism in Europe, but he wants both *here*.

                      Fuck Soros.

                    4. shrike|4.7.12 @ 4:56PM|#
                      “Bullshit. Friend of Cato and secular capitalist George Soros is attacked here despite him spending billions fighting communism/statism in Eastern Europe.”

                      Yeah, he hated it there, but loves it here.

                  2. I didn’t bring secularism into this, shrike. YOU did.

                    If you paid attention, you’d remember I have no truck with the religious right. But you’re so smarmy and dead-set in your ways, that anyone who ISN’T secular is a Christ-fag, by default.

                    So… fuck you, again.

                    1. You MUST denounce theocracy just as you MUST denounce Government ownership of production.

                      There is no compromise here.

                    2. Uh… Ok shriek. You’ve lived up to your name.

                    3. In shrike-world, there are only Christ-fags, and non-Christ-fags. There is no in-between.

                      Thus, his support for Obama, which is puzzling considering Obama isn’t a secularist.

                    4. You might want to include “denounce government ownership of production” in your next love letter to Barry.

                    5. Sorry, Shrike, this Catholic is going to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord tomorrow. Near as I can tell, Jesus never endorsed coercion, but don’t confuse His followers with Him. He came here on the most important mission in histroy, and used persuasion to preach the Truth. 2,000 years later He is still voluntarily followed. Peace be with you.

                    6. Team Jesus only had a three year ministry resulting in a world wide ministry. Team Obama will only have a four year ministry resulting in a county on it’s knees. God wins.

                    7. Seems to all our various Gods like this comment is a good enough place to leave my comment even though it has nothing to do w/ anything in it.

                      That’s because the comment I’m responding to had nothing to do w/ anything either.

                      My main thing…think how great it could be if you could marry Ann Coulter…

                      Not only are you married to a gorgeous blond who has one of the greatest senses of humor ever regardless of what or which side you’re on…

                      But every time she says something nice about Romney you could tell her to get back in the kitchen. LOL.


          2. Maher wrote a piece for Playboy in the 90s called The Reluctant Conservative due to his Small Gov leanings.


            that is all.

            1. Its true. Google it.

              That was before the GOP went full theocrat.

              1. Was that before or after you started jacking off to pictures of the current president, shrike?

                1. Look, he is huge improvement on Bush in every category.

                  Find me a more secular capitalist and I will vote for him.

                  1. capitalist


                    oh wow.

                    1. If you support Obama, you lose your right to call yourself a capitalist.

                    2. Thanks, go tell Buffett, Gates, Ellison, and the other top capitalists.

                      They won’t believe your right-wing bullshit either.

                    3. So… Have you ever had an original thought, or do you just parrot MSNBC all day every day?

                    4. Fuck the entire list, shrike. Just because they’re Top. Capitalists. doesn’t mean they are good people.

                    5. Well, not even that FIFY. Shriek only uses half the term: He needs to add Crony before Capitalist in his description of these people.

                    6. Lol. Warren Buffett a capitalist. You’re adorable.

                  2. What has he improved over Bush? I mean that’s a pretty low fucking bar, since Bush was teh suck, but Obama hasn’t done a single thing differently than Bush or Mittens would.

                    1. +1 Nate.

                    2. And +1 for anon.

          3. $

          4. People wouldn’t call you a liberal if you didn’t defend every single thing that Obama does.

            And you’re missing a christ-fag.

            1. I AM a liberal – also 90% libertarian. I fail the LP purity test because I favor regulations on pollution, fraud, capital, and consumer protection.

              I am anti-entitlement and anti-war and very pro-secularism and pro-drugs, prostitution and gay rights..

              1. You left out “being pro-cunty” and “pro-Obama”.

              2. No, Shrike.

                You fail the “LP purity test” because you have no concept of what a free market is, or its relation to individual liberty. You’re about as much of a libertarian as Stalin or Mao.

                Thanks for playing, though. I needed a good laugh this afternoon.

                1. That explains his admiration for Soros and Maher, just for starters…

                2. Enjoy your 2% ceiling, pal. Anyone who dares fail the LP purity test is a Stalinist.

                  Really, you deserve failure and you will get only failure.

                  Small government is no good – it must be eradicated. You wear failure well.

                  1. Palling around with/admiring Soros and Obama = pretty fucking close to Stalinist.

                    1. And you and the fucking Bushpigs are fascists and/or Neo-Nazis.

                      Throw the German child-raping Pope in there too.

                    2. Nice try, cocksucker.

                    3. Hey, I never got my “join the Nazi Party” starter kit. Did anyone else here fail to receive it, as well?

                      Bonus: How many other regulars here, failed – twice – to vote for Bush? I have my hand up… let’s see the headcount.

                    4. I didn’t get mine until I voted for Bob Barr in 08.

                    5. Held my nose and voted for Barr, too, but at least I didn’t waste my vote on Barry or McCain.

                    6. Holy fuck, people, it is a fucking sockpuppet that gets off on you responding to it. Ignore it. Just walk away. The worst thing you could ever do to it is ignore it utterly.

                    7. So are we now sure that shrike is an independent troll, and not just another handle for Mary Stack? I realize their writing styles are different, but there are more than a few similarities.

                    8. I’ve already considered that. It could easily be her. Just one more reason to ignore it.

                    9. Not understanding that there is more than just TEAM RED and TEAM BLUE is another way you fail, shriek. Just because people don’t like Obama/TEAM BLUE doesn’t mean they like Bush/TEAM RED, you fucking moron.

                  2. shrike|4.7.12 @ 5:58PM|#
                    “Enjoy your 2% ceiling, pal.”
                    Ah, yes, the popularity test!
                    I’ll bet your momma gives you 100%, and everyone else knows you and your momma are whackos.

                    1. Shrike has always been like this. If it’s a “sockpuppet”, it’s one that has been relatively consistent for years.

          5. “Maher wrote a piece for Playboy in the 90s called The Reluctant Conservative due to his Small Gov leanings”

            Yeah, sure. Why, he ‘leans’ toward a government small enough to enforce his desires.

          6. The GOP ran off the rails since then and he is now a “Socialist” for his secular limited government views.

            And here I thought it was for his cheerleading on every big-government initiative Obama’s put forth.

            So where’s the limit? Any clue?

            1. These days, being an Obama fan = libertarian. Go figure.

      2. “Didn’t ruffle a feather”, Shrike?

        The other guest asked if he wanted to step outside, I seem to recall

  3. Is Nick not even trying.. or just trolling? Either way, pretty funny.

  4. I like Ann Coulter. She’s her own person.
    I love red eye too, thanks for posting this video.

    1. She should never be forgiven for the anti-libertarian bullshit she peddled in the past, LP.


      1. I would never condone this, but if someone shoved a white hot poker up her hooha I’m not sure I would feel too much sympathy for her.

        I pray to Science she hasn’t created offspring.

        1. I wouldn’t lose any sleep if someone did a Coulter/Maddow two-fer, maybe sold into slavery for donkey shows… or would that be too good for ’em?

          1. Meanwhile, Here in ultra civil Tucson , She’s treated well

            1. Has she had any pies thrown at her lately? Only that’s a waste of pie.

      2. I’ve read that column (but btw your link didn’t work) She is a pragmatist. You can disagree with her, but she brings up practical considerations that would need to be addressed if certain things ceased to be under legal jurisdiction. I wish people would actually address the implications she raises instead of just depicting her like some kind of creature.

    2. Ann Coulter is often completely and egregiously wrong, like on Ron Paul or Iraq, but her writings on Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are classic.

      When she’s aligned with your views on a topic, her stuff is a great read because she’s very sharp.

      1. My take exactly.

  5. Remi is so much better here than in those stupid parody videos Reason keeps posting.

  6. Dude, Nick, if you’re going to DVR this crap make sure it’s not raining that day.

    Also: DirecTV sucks.

  7. So Coulter is a starving antelope and Gillespie is a fat duck-billed platypus?

    1. I thought he looked more like a Looney Toons caricature of Edward G. Robinson.

    2. He’s a semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal libertarian of action.

  8. “I don’t get the animosity you people on the right have for secularism.”

    What’s with you and your animosity for anyone who ISN’T secular?

    1. What’s with you and your animosity for anyone who ISN’T secular?

      That’s his liberal tolerance bleeding through.

  9. I’m still not convinced that Coulter isn’t just performance art.

    1. Like a donkey show?

    2. Wasn’t there an article about ideas having sex the other day? Coulter is what you get when ideas inbreed.

      1. Let’s be fair and include Elizabeth Warren in your theory, Arf.

        1. Oh, come on. You must admit that Coulter is hot and Warren is not.

          1. Coulter is ugly on the inside, like Warren, so they have that in common.

  10. I missed this bit of mirth:

    “Friend of Cato and secular capitalist George Soros”

    Why would CATO be friendly to that cretin? If they are, they just lost my support. That’s like sleeping with the enemy.

    1. Cato invited Soros to speak at their Hayek celebration last year as they were close associates through Popper and the LSE.

      I know in you little Glenn Beck fevered mind you cannot grasp the fact Soros and Hayek are similar.

      1. 1. I despise Beck.
        2. Hayek wasn’t trying to turn America into East Germany, Part Two.
        3. Fuck you, shrike.
        4. I now despise Cato. I give begrudging thanks for you pointing out that they invited that cocksucker to speak, but still… fuck you, shrike.

        1. That reminds me, I need to write a “fuck you” letter to Cato, based on this new information.

          But, as always… fuck you, shrike.

          1. Wow! Soros gave a whoppin’ eighty grand to Cato!

            What a fuckin’ cheapskate… AND a nasty piece of shit for a human being.

            Fuck you too, Cato, for taking his dirty fucking money.

            1. Why isn’t Soros busy saving his home country?

              1. He should be deported. The man is a threat to what’s left of this country.

                He can take Limbaugh with him, while he’s leaving. They’re both a threat.

            2. What’s the big deal? As long as Cato isn’t influenced by the money, they can take every dime from Soros as far as I’m concerned. They’ll put it to better use than he would, or Media Matters et al.

              1. I can’t respect any organization who would take money from a cretin like Soros. Might as well be taking donations from the Klan, or the New Black Panthers, or the Communist Party USA.

                1. That would just mean less money for the Klan, or the New Black Panthers, or the Communist Party USA….

                  1. Principles is principles, Papaya.

                    1. I see the principle as taking money from bad guys and giving it to good guys.

                    2. If they’d only taken the money, and NOT let Soros speak at a Cato function…

          2. And Cato fails the LP purity test!

            1. Damn fuckin’ straight they do. Consorting with an enemy of freedom will do that.

              1. Oh, this comedy! Soros is the greatest fighter of statism (financially) in history and he fails the LP purity test!

                This board is whackjob fucking crazy!

                1. “statism (financially)”

                  Zero points for only focusing on ONE aspect of statism, Obama fan.

                  1. Dude…ignore the sockpuppet that is shriek. Just ignore. Just walk away, and there can be an end to the horror.

                    The worst thing you could ever do to it is ignore it. It thrives on your attention.

                    1. It just galls me no fuckin’ end, Epi.

                      I admit ignorance in not knowing the Cato/Soros link, which – after looking it up – makes it even harder to give up on that once-fine institution. For what the thing is worth, at least I should give it credit for reminding us how deep the rot is.

                      I just hope there’s no Reason/Soros connection… I dig this place, but I’ll drop it like a radioactive potato if that fuckstain gives even a penny to Reason.

                    2. It just galls me no fuckin’ end, Epi.

                      Don’t let it. It’s not even a real person, just a character specifically designed to…gall you no fuckin’ end.

                      Don’t let it manipulate you. Ignoring it galls it no fuckin’ end.

                      Try it; you’ll like it.

                    3. It’s not that easy, once I’m pissed. Then again, I’m pissed on a pretty much constant basis.

                    4. It’s not that easy, once I’m pissed.

                      I understand FIFY. I have a beserk button that MNG likes to press; Epi is correct…let the hate flow over and around you, not through you.

                    5. If only Reason had some sort of registration system.

            2. Cato failed back when they put left-wing cocksuckers like Wilkinson, Sanchez and Brink Lindsey on the payroll. Shit, they probably failed even before that.

              1. But you suck Jim DeMint’s cock. You’re a full blown fascist.

                1. Good points, SIV. More reasons to distrust Cato.

  11. I’m sorry, I missed everything in this video that wasn’t Andy Levy. What happened?

      1. Yes, that particular Andy Levy. I apologize for not specifying!

        1. I think TV’s Andy Levy will forgive you, kibby! Now, Gutfeld, that pint sized Snark-a-Loompah, may not. But then, do you really care what Gutfeld thinks?

          1. I would be utterly destroyed if TV’s Andy Levy didn’t forgive me, as I have had a massive crush on him for five flipping years.

            I am probably taller than Greg, so no, not super worried about him.

  12. But . . . but . . . The Volt is AWESOME despite what those nasty right wingers say about it.

    Outside, a row of sporty Volts gleamed in the bright sun. On the market for a little more than a year, the Volt is a different kind of hybrid, containing both a 400-pound battery and a 9.3 gallon gas tank. The battery gets around 40 miles per charge, but “range anxiety” isn’t the problem that it is for owners of a purely electric car. When the Volt’s battery runs out of juice, the car shifts to gasoline. It is really quite ingenious.

    Yes: there is a douche at the Times that actually wrote that.

    1. He also makes the argument that the Volt has nothing at all to do with Obama (forget the fact that it wouldn’t be getting made without hundreds of billions of tax dollars bailing GM out), and that any criticism of the Volt is just Koch juice. Only a parenthesized mention of the $7500 tax credit (while his readers have surely made the argument that our problem is a revenue problem, rather than a spending one), and none of the tens of thousands of other tax subsidies that go towards the manufacturing of the “car”; those simply couldn’t be a reason why some have objections. Any criticism of that piece of shit is just Koch nonsense.

      Jeebus. Fucking. Christ.

      People actually subscribe to that rag? They pay money?

      I would definitely call that a failure of the free market.

  13. Shorter Ann Coulter: “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…”

    No wait, that’s longer Ann Coulter

  14. I am kind of miffed my the comments in respect to what Mr. Gillespie said. Why would he call this guy a “nut job”? Really? I could go further by saying Gillespie is an aging hipster with atrocious looking hair, but I see no need for such ad hominem attacks. (But in all honesty, who ever cuts and styles his hair NEEDS to be taken behind the woodshed.)

    Nick is from Reason. What this means to me is that he is from a publication that actually discusses issues using logic and reason from the libertarian perspective. There was no logic or rational discussed on his part with respect to his view points on the subject, only ad hominems and childish name calling. With that in mind, I would like to say grow the hell up.

  15. In my opinion in regard to this Marine, as a person who served in the military also, just because one is in the military shouldn’t mean that one should lose their right to an opinion. How is it that our servicemen who swore to protect our constitution are denied the same rights that they swore to protect?

    Yes, one may voluntarily chose to join the military, but they do not personally choice the commander and chief that they serve under. In fact, this marine is a 9 year veteran, thus when he enlisted, he did not enlist under Obama.

    Understand this is in violation of the UCMJ (or perhaps another set of rules), but then again so is any intercourse outside of vaginal intercourse with your spouse. Sometimes in order to fight against unfair rules, one must break them then challenge the rule itself.

    The biggest problem on the part of the marine in my eyes, is the fact he removed the questionable article only to replace it later. Which tells me he agreed with the decision only to later change his mind. Perhaps a better punishment would be to article 15 the guy and dock his pay grade. Throwing him out of the service to me is unfair and extreme considering the fact that the unemployment rate for us young veterans is extremely high (Hell, unemployment rate for black veterans in under 25 is over 40%!). Thus, this marine could lose everything owns due to the current state of the job market. Is this really a fair consequence for breaking an unfair rule in the first place? I think not.

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