Ron Paul Roundup: The Art Film of Presidential Candidates? Still Not a GOP Partisan, and Going to California


*The Washington Post contemplates the mystery of Ron Paul's always-huge crowds at events in the face of an inability to win GOP primaries or caucus straw polls, and concludes: his young, scruffy, love-to-rally fans can't always be relied on to register and vote, particularly if they have to register Republican. Excerpts:

Even though Paul has had a superior ground game in many smaller caucus states and has raised nearly $40 million, he has been unable to grab a victory in any state and has tallied about 1.1 million votes, half Newt Gingrich's haul and a quarter of Mitt Romney's.

The problem is this: Although Paul is running to lead a party that looks like him — older, whiter, Southern — his crowds are younger, war-weary, more diverse and less likely to identify with one party or to vote.

The same independent streak that leads the young and the restless to Paul's libertarian philosophy seems to make it more unlikely that these supporters will pick a side and a party, which is a requirement for many of the primary and caucus contests.

A University of Maryland "Youth for Ron Paul" Facebook page underscores this point, suggesting that party affiliation is best sold as a short-term fling: "If you haven't yet, PLEASE register Republican (for just a month) to vote for Ron Paul in the MD primary."…

The article goes on to discuss the importance of Paul to the race beyond votes tallied so far:

"[Paul] is like an art film that everyone in the artistic film community loves, but it bombs at the box office. He has a small, very passionate following that shouts bigger than its size," said John Feehery, a Republican strategist. "They did well in smaller states, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself if they really have that much power and if the tea party has that much power. "

Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired

Yet in the GOP primary race, Paul and his aides see a kind of victory that can't be measured in delegates. They see a party that is very much coming around to Paul's limited-government, get-rid-of-it approach to almost everything….

Paul certainly expanded his support beyond what he received in 2008, finishing a strong third in the Iowa caucuses and second in New Hampshire.

And there is more Paul to come:

In the younger [Sen. Rand] Paul, tea party voters see something different.

Where Rep. Paul can be long-winded and professorial, Sen. Paul is direct and folksy.

"I would be a Rand Paul supporter in a heartbeat, but I've never seen myself as a Ron Paul supporter because I never thought Ron was someone who was able to govern," said Ryan Rhoads, an Iowa tea party leader. "Ron Paul gets distracted on the podium. But Rand can explain what he believes, and does a better job of going out and trying to enact it."

Whereas most candidates can at most hand off a list of contacts, Rep. Paul would hand off to his son an infrastructure, an organization (Campaign for Liberty) and a hard-core group of supporters looking to carry on the movement.

*Meanwhile, Paul continues to remind the GOP: it can't count on him and his fans as a given:

Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Monday he hasn't decided whether he will support the party's eventual nominee, saying concerns over spending, foreign policy and civil liberties could keep him from endorsing the winner.

"I haven't decided," Paul said when asked about whether he would support the GOP candidate during an appearance Monday on WMAL, a Washington, D.C., radio station. "I want us to stand for something," he added.

Paul also left the door wider open than he has in past statements about a potential third-party bid, saying he would weigh an outside run "after the votes are counted."

"Why do it now in the middle of a race? I have a lot of campaign events," Paul said.

Indeed he does. Ron Paul continues his string of huge events this week in California.

This weekend, Ron Paul Faced The Nation with some hard truths about Afghanistan, and insists he's still around and will continue to be: "There's no way I'm gonna stop speaking out…I'm trying to save the Republican Party from itself."

He also says he doesn't see how he could end up on a Romney-headed ticket. "I have no common ground on economics. He isn't worried about the Federal Reserve and he isn't worried about the foreign policy and he doesn't talk about civil liberties."


My forthcoming book, Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.

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    1. I am bleeding out of my anus.

      1. Two things.

        1. Have you had any foreign objects in your anus within the last 24 hours? eg pineapples, flashlights or shampoo bottles

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        Either one would be a direct indication that you have a broken ass.

  2. 3:55 mark, Paul equated himself with Gingrich. Terrible idea. And I think Schieffer fell asleep for about 90 seconds in the middle of the interview. At the end he asked the Congressman if he was going to vote for Romney, apparently ignoring Paul’s earlier assertion that he’s not out of the race.

  3. Why are the Christ-Nuts killing each other?

    1. I am bleeding out of my anus.

  4. Even if Romney beats Obama I’ll be surprised if Sen. Rand Paul doesn’t run in 2016, seeing as how nothing will get better under a Romney Presidency.

  5. There is this Loud-Mouth right-wing fascist type on AM redneck radio in Atlanta named Mark Levine (?) – he hates the goddamn Bill of Rights with a passion.

    He is like a Michael Weiner/Savage JR.

    Totally a fag – both. Savage actually sucked off a SF poet for years.

    1. I am bleeding out of my anus.

      1. You are STILL bleeding from the anus? Maybe you should apply some pressure and elevate the area to help stop the bleeding!

    2. As Levin’s core principle seems to be constitutional principles, it is easy to see why you would hate him so much shriek.

      1. I don’t generally agree with shrike, but Levin is a blowhard and a douchenozzle. He only holds the constitution as a core principal when it suits him. As all good statist do.

      2. Levin is a total douche and is core principle is being a TEAM RED hack.

      3. Yeah, having listened to Levine debate about immigration, I agree with shrike and Suthenboy.

        1. Wait, that might have been someone else?

          1. Yes sorry, that’s someone else that Matt Welch (I think) debated with over immigration. But yes, Mark Levin is an ass. For some nice exposition, here is a nice bit about him getting taken off of WSPD Radio. 15:18 long, and pretty funny.

  6. He isn’t worried about the Federal Reserve and he isn’t worried about the foreign policy and he doesn’t talk about civil liberties.

    Well, yeah, but…other than THAT? Right?

  7. Meanwhile, Paul continues to remind the GOP: it can’t count on him and his fans as a given:

    Now we’re talking. Why the hell should he compromise with the Republican Party at this stage. They need him a lot more than he needs them.

    And it really doesn’t matter what they threaten to do to Rand. They need that voting block or they’re toast.

    1. Rand could pick up a good chunck of the L vote if he ran as an independent or libertarian. He could probably snatch the nomination if he could get independents to register as Republicans and then vote for him in primaries.

      I agree, Rand doesn’t need the Republican Party that much. Ron should stand on principle and either endorse Johnson or run independently.

  8. I have asked this of libertarians before when they have that get out and vote for Ron Paul, “Are you a registered republican” and they mumble something about open primary states or say no.

    Paul can’t win as a republican because republicans… the republicrats don’t believe in limited government or freedom.

  9. I have asked this of libertarians before when they have that get out and vote for Ron Paul, “Are you a registered republican” and they mumble something about open primary states or say no.

    Paul can’t win as a republican because republicans… the republicrats don’t believe in limited government or freedom.

  10. I’ll be attending Ron Paul’s town hall-style meeting at UCLA on Wednesday. My guess is that many of the young people who attend these events are new to political participation and thus don’t all show up to vote for Paul on election day. But still, this is primarily why he is campaigning, trying to get a new generation of libertarians.

  11. Intrade(dot)com has Ron Paul last in the primary for his home state of Texas.

    1. That’s because most of the republicans in Texas are fucking statist. Or crazy religious people.

      1. or both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  12. Perhaps instead of saying “register Republican” we use the more accurate phrase “register to vote in the Republican primary.” People might be less concerned with their self-identity when realizing it’s just government paperwork.

    1. I’ve voted in Party Primaries myself without calling myself an Democrat or Republican. I voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 (and will again this year) GOP Primary and still voted for the Libertarian candidate in November. In 2010 I voted in the Democratic Primary to try and put Kinky Friedman on the ballot for Agricultural Commissioner. I didn’t vote for a single Democrat come that November. Just Libertarians, and a few Republicans and Independents.

    2. I switched to Republican in 2008 to vote for RP in the primaries, but didn’t vote in the general. I think there’s a bit more of an effort to switch now. There’s a “blue republican” campaign for example
      Still, it’s not a quick process and you need to fill out the paperwork well in advance for most states

    Doug Wead on Mar. 31 really explains how are not how it seems. I did not know that fact about Iowa which is great news. All I can hope is that Ron Paul does indeed get some nice leverage come the RNC.

  14. “[Paul] is like an art film that everyone in the artistic film community loves, but it bombs at the box office. He has a small, very passionate following that shouts bigger than its size,”

    So, Ron Paul is the Arrested Development of the campaign trail?

  15. Ron Paul 2016!

    1. The Ron Paul campaign goes on and on and on. The Ron Paul campaign will last forever, if need be. Ron Paul will be the first man elected POTUS posthumously.

      Then we’ll see who’s deluded, bud.

  16. So all these people who run all over town campaigning for him and donating money to his campaign aren’t voting for him? Yeah OK, let’s ignore all the evidence of election fraud and go with that. Let’s ignore the fact that his people are sweeping the conventions and picking up most of the delegates. Right, Paul’s people don’t vote for him. That’s the ticket! WTF! What a load of Bullshit!

    1. What’s more likely: lazy young people or systematic, competent, secret, unleaked voter fraud?

      Hmm..there’s a tuffy!

      “Love the Paul; hate the Paultard”

  17. I do not get the “Ron Paul Cannot Win So He Should Just Get Out of the Race So Romney Can Sail to the Nomination” meme.

    Since there is absolutely no one else in either party who is speaking for the libertarian principles that Ron Paul maintains, why should he shut up and leave the stage to the statists.

  18. Brian’s book on Ron Paul comes out the same day as Diablo III.

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