Anti-Iraqi Hate Crime in California? The Murder of Shaima Alawadi


In another violent death with potential political implications, Nina Burleigh wonders in Time why more Americans aren't outraged at the beating death of Iraqi Muslim immigrant Shaima Alawadi in El Cajon, near San Diego:

Forty thousand Iraqis live  in El Cajon, California, where this week, Shaima Al Awadi, a devout Muslim mother of five, died after being beaten inside her home with a tire iron and left next to note reading "Go back to your country, you terrorist." Coming on the heels of the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida, there would seem to be many parallels between the two crimes—the hate speech, the prejudice, the innocence of the victims.  A One Million Hijabs for Shaima Al Awadi page has even been launched on Facebook, but it's doubtful that the movement will really catch on because Iraqis still considered dangerous infiltrators in the eyes of Americans.

Antiwar libertarian Anthony Gregory makes a political point about the crime:

even though the Iraqi people did nothing against the United States, only to see their country destroyed, hundreds of thousands of their people slaughtered, millions displaced in two decades of murderous U.S. wars and sanctions, somehow these people are still seen as the dangerous ones. But of course, if it's morally justifiable to treat people as subhuman by the millions—a principle necessarily implicit in the U.S. warfare state—what's one more dead mother count? This is one kind of private violent crime that the state could easily discourage simply by refraining from its killing sprees abroad; the copycat incidents would surely decline.

The eagle eye of anti-Muslim writer Debbie Schlussel is sure that the note is a phony and that this was an intra-Muslim "honor killing." Why is she so sure of this? She just is. Anyway, Alawadi's dad is a Shia cleric. And for some reason she sees something portentous and mysterious in one of Alawadi's sons comments to The New York Times:

An odd statement eerily hints that Shaima Alawadi's own 15-year-old son, Mohammed, knows this isn't a hate crime:

"There's only three people that know what happened," he said. "God, my mom and the guy who did it."

Schussel also finds it all too convenient that her husband and family just happened not to be home when the murder occurred.

Detroit Free Press notes the FBI has gotten involved in the case.

USA Today notes the local police are not authoritatively calling it a hate crime:

Among the evidence that police have collected is a threatening note that was near Alawadi's body. Her daughter told a television station that it said: "Go back to your country, you terrorist."

El Cajon Police Chief James Redman declined to discuss the contents of the note Monday, though he said that it has led police to regard the killing as a possible hate crime. He said he was confident the case would be solved.

"I want to stress there is other evidence in this case that we are looking at and the possibility this is a hate crime is just one aspect," Redman said.

"We don't have tunnel vision on this case," he said. "We're looking at the big picture."

Redman said he was confident it was an isolated incident but would not say why.

The president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council is also not jumping to conclusions:

Salam Al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, said it would be irresponsible to jump to conclusions. He spoke with reporters at the mosque after meeting with the police chief and getting assurances from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security that they were committed to solving the crime.

"We don't know the facts of this case," Al-Marayati said. "We don't know if it's a hate crime. We don't know if it's not a hate crime."

He urged the public to grieve for a family that fled persecution in Iraq and found tragedy in the United States.

The victim and her family left Iraq in the early 1990s after a failed Shiite uprising, living in Saudi Arabian refugee camps before coming to the U.S.

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  1. Why have a ham sandwich when a big juicy steak is already in front of you?

    1. I know, right?

    2. Why have a ham sandwich


      1. LOL

  2. “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

    The police shouldn’t have to look too far from home on this one.

    1. Hide yer dogs!

      1. Hide yo kids!
        Hide yo wife!
        Hide yo husband!

    2. The backlash we have been warned about for 11 years has finally arrived.

  3. Yeah, I first read about this on and wondered if or when it would show up here.

    I hope whoever was evil enough to do this was also stupid enough to make the note trace-able back to himself.

    1. I bet the majority of lewrockwell readers are rooting for the murderer.

      1. Ron Paul would never do that openly.

  4. Among the evidence that police have collected is a threatening note that was near Alawadi’s body. Her daughter told a television station that it said: “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

    I have no idea what all the facts are in this case, and I hope justice is done, but that does sound awfully convenient.

    1. It does sound rather cartoonish. I’m surprised it wasn’t signed by George W. Cheney.

      1. To go further, killing someone with a tire iron implies a crime of passion and/or opportunity. It’s not really a weapon most people would choose for something premeditated. For the killer to take the time to write a note right after that just seems weird. Wouldn’t the killer be more interested in not getting caught? Leaving incriminating notes at the scene of the crime doesn’t seem like the best course of action.

        1. Yeah, I would tend to agree that beating a woman to death with a tire iron and than leaving a note like that is hightly suspicious. That’s more of a note some ahole might attach to a rock and throw through a window. Pretty cheesy message even for that though. Of course racist aren’t exactly all that bright so who knows.

          1. Not to mention that the poor woman’s murder will make emigration pointless.

            Find the killer. Put him/her away forever.

            1. … in a pine box six feet under.

          2. If racists are not so bright, how do so many of them get PhD’s and time off for protesting?

            1. You have a PhD now? The diploma mills are lowering their standards.

  5. Yeah, you’re awfully dismissive of the fake hate crime theory. Especially since so many loudly trumpeted hate crimes turn out to be fake.

    1. The loudlier the trumpeting, the fakier the crime.

    2. Tawana was robbed!

  6. “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

    For someone willing to beat someone to death, his or her note was very low-key, all things considered.

  7. Based on that purple Gregory screed, I’m inclined to think that ‘antiwar libertarian’ is latin for ‘stupid asshole’.

  8. Definitely horrible, but that note is either over the top hate or designed as a ruse.

    If it was a relative or fellow Muslim, what better way to deflect attention?

    1. Uh… stage a burglary?

      The fake hate crime is almost the dumbest thing the killer could have done.
      Cyanide-filled Pixie Sticks for Halloween level dumb.

      1. Bear in mind that many people, especially on the left and among the Muslim-American community, believe that anti-Muslim violence is both (a) common and (b) ignored by the authorities.

        1. That’s what I said….

          X-ray your trick-or-treat bags at the local hospital. Think of all the kids poisoned to death every year by Halloween candy before they can even bleed out from the razor blade-apples and straight pin-spiked gum

          1. My point is that it probably would seem like the perfect crime to someone who believed anti-Muslim violence was common.

  9. Not that I’m a huge Schussel fan but if this is true:

    It’s just all too convenient that a Muslim woman was found badly beaten?and later died?with a note that read, “You’re a terrorist. You should move back to your country.” People who commit hate crimes don’t leave notes like that. People who commit crimes against people they know and want dead?a/k/a Muslim relatives, like a husband, perhaps?leave notes like that in a way too obvious attempt to deflect attention away from themselves as suspects.


      1. Shh, you are ruining the Liberaltarian narrative.

    1. … bet the husband or someone close contacted al Jazeera to stoke the flames of bigotry.

      Everyone has just assumed it is a hate crime so that they can write a negative column about America. “America is bad everybody, just look.”

  10. Anti-Iraqi Hate Crime in California?

    Oh, you WISH. Maybe it’s a “white on brown” crime and maybe it isn’t, though it’s interesting to see Reason backing hate crime legislation when it fits their narrative.

    If you’re lucky, the perpetrator will turn out to be Jewish- but if it’s Sunni on Shia violence, I’d remind you that Sunnis bombing Shia mosques in Pakistan had been going on for at least five YEARS prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq (and continue to this day).

    Wow- just wow. So this is the one and only time you “people” just happen to notice violence against Muslim women. Well, good luck with that “hate crime” thing- as I said, maybe you can link the perp to Chabad House or something . . .

    1. Are you retarded, or did you not RTFA, or is it both?

      1. Are you retarded, or did you not RTFA, or is it both?

        I’m actually a Libra- what’s your sign, beautiful?

        1. Must be a Pisces the way he hit that shiny li’l fish swimming behind the big boat.

  11. Forty thousand Iraqis live in El Cajon, California…

    Iraqi-Americans or Iraqis? What percentage of the population is that?

    Anyway, it wouldn’t seem to help anyone in any upcoming election so there’s no need to for anyone to get too aggressive reporting this murder. Which, they way the current one is being handled, might not ultimately be such a bad thing for the business of blind justice.

  12. Muhammad Fag

  13. Probably the main reason this particular story isn’t getting as much attention as the Trayvon Martin shooting is that the local Muslim community and activists are actually letting law enforcement do their jobs and investigate in a professional manner. They don’t have a bunch of Al Sharptons and Spike Lees running around shooting off their big mouths and rushing to judgement before all the facts are known.

    1. Wow. Racist much?

      1. Who, Al Sharpton and Spike Lee? Yeah, pretty often — why do you ask?

      2. As often as necessary…

        1. White Guy: “I’m going to the store to buy some milk.”

          Tony: “Wow. Racist much?”

          1. Depends. White or chocolate?

            Ahh…fuck it. It doesn’t matter, Racist.

    2. And that could have been avoided in Florida if people felt satisfied that the potential of a crime had been thoroughly investigated.

      Whether a crime was committed is still in question. Whether it was handled competently is not.

    3. Yeah, because the Sanford police were totally going to give Martin’s death a full investigation before the media got wind of it. That’s why they didn’t investigate Zimmerman’s story or identify the dead kid – they were too busy finding REAL leads.

      1. this is true. i read the police report. it said “some dead black kid” in the victim box.

        and in the evidence section it just says “evidence? it’s obviously justified . the decedent is wearing a hoodie. why collect evidence?”

        if i was his field training officer, i’d give that officer a “2” for an incomplete report.

    4. CAIR is their Sharpton/Jackson machine.

  14. My gut feeling tells me that the letter left over her body or wherever it was left, was something to make the police and the public look in another direction.

    Just a totally fishy murder.

    If an anti-Iraqi murdered her, than by all means sit him or him (who are we kidding, it’s a him) down in the electric chair.

    1. Agreed. When a murder is “staged”, usually the doer is trying to make the police look as far away from himself as possible. I’d look for a family member. And check out who maybe just bought life insurance on her.

      1. Walter Neff did it.

        1. +Double indemnity

  15. Behindertsein ist sch?n

  16. What’s wrong with hating crime?

  17. But of course, if it’s morally justifiable to treat people as subhuman by the millions?a principle necessarily implicit in the U.S. warfare state?what’s one more dead mother count? This is one kind of private violent crime that the state could easily discourage simply by refraining from its killing sprees abroad; the copycat incidents would surely decline.

    And people wonder why so many libertarians are white supremacists/neo-Confederates- they actually buy into their college professors’ bullshit about white guys having all the agency and all the brown people across the globe just lounging around waiting to react to them.

    1. Erm, I believe he’s saying that the white guys here are the ones lacking agency.

      It’s still stupid, but…

  18. One of these days, a hate crime pimped by the media will prove to be an actual hate crime.

    Maybe that will happen with the Trayvon Martin case – perhaps Zimmerman will turn out to be a Klan type who gets off on killing teenage black kids.

    Maybe this thing in California will turn out to be a neo-Nazi looking for “Ay-rabs” to kill.

    Or maybe not.

    The media and the activists do, however, have quite a record in getting “hate crime” stories wrong.

    Maybe this is the one time the stopped clock is right, or maybe it isn’t. Further investigation is needed.

    1. But rest assured, once one is found, it will be time for a national dialogue.

      1. They never let that detail stop the national dialogue.

    2. Stupid over-privileged Duke lacrosse players needed a pimp for their hate crime.

  19. You’re telling me that it’s actually Al Sharpton who’s making Muqtada al – Sadr impressions, and not Salam Al-Marayati, who’s very much acting like a champion of his people? Some Muslim guy who doesn’t even have a show on MSNBC is pwning one of the esteemed civil rights figures in contemporary America?

    In this new America where white people gun down minorities because “they look different from us”, am I safe from even posting comments at reason magazine? Come on, admit it, most of you are white. Reason has like one minority writer (Dhalmia). The NRO has more black columnists. For shame.

    1. Whoa!

    2. Yes, I admit the hate crime of being born white.

      Please, oh please, won’t someone with darker skin than mine tell me give me absolution for the crime of being born.

      1. Let me be clear.

        Vote for me, and the sins of your whiteness will be forgiven.

      2. I dunno…what have you done for me lately? 😉

        1. White people don’t get their own themesongs.

      3. Minor Threat: Guilty of Being White!

    3. I voted for Obama to prove that I am not racist.

  20. Coming on the heels of the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida, there would seem to be many parallels between the two crimes?the hate speech, the prejudice, the innocence of the victims.

    Double you tee eff.

    There’s no hate speech in the Martin case, no evidence of prejudice in the Martin case, and it isn’t clear which person was the assailant and which was the victim.

    Then add in the fact that neither the police nor the local Iraqi community is convinced that THIS crime had anything to do with hate speech or prejudice either.

    I feel sort of ashamed that Reason reprinted that tripe.

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty peeved that Zimmerman is being unconditionally branded in the media a violent racist looking to kill an sweet, unarmed black kid. He might be for all I know, but there’s no freaking evidence, and until there is, they need to STFU with the libelous accusations.

      And sorry, it IS libel, as Zimmerman is not accused of a crime and did not seek to be a public figure that the media attention made him into.

      1. More over, he’s got a legitimate claim that the libelous media provocation is endangering his life. If the national media falsely accused some guy of being a child molester and ran that story for months and then he gets killed by an angry vigilante and it later turns out he wasn’t, I’d think his estate could sue and win a libel/endangerment suit.

  21. Wait a minute… “many parallels”? Hey, I think zimmerman should probably be charged with something, but comparing an overzealous neighborhood watch captain’s shenanigans to a woman beaten with a tire iron inside her home with a personal message from Fox Broadcasting hardly constitutes “many parallels”.

  22. “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

    How stupid do you have to be to say something like that?

    1. “Go back to your country, you terrorist.” How stupid do you have to be to say something like that?

      I’ve always wanted to say that to a Canadian . . .

      1. I’ve always wanted to say that to a Quebecois.

  23. I can easily see some typical anti-muslim douchebag leaving a note “to send a message”.

    You guys are awfully quick to suspect it as a disguised honor killing. Maybe it the killer thinks the same way as you do, that leaving a message would deflect suspicion to her relatives rather than a hate crimer. And has the added bonus of getting his/her hostile message to the public and other muslims. And don’t discount another woman being the murderer, if you’ve spent any time on right-wing websites you know many of the most passionate muslim haters who want 70 million nuked into glass are actually women.

    1. > I can easily see some typical anti-muslim douchebag leaving a note “to send a message”.

      The note really makes no sense at all. Beat someone to death, and then tell *them* to “go back to their own country”.

      If you were trying to send a message with a murder, wouldn’t you be addressing the people who aren’t dead yet?

      1. Well, she didn’t live alone.

      2. Beat someone to death, and then tell *them* to “go back to their own country”.

        Ah, HA! The beating was done AFTER the note was left!

      3. well, they said her body is getting shipped back to iraq, so I guess she got the note.

    2. I live in St. Louis, where a fairly large number of Bosnian Muslim refugees have settled.

      I live in a rural area on the outskirts of it, and have Bosnian neighbors myself. I’ve never heard of any one upset over them.

      I really find it hard to believe that after living all these years in the US, now, all of a sudden, someone got so worked up about it now.

      Especially as the Iraq war has been over for quite some time.

    3. It was probabley a suicide.

      1. “Steal more chains than he can swim with”

      2. Auto-erotic trephination?

    4. He wouldn’t be a very typical anti-Muslim douchebag. As of last year, at least, the FBI had no reported incidents of anti-Muslim homicide since they started keeping hate crime records in 1996.

    5. many of the most passionate muslim haters who want 70 million nuked into glass are actually women

      Cytotoxic is a woman?!?

  24. The victim and her family left Iraq in the early 1990s after a failed Shiite uprising, living in Saudi Arabian refugee camps before coming to the U.S.

    Is that the one the Bush (41) administration encouraged, and then bailed on?

    1. It is the one Bush encouraged, but “bailed on” implies he ever said he would help out.

      1. It should be known as Bush’s Czechoslovakia.

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        1. Firefox’s dictionary is surprisingly sparse.

  26. Except for the recent nonsense from Florida, why is this newsworthy here?

    God – or the Spontaneous Order – invented Grand Juries. Why not wait to see what happens?

    News reports are usually unhelpful, and when the lewinsky press, such as n. burleigh, gets involved, then it’s time to start ignoring this crap with some serious attention and effort.

    1. Except for the recent nonsense from Florida, why is this newsworthy here?

      Why should we except said nonsense?

    2. It is a free speech issue, the state might be about to prosecute someone for writing a note (and battering a woman to death with a tire iron). Reasonoids get concerned with the restrictive speech codes enforced upon people that can act to stifle free speech in the writing of notes.

  27. An independent investigation has found “significant issues” among working practices at Chinese plants making Apple iPhones and iPads.

    The US Fair Labor Association (FLA) was asked by Apple to investigate working conditions at Foxconn after reports of long hours and poor safety.

    The FLA says it has now secured agreements to reduce hours, protect pay, and improve staff representation.

    Apple said it “fully accepted” the report’s recommendations.

    1. And we care why?

      1. Because Chinese workers are people too.

        1. then…they should quit.

        2. Were they working there against their will?

          If not, I suggest treating them like people — i.e., assuming they have a better idea what’s good for them than you do.

          1. It is Communist China, so their choices and information are limited. If this was Free China there would not be an argument, but a major international outcry would ensue;.

  28. the latest news out of San Diego… a witness saw a “dark-skinned male” in a hoodie running from the scene at 10:30 am a few minutes after the attack took place.



      1. Nice use of the bold tag.

        1. I’m like superman. I know when I’m needed.


  29. Nina Burleigh wonders in Time why more Americans aren’t outraged at the beating death of Iraqi Muslim immigrant Shaima Alawadi in El Cajon

    Beating death. The gun control folks all passed.

  30. There are very, very few people more contemptible than narcs:…..-students/

    I hope he ends up with a statutory rape charge.

    1. do you at least hope he actually committed that “crime” or do you just want punishment for a guy who apparently did his assignment honorably and honestly?

      1. He’s a total scumbag. There is nothing honorable or just about setting out to exact extreme punishment on kids for possessing frowned-upon intoxicants. “Making kids think twice” because a moral totalitarian is offended is sick. The school apparently didn’t even have problems.

        And no, I don’t care if he was just doing his job. He chose that job and I consider it depraved. There is no honor in mindlessly following orders to restrict the freedom of others.

      2. You know who else were just following orders doing their jobs?

      3. I’m not sure how you can do an assignment that is fundamentally deceptive “honestly.”

        And I don’t see much that is honorable about wrecking the lives of a bunch of kids who were apparently not causing any difficulty at school.

        1. I did think the blackshirt and combat boots were a nice touch, though.

  31. Everybody knows that whenever there is a murder like this, the spouse is always the prime suspect. Excuse me, everybody but Brian Doherty.

    Brian Doherty evidently thinks that it’s perfectly natural for somebody to beat a person to death with a tire iron, then leave a note to indicate that you did it as a hate crime. Because Brian Doherty knows that this happens all the time.

    In fact, Brian Doherty knows a lot more than the rest of us because poor old dumbass me thinks it sounds exactly like the kind of crime that was clumsily disguised as a hate crime to throw the police off the trail.

    In fact, I am really looking forward to Brian Doherty’s followup when the investigation is finished on this.

    1. Out of curiosity, what do you imagine is Doherty’s motive here?

      You imagine he’s trying to make people think what, exactly?

      1. Out of curiosity, what do you imagine is Doherty’s motive here?
        Selling books about Ron Paul.

        1. It looks like dude thinks Doherty is trying to make America look bad or something.

          It looks like a knee-jerk reaction from eb to seeing something that might be interpreted as negative about anti-Muslim crusaders–and somehow he imagines that when the killer turns out NOT to have been a Muslim-hating Caucasian, then Doherty’s gonna have to apologize for something or other?

          …which is pretty absurd considering that Doherty’s post seems quite skeptical about the murder being a hate crime.

          In fact, the last three things Doherty cites all seem to suggest it isn’t a hate crime, and yet eb, up on his cross, somehow seems to think Doherty is suggesting it’s a hate crime–for some unknown reason.

          Maybe he just didn’t RTFE, but I’ve seen a lot of people who are f’ing knee-jerk, they did the RTFE, and the words just couldn’t penetrate their preconceptions, which is an interesting phenomenon.

          1. RTFE means RTFA, but you knew that.

            …as in, “I’ve seen a lot of people who are [so] f’ing knee-jerk, [that] they read the RTFA, [but] the words just couldn’t penetrate their preconceptions, which is an interesting phenomenon.”

            I’m so used to getting hit by the character limit now, when my posts go through the first time, it surprises the hell out of me, and I end up missing the opportunity for an edit.

            Take the character limit up to 1250-1500 or so, pretty please?

            1. Ken, you’re really asking too much of people. I mean why read the article when you can work yourself into a frothy rage over the headline?

      2. Assuaging his liberal guilt at being a rich white boy.

        1. You and eb should go bowling.

  32. Anyone want to know the charges for getting shoved by the police in Colorado?

    Obstructing an officer, criminal mischief, and interference.…..-incident/

    1. derp derp derp

      1. Great response, really speaks to the facts of the case.

  33. So Mr. Gregory actually believes that whoever killed Mrs. Al Awadi was inspired to do so by the overthrow of Saddam Hussein? Really? I’d actually be more comfortable if he was making it up, but given the way the Rothbardians think, he probably does believe it.

    Also, “antiwar”? Hardly. At best, the folks at and (is there a difference?) are against American participation in wars, and at worst they are pro-dictatorship. Gregory’s statement is effectively the latter, because the vast majority of the violence and deaths he rightfully laments are caused by former Baathists trying to recover their lost power, and Al Qaeda injecting themselves into that situation to prevent the formation of a stable pro-Western government, not the US & allied invasion by which they and Saddam were overthrown… (cont.)

  34. … (cont.) The Baathists would have racked up just as high of a body count trying to get back in control (and Al Qaeda trying to make sure the government was anti-Western) regardless of how they lost that control, whether it was due the US-led invasion, or a coup, or a more-successful reprise of the 1991 Shiite uprising. So either Gregory and the Rothbardians want Saddam and his party to have retained power indefinitely, or they’re full of crap. Blaming the US for murders carried out by those Baathists or Al Qaeda is akin to blaming Lincoln for the KKK lynching freed blacks during Reconstruction. (cont.)…

  35. … (cont.)
    Strict non-interventionism is an intellectually-defensible principle, whether one agrees with it or not. The Rothbardian position is what you get when that principle jumps the shark. It’s past time for the them to be shunned by the wider libertarian movement the same way Birchers eventually were shunned by the majority of conservatives.

  36. …the murderer snuck into the house on Wednesday morning from the back garden.
    “The garden has no fence so he was able to break the glass of the kitchen window right away and apparently he did so without making a noise.”

    Hussein added that the attacker then reached for the window handle, opened it, and got inside.

    “He did so after watching Shaima’s husband drive away with four of the children he was taking to school. Only Shaima and her eldest daughter Fatima stayed in the house. Fatima was asleep.”

    The murderer, Hussein recounted, saw Shaima in the dinning room and attacked her with an iron rod or a spanner.

    “He first hit her on her forehead then on her right ear. The third strike was on the back of her head. This was followed by five fast and consecutive strikes on her head and shoulders.”

  37. The important question here is, is the victim a white Muslim?

  38. many claim cops would never come forward and testify against cops here. many also claim cops never get charged, etc. unless it’s on videotape, etc

    here are two local cops. both charged (both acquitted). in neither case was the incident on video.

    in both cases other officers came forward and advised their superiors of witnessing what they believed to be crimes by the officers.

    Note: i try to read every arbitrator’s report in the state for officers who get rehired.

    i read griffee’s. very interesting. based on the data in the arbitrator report i do not believe he assaulted anybody. the arbitrator did a very thorough investigation.


      note several other recent incidents of cops being criminally charged in my area include the SPD officer charged with assault (and acquitted) recently, and the deputy charged with assault that was all over youtube (the holding cell incident) who was hung juried twice.

      note also in the holding cell case, a detective doing followup discovered the video and notified their supervisor

      iow, yet another example of an officer coming forward to notify prosecutors or supervisors of alleged misconduct they witnessed

      posted in response to coeus’ above linx

      1. In your opinion, why was the jury hung? And why were those acquitted, acquitted?

      2. posted in response to coeus’ above linx

        What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Is that supposed to prove that guy didn’t get shoved by a cop and charged? or is it supposed to show that narcs aren’t vile scum? Cause it does neither.

  39. it seems british cops aren’t trust as much by the populace there as US cops…

    i realize the polls arent’ exactly the same questions, #’s exactly. just an interesting comparison regardless…..sions.aspx

    in the US here are some polls…..-year.aspx

    just to counter the meme when many people here talk about the “public’s ” distrust of the police. recognize that it’s a minority of the public and a much smaller # distrust cops vs. many other professions such as journalists, lawyers, etc

  40. Another missed opportunity for a national conversation:…..Obama.html

    1. Mr Obama entered the controversy last week by saying if he had a son he would have looked like Martin.

      Of anything Mr Obama could have said about the Sanford incident, that utterance is the most inane and contemptible. Discuss.

      1. We’ll have to disagree. He could have said “Fuck you, that’s why!”

      2. Paging Mr. Holder. Mr. Eric Holder.

    2. “Imagine them being killed. Now try to imagine that they died because someone creept up on them and shot them numerous times for no good reason. Welcome to our world. Every night you go to sleep, every morning you wake up, I want you to think of my friends who you murdered. Their images will be imprinted on your conscience up until your very last breath in life.”

      Das cool, muvvafukkas!

  41. One of the reasons this case isn’t getting as much attention as the Zimmerman case is becasue it doesn’t have a gun control angle.

    I’m not saying the average American cares more about cases with gun control angles; I’m saying that news outlets give stories with gun control angles a higher profile.

    The major news outlets are saying, “See, here’s what happens when you let people own guns”.

    That sort of presentation makes people on the right go wild; it even makes some people argue for the killer, subconsciously or otherwise, because they’re trying to defend their gun rights.

    If this woman’s murder had an angle like that, it would get a lot more coverage and a bigger reaction from the general public.

    1. I linked to a story in which the killer used a gun and killed two people. Yet it seems to have been confined to local media, and the Pres didn’t comment on it.

      1. They were charged and found guilty, right?

        You expect a story about someone getting tried and sentenced to get the same attention as a story about someone being killed with no trial?

        Every story in which someone gets shot could be about gun control. It being a murder story with the end result hanging in the air in suspense helps a lot, too.

        We know Zimmerman used a gun to kill the photogenic kid–and he’s not being charged–and that’s a lot more interesting than so and so gets sentenced after being convicted. Add the gun control argument to a case like that, and now you’ve got a media frenzy.

        1. So there are two reasons why the Zimmerman case is getting more coverage:

          1) Killer is in plain sight and not being charged.

          2) Stand Your Ground vs. Gun Control.

          Show me a killer of a photogenic somebody, where the killer isn’t being charged, with a clear angle on global warming, abortion, or some other hot button issue that the liberal media has a clear bias on, and I’ll show you a story that got a lot of media attention.

          1. You could be right about that.

            With this caveat:

            “You expect a story about someone getting tried and sentenced to get the same attention as a story about someone being killed with no trial?”

            In the Matthew Shepard case, the killers *were* charged, and there was saturation coverage.

            Any murder involves killing someone without trial – except in extreme cases like Saddam Hussein who provides a purely ritualistic trial with a predetermined outcome, in which case it can be treated as murder. But the general rule is that murderers don’t even give the appearance of a trial.

            1. Then there’s Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony.

  42. Time Magazine? Oh well then, it’s settled. It’s an Irish-Asian Tea Partier upset that the Other has invaded his Mayberry-perfect America and is threatening his health care.

    Is there no depths to which the evil imperialist white man will not sink? I suggest that those that know the Truth don burqas, grab their Mike & Ikes and take to the streets until Justice? is served and George Bush is hog-tied & publicly burned at the stake.

  43. Whats up with all this “hate crime” nonsense anyways??

  44. The Muslims know if they hold a demonstration to protest it, they’ll be put on a government watch list. Duh.

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