Which New Anti-Obama Ad is More Terrifying and/or Bizarre, Rick Santorum's "Obamaville" or Herman Cain's "Rabbit"?


Political ads are not known for subtlety, but these two get definite points for weirdness.

First for your consideration; a Rick Santorum for president ad which presents us with a chilling vision of a nuclear Iran and an America with dwindling religious freedom and economic prosperity; with high gas prices and long lines at the doctor's office. It's very ravens cawing starkly in the cold winter air and the narrator's delivery goes full-on poor man's Rod Serling when he describes this as "a cautionary tale." 

For something weirder, let's turn to former presidential candidate Herman Cain and his Cain Solutions' new Sick of Stimulus. Their political aims are much, much more self-explanatory than is their new ad where an eerie little girl goes skeet shooting (which is a metaphor for the stimulus) with a bunny (which is a metaphor for small businesses in America). Go ahead and watch. You must.

If any of the ads have an ounce of self-awareness, it's probably Cain's. But they both sort of leave you agog, even if you agree with any of the economic sentiments buried underneath the weird.

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